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  2. [22:54] <Person> I know where you live
  3. [22:55] <Me> uh, I'm shivering
  4. [22:55] <Me> and what then?
  5. [22:55] <Person> and you know I can get very obsessed by things
  6. [22:55] <Me> Yeah, I doubt they let you out of the clinic, so I should be fine
  7. [22:55] <Me> thanks for the talk ^^
  8. [22:57] <Me> so,if you manage to get out and we duel to the death, do I get to choose weapons?
  9. [22:58] <Person> you think I make a joke right?
  10. [22:59] <Person> don't be a fool
  11. [22:59] <Me> tell me where I live then xD
  12. [22:59] <Person> Germany is very close to NL
  13. [22:59] <Me> tell me my address
  14. [22:59] <Me> shouldn't be too hard if you know where I live ^^
  15. [23:03] <Me> come on man, I thought you know where I live
  16. [23:04] <Me> Proving that you are serious should be easy
  17. [23:04] <Me> but then, your other proofs have not been convincing either
  18. [23:05] <Me> Oh well, I guess you are already on the train to my place
  19. [23:13] <Me> train it is
  20. [02:35] <Me> lol Person just joined ##csharp after my bot
  21. [02:43] <Person> you're gonna get yourself G-Line
  22. [02:43] <Person> d
  23. [02:44] <Person> hav fun while it lasts
  24. [02:44] <Person> hav fun while it lasts
  25. [02:44] <Me> I am, interesting
  26. [02:44] <Me> I am still wondering what my address is
  27. [02:44] <Me> any ideas on that Mr. threat?
  28. [02:44] <Person> I still want to fight this out IRL
  29. [02:45] <Person> so name a place
  30. [02:45] <Me> haha
  31. [02:45] <Me> why would I do that?
  32. [02:45] <Person> I'm not kidding
  33. [02:45] <Me> I thought you knew where I was living?
  34. [02:45] <Me> Really, you are going to resort to violence and threats?
  35. [02:45] <Person> I told you in Germany
  36. [02:45] <Me> boy, that's precise
  37. [02:45] <Person> well you want to be a real man
  38. [02:45] <Me> good luck checking all 90 million people there
  39. [02:46] <Person> so come face to face
  40. [02:46] <Me> I do?
  41. [02:46] <Me> Why would I? There is nothing to gain?
  42. [02:46] <Person> I thought you were a tough guy
  43. [02:46] <Me> what on earth made you think that? xD
  44. [02:46] <Me> I use the term "think" loosely there
  45. [02:47] <Person> all these damn skiddies on IRC
  46. [02:48] <Me> am I supposed to be offended now?
  47. [02:48] <Person> you're dealing with the wrong guy
  48. [02:48] <Person> I'm telling you
  49. [02:48] <Me> sure thing mate
  50. [02:48] <Me> I told you I am shivering
  51. [02:48] <Person> you better be
  52. [02:48] <Me> and it's only 50% because of my cold
  53. [02:48] <Person> you don't know my history
  54. [02:48] <Me> the other 50% are because of my open window
  55. [02:48] <Me> Why would I? Why would I even care about that?
  56. [02:48] <Me> Good thing you know my history man
  57. [02:48] <Person> if you did you wouldn't do what you just did
  58. [02:49] <Me> uh I'm scared
  59. [02:51] <Me> anything more I should know?
  60. [02:51] <Me> Should I warn all other germans that some crazy guy is going to come around?
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