MagiReco Main Story 7.9

May 2nd, 2018
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  1. 7.9 The Boss of the East
  2. in Yachiyo's living room
  3. Yachiyo: "It's been a while since we've talked. I wonder if she'll pick up?"
  5. 7.9.1
  6. [at the lake in Daitou Ward with a Ferris wheel in the background, we see two black feathers and Izumi Kanagi]
  7. Kanagi: "..."
  8. black feather 1: "Please stop resisting any further..."
  9. "There is no point to erasing rumors..."
  10. Kanagi: "Hmm, interesting that you say that."
  11. "For me this is just revenge."
  12. black feather 2: "Please try to understand, Kanagi-san..."
  13. "Please join us Wings of Magius, just like Tsukasa-san did..."
  14. Kanagi: "What a laughable request."
  15. "In fact, I should be furious that you even suggested that."
  16. "Especially since you were the ones who left me."
  17. black feather 2: "So you won't come?"
  18. Kanagi: "No matter how many times you ask."
  19. "In fact, as a price for having come and done what you pleased..."
  20. "I'll have to beat some manners into your bodies!"
  21. [her phone rings]
  22. Kanagi: "Mm... Sorry, I've got a call."
  23. [battle]
  24. [in battle]
  25. Kanagi: "It's been quite a while, Nanami."
  26. "To think I'd be excited to have a call from my former enemy."
  27. black feather 1: "If you aren't going to join us..."
  28. "Then we just have to beat you..."
  29. black feather 2: "I'm sorry, Kanagi-san..."
  30. Kanagi: "Hmm..."
  31. "Nanami, I'm sorry about this, but it might get a little hard for you to hear."
  32. "Excuse me for this."
  33. [after battle]
  34. [insert image of Kanagi dominating one of the black feathers]
  35. black feather 1: *ugh... Even if we group up...*
  36. Kanagi: *I see, I wasn't aware of what was going on over there in the west.*
  37. *Seems like a lot of trouble over there.*
  38. *...*
  39. *Right.*
  40. *Witches are plenty in number, so there's no reason for conflict.*
  41. *I'd be glad to share information. Why not cooperate?*
  42. *A united front with my former rival.*
  43. *Yes, like a drama!*
  44. *I'm looking forward to tomorrow!*
  45. [back to overlooking the lake]
  46. Kanagi: "Nanami is on the move, huh."
  47. "These Wings of Magius or whatever..."
  48. "It seems they're more of a pain than I thought."
  49. [two white feathers show up]
  50. Tsukasa: "Kanagi-san..."
  51. Kanagi: "That voice... It's been a while, Tsukasa-kun..."
  52. [The Amane sisters both transform]
  53. Kanagi: "What business do you have with me?"
  54. "If it's the same thing as those black feathers, then we've already settled the matter."
  55. "I won't join you."
  56. Tsukasa: "No, please let us give you one warning."
  57. Kanagi: "A warning?"
  58. "Well then, let me hear it."
  59. [at Yachiyo's house]
  60. Momoko: "How was it with Kanagi-san?"
  61. Yachiyo: "She agreed readily."
  62. "She was fighting while we were on the phone, so perhaps she's having trouble over there too."
  63. Iroha: "You talked while she was fighting!?"
  64. Momoko: "She's coarse, as usual..."
  65. Iroha: "As usual... so she's always been like that..."
  66. Momoko: "Yeah, she's always been strong. I'd even put her shoulder-to-shoulder with Yachiyo-san."
  67. Yachiyo: "It's embarrassing when you put it that way, could you not?"
  68. "In any case, we've made an agreement, so let's get to sleep quickly."
  69. Momoko: "You agreed to meet tomorrow!?"
  70. "There's no time left until the amusement park opens..."
  71. Yachiyo: "We only have one day, but we do have a day left. We need to be ready to fight tomorrow."
  72. "I feel reassured because Kanagi will be there..."
  73. "And also..."
  74. [we see Felicia and Sana sleeping]
  75. Felicia: *snore... snore...*
  76. Sana: *breathe... breathe...*
  77. Yachiyo: "They're already asleep."
  78. Momoko: "Well, that's true..."
  79. Iroha: "Let's carry them to their rooms."
  80. Momoko: "I'll help too."
  81. Iroha: "Thank you-"
  82. "!?"
  83. "Sana-chan's soul gem!"
  84. Momoko: "Felicia's too!"
  85. Iroha: "Oh no, what should we do..."
  86. mini-Kyubey: "Let's search for grief seeds!" or "Let's rely on Momoko for now!" I'll go with the first.
  87. Iroha: "There's no time for that..."
  88. "Ah, that's right, Momoko-san!"
  89. "Didn't you go gathering grief seeds today?"
  90. Momoko: "Yeah, I secured quite a few!"
  91. [they remove the darkness from the girls' soul gems]
  92. Iroha: "That surprised me..."
  93. Momoko: "Really, I didn't notice. That could have been dangerous..."
  94. "If they let out a doppel or something while asleep, it could have leveled the whole Mikadzuki House..."
  95. Iroha: "But, when did they..."
  96. Yachiyo: "If the feelings from when they were brainwashed weren't genuine..."
  97. "It could have caused them anguish..."
  98. Iroha: "I see..."
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