Space Journey Part 3

Oct 11th, 2013
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  1. >Day Space Journey in the Neutral Zone part 3.
  2. >You are locked away in Sweetie Belle's frigate.
  3. >She has captured both you and your navigator.
  4. >”Anon, I’ve got an idea,” Gilda says through the partition.
  5. “Yeah?”
  6. >”When Sweetie comes today, you should bash her skull in.”
  7. “I don’t think that’s going to work.”
  8. >”Why not?”
  9. “What would I hit her with? My cast?”
  10. >”I forgot about your arm.”
  11. >Though she can’t see you, you shake your head.
  12. “It might be time to throw in the towel.”
  13. >”No way I’m working for Sweetie Belle.”
  14. “She only wants me. I’ll make sure that she lets you go.”
  15. >”Don’t talk like that, Anon. We can still fight back.”
  16. >The door opens.
  17. >It’s Applebloom.
  18. >Sweetie must have picked up her escape pod.
  19. >”Com’n Anon. Sweetie wants to see you.”
  20. >Applebloom disables your cell’s force field.
  21. >Maybe you can turn her against Sweetie Belle.
  22. ”Applebloom, what we shared last time…”
  23. >”That never happened, Anon.”
  24. ”We can’t just forget it.”
  25. >She laughs at this.
  26. >”What about when you kicked me back into the biopod?”
  27. ”I knew you would escape,” you lie.
  28. >”I doubt it.”
  29. >
  30. >It’s a short walk to Sweetie’s quarters.
  31. >When you enter you find Sweetie lounging on her bed.
  32. >Applebloom pushes you in, and the door closes behind her.
  33. >”Why don’t you sit next to me, Anon?” Sweetie says as she pats beside her.
  34. “I’d rather stay over here.”
  35. >”Suit yourself. Have you thought about your new place in life?”
  36. “As a slave?”
  37. >”No, no, Anon. I promised you that you could be my equal this time.”
  38. >You shake your head.
  39. “Equals don’t force the other into having sex.”
  40. >”You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
  41. >You don’t respond to her.
  42. >”Sit down next to me,” she says more forcefully.
  43. “No.”
  44. 1/10
  45. >She gets off the bed and stands to face you.
  46. >”Are we really going to do this again, Anon?”
  47. “Every single time until I escape.”
  48. >Sweetie furls her brow.
  49. >She doesn’t like it when you are defiant.
  50. >”I was going to be nice to you today, Anon. I see now that you need to be put in your place.”
  51. >You need to grab her horn before she can cast a spell.
  52. >You lunge at her.
  53. >She easily side steps away and bucks your left side.
  54. >Your broken arm catches your fall and pain shoots through your body.
  55. >Sweeties magic engulfs your cast and you can feel her squeezing.
  56. “Alright!”
  57. >Her magic fades, but you can still see it waiting for your next move.
  58. >You can't fight her in your condition.
  59. >She lifts her tail and backs into you.
  60. >”Since you are acting spoiled, I think you need to learn a lesson.”
  61. >Her magic moves you toward her onyx marehood.
  62. >”You’re going to pleasure me until I am satisfied.
  63. >Two more weeks and your arm will be better.
  64. >You can try fighting her next time.
  65. >Until then you have to do as she says.
  66. >You place your left arm on her flank and pull yourself toward her.
  67. >She stops you.
  68. >”No, not that one. You haven’t earned that.”
  69. >She couldn’t mean…
  70. >”I’m waiting.”
  71. >You take a deep breath.
  72. >You just need to last two more weeks.
  73. >
  74. >
  75. >Be Silver Spoon at Fair Haven.
  76. ”Four ships? It won’t be enough.”
  77. >”You’re the one who wanted us to go on such short notice,” Diamond frowns.
  78. ”I thought we could get more.”
  79. >”That doesn’t matter now.”
  80. >Diamond is always right.
  81. >You have to go through with this.
  82. “Some servebots are installing the fusion torpedo on my ship.”
  83. >”How much was it?”
  84. ”Too much…”
  85. >Gustav overcharged you.
  86. >If you had another few days you could go to the outer rim and buy for less.
  87. >“Let’s go.”
  88. 2/10
  89. >
  90. >A few minutes later outside of Fair Haven.
  91. >You, Diamond Tiara, Lyra and Bon Bon have assembled.
  92. >”Alright, lets go over the plan again.”
  93. >”We’re going to jump into subspace, and hopefully arrive close enough to the frigate that Sweetie won’t be able to launch her fighters. Either way we are going to fly in tandem, and once we are about to engage we’re going to cross flight paths.
  94. >Diamond moves her hooves to show the angle she wants.
  95. >”Remember, always attack in oblique. I don’t want to see any standard movements.”
  96. >Every pilot knows that.
  97. >”Once Silver gets into position, we will launch everything at the frigate. We have to make sure the torpedo hits the shields. Assuming that goes well we will all attack the engines. Plasma bursts or lasers only. We’re not here to destroy the ship.”
  98. >Diamond waits expectantly for any questions.
  99. >After a moment she continues.
  100. >”Alright, are the coordinates ready?”
  101. “I’m sending them now.”
  102. >You press a few buttons and a moment later Bon Bon responds.
  103. >”I just got them.”
  104. “Then let’s go.”
  105. >You activate the navcomputer and buckle in.
  106. >
  107. >When you arrive you turn on your scanners.
  108. >Nothing.
  109. >Gustav gave you some bad intel.
  110. >Sweetie Belle should be around here.
  111. “Does anypony have the frigate on their screens?”
  112. >”I think I do,” Lyra responds. “I’ll send them over.”
  113. >A few seconds later you have a green blip on your screen.
  114. >”Alright, line up and we’ll check it out," Diamond orders.
  115. >You align your fighter behind and to the left of your friend.
  116. >On the screen you see Bon Bon and Lyra doing the same.
  117. >It takes a minute before your scanners confirm Lyra’s readings.
  118. >That’s definitely Sweetie’s ship.
  119. >Luckily you haven’t been detected yet.
  120. >Your detector flashes.
  121. >Shit.
  122. >You spoke too soon.
  123. “Uh… I think we’ve been spotted.”
  124. >You open a hailing frequency.
  125. >It takes a moment for Scootaloo to appear on screen.
  126. >She looks surprised to see you.
  127. 3/10
  128. >Applebloom is lounging behind Scootaloo.
  129. >She perks up and tries to look intimidating
  130. >”Hello, Silver. I didn’t expect to see you in CMC territory.”
  131. “I… We just want Anon. We’ll leave as soon as you let him go.”
  132. >”We don’t have him,” she scoffs.
  133. “I know you’re the one who took him.”
  134. >Scootaloo smirks at this.
  135. >”What makes you think that?”
  136. “I saw some dents in the floor of Anon’s ship. Only a mechanical hoof could have made them.”
  137. >Scootaloo is starting to get angry.
  138. >”You want Anon? He was never yours.”
  139. “He isn’t a pet to be bought and sold.”
  140. >She ignores you.
  141. >”Turn your ships around and I won’t tell Sweetie that you stopped by.”
  142. ”Let Anon go.”
  143. >”What if I say no?”
  144. ”Then we are going to fight.”
  145. >She laughs at this.
  146. >”With only four ships?”
  147. ”That’s three more than I need.”
  148. >Scootaloo frowns.
  149. >She motions to Applebloom, who promptly departs.
  150. >”We’ll see…”
  151. >The screen turns to black.
  152. >Shit.
  153. >She wants to fight.
  154. >Diamond hails the squadron.
  155. >”Alright, remember the plan. Cross, engage, torpedoes, and then engine room. Let’s go.”
  156. >Diamond accelerates ahead and you push forward the throttle to match her.
  157. >The green blip on the screen has slowed down.
  158. >Two smaller dots separate from the large blip.
  159. >It will take a minute or two to reach combat distance.
  160. >You’ve always hated space combat.
  161. >No matter how hard you tried, you’ve always been better as a navigator than a pilot.
  162. >You hope you will be good enough to save Anon.
  163. >”The frigate is turning to meet us. I also have two fighters inbound.”
  164. >You push aside the nav computer and activate your shields.
  165. ”Which ones?”
  166. >”Sweetie’s ship and Scootaloo’s.”
  167. >Shit.
  168. >You can probably fight Applebloom, but not Sweetie.
  169. >You adjust your glasses one last time.
  170. >Your screens flip on to show the three ships.
  171. 4/10
  172. >They are almost in range.
  173. >Diamond wants them to engage first.
  174. >That way when you cross either wingpony will be able to attack the aggressor.
  175. >Both fighters turn toward you and Diamond.
  176. >They aren’t going to split up.
  177. >”Do it now!”
  178. >You jerk the joystick to match Di.
  179. >The two fighters shoot plasma bursts at you, but the sudden change of direction causes them to miss.
  180. >As you fly both Bon Bon and Lyra cross your flight path and attack Sweetie’s ships.
  181. >The two fighters dodge, and align behind your ships.
  182. >The frigate approaches closer.
  183. >It won't be long until it is in range.
  184. >Your ship shudders.
  185. >A computer shows that your shields are taking damage.
  186. >You break away from Diamond to dogfight.
  187. >Scootaloo’s ship turns to follow you.
  188. >She is right behind you.
  189. >Again your ship shakes under her assault.
  190. >You pull the joystick back and your ship pulls up.
  191. >Scootaloo overshoots you.
  192. >Her ship is so close you can see her through the canopy.
  193. >Your rear camera shows Diamond and Sweetie fighting.
  194. >Bon Bon distracts Sweetie long enough for Diamond pull away and rejoin you.
  195. >”Target lock,” your computer warns.
  196. >A screen shows the frigate shooting several cluster missiles.
  197. >You again yank on the joystick to change direction, but it isn’t enough.
  198. >A loud chime informs you that your shields are at their breaking point.
  199. >You need more time.
  200. >”We have to get rid of the fighters first!” Diamond orders.
  201. >You finally find yourself in a good position and pull behind Scootaloo.
  202. >As you release a salvo of plasma bursts, Scootaloo slows down suddenly.
  203. >Your shots lazily fly just beyond her ship.
  204. >You can see her fore thrusters firing at maximum.
  205. >She must have disabled her ship’s simulated aerial flight computer.
  206. >Only the best pilots can fight without it.
  207. >You push your thrusters to maximum to fly past her.
  208. 5/10
  209. “Disable simulated aerial flight.”
  210. >”System disabled,” the computer responds.
  211. >You unlock two additional joysticks.
  212. >You now have full control of thrusters surrounding your ship.
  213. >With the throttle set to low you let the ship rotate on its axis.
  214. >You push in opposite directions with the side sticks and return to full throttle.
  215. >Your plasma bursts strafe Scootaloo’s ship.
  216. >Scootaloo dodges several bursts, but the last two hit her.
  217. >Her shields light up, showing the damage.
  218. >Your computers have locked on to her ship and you release two cluster missiles.
  219. >Scootaloo tries to fly toward you to avoid them, but this time is isn’t quick enough.
  220. >Her shields fail and you see several of the bomblets impact her plating.
  221. >It wasn’t enough.
  222. >”I’m done for!” Lyra says through the intercom.
  223. >A screen shows her ejecting from her fighter.
  224. >You can see her ship exploding, with the frigate sailing through the debris.
  225. >Shit.
  226. >You return see Scootaloo retreating.
  227. >A plasma bursts catches her easily.
  228. >Your screen lights up and you can see Scootaloo ejecting.
  229. >You taught that bitch a lesson.
  230. >”I just got Sweetie!” Diamond cheers.
  231. >Another screen shows the pilot ejecting.
  232. >With the two sticks you maneuver to face the frigate.
  233. >It’s busy fighting Diamond and Bon Bon.
  234. >This is your chance.
  235. ”I’m lined up.”
  236. >A moment later Diamond appears on screen.
  237. >She is sweating profusely.
  238. >”Alright. Fire your torpedo, and – fuck!“
  239. >The transmission cuts off.
  240. >Shit.
  241. >A screen shows Diamond’s ship exploding.
  242. >Did she make it out?
  243. >You flip up the torpedo’s safety cover.
  244. >A deep breath clears your mind.
  245. >You press the red button.
  246. >Claxon’s spring the life.
  247. >What now?
  248. >The torpedo is stuck.
  249. >The screen shows that it has been activated.
  250. >You press the fire button several times, but to no avail.
  251. “Fucking Griffons can’t build shit!”
  252. 6/10
  253. >You slam a hoof on the panel, and the ship shudders.
  254. >It worked!
  255. >You watch as the torpedo sails toward Sweetie’s ship.
  256. “Fire everything now!”
  257. >You release your remaining cluster missiles.
  258. >Bon Bon does the same as she aileron rolls to avoid a plasma burst.
  259. >You push your throttle to maximum.
  260. >Sweetie’s auto-turret shoots down several bomblets, but it doesn’t prioritize the torpedo.
  261. >This might actually work.
  262. >The torpedo explodes against the shielding, and several bomblets impact on the plating.
  263. >”Her shields are down.”
  264. “Hit her engines!”
  265. >At this range it takes only a moment for your plasma burst to explode against the exposed thrusters.
  266. >Bon Bon swings around and does the same.
  267. >The frigates lights flicker several times before turning dark.
  268. >She’s lost power.
  269. >Immediately the ship stops firing.
  270. >Now you need to board her.
  271. >The frigates lights turn back on.
  272. >No doubt her batteries just kicked in.
  273. >They are only meant for emergency maneuvers and critical systems.
  274. “We’re going to have to tractor her to a stop before we can board.”
  275. >”My ship is toast. I won’t be able to help,” Bon Bon replies.
  276. >Shit.
  277. >You don’t think you can stop it from drifting without another ship.
  278. >The frigate hails you.
  279. >You laugh to yourself.
  280. >You wait a moment before answering Applebloom.
  281. >Let her sweat it out for a bit.
  282. >On the fourth chirp you answer.
  283. >You put on your smuggest look.
  284. >It’s Sweetie Belle.
  285. >Who was piloting Sweetie’s fighter?
  286. >That doesn’t matter.
  287. ”Hello, Sweetie.”
  288. >”Silver.”
  289. “Give us Anon and I’ll let you go.”
  290. >”I’ve waited too long to get him just to give him up.”
  291. “He doesn’t want to be with you.”
  292. >”He’ll learn to love me.”
  293. “Give us Anon and I’ll let you go,” you repeat.
  294. >”You’ll have to board my ship to get him.”
  295. >In the background you see Anon and Gilda walking onto the bridge.
  296. >You need to keep Sweetie talking.
  297. 7/10
  298. “You don’t need to make this so difficult. You’ve already lost.”
  299. >”This is just a setback. My servebots wi-“
  300. >Gilda grabs Sweetie from behind and throws her to the ground.
  301. >A claw remains on Sweetie’s horn to prevent her from using magic.
  302. >The two scuffle for a moment before Sweetie relents.
  303. >Anon approaches the view screen.
  304. >”You came for me.”
  305. “I knew you couldn’t handle things without me.”
  306. >Anon just smiles at this.
  307. >”Thank you.”
  308. “Is the ship still working?”
  309. >”I don’t know. It’ll take a bit for me to figure out the controls.”
  310. ”Okay. Just get the docking bay doors open for now. I need to get my friends.”
  311. >
  312. >It takes a few minutes to collect the ejected pilots.
  313. >You let Diamond and Lyra board your ship and Bon Bon lets both Scootaloo and Applebloom cool off in space.
  314. >
  315. >Anon greets you at loading dock.
  316. >His arm is cradled in splint, but he looks no worse for the wear.
  317. >”Welcome to the Jinx.”
  318. >You look around.
  319. >This loading dock is huge.
  320. >You could probably cram six fighters in here.
  321. >You hear Diamond and Lyra stepping on the metal grating behind you.
  322. ”This place is really nice.”
  323. >”Yeah, she seems like a good ship.”
  324. >Awkward silence descends.
  325. >You should have spent more time thinking about what to say.
  326. “Are you hurt?”
  327. >He shows his arm.
  328. >”Just a broken bone. It should be better in a few weeks.”
  329. >He is so brave.
  330. >”I’m glad you came for me. I was about to give up.”
  331. “I had to return the favor.”
  332. >”So now we’re even?”
  333. >You nod in agreement.
  334. ”Yeah.”
  335. >Diamond pushes you aside.
  336. >”No. We aren’t even. You owe me two ships.”
  337. >”I already gave you everything I have.”
  338. >”Now if you give me this ship I might think about forgetting about the ones I lost.”
  339. >Anon rolls his eyes.
  340. >You push Diamond aside.
  341. 8/10
  342. “We’re even, Anon.”
  343. >You can hear Diamond grumbling, but she and Lyra continue ahead.
  344. >Anon smiles as they pass him.
  345. “How did you get on the bridge?”
  346. >”When the power went off Gilda and I escaped from our cells. I’ll tell you all about it in the galley.”
  347. >Anon turns and motions you to follow him.
  348. >You stand your ground.
  349. >He gives you a confused look.
  350. >This might be the last chance you get alone with him.
  351. >You better make it count.
  352. ”Anon, I know you and I have… had our differences…”
  353. >He frowns at this.
  354. ”But when you saved me I –“
  355. >He shakes his head.
  356. >”Don’t say it. I already know.”
  357. >Shit.
  358. >He hates you.
  359. ”Anon, I –“
  360. >”I wouldn’t worry about it.”
  361. ”Let me finish!”
  362. >He gives a hurt look, but waves a hand as if to say, “go ahead.”
  363. >You wait a moment to regain your composure.
  364. “I realized that I like you.”
  365. >He gives you a confused look.
  366. >”What?”
  367. ”I like you,” you say more loudly.
  368. >”Oh.”
  369. “That’s the best you can say? Oh?”
  370. >”Well I wasn’t expecting that.”
  371. >Why are stallions so dumb?
  372. >You should never have said anything.
  373. “Just forget about it.”
  374. >You walk past him.
  375. >Here you just saved him and he won’t even -
  376. >A hand stops you.
  377. >You turn to face him.
  378. >He crouches down to eye level.
  379. >A hand brushes away a wisp of your mane from your face.
  380. “I like you too.”
  381. >You stand on your rear legs to hug him.
  382. >”OW!”
  383. >He pulls away from you.
  384. “What?”
  385. >“You bumped into my arm.”
  386. >Shit.
  387. >You blew it.
  388. >He winces in pain, but after a moment he forces a smile.
  389. >”Let’s try again.”
  390. >He lifts his left arm, and you move forward to hug him.
  391. 9/10
  392. >
  393. >
  394. >Be Anon a few days later.
  395. >The serve bots have fixed the engines enough to limp toward Fair Haven for a proper repair.
  396. >Gilda has set a course, but it will take a few days to arrive.
  397. >You aren’t able to jump into subspace.
  398. >The CMC were given a broken down fighter and kicked off the frigate.
  399. >Hopefully that’s the last time you will see them.
  400. >Both Lyra and Bon Bon have left, and Diamond is waiting impatiently in Silver’s ship.
  401. >”Lets go!” She yells out the hatch.
  402. >”In a minute!”
  403. >Silver turns toward you.
  404. >”So do you think you can handle things without me?”
  405. “It’ll be tough, but I can manage.”
  406. >She frowns at this.
  407. >Let her sweat it out for a second.
  408. “But I’d prefer if you stuck around for trip back to Fair Haven.”
  409. >”Really?”
  410. “Yeah.”
  411. >”What about Di?”
  412. “Let her take your ship back. Besides, we need some more time to get acquainted.”
  413. >She blushes at this.
  414. “Maybe tonight you’ll let me get to second base?”
  415. >“Don’t get your hopes up,” Silver scoffs.
  416. >What a tease.
  417. “That’s alright. I can wait.”
  418. >Silver raises herself to kiss you.
  419. >And in that moment you feel truly happy.
  420. fin
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