Dec 26th, 2020
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  1. stream of concious writing coming through.
  2. >Be you.
  3. >December 2020
  4. >you've kind of wanted to die since april.
  5. >y'know...
  6. >because of the thing.
  7. >You work retail so that makes it worse.
  8. >quietly sit alone in apatment.
  9. >stare at ceiling
  10. >don't remember last time you saw someone not family or a coworker
  11. >fuckit.jpeg
  12. >make a phone call.
  13. >say a few codewords to the dude on the line
  14. >get "Him" talking to you
  15. >Tell him you need a fucking break and something new.
  16. >He tells you to meet him at the abandoned bowling alley in two hours.
  17. >spend the next hour pacing before grabbing your coat, mask, and keys.
  18. >drive across town.
  19. >He's waiting for you.
  20. >haven't been in the bowling alley since it got raided.
  21. >it's had it's grand re-opening twice since then
  22. >he leads you into the back.
  23. >Graffiti is everywhere.
  24. >rotted stuff toys
  25. >empty water bowls.
  26. >he hands you a small pill container.
  27. >tells you it's "The New formula"
  28. >What are they calling it?
  29. >GRFN
  30. >open container, joints.
  31. >wat.png
  32. >tells you it "runs through the system faster" when inhaled.
  33. >make a comment about being worried about lung disease
  34. >he tells you to stop being a bitch before tossing you a zippo with a yin-yang symbol on it.
  35. >Sit down on a moldy couch.
  36. >light up.
  37. >inhale.
  38. >never done weed or anything like that, don't know if you're doing it right.
  39. >hold it in for a few seconds
  40. >cough out a slightly pink-ish smoke
  41. >concern.
  42. >repeat the process until it's easier.
  43. >melt into couch.
  44. >metaphorically.
  45. >I know what thread I'm writing for.
  46. >you look up at the dealer and go "how do I know it's work...oh."
  47. >full blown
  48. >all over
  49. >body itch.
  50. >thanksIhateit.jpg
  51. >realise you've basically inhaled the whole blunt
  52. >the melted feeling turns into a weird "rebuilding" feeling as you look at your hands, blending together and reshaping."
  53. >shoulder blades are screaming at you
  54. >thought this shit would make you sleep through the change
  55. >Scream at dealer.
  56. >The noise that comes out of your mouth is something mixed between a loud, ugly, orgasm, and the sound equivalent to a dog having it's leg stepped on
  57. >pretty sure your legs ripped your pants to shreds
  58. >yell at dealer to "fucking do something!" in a voice that grows increasingly feminine as your swollen body parts shrink, ripped clothes becoming baggier than you're used to as you roll on the couch.
  59. >pretty sure your dick is gone.
  60. >accidentally throw yourself off the couch.
  61. >hit the back of your head
  63. You are dreaming.
  64. Calm.
  65. Your dancing with a cute pony to a very lively recording of swing music playing out of a record player.
  66. Your wings flap with the rhythm a bit every now and again.
  67. She smiles at you.
  68. You smile are her.
  69. You kiss each other on the dance floor.
  71. >You Wake up
  72. >the dealer is a man of culture and has you loosely bundled up in a soft blanket.
  73. >slowly push yourself up.
  74. >Claws.
  75. >paws.
  76. >long tail.
  77. >This is your brain on GRFN
  78. >Dealer notices your awake
  79. >helps you off the couch
  80. >walks along side with you to a mirror propped against a wall in another room.
  81. >You look like some mix between a Snow Oil and a Persian cat.
  82. >kinda nice.
  83. >Dealer picks you up.
  84. >carries you back to room with couch
  85. >you both chill there for hours.
  86. >third dude brings burger king
  87. >chill with fries.
  88. >sleep over at bowling alley
  89. >for the first time in forever sleep without an ounce of depression or existential fear.
  90. >wake up next day as your old self
  91. >shake hands with dealer while saying thank you.
  92. >agree to another meeting
  93. >go home
  94. >watch pony show.
  95. >for first time in a very long time
  96. >All is right with the world.
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