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  1. showMessage" autoupdate godmode by littleAU\n\ncredit:\n- originally created by transiate\n- cracked by unrealskill\n- leaked by B1NARY\n- support by caca22\n- autoupdate version created by littleAU\n\nfeatures:\n- doesn't need to be updated when roblox updates\n- has a good success rate\n- no need to reopen file when joining new game" Attached = false Timer = createTimer(nil) MemScanCount = 0 MemScanCountMax = 10 ProcessFound = function()     local scan = createMemScan(true)    memscan_returnOnlyOneResult(scan, true)     memscan_firstScan(scan, soExactValue, vtByteArray, rtTruncated, "D9 00 8B 46 20 8B 8A 2C 01 00 00 D9 1C 24 8B", nil, 0x00000000, 0xFFFFFFFF, "*W", fsmNotAligned, nil, true, false, false, false)   memscan_waitTillDone(scan)  local result = memscan_getOnlyResult(scan)  if result == nil then       MemScanCount = MemScanCount + 1         if not (MemScanCount > MemScanCountMax) then            sleep(100)          ProcessFound()      else            showMessage"Failed to find godmode (for some reason)."      end     else        result = string.format("%x", result)        result = ("0"):rep(8-#result) .. result         writeBytes(result, 0x90, 0x90)  end end timer_setInterval(Timer, 100) timer_onTimer(Timer, function()   if getProcessIDFromProcessName"RobloxPlayerBeta.exe" then       if not Attached then            Attached = true             openProcess(getProcessIDFromProcessName"RobloxPlayerBeta.exe")          ProcessFound()      end     else        Attached = false    end end)
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