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Transcript of Pottercast #112 -discussion about House-elves.

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May 17th, 2016
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  1. >**Sue**: But there was a one glorious beautiful question
  2. **John**: It's funny that you get all excited
  3. **Melissa**: I came in there with an agenda
  4. **John**: about this because this
  5. **Melissa**: Oh ho, here we go
  6. **John**: was not a definitive
  7. **Melissa**: I'm angry because she didn't answer. Ok, I set it up, I went in with an agenda, that she had to address this, and I said, you know, **John maintains that Sue-, that Helga Hufflepuff enslaved the house-elves**
  8. **John**: Yes
  9. **Melissa**: and tortured Sue, and she didn't make The arguments stop, go ahead, tell her- tell them
  10. **Sue**: She s-, what **she said Helga, as I predicted, Helga brought them, offered them refuge**, refuge
  11. **Melissa**: and then said,
  12. **John**: Well that's not the first thing she said
  13. **Melissa**: No that was the first thing
  14. **John**: she said very interesting question, it's very interesting question that you ask this, and I don't know if we ever knew definitively that Helga had any role in bringing the house elves to the castle, but it seems like, that's what she has said is that **it was Helga of the founders is what brought them there**
  15. **Melissa**: Yeah
  16. **John**: She said that
  17. **Sue**: offered them refuge
  18. **John**: offered them refuge
  19. **Meliss**a: But then She said in fairness to John
  20. **John**: She said In fairness to John, um, you could say that the kind plantation owner does not equate to you know, relieving them of slavery
  21. **Melissa**: Let's continue the rest of the conversation, and then
  22. **John**: She said As Dumbledore gave Dobby refuge, so did Helga bring the house-elves refuge to-
  23. **John**: However, they-, Dumbledore brought Dobby in as a paid employee and all the others house-elves
  24. **Sue**: And she addressed that, she said, you know, their mindset is, they don't want to leave, so that's what she's saying
  25. **John**: we don't know any better after how many generations of house elves
  26. **Sue**: She said that
  27. **John**: living and dying And not knowing anything else
  28. **Sue**: But that's their nature
  29. **Melissa**: But they were not being persecuted
  30. Yeah, Ok, I'm just saying
  31. **John**: She left it open for us, which is awesome because I can keep these-
  32. **Melissa**: They don't care lets talk more about what jo said
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