Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. Pushing your leg reinforcements to an even greater level you drop a piece of the chain weighed down with a small heavy square made of truth and you leap upwards, attempting to get atop the dragon! Of course, even with your physical abilities reinforced to your current level, you fail you make it to the top in a single bound, and begin to lose momentum at around halfway up the dragon, of course you don't let this stop you though!
  3. You reach out with your free hand as you continue to create chains of truth energy with your other, a thin golden chain of energy trailing behind you as you grab hold of an exposed spike sticking out of the scales of the dragon, and you reinforce your hand and arm with as much power as you're able to and use it to push yourself higher!
  5. You're soaring once again and you soon land upon the back of the colossal dragon, just in time to see Shiki trying to hang on to the dragon for dear life as it bucks a little bit. Had it not been for Betty slowing it down, you probably would've already been flung off, though it does only seem to be reacting like this at all because of the magical affect being applied to it in the first place... You suppose you can't really tell whether or not the usage of the eyes in this exact scenario was effective, but you're about to make them far more effective! "Shiki! Go for the wings, or a Death Point if you can see one! I'm going to buy you the stability you need!" Right now it's about all Shiki can do not to get flung off of the back of the dragon, never mind making it to the trunk-like wing limbs.
  7. With those words, you sprint forwards for a few seconds and leap off of the side of the dragon, using the chain of truth to rapidly rappel down to the floor, confident in the weight of the object you created to hold the chains in place, when you're clear of the side of the dragon's body, you use the chain in order to swing across, grabbing hold of your own manifested chain and rapidly swinging through one of the dragons legs and back to the chain itself! A perfect success!
  9. Landing near the start of where you started to create the chain, you allow the object to dissipate and then have the two ends of the chain fuse together. So long as you're holding onto it, it will never break, that is the truth that it represents! Now, there's simply the matter of tightening it! With but a mental command, you start to cause the chain to tighten up around the body of the dragon! Rapidly it turns from a relatively loose band of chain to a tightening hold around the body and left front leg of the dragon! You aren't just going to prevent it from taking flight! You're going to end this now by stopping it from moving altogether!
  11. You seem to run into some unexpected resistance when the chain becomes tight enough that it would need to move the dragon in order to tighten any further, and you find yourself having to pump more magical energy into the chains to continue the tightening, the scales of this dragon must be tremendously tough if it capable of even resisting something like a chain made of manifested truth!
  13. Still, despite the difficulty you began to run into, you are successful in managing to bind the dragon from moving at all for a while, and in that time, a brief glance upwards gives you the welcome sight of one of its colossal wings falling off of its body!
  15. Part 19
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