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Nov 5th, 2014
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  1. Nick Denton Post -
  3. Think critically for a minute about this. Why would such a "leak" happen now? It makes no sense in the context of anything that is going on. In fact you should be hoping it's untrue because if Nick Denton did post that then it's very bad news for GamerGate as a whole. Denton isn't an idiot, he's an arrogant money hungry asshat sure, but he isn't stupid. He hasn't commented publicly about this through any social media account and there is no way in hell he's going to go yammering about it on Facebook especially after what happened to Nathan Grayson (an employee of his whose facebook posts were published publicly near the beginning of GamerGate starting)
  5. But let's say it was true, let's say Denton did post it knowing the risk. To me that would say he wants GamerGate to continue which would point to the fact that Gawker is making money of the controversy somehow. That would be bad news since it would imply that stripping away advertisers isn't hurting the bottom line and in fact posting something inflammatory like that would only increase public awareness of Gawker potentially earning them more.
  7. Taking that post at face value is foolish. I've had people come to me with info throughout all of this but I never published what I can't verify or vet personally. It looks convincing but I just don't buy it. You give Denton far too little and far too much credit. It's a troll more than likely fucking about and having a laugh.
  9. I could be wrong; just my opinion.
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