Brief History of Hades

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  1.     Hades was the Eldest son borne to the Titan Cronus and Goddess Rhea. The family lived in peace upon Mount Olympus with only their mother Rhea. The two brothers Posiedon and Zeus whom liked to spar while Hades hungered for knowledge and preferred solitude.
  2. As they all grew in age. Zeus was soon borne to them, the youngest and by the preference was considered to be the strongest of their children. Though Hades seemed indifferent to the thoughts of the oracles.
  3. It was also around this time that their father Cronus had been confronted by Uranus and Gaia that his children would be his undoing. When he returned to Olympus he one by one began to devour his children. Hades was the second of his children that he had devoured into his stomach. The infant Zeus was the only one to be spared this action as his mother Rhea whisked him away into hiding until he was strong enough to return to Olympus and free his brothers and sisters from their fathers gut.
  4. When he returned at the age of but a child he was successful in avoiding devourance and cut open their father and springing the surviving brothers and sister. Hades amongst them.
  5. The ones that survived swore vengence and a few years later as young men Zeus, Poseidon and Hades had tracked down Cronus and waged battle against the Titan.
  6. After a long battle lasting several days the three bothers came out victorious as they entrapped the Titan inside of the Cave of Nyx located within the Underworld.
  7. And with their father entrapped the Three young Gods gained abilities beyond their imagine. Zeus became the God of Lightning, Poseidon God of the Sea, and Hades God of the Dead.
  8. They returned to Olympus where Zeus was then made the ruler of Olympus for his bravery and having freed them when Cronus had devoured them.
  9. It was a time after his coronation onto the throne that he came up with dividing the Gods to have balance within the mortal world since the reign of titans was no more. Poseidon who now had the powers over the Sea would Rule over them but, the hard part was that now his eldest brother Hades had the power of the Dead he would have to reside in the Underworld and would also be tasked with watching over their father. Both tasks he knew he would have no desire to do.
  10. By this point all children had just grown into young men. Hades now looked more beautiful and had grown into his godly appearance. On that day he wore the same calmly expression that he had always bore. Unaware of the horror that was about to ensue.
  11. He had entered the room where his brothers and sisters stood before him and he was condemned to the Underworld where he would be doomed to live the rest of his eternity. This enraged the elder and he tried to strike against the Youngest and a bloody battle ensued between the two upon Olympus. In the end when Hades had become gravely wounded in their fight the Younger Zeus took him by the throat.
  12. Throwing him off the Mountain and into the Abyss. From above if one stood on the edge you could hear the Elder screaming out in rage and pain.
  13. Down below where his anger festered a grand Castle was built and a world was created that despised and wished nothing more than to destroy one and another until the ends of time.
  14. Centuries later one of the sisters of the Gods gave birth to a daughter named Persephone. When she had aged to a young girl she had fallen in love with the older God Hades and against the others will would for half the year spend it in the Underworld. Persephone showed him what it was like to see the light again and he ended up gaining the composure he once had. It was after this that the Underworld gained true order and things began to flow more smoothly. Soon after the girl began to try and win over the affections of him. Though Hades never showed her no more affection than an Uncle to his Niece. Her want of him grew so strong that even human records believed them to be married, which was untrue.
  16. It went on like this for many centuries until she had spoke out about her feelings for him and Hades was forced to turn the young girl away. Though someone else had been plotting.
  17. Zeus had hidden his presence and entered the Underworld and used his powers to change his appearence to appear to be the elder brother and using the young womans affections against her he laid with her. Impregnanting her with his own. Making sure that the elder brother found them in the act. Persephone was ashamed and returned to her mother, having the child in secret only for it to be sent to the Underworld due to the state of the girl she became the Goddess of Madness and lived amongst the witches. It was rumored that still in her state the Girl took to eternal sleep; the only way to escape her shame and sadness.
  18. Hades had rebirthed his despisal of his brother and wished to end him once more for what he had done to the girl he thought to be close. Though away from his brother in the Underworld he appeared calm but whenever the two met a bloody battle would ensue.
  19. The two would never get along like they did in the battle of Cronus, and the world fears if the Titan would return could they work together again.
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