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Jan 4th, 2014
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  1. Truz - The Gob Hobblers
  3. Fifteen goblins strong. They all use axes, and wear decent armor.
  4. On a scale of bad to good, you rate them average. Good at holding the line. For goblins, that is.
  6. Nost - The Bone Shankers
  8. Fiteen goblins strong. Use hooks and swords. Armor is light.
  9. Nost isn't the best leader, but he sure is scary! They'll single mindedly get to where they want to go!
  11. Mnar - The Gloom Fears
  13. Fifteen goblins strong. All use two handed hammers, with a buckle on their arm.
  14. Intimidation is the name of the game. They wear lots of war paint, and are great at quick strikes.
  16. Rund - Trash Can Knights
  18. Six goblins strong. In really bulky armor. Use a sword, though their rusty jagged armor can probably do damage, too.
  19. Tanks. They can hold a position really well, but don't count on them moving quick.
  21. Kuzr - The Squinty Eyes
  23. Eight goblins strong. Daggers, short bows. Minor poisons.
  24. Reasonably good for scouts, a lot better than the average person for sure. Decent ranged unit in a skirmish
  26. Gneb - Scary Poisonous Infiltrating Dextrous Engaging Riders
  28. Twelve goblins on giant spiders, with poisonous bows and spears.
  29. The spiders are pretty creepy. But that is okay, cause if someone as brave as you finds them creepy, other people will, too right?
  31. Xab - New Age Cult Leader
  33. Twenty kobolds and a very creepy dark elf girl strong!
  34. Pure cannon fodder. Xab can convince them to go on suicide missions, and you can convince Xab. The dark elf lady might not like that, though. She's really strong, too. And scary! They have clubs and slings. Dark elf lady has some sorta magical scale mail and a really scary big sword that is silvery and glows purple and stuff and she is just frightening.
  36. Whoop - Sea Mother's Surgical Strike Unit
  38. Twenty three fishmen. Mix of clerics and skirmishers. Really good amphibious unit! That will never matter. But you have them, just in case? Javelins and spears.
  40. Dorle and Mani - Suicide Sapper Squad
  42. Six kobolds that can handle explosives. Maybe well enough to not die in the process. Good news: You've got more being trained every day!
  44. Independent Dark Elf units.
  45. Two, each about five men strong. They're all around good.
  47. Rage Muck Units.
  48. Twelve goblins each in all three groups. They're okay.
  50. Tree guys.
  51. There are six of them. Which you're pretty sure is more than you left??? They are pretty quiet and huge, and seem like nice guys, but you haven't talked to them much. They're very beautiful!
  53. Then there is you. You're ridiculous. If your journey could be described as a Quest, and it had some sort of overseeing Master, then he'd probably describe you as OP. You've got three goblin squires, and an entourage of a Orc Monk, Satyxis Bard, High Elf Hexbladelancer, Orcish Scout, and a druid who is a gnoll. Pretty good personal army! Also two pet deep trolls. You're keeping them on a short leash for now.
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