MGE Side III Nevia Museum

Feb 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Nevia Theatre History Museum
  2. Ufufufu♥ How was I on stage?
  3. I take pride in being able to become like a completely different person than the one you’ve seen so far♥
  4. However, now that you’ve seen that statue with your own eyes, I wonder how I looked to you...♥
  5. Yan♥ Don’t be impatient♥ I know you can’t wait♥ After all, I feel the same♥
  7. Teehee...♥ Before the excitement dies down, at least allow me to introduce the “Nevia Theatre History Museum”♥
  8. The performance you witnessed today was “Another Mermaid Princess”.
  9. This is a place where you can experience the history of Nevia and Nevia Theatre, which are the basis of that performance, while the excitement of the stage still lingers.
  10. In addition to the actual props that appear in plays, there are items on display here that make you feel the beauty of old Nevia, such as old works of art from that time, clothing, elaborate models based on Nevia Theatre before it was renovated, sculptures of various divas, the stone tablet with the original song of passion written on it given to the first diva by The Great Songstress, and so on.
  11. Ara? You’re rather silent, are you alright?
  12. Could it be... Are you jealous of Lady Eustine, who was playing the role of a man on stage? Ufufufu♥
  13. I’ve wanted to show you something... Fufu, let’s head into that room♥
  14. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Have you woken up?
  16. Ufufu... You’re wondering where we are? This is the history museum.
  17. You were just in the old Nevia Theatre?
  18. Ufufufufu♥ Yes, this tiny little room, which appears at first glance to only have a desk and two chairs, allows you to become the main character of “Another Mermaid Princess” and “relive” history.
  19. I don’t know the details, but it seems through the complex magic and incense of Succubi and Nightmares, you can be shown such “dreams”...
  20. Of course, we both experienced the same history and witnessed the same dream♥
  21. In the final scene, the Mermaid Princess, played by me, sees the unmasked viscount’s true face for the first time, and kisses him.
  22. How does the me on stage compare to the me in the dream?
  23. Which one had an expression of incredible lust towards her gentleman, like I do now...♥
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