Slaying the Remclaimes and The Islands Mystery

Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [17:53] {NARRATION} The landscape of mythical Agartha was always shifting it seemed, especially if one listened to the sailors, and sub-islands seemed to appear out of the mists while others, like the one appearing in view shrouded by a perpetual storm, preferred a more flashy entrance.
  3. The Captain of the ship was a friendly man who was talkative inbetween barking out orders to the others. The crew was a mixture of normal seadogs and those who were blessed by the arcane. Wind magi took turns keeping the sails full and the ship moving along steadily.
  5. "Aye, thare she goes th' legendary island. Folk say een be creepin if ye stray tae claise tae 'er 'n' haunting howls echo aff intae th' nicht." Captain Bolly says, pointing off at the island crackling with energy.
  7. He had an odd look in his eyes as he spoke, a mixture of excitement and that superstitious fear all sailors had, then he turns and continues giving out commands as the crew prepare to station the vessel in a relatively safe spot.
  9. His eyes meets the adventurers one by one, "This the lenth o' we gang 'ere, ye'll hae tae swim a ways or tak' th' dinghy's. Yer choice that, bit tae claise 'n' we risk th' ship. "
  11. Now they were a short swim away, but even the beach was seared and speckled with bits of glass where the bolts of lightning had struck the sandy ground and fused the grains into something else entirely.
  12. [17:59] So this is it. The danger lurking out there was real it was tangible. Enough for Chad to focus on his Star Mageddonia.
  14. Star of Armageddon. Grant me your full power." And it is here that after connecting to his Star, that Chad gains his cursed cosmic form. Which he hoped would aid Jun in acquiring what he desired.
  16. He step to wait for the others as he makes land in one of the rowboats, because Chad can't fly. Maybe if he ever get Celestial. But that was a long way off.
  19. (Chad Padwick)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. [18:03] He had planned this trip for a good few years now. Making side preparations for it, rations for the trip, training so he was capable enough to withstand whatever threats that they may face along the way and upon their arrival. Extra clothes and such if things went south and their boat capsized on the way there and they got soaked.
  24. Walking around in wet garments wasn't the best of idea's after all.
  26. Though it seemed the travel wasn't the most treacherous one at least. Sure the waters would have gotten a bit rocky here and there when the tides rolled in, as well as any possible storms that brewed before they reached the island that in and of itself was a storm. Albeit an unnatural one due to the rumored beast wreaking havoc about it.
  28. "Pick your ways to go. I'll be using my magic to take myself across, anyone that wishes to go that way can come along. Though, I'd recommend you lot take the dinghy's. I've never taken more than one person on a teleport trip."
  30. He didn't care to go for a swim or anything really but not being able to just sail right up was a bit frustrating. Though not a surprise to him really. It would be dangerous if the boat got to close and was caught in the raging lightning storm that plagues the island.
  32. "Be on your best of guards as well. I can control lightning but with the way this storm is raging, I can't guarantee I'll be able to fully protect you every step of the way. Whatever kind of creature is causing this is definitely one that isn't new to this type of thing."
  34. With those words out of the way, he'd vanish with a flash, only to appear on the short of the island. Taking it it's vastness. The storm raged about even as they stepped foot, but he'd try and focus well enough to keep himself and the others out of any minor harm.
  36. If there was a major incident though, there was no guarantee he would have the skills to stop it with how large scale this whole storm was.
  37. (Jun Ultovex)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [18:05] The young Zanders had eagerly agreed to join the hunt when it was offered to him. This was a chance to bring some pride to his father, who'd been a bit of a monster hunter during his lifetime.
  42. Of course this wasn't a dragon they where hunting but it was still a beast of renown. Which was something that the young man wished greatly to test his mettle against.
  44. For the journey itself Ascalon showed a natural inclination towards being on a boat. Never forgetting the voyages he'd taken part of before coming to Dawm. The young lord smoothly aided in what was needed on the boat itself during the trip.
  46. Though, his eagerness didn't really help him when it came to the captain. What was the man even saying half the time? He had no clue. Usually he just followed along with what another sailor was doing.
  48. Though he knew well enough the ship couldn't just flounder on the bank for them to get off. Looking at the row-boats being offered he'd frown. He didn't need to utilize one of the row-boats. Simply choosing to step off of the ship he was standing on.
  50. "Thanks Captain, we'll see you on the return."
  52. Rather than the sound of water splashing there'd be just him walking a few feet above said water. Manipulating gravity to simply fly across the waters. Not to high as to attract lightening but not to low as to risk getting soaked.
  53. (Ascalon Zanders)
  54. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. [18:06] "There it is."
  58. The explosive sounds of thunder rang out in the distance of the ocean. Obscured by the mist of the sea before, it comes into view within a few moments. Lightning louder and each successive strike down on the island able to be seen. An intimidating place.
  60. He moves towards the side of the boat closest to the island to watch. Seeing each strike that came with a following clap and the damage on the island itself. A surprise that the landmass still existed under the force of the element.
  62. "Swimming or taking the rowboats?"
  64. A glance is taken to the small boats on the side of the ship, then to the island. Being in the water with lightning striking so close seemed to be the worst idea. He'd get onto a boat and nod over to the others, with his choice made. He had no safer means to get to the island.
  66. So on the boat to the island he goes, him and Chad aboard.
  67. (Feth Vishkar)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. [18:11] Bolero whispers something.
  71. [18:15] {NARRATION} The Captain nods stoicly in response to Ascalon with an "Aye, lad. Aye." then with a vague wave of his hand a few crewmen go to prepare the rowboats to send Chad and Feth ashore.
  73. As Jun lands upon the shore a blinding flesh resonates, too close for comfort. The peal of thunder crashes out and the force can be felt even where Ascalon tip-toes on thin air via his gravity manipulation.
  75. The lads in the rowboat are unaffected entirely aside from the ominous roar that fills their ears.
  77. Whatever the presence on this island is the signs are not subtle whatsoever with paw-shaped pieces of glass littered throughout the island, scorched vegetation under the canopy of trees where lightning could not feasibly strike.
  79. The presence was out there and whatever it was..
  81. A piercing howl follows the quiet after the thunderclap, mournful and foreboding.
  83. It knew something was trespassing.
  84. [18:21] When the lightening struck beside him, Ascalon decided that maybe the slow and steady approach wasn't what was needed here. So he'd push himself into a leap towards the shore. Though to call using the winds and gravity to fly fast a leap was a bit of a stretch.
  86. He'd notice the strange nature of this beach first. It was as if the very sands where regularly turned to glass and then washed away to be replaced anew. Reaching down he shifted some of the sand to the side, reaching downwards. Curious if just below the surface there would be nothing but glass.
  88. As he let his curiosity motivate him he'd tilt his head. Listenign to the howl in the distance. That emerald hue glancing towards the glassen paw-prints. At-least they could track him. "Jun, got any clue exactly what this thing is?"
  90. As he spoke he'd look towards Feth and Chad in the row-boats. Curious if their progress had been as dodgy as his own.
  91. (Ascalon Zanders)
  92. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  94. [18:24] His arrival on the shore was greeted with more than one loud roar as well as a fairly blinding flash. Whatever it was definitely knew they were there now. He'd give the island a good look, the sand of the beach was transformed into glass, such is the result of major heat being applied to the sand.
  96. This beat was definitely powerful, but he would notice even more. Feeling the bit of the traces of magic about, they seemed to extend past the size of the island currently and on closer inspection of the shoreline, he could definitely see that there was more to this island that meets the eyes.
  98. Something he'd most likely only notice really. He'd inform the rest of the group as soon as they arrived, most likely slower than he as teleporting was near instantaneous.
  100. "Not only is this thing powerful enough to turn the sand to glass, it seems that it's been slowly destroying this island itself. I can tell just from the feel of the mana in the area that it used to be bigger, as well as some of the sunken parts. They have the same bits of glass littered about just like the shore does right now."
  102. He'd give a tap of his foot as he looked about a bit more. There wasn't much else to note but he'd keep a keen eye on the storm that was raging about, maybe even more so now that the best had sensed their presence.
  104. "Clearly some kind of beast. I don't know much about appearances but whatever it is it's clearly a harm to this islands well being. Any more prolonged abuse like this to it and it might as well end up sinking. The assault on it ahs been happening for a few years now after all. I'm a bit surprised it's still here."
  105. (Jun Ultovex)
  106. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  108. [18:24] The rowboat is lowered to the ocean.
  110. Detached from the hold of the large ship, the unruly waves caused in the shockwaves of the lightning push back. He'd grab ahold of the oars on each side of the boat to pull them forward. Exerting his strength in fighting against the waves and bringing them ashore.
  112. With Chad's help or not they reach the shore.
  114. Lightning landing nearby threatens to strike at their ship and them with it, but it was unavoidable. He steps off of the ship with his leylines glowing, his rieka spreading about his body. A shield is formed about his entirety.
  116. Whether it would do much to shield him from the lightning, he hoped not to find out.
  118. He'd look about the beach and listens to the sounds travelling through the island. The sharp claps of lightning and the roar which sounds afterwords barely caught. Also sighting a number of paw-shaped pieces of glass about the beach. Signs of the beast that caused the catastrophe.
  120. He says as he walks over, "What it is I don't know exactly, but we know it's some sort of beast. It's obvious enough."
  121. (Feth Vishkar)
  122. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  124. [18:27] Chad put his best with Feth on the rowboats. The booming noise did make him arch his eyebrow. Furthermore once Feth and him landed, they united with the rest.
  126. Chad leans down to look at the glassy paws.
  128. "Hmm... superheated from sand to glass, this thing is out of control."
  130. He surveys the spot where they landed. Was it far away from the beast that roamed these parts? And more importantly, were there others like it. He frowns slightly as he looks to the others, perhaps to know their thoughts on this.
  132. They had to work like a team or suffer the consequences. "We can make two groups of two or one big group. Whatever works best."
  136. (Chad Padwick)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [18:34] {NARRATION} Each pair of feet intruding upon the island brought a subtle change, but it was most noticeably one Feth and Chad made landfall. The hue of the storm above was shifting in color.
  141. Slowly the crackling thunderhead above began to turn a bloody red casting the island in a grim sanguine light. The shadows cast by the foliage seem to grow longer, more impenetrable.
  143. The group had found the most obvious of tracks thus far, but the overgrowth of the land had not ever been touched by civilization, it seemed.
  145. There were two paths it seemed from here. Out in the distance the treetops grew uniformly higher thus indicating a rise in the landscapes at the center, but the circular length of it was lowered and yet unknown.
  147. Another brief flash off in the distance followed by the peal of thunder. The bushes near the group rustles and the explodes in a shower of scorches greenery.
  149. ...
  151. A twisted little rabbit, shrouded in that same tainted lightning, darts out in a zig-zag pattern running from something. The body was too long, crimson eyes wild as it screeched in terror.
  153. And then it was gone.
  155. ...
  158. [18:39] What in the? Was that a rabbit? It sure looked like it. But it seemed tainted. Could this beast impart it's own twisted energies? Was it akin to his Star and how it granted him his cursed cosmic powers?
  160. "Well guess it's two roads. I'll take one and with one of you with me. The other can be explored by the second team. If something happens we need a signal for the other team.
  162. (Chad Padwick)
  163. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  165. [18:41] Watched the rabbit rush past, for a few moments he wondered if the Rabbit was the beast they where after. Though that'd be silly so he shrugged off the thought. Turning about he'd look towards where it ran from.
  167. "Let's go where it ran from. Something had to have scared it we could also try to catch it and use it as bait to lure the beast out."
  169. He'd tilt his head towards Chad as he mentioned splitting up. Ascalon's hand came to massage the back of his neck as he thought about it.
  171. "Splitting up sounds like a risky thing to do. If this beast is to so strong to be destorying the island it'd surely be greater than any two of us."
  173. (Ascalon Zanders)
  174. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. [18:43] Chad Padwick asks, "Okay so one big group then?"
  177. [18:44] "The lightning--"
  179. He calls out to the others at the change of the lightning's color. Suspiciously looking up to the sky for any other changes, and then ahead of them. In that moment there comes and screech from behind shrubbery and then the mutated rabbit.
  181. "Let's do what Ascalon says."
  183. They don't know what dangerous beast inhabits the island, so it'd be best to travel together. Stronger in numbers than alone. He'd take a step in the direction where the small animal ran from before stopping and looking to the others.
  185. Are they all on the same page?
  186. (Feth Vishkar)
  187. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189. [18:47] "Splitting up would just leave you at mercy of this storm really as well as that creature if it decides to show itself. A bad idea in my opinion, we came as a group and should stay as a group unless we're forced not to."
  191. That was his opinion on that suggestion. Splitting up just put them all in more danger really. He was doing his best to defend from all that, he didn't want to have to worry about them being injured along the way really and him being unable to do anything about it.
  193. "One path that leads around, another that seems to head straight to the center."
  195. A bit of speaking to himself before a flash would catch his attention. As a bit of a ripple affect a nearby bit of shrubbery would begin to rustle, before a rather... twisted looking rabbit ran out of it and quickly ran off elsewhere, clearly in terror.
  197. "I think it's best if we stick to one of the paths, though if we run across that rabbit again, if you could call it that then perhaps we could capture it. Though with how that thing looked, U am sure it would put up a fight. It definitely wasn't normal. Perhaps it came here alongside the creature we are hunting."
  199. He'd give it a bit of thought before speaking a bit again.
  201. "We should vote on it. So far we have, go where the rabbit came from and follow one of the paths."
  202. (Jun Ultovex)
  203. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. [18:48] Jun would notice the fact that the lightning had changed as well.
  206. (Jun Ultovex)
  207. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  209. [18:49] Jun Ultovex says, "That sort of explains the more destructive aspect of things."
  210. [18:50] Chad Padwick says, "Or got tainted. Very well. One solid group it is then."
  211. [18:50] Jun Ultovex says, "That is a possibility as well. If this thing can corrupt creatures though, we definitely are dealing with a special case."
  212. [18:53] Ascalon Zanders says, "If it's corrupting things... More to hunt I say."
  213. [18:53] Ascalon Zanders says, "I vote going where the rabbit came from, just as a note."
  214. [18:54] Chad Padwick says, "Vote rabbit to. "
  215. [18:56] Feth Vishkar says, "Mm."
  216. [18:57] {NARRATION} Time was a precious commodity that was lost to the adventurers. Perhaps fate was simply cruel to them or it could be argued there was no way of truly being preapred what would happen.
  218. The result, however, was the same as the ground began to rumble from the direction the mutated rabbit had gone darting from. The steady sounds of hellacious paw slamming into the ground.
  220. Light floods the area batheing it in a bright carnelian light that put the swirling storm overhead to shame as a large dire-wolf like creature barreled towards Jun, a ferocious growl blending with the sound of thunder from the emissions about it.
  222. A presence of dread flooded the area, the hallmark of the Occult, and its maw opened revealing too many razorsharp teeth in that muzzle.
  224. The beast was akin to a wolf in shape, but more massive than it had any right to be with a gnarled horn protruding from its skull. A brilliant golden-white pelt with spiraling patterns of red.
  226. Some might say the most important rule of the wilds was being tested here: Be the predator or become the prey.
  227. [19:04] Out of nowhere comes out this twisted beast. Chad doubted this was the perpetrator they were looking for. But it was clear this was one of the other tainted creatures. Like the Rabbit before it.
  229. "Think this is the welcoming committee. I'm sure we should focus on taking it down quickly, in case more like it come.
  231. He takes Black Moon out of his back and prepares for a fight.
  233. (Chad Padwick)
  234. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  236. [19:07] Their time for a decision was cut short it seemed. A rumble that only seemed to become louder as it got closer was coming from where the mutated rabbit had fled from. He especially didn't have much time to react as the storm about was already messing with him.
  238. The thing that came next that put everything around to shame was a flash of bright that leg into a large work barreling towards him specifically. It seemed that he was the focus of this wolves attack now. Perhaps because of his magic having a draw on it.
  240. He'd make a quit draw of his staff, shielding himself with his magic as he braced himself for the attack that was soon to come at him. Not like he would just stand there and take the attack of course.
  242. He wasn't dumb after all.
  244. Let's take this thing down. Before it hurts any of us."
  245. (Jun Ultovex)
  246. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  248. [19:10] Now, he was glad that he'd allowed others to start walking towards where the Rabbit had came. Not that he was scared of the beast that'd rushed out of the foliage. No, he simply enjoyed not being the first thing in a monsters sights.
  250. A singular emerald hue watched as the gargantuan sized wolf charged down Jun. His hand easily found itself wrapping about the handle of his whip. Pulling it loose he'd allow the coils to unwind. Slowly piling upon the ground next to him.
  252. A pulse of reika through his ley-lien heralded the pumping of adrenaline. A slight shake coursing through the young warriors body as his eye narrowed. With a fluid motion he brought the whip up and over his head. Before flicking it forwards, like a crack of thunder the serrated length flew towards the beast.
  254. The blazing of reika through his frame brought excitement. He could get used to hunting monsters at this rate.
  255. (Ascalon Zanders)
  256. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  258. [19:11] They begin forward cautiously in search.
  260. Energy continues to course off of him as a shield as he moves about. Glowing eyes moving about to search for anything out of the ordinary -- the source of the earlier small creature's fear and mutation.
  262. Him and the others are quick to find it.
  264. A great presence suddenly bears down with the sensation of occultic lightning growing heavier nearby. The thunderstorm above growing louder and stronger with it. Then comes the bright light and the growl of the intimidating source.
  266. A large direwolf with hellstorm coursing about it.
  268. The masterwork sword behind him is drawn and the energy around him grows a bit wilder. Eying the creature to watch for any sudden movements from it. It seems they found their cause for coming to the island, so quickly at that.
  270. "Be careful in fighting this wolf, we know it isn't regular. I'd say it's lightning is as strong as Lord Rowan's, if not worse."
  271. (Feth Vishkar)
  272. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  274. [19:26] "Spirits, to me!"
  276. He'd give a shout as the fight broke out. The beast charging at him with clear intent to strike him down, though it seemed to not get the result it wanted. He would strike it back at first with his magic, to get it away from him at the start. He didn't feel like becoming a snack this early on after all.
  278. Their foe was fearsome, the crimson lightning coming from each and every one of it's attacks. It clashed with his magic heavily, sending gold and crimson lightning everywhere as the group fought the beast that had come forth to them.
  280. They all played their part, Chad seemed to have sent it back a bit, which was nice. Though during the fight he focus a bit.
  282. "My magic, aid my allies and give them protection as they fight this battle."
  284. He would do his best to shield them during the fight as well as mend their minor injuries so that they may continue fighting, though even though he was taking the brunt of the attacks Ascalon would seem to be pushed back despite his efforts.
  286. In the end though, he would be the one to deal a somewhat crippling blow to the beast as he channeled energy between his palms, before vanishing and reappearing in front of the large golden wolf, striking at it's side with a flash of golden lightning that had enough force to even propel him past it.
  288. Surely the beast would not stick around after that.
  289. (Jun Ultovex)
  290. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  292. [19:31] "That thing took seveal meteor showers to the face... I think we won because we fought it out together but definitely not a walk in the park. He took my most powerful magics head on too."
  295. Chad was noting this as the dust of the fight settled. He was frowning and he was concerned for his friends. He was using his Armageddon Star and the thing was still capable of not just taking all his attacks, but multiple ones from Jun, Ascalon and Feth, neither of them a slouch in combat. If this was the beast, it surely was more powerful then he believed.
  297. "We have to be careful. He still took us head on and took everything we threw at it. So be wary."
  299. (Chad Padwick)
  300. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  302. [19:32] {NARRATION} The sky overhead shifts slightly, a few normal bolts appearing among the red, and begins to dissipate a bit. The storm was weakening alongside the beast it seemed.
  304. While the previous meal had eluded it and proved that there was other wildlife there appeared a group that could prove to be much more nourishing than a spare little rabbit.
  306. Tooth, nail, and lighting was the response and it lashed out with a fury against Jun, but sensed some weakness as Ascalon stumbled from one of its bursts. Primal instinct then drove it not to target the strongest of the pack, but the one that had showed weakness.
  308. It was a costly mistake.
  310. Ascalon was now empowered by Jun's protective wards, more than he had been with the pressure off of the rejuvenating magi, and the Relamcanis could not take it down.
  312. So focused was it upon the quarry that the charging lightning went ignored until the bolt crashed into its flank in a clash of gold and red. The air around the beast sizzled and wavered as the energies reacted violently.
  314. A monstrous howl of pain faded into a thunderclap and once more the thunderhead above reacted in turn. Red bolts of lightning began to streak earthbound towards the Wolf.
  316. It staggered away, limping from the wound, at first until the bolts began to draw into the creature. With each flash it began to move faster the apparent speed accentuated by the strobe-effect of the display.
  318. The beast was heading towards the rise in the island, that hill apparent in the center, and spared only a temporary glance backwards as it moved. Hatred flashed in those crimson eyes before it disappeared into the terrain beyond.
  319. [19:36] Being pushed back wasn't something the Zanders enjoyed all that much. The streaks of lightening rending through his frame as the battle wore one. Despite this the Oscuri kept going back in for the fight.
  321. Dashing in to strike as quickly as he could and getting out just as fast. During the battle he realized he'd been getting in the way of his allies or they him. Frustration settled in for a few moments before the beast was finally sent running by a concentrated lightening orb from Jun.
  323. "That was why I didn't want to split up. Though, at-least tracking it won't be that hard to track down. Everyone alright?"
  325. Even though he asked he'd already started after it, his eye scanning the ground. Looking for the tell-tale signs of burnt vegetation or crystalized earth.
  326. (Ascalon Zanders)
  327. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  329. [19:38] "Tch!"
  331. He'd move swing his blade with an amazing amount of strength, but couldn't seem to do much to the creature. Their body and lightning endured the strikes of them all, and only after numerous attacks was it overwhelmed. Injured after being pushed away.
  333. As it begins to stagger away from the group he makes note of the direction it goes. Meeting it's gaze that emanates hatred and a certain hunger. An intimidating look.
  335. "I'm fine, but we shouldn't waste time here. If we let it recover it'll be harder to fight it. Now that it knows how we fight, and it'll be somewhere it has the advantage more than likely."
  337. Feth moves in the direction it went, motioning for the others to follow. Again, waiting to see if the rest would follow before going.
  339. (Feth Vishkar)
  340. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  342. [19:39] Chad follows after the Oscuri but makes sure, Jun is okay, "You okay Jun? He did barrel into you first."
  343. (Chad Padwick)
  344. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  346. [19:42] The beast had seemed to be deterred as he clashed with it and it's lightning. Withstanding any force let off by the beast as he tore up its side with his magic. Such was enough that the beast with a pained howl would seem to be driven off. At first slowly but soon enough it would be bounding off towards the center of the island.
  348. He'd brush himself off a bit.
  350. "We should go after it, before it has the chance to recover from that. Now our luck it might feed off the life force of the creatures around to heal itself. We best make haste."
  352. He'd give a look towards the path. It seemed to go on an incline really, perhaps a bit of a dangerous one. But the beast was far more dangerous in his eyes.
  354. "As long as we are all fit to go. I hope none of you have any serious injuries. I did my best to keep such from happening."
  355. (Jun Ultovex)
  356. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  358. [19:42] Ascalon Zanders says, "I'm fine, just rattled a bit."
  359. [19:42] Chad Padwick says, "I'm good. We should press onward."
  360. [19:49] {NARRATION} The roles had shifted in a moment as was the fickle nature of the wilds. Prey turned to predator and the hunt continued on different terms.
  362. Vegetation on the island was thick and lush where it was not scorched by the lightning and in such places the earth was barren and black in random swaths. A testament to the myth that lightning did not strike the same place twice.
  364. A steep incline riddled with alternating patches of wasteland and dense jungle made the trek treacherous and easy at random.
  366. Eventually it changes entirely as a wide cavern comes into view almost perfectly carved into the hillside. It was uncanny in comparison to the untouched air of the island.
  368. It was too unnatural in the way it was constructed. Something.. Civilized about it.
  369. [19:56] The journey was sometimes difficult and other times a breeze. Chad, scholar that he is, seems to consider his surroundings. The catastrophic damage one being had over the course of this time, on the small island. He frowns slightly and mentions,
  371. "Don't think it was expecting us to win. Probably everything else it has fight has been its prey..."
  373. And this is when they finally reach the cave. A sense of foreboding is felt by Chad. The cave looked to be different to the rest of the island. Where there was scorched areas, the cave seem uncanny in the fact that it isn't touched as severe as other places. This made Chad feel even more uneasy as he readies himself for whatever comes next.
  375. (Chad Padwick)
  376. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  378. [19:57] Ascalon followed after the beast, gliding through the vegetation smoothly enough. His gaze shifted about the area as he kept going. Noting the vegetation appeared to be a lot more lush than he'd expect. Why hadn't the lightening ever caught this place on fire?
  380. It was the random swatches of blackened earth that made him most curious. This island was being struck yet the plant-life hadn't burned down years ago. "Odd that this place hasn't caught fire."
  382. Stopping at the entrance tot he cave he'd bring a hand up to rub the back of his neck. Turnign towards his compatriots for a moment. "I've got a feeling that we're going to run itno Occultists in here or maybe this island used to have a great deal of them?" He'd motion towards the smooth nature of the cave.
  384. (Ascalon Zanders)
  385. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  387. [20:02] The trek at times was an easy one and at times it wasn't. The incline made it all the more difficult and the vegetation did so as well really. It was a bit of an annoying trek but one that he would make as the end result was really worth it. At least to him it was.
  389. There didn't seem to be any serious injuries either, which meant the group was doing well and he himself was doing well. Keeping his allies from any large harm and such. Which was his goal as well. He didn't want the others being hurt on the venture that he was in a sense, the leader of.
  391. They'd soon enough come to a stop though as they made it to the top of the incline. But what lay before them after the fact was something he wasn't expecting. Rather than a grassy clearing or a plateau of some sorts, they were met with a cave.
  393. "This cave definitely isn't natural. Perhaps people are living here with this creature, or perhaps they did live here, until it came. Though from our trek here, it's been a while since most of these paths were traveled. So at the very least, I would say the latter is more likely the case."
  395. That was his opinion on it. Though he had a tiny bit more to say.
  397. "I will go out on a limb and guess this is where the creature went. If there are traces of occult, then it is certainly a possibility."
  398. (Jun Ultovex)
  399. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  401. [20:04] Feth Vishkar says, "Hm..."
  402. [20:04] Feth Vishkar says, "Either way, we have to head in."
  403. [20:04] Feth Vishkar says, "It's where it went."
  404. [20:05] Ascalon Zanders says, "Meatshields first."
  405. [20:05] Jun Ultovex asks, "So, you then?"
  406. [20:05] Jun is clearly joking.
  407. (Jun Ultovex)
  408. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  410. [20:05] Ascalon Zanders says, "Naturally."
  411. [20:05] Ascalon wasn't he was a melee it was what they went on events for.
  412. (Ascalon Zanders)
  413. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  415. [20:10] {NARRATION} Once the cave was entered, various energies mingling into an odd multi-hued lighting, it slowly becomes more solidifed that this place is not as empty as devoid of design as it once appeared.
  417. The walls are smoothed and follow the natural flow of the cave creating an aesthetic mixture of humanoid influence and primal creation.
  419. Along the walls at random intervals a mural is created of harshly carved runes and archaic depicitions of a wolf, a bolt of lightning, presumably the island itself, and something more nebulous.. A creature of some sort that seemed to be battling the wolf.
  421. The very same horned wolf they had just fought.
  423. Those paths wind out two separate ways, left and right.
  424. [20:12] Bolero whispers something.
  425. [20:15] Bolero whispers: Ascalon's interactions with his rune-obsessed friend seemed to pay off. Light, struggle, something about.. It was hard to remember this one. ..Eternal? It told a tale of some sort of ancient battle, but the exacts were muddy with Ascalon's faint understanding of the runes.
  426. [20:15] Bolero whispers something.
  427. [20:16] Bolero whispers something.
  428. [20:18] Jun Ultovex whispers something.
  429. [20:18] Bolero whispers something.
  430. [20:19] As he looked upon the mosaics he'd be thankful that he spent so much time with Tenko. Even if the crazy Kitsune filled him on and off with rage. The persons near constant use of rune's to explain points would help him.
  432. Light, luckily that rune read through clear as day. Tenko like'd using it. Ascalon scratched his chin as he contemplated the other aspects of the runes. For a long time he pondered what it could mean. Before turning to Chad who was also studying the runes.
  434. "I think, from what I can gather from this rune. The wolf might be some sort of guardian of the island. Though that's just speculation. For sure this 'wolf' and whatever this creature that's fighting it in the mural. They've been battlcing for a long time."
  435. (Ascalon Zanders)
  436. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  438. [20:20] Chad looks at the Mosaic with a studious gaze. It had been similar to when he was working with Mageddonia. But these were runes that Tenko might make use of. He wished he had brought something to be able to make a copy and show Tenko. He looks at Ascalon, who manages to figure more of the mystery of the runes.
  440. "So the Guardian should be alive? I'm seeing they are fighting for long but it doesn't make sense why the creature would come here unless this guardian is dormant."
  442. (Chad Padwick)
  443. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  445. [20:22] Chad Padwick says, "Or he is tainted and /was/ the guardian."
  446. [20:23] Ascalon Zanders asks, "If he's tainted and was the gaurdian. What happened to the that which tainted it?"
  447. [20:23] Chad Padwick says, "Good question."
  448. [20:23] He was not really versed in runes all that much, while the mural was interesting he was more interested in the paths and where the creature they were hunting had went. That was his main reason to be here after all, the creature so that he could slay it and hopefully get something of use out of it.
  450. Though, he would notice something from the corner of his eye. A flicker of magic similar to the beasts that they had just fought. But it was only a glimpse before it had vanished. Perhaps his magic was deterring it. That was very much possible as his magic was most likely far stronger than simple traces left behind by the wolf.
  452. "I think I saw some kind of trace of it's magic. Though it seems like ours is canceling it out. Might be best if we move forward with as little light as possible, at least such from our magic. We might be able to find our path that way."
  454. Frankly guessing could just end up leading them somewhere they didn't wish to be. So, he would promptly shut his magic off. As to not drown out any more traces of it that they might catch.
  456. Though he would hear what Ascalon had to say about the Murals. The things he didn't focus on due to his lack of rune knowledge.
  458. "The two are fighting huh, perhaps slaying it could set something into motion with the other creature. Though, we might want to note this down. I keep a book one me as well as writing utensils for things I wish to remember. Though I have not much ability to decipher the runes exactly. So I would have to bring such to my mom or another scribe."
  459. (Jun Ultovex)
  460. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  462. [20:24] "Where..."
  464. The energies which dwell in the cave are the first thing he notices. Ignoring the features of the walls, he'd look for any recent traces of the creature. The earlier occultic and lightning presence can be felt ahead.
  466. "It was here."
  468. He takes a step closer and notices the trail fades when light comes near. The aura around him and elsewise, so it seemed. In an attempt to better see the energy his own rieka begins to dim, then he looks to the others.
  470. "I can see and feel where it went, but our energy and light is interfering with it. Get rid of your magics and any light for a second."
  472. And as he speaks Jun's own findings are said to, which coincide with his own. He nods.
  474. "But what it is? I don't know. If it's a guardian of this island, why is it attacking us and corrupting the island and creatures?"
  475. (Feth Vishkar)
  476. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  478. [20:26] Chad turns off his light and even will's Mageddonia's cosmic nature to subside leaving him with no light or such that can be traceable.
  479. (Chad Padwick)
  480. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  482. [20:28] As he spoke to Chad, Ascalon reached into his coat pocket and pulled out some paper and a piece of charcoal. Smoothly he'd start to copy the runes down onto the paper.
  484. "Luckily, I keep paper and Charcoal on me for Liri. I'll copy down the gist of this. I'll get Tenko to decipher it, the he's been feeling depressed anyways."
  486. As he spoke he'd look back at Jun. "Jessi can take a look as well." He'd then go about tracing the major aspects of the mosaic.
  488. Once he'd gotten enough of what he wanted. His own blazing reika dimmed to nothing. Merely the faint glow of his leye-lines. Turning about he'd stroll over to look at what Jun and Feth had discovered. Stashing his drawings into a protective pocket.
  489. (Ascalon Zanders)
  490. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  492. [20:34] {NARRATION} As all the light in the caverns fade the group is cast into an oppressive darkness that seemed to cling to the skin like rancid sweat causing the flesh to tingle ever so slightly.
  494. Then faint paw-prints emerged hovering just above the ground, their shape immaterial and vague as one continued to gaze at it.
  496. The tracks ran down the right path and illuminated the cavern in the eyes of magi.. An illumination that cast a murderous glow and twisted the cavern far more than it had seemed before.
  498. What once held the appearance of something civilized and in-tune with nature now seemed to delve into Oblivion itself. Endless, hungry, spiteful. It did not even appear to be the same place any longer..
  500. The separation of light from darkness had shifted the landscape around them. Where they had entered appeared closed and the light was rapidly fading threatening to plunge them once more into that insufferable darkness.
  502. Two choices seemed apparent under that fell mood: Pursue the track or be enveloped by the shadows of this place.
  503. [20:37] What was this? How could this have changed so much in just a moment? Chad was unsure of how this place had suddenly changed with just the light being lost. Either way now was not the time to waddle in thoughts. Action had to be taken. He moves with his group towards the tracks of the fell beast.
  505. He lowers his voice enough to only be heard by his current companions, "This is unlike anything I have studied. The darkness feels far more oppressive now. I suppose we should go after the creature before we end up dead."
  507. (Chad Padwick)
  508. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  510. [20:40] Tracks would appear as they all shut off their magic. Though the cave would seem to change as they did so. Twisting, turning, changing. All while enveloping them in darkness. It was becoming increasingly hard to see but what was visible to them, were tracks that seemed to float a bit above the ground.
  512. "Following those tracks would be ideal. This cave is definitely something else, most likely the doing of the wolf. It would be best to follow where it had went lest we wished to be trapped or something like that. Really isn't all that easy to see as it is."
  514. He himself would begin to walk forwards, really if the others did not follow he would have gone anyways, but it seemed like Chad was already on board as well. So that was two of them at least.
  516. "Perhaps felling that wolf will it least stop all this madness. I hope anyways."
  518. He would rather it not sink the island with them or trap them in this cave in a unending void. That was not preferable to him. Plus, he had Ardith to go back to. He wouldn't dare to leave her behind if he could help it. Of course, his family mattered as well.
  519. (Jun Ultovex)
  520. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  522. [20:43] Shock crossed Ascalon's features as he watched the immaterial beast stride over the cavern floor. What was it? The soft light it gave off was a welcome thing compared to the crushing darkness that was otherwise all around them.
  524. "We need to follow it, the light's important I know that. Just, I'm trying to figure out if the wolf actually needs killed or not."
  526. Striding after the tracks, he'd join Jun and Chad in their march. Keeping a keen eye upon the tracks in front of them. While his ears strained to hear what might be behind.
  527. (Ascalon Zanders)
  528. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  530. [20:44] Jun Ultovex says, "I came here to kill it. It's dying regardless of if it needs to. Lest it wishes to give me something that I can make a weapon with."
  531. [20:45] Chad Padwick asks, "I have the opinion that maybe we just need to free it from its corruption and you can gain power from it?"
  532. [20:46] Jun Ultovex says, "Power doesnt help me make a weapon."
  533. [20:46] He wades through the darkness to follow the remnants of the beast. Unobscured, the trace is much easier to follow than earlier. Although intimidating in the unknown they head towards.
  535. They are able to see a small bit though, and from it he notices the changes around them. Warped surroundings and with more intense energies than before. The sensation of a void which hunger endlessly.
  537. Because of the change in the environment they couldn't go back.
  539. He continues on the path they've been following while listening to the others. Listening as the others speak their pieces, though more importantly concerned on the trail.
  541. "We can think of our options after we find the wolf again. There may be more to this than we know, after all."
  542. (Feth Vishkar)
  543. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  545. [20:55] {NARRATION} The wolf's mana continues to be the only light to show the way through the twisting corridors. Of course their own various lights could be used, but who knew what the repercussions could be?
  547. Best not to find out as they follow the path lest it be swallowed forever. A gut-clenching anxiety fills the air the closer they group draws nearer to wherever the wolf had gone and what lies beyond.
  549. There was no doubt about it that something was amiss and finally, as the last corner is rounded, and bright chamber lies in wait. As everyone steps into that light the cavern seems to be returned to normal.
  551. It was as if the harrowing journey into the bowels of this island had all been a figment of their collective imaginations save for the dread and anxiety which still lingered.
  553. At the center of the chamber was a giant stone monolith with elegant runes than the last carved into the stone and at the base rested the very same wolf.
  555. The massive beast lie there in slumber, its breathing ragged, and on its flank was a swirling dark pattern. The taint of the void and the source of that power.
  557. Where Jun had scored that reeling blow it was leaking black blood which spattered to the floor then fizzled into smoke creating the miasma of despair that clung to the walls of the cavern.
  559. Slowly those crimson eyes are revealed as the wolf rises, lips peeling back in a silent snarl, and it tosses its head back to let out a defiant roar which echoes off the walls of the cavern in a deafening cacophany.
  561. Fight or flight instincts had not been given a chance as the way was blocked by those the prey which had hunted it. The beast lowers down preparing to pounce.
  562. [21:04] "Guess we found it." As Chad says this, he turns his light back on and quickly empowers himself with his Star, thus his cursed cosmic energies return. Chad seemed ready as his Black Moon is pulled from his back. He looks at the beast and prepares for the upcoming battle.
  564. "Let's kill it this time, Jun. That way you can get the materials for a new weapon."
  566. How casually did he say this? Very casually. He wasn't afraid of the best and his companions and himself had beat it the first time. Unless..
  568. Fuck. What is that?
  570. "Are you guys seeing a column with something in it or are my eyes deceiving me?"
  576. (Chad Padwick)
  577. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  579. [21:06] "Here!"
  581. The young male calls out to the others as he comes to a sudden stop. Carefully watching and releasing his energy to sense others, he notices. Ahead there is the wolf underneath a giant monolith with mysterious runes, and a swirling pattern too.
  583. His apprehension from the dark energies and the previous encounter with the beast causes him to immediately draw his sword and rieka. Assuming a stance ready for battle again should the wolf charge them once more. But...
  585. While ready for battle, he does also look to the others.
  587. "It's injured and with nowhere else to run, but should we talk with it? We still don't know about it or the rest of this island. We could learn something by talking to it, if it can respond and will."
  589. A suggestion, but one that doesn't necessarily have to be taken. Him and the others do ready themselves for a fight after all.
  590. (Feth Vishkar)
  591. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  593. [21:06] He'd follow along with the others as they followed the wolfs tracks throughout the cave. At the end of the tunnel came a room, unlike the rest of the cave it was bright, lit up and it seemed normal as well.
  595. It was a rather nice scene compared to the winding twisting nature of the cave that they had just walked through. It felt as if they were walking through the void itself. A feeling he didn't like much. He preferred the cave be like this as well as himself being able to see.
  597. Though, it seemed that the beast itself would be laying in wait. Quite literally as it seemed to be sound asleep. Though one thing was noticeable in particular. The black blood it was leaking from the wound that he had given it at the last part of their fight.
  599. "That is definitely not normal for a wolf of any kind."
  601. It seemed there wasn't much of a chance for words really though, as the beast would begin to rearup in front of the monolith that was behind it. It to was covered in runes, but yet again he would not be able to understand such.
  603. "You are not the only one chad, though it seems we best prepare ourselves. It seems ready to strike. I say we kill it if it wishes to challenge us. Though, if any of you don't wish to. I'll go as far as to fight it myself."
  604. (Jun Ultovex)
  605. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  607. [21:09] Chad Padwick says, "Nah. It tried to kill us. I vote we kill it now."
  608. [21:09] Ascalon warily looked upon the beast, and the dark cavern they found themselves in. He didn't know what was wrong with the creature but without a doubt it'd became corrupted by the Occult.
  610. His mind wandered for a moment, what would his father do with such a creature? It wasn't a threat to anything beyond this island and yet it's corruption was eventually going to make it a risk for others. Which he doubted would matter all that much considering the island was deserted.
  612. That was when he heard Chad speak. His gaze shifted upwards at the voided corruption. Well, that made things a lot easier. Curling his whip about his fore-arm a few times, to make it shorter for the tighter fighting about to take place.
  614. "A voidling, well that simplifies things." His head tilted towards Feth. Talk to it? Well, Ascalon wasn't about to lead the charge alone. "I don't think a wolf can talk."
  616. (Ascalon Zanders)
  617. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  619. [21:11] Jun Ultovex says, "Seems like fighting it is the way to go."
  620. [21:11] Chad Padwick says, "It's just a beast. What it is protecting seems more interesting."
  621. [21:12] Chad Padwick says, "I'm ready."
  622. [21:12] Jun Ultovex says, "Like Chad siad, Tried to kill us anyways. Me especially. It's just asking for death."
  623. [21:12] Ascalon Zanders says, "I'm more interested in the void-taint, I wonder if we destroyed that mark if the wolf would return to normal."
  624. [21:12] Chad Padwick says, "Let's find out."
  625. [21:13] Ascalon Zanders says, "Ah, worse comes to worse it just loses it's connection and weakens."
  626. [21:13] Jun Ultovex says, "Best hope I don't land the finishing blow then."
  627. [21:13] Chad Padwick says, "Or mines."
  628. [21:14] Jun Ultovex says, "Though, I came here for something to make a weapon with. I won't be happy if that goal is ruined."
  629. [21:19] Regardless of their wishes. He'd begin to channel his magic, his golden lightning sparking about him. Frankly it was quite weird for someone who wishes to murder as much as he to have such a magic. It was usually used by those with good intents after all.
  631. Though that was not the case for him in his entirety. He still held the core principles of the magic though. The want to protect which he cared about as well as to live up to what he thought was right. He saw no reason for him to not have a magic such as that because of this.
  633. "Once more spirits, aid me in this fight and protect my allies."
  635. With his words three spirits would appear in the caves around them. Each ready to fight. But he had one more thing to do.
  637. "Holy arts, protect those that I hold close to me from harm."
  639. After that? He was ready.
  640. (Jun Ultovex)
  641. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  643. [22:00] The fight in this small interior was rather difficult. It was quite tough to dodge the beasts attacks really, the most he could do is take them head on and sustain over them. Which he did quite well in his opinion. At least for himself. It seemed with some of his allies despite his best efforts they would fall to the beast after being pushed back.
  645. He was not able to fully protect his allies, which means he had fallen up short this time around. Though to the extent of his abilities, things could have ended worse in that aspect, but soon he would realize that it would take a bit of the twist as the beast had selected Chad and Ascalon as their targets.
  647. That, he could not stand for. He was the one to injure it and upset the beast. He was not about to let them fall victim to it. If he could protect his allies in the end, he would. Even if it costed him in the long run. In a last ditch effort he'd teleport in front of them, shielding himself in front of them.
  649. Though the most in line part of his body was his arm.
  651. "My magic, cast a shield around me so that I may protect my allies in their time of need. Regardless of the cost. So that no injury may come to them"
  653. He stood in front of the two, sort of like a hero. Standing tall and golden as the hellish occultic discharge would hit him head on. His shield would stand up for a few seconds, before vanishing. His arm would take the brunt of the attack after that.
  655. He'd let out a rather ear piercing howl of pain. Not only was the blast occultic, which did not help him one bit as it clashed with his magic, but it had left scarring on his arm and right side. Scarring that was painful. Though the pattern of it would look rather neat. It was anything but as he clutched his arm.
  657. Blood would be dripping from it as it hung there rather limp. He could feel the pain, but any attempt to move his right arm proved to be fruitless. For now at least, he could not sue his arm. Though he would have these scars forever. He would not want to be rid of them either. They were proof of his efforts to strive towards strength.
  659. He'd give a look back to Ascalon and Chad though. He would clearly be grimacing greatly. Though he would not falter even with this pain.
  661. "Are you two... alright?"
  663. A simple question that he mustered towards the two. His efforts were reckless and he was certain that they would not be to pleased with him taking the attack for them, but it was his fault that they fell in the first place.
  665. He had to atone for such and this was how he had done it. Taking a debilitating injury for them both. In the end he had fulfilled his wishes as well.
  666. (Jun Ultovex)
  667. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  669. [22:17] Jun... Why did he do that?
  671. Chad's Armageddon Star had given him all of its power, and still he came short. Just when the beast had him, Jun gets in the way. Lucky for him. Not so lucky for Jun.
  673. "Fucking hell, Jun. Don't try to take in more then you can!"
  675. He was frustrated because he had no way to heal his best friend which made his howl of pain even worse. This is when Chad's cursed cosmic starts to return and he looks at the beast with a predatory glint. If no one would kill it, then he would. He was Sors Disciple. He shouldn't be showing any kind of mercy, let alone to a beast who almost hurt him and now had wounded his friend.
  677. "I'm killing the thing unless any of you have a better idea."
  680. (Chad Padwick)
  681. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  683. [22:19] The rush of battle thrummed in the Oscuri's ears each second slowed to a crawl in his eye. Strike, parry, dodge, resonate, repeat. It was a dance between the Oscuri and the beast.
  685. Where it's jaw bit he's reika attempted to protect, the lightening traveling through his mithril armor time and again. The flow of power rattled through his form. Yet, the lesser blows where suffered begrudgingly. Each second the fighting grew more intense he'd call upon more and more of the realm beyond.
  687. Calling upon the spirits within it to embolden his form. To empower his reika with the gifts of his ancestors. The rush feeding a sort of battle frenzy the Oscuri found themselves in.
  689. It was as Jun leapt in front of him that he felt the most shocked. It was unexpected, though not unwelcome. He could smell the stink of burnt flesh before he saw the damage done to the Ultovex.
  691. "I'm good, you on the otherhand, well thanks for the save Jun... " As they spoke his gaze shifted towards the beast. Though at that point it appeared to have been subdued by Feth. "I've some Lax that'll ease the pain." As he spoke he'd reach into a pocket prepared to toss them the medicine.
  693. (Ascalon Zanders)
  694. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  696. [22:20] The fight with the beast begins.
  698. Occultic energy interwoven with lightning flies out from the direwolf. Rieka covers his body as he moves forward to defend against it, while slashing at the attacks directed towards him. Closing the distance quickly.
  700. Nearing the beast his energy flares more, the increase of power behind his sword being readied obvious. He sends out a relentless barrage of attacks alongside the others to bring the beast down. Moving near and away. Strategically attacking.
  702. It cries out in anguish and fury under their assault, but it's power remains. Dangerous bolts straying from it's form towards them. It menacingly targeting them at random to keep them unexpecting. Which causes both Chad and Ascalon's vulnerability.
  704. The wolf roars and it's corrupt magic surges from it towards them, his glowing eyes seeing their focus on the two others. A small fear for his friends is there, but he sees an opportunity. Launching himself forward as a spear, his masterfully crafted blade is pointed to the chest of the beast.
  706. The sharpness of his weapon pierces into the tough fur and skin of the wolf and only goes deeper. Puncturing flesh, bone, and even organs. And with his weapon inside of it he'd suddenly slash with all his might, slashing through the beast savagely that'd cause an opening to it's internals.
  708. It's corrupt blood pouring from it and leading to it's death.
  710. And after he stands over it for a moment, his heightened state from fighting taking it's time to fade. Slowly dimming green eyes eventually glancing over to the others to check on them. An injure Jun and the others standing nearby.
  712. "It's dead now."
  713. (Feth Vishkar)
  714. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  716. [22:25] Well no matter now. Feth had definitely not just scored a lethal hit, he had savagely cleaved through the being. At least they had the materials and stories to tell. Right? He wasn't here for rewards though, so once the beast is dead, Chad loses interest and instead looks towards the column and it's state.
  718. "Don't think its death change anything at all or maybe we haven't seen it yet?"
  720. Which reminds him that they had traveled quite deep into the beings lair. He was sure they could find their way back to Dawn.
  722. "Guess we should return back."
  725. (Chad Padwick)
  726. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  728. [22:27] {Item} You picked up Hide Of The Relamcanis. Dropped by Bolero. .
  729. [22:27] Chad Padwick says, "Well I doubt I need the full power of my Star. We should be good from here."
  730. [22:29] {NARRATION} The beast was far more empowered than it had been earlier, resonating with the dark miasma in this lair and the energy it has stolen from the sky earlier, chargin with the confidence of a cornered animal.
  732. It lashed out dashing off of the walls and ceiling to make its patterns unpredictable as the lightning it wielded. The beast's giant maw opens and erratic patterns flare against the walls.
  734. Ascalon and Chad were the targets before act of Jun saw him taking the discharge full on against his warding magic and it crumpled against the onslaught leaving his skin charred and smoldering in the wake of those perverse streaks of lightning.
  736. The power of the blow actually sent the wolf reeling back on its hind legs, the thunderclap emitting from its maw in a super-charged howl of triumph and raw power.
  738. However the display let it open and Feth's blade split into its chest with a splatter of black blood which turned to mist and smoke as it flew through the air, the gore sizzling on the Oscuri's luxurious blade.
  740. It fell back and began to thrash on the floor in vain, feet scrabbling on a stone floor slick with the mingled viscera of the battle that had taken place here. Then finally the creature grows still and stops..
  742. As all locomotion ceases from the beast it begins to dissolve the meat of the creature turning to those same wisps of black fog as before and coalescing on the monolith behind. It's heart beats in a hollow carass of bone and horn under the pristine pelt covering it.
  744. Overall the beast was dessicated and dried, but the remains could be salvaged.
  746. The monolith behind begins to glow and the feeling of gloom and dread begins to rise across the whole island as it echoed in waves from the structure. There was a battle here, before the ones the adventurers had just fought, and it had finally been won.
  748. But, who had won.. And what was the price of its victory?
  749. [22:42] He had made it back injured, pretty badly to. The bleeding had all but stopped in his right arm yet, it still was limp at his side. No use of it really and he was still in great pain. That pain would most likely not vanish until he was fully healed.
  751. Ascalon had offered a Laz essence, though when they got back, he would simply shake his head at him.
  753. "I will deal with the repercussions of my actions. No matter how much pain it causes me."
  755. He'd give a look over to Chad as well. He didn't look the least bit regretful for his actions.
  757. "I wasn't going to let you and Ascalon get hurt like that on a venture I wished for you to tag along on. I may not have the use of my arm for now, but I am fine with that. It will heal in due time I am sure. It is probably just temporary nerve damage."
  759. Frankly, the pain was nigh unbearable and he simply wanted to collapse. Though he wouldn't. He would endure the pain until he was used to it.
  760. (Jun Ultovex)
  761. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  763. [22:44] The Zanders took a long look at Jun, martyrdom was a dangerous thing to play in. Yet, he couldn't argue with the man's reasoning. With a nod he'd put the Lax essence away.
  765. "Alright Jun, if this is something you've got to see through. I understand, if you've need of my aid in the future you know where to find me."
  767. He'd give them a nod before walking into the square. Looking around for a moment before settling in upon a lamp-post. He was a bit happy to not come back maimed, he'd have hated to hae to explain that to Lirien.
  769. (Ascalon Zanders)
  770. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  772. [22:45] Dan Dogslayer says, "Gee, it sure is boring around here."
  773. [22:46] Jun Ultovex asks, "I hope you saw that venture as being worth it Feth?"
  774. [22:48] Lilitu says, "I said... same."
  775. [22:51] She struggled to keep up with the woman's graceful strides, lacking athleticism or even simple strength. She was devoid of any sort of natural power, but she was determined to followed this woman who had offered her existence. Her sandals flopped wildly, as she walked faster the more noise she made, but in the end she was able to keep pace.
  777. Her blood ran cold and she shifted uncomfortably when she heard that horrible word. Price. To her it was might as well have been a curse mumbled from the lips of a Malerpcian death mage. Her lips twisted into a small frown, and she fought to keep herself from pouting. There was hope, nonetheless, as she was still being entertained.
  779. "Ah, well, I won't make excuses or promises," she said humbly, her voice a note or two quieter. "I have some coin here, and I have these clothes... I could work for you, or maybe chop trees or something similar."
  781. She reached blindly into her shirt and produced the pathetic sack of coins, clutching it in her left hand. It was all that she had to offer aside from herself, but the idea of hard, physical labor was not exactly appealing. She was soft and young, but she had committed herself to this path.
  782. (Lorame)
  783. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  785. [22:52] Mertaisyl says, "Yeh.."
  786. [22:53] Their threat had been eliminated.
  788. The blood staining the entirety of his blade is flicked off with a motion. He'd sheathe the sword and walk over to the injured Jun crowded by the others. Grey eyes looking over the injury spreading across their arm.
  790. "It was honorable for you to take that attack for them, Jun. Stupid, but still a brave thing to do."
  792. A grin is shown as he comments, able to joke seeing as their wounds aren't lethal. None of them had been too seriously injured, though the lightning marks about their arm are harsh.
  794. Eventually him and the others find their way out, but still with much unknown. The dread over the island still remained despite the disappearance of the lightning covering it. Still a mystery in that -- related tot he monolith and runes?
  796. They'd have to come back to know.
  797. (Feth Vishkar)
  798. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  800. [22:54] Feth also took the heart.
  801. (Feth Vishkar)
  802. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  804. [22:54] The Demon looks to the one who inspired the nightmares that made her before glancing away, tail swishing softly against the ground.
  806. "Mmmm."
  807. (Lilitu)
  808. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  810. [22:54] Feth Vishkar says, "Jun, come with me."
  811. [22:54] Jun Ultovex asks, "Care if Ardith tags along?"
  812. [22:54] Feth Vishkar says, "Hoppy can heal the damage from the lightning marks..."
  813. [22:54] Jun Ultovex says, "If she wishes to come."
  814. [22:54] Feth Vishkar says, "And I don't mind."
  815. [22:54] Jun Ultovex says, "As i've said. I don't wish to get it healed."
  816. [22:54] Feth glances over to the waving Ardith, giving a nod.
  817. (Feth Vishkar)
  818. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  820. [22:55] Jun Ultovex says, "I can deal with not being able to use my arm until I absolutely need to."
  821. [22:55] Feth Vishkar asks, "What is your ranking in the Legion, Jun?"
  822. [22:55] Ardith says, "He's not part of it."
  823. [22:55] Jun Ultovex says, "I am simply an initiiate. I only joined recently."
  824. [22:55] Feth Vishkar says, "Hm..."
  825. [22:55] Feth smirks faintly.
  826. (Feth Vishkar)
  827. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  829. [22:55] Feth Vishkar says, "Then take this as an order from your Knight."
  830. [22:56] Feth Vishkar says, "We can't have your arm damaged if something happens."
  831. [22:56] Mertaisyl says, "Mmm.."
  832. [22:56] Ardith asks, "You finally joined?"
  833. [22:56] Jun Ultovex says, "I did."
  834. [22:56] Ardith asks, "Congrats- are you two okay?"
  835. [22:57] Feth Vishkar says, "A few marks from lightning and the occult, but..."
  836. [22:57] Jun Ultovex says, "And Feth, Are you really going to try and force to to get this healed."
  837. [22:57] Feth Vishkar says, "Fine."
  838. [22:57] Ardith says, "You're hurt?..."
  839. [22:57] Feth Vishkar says, "And--"
  840. [22:57] Jun Ultovex says, "Despite my clear desire not to."
  841. [22:57] Feth Vishkar says, "I am."
  842. [22:57] Feth Vishkar says, "Yes."
  843. [22:58] Jun Ultovex says, "How about this."
  844. [22:58] Ardith says, "If you're hurt, you're getting healed."
  845. [22:58] Jun Ultovex says, "If I end up having to go off and fight, I will have it fixed."
  846. [22:58] Ardith says, "..."
  847. [22:58] Godfrey didn't really know what to say past the small blurbs he got out past his sadness. She reached forward and took him into her arms, pulling him close as he went to reciprocate the hug in full. He whimpers if only for the fact that she didn't seem to give him a miracle answer that would wipe everything away. He'd been living inside of the house for so long, that when he had finally come outside - Nothing could prepare him for the bomb to be dropped that was their race's standings within Agartha.
  849. 'Our ideals are correct, even if the others think they are radical.'
  851. He sniffles inwards once more, trying to swallow the pill. But not once does Freya let him believe that the others might be correct over their Azrael obsession. It is because of this, that his life would continue to stay the path of a devout Azraelite. His tears are wiped away and he lets his face sink into her shoulder as she held onto him.
  853. Work. Fight. Make them understand. Violence is -necessary- to bring change, but it is not the only way.
  855. She didn't know now - And perhaps it wouldn't become a realization until much later in the future when he was grown, but these words and ideals she was cementing into his consciousness now would stay with him for the rest of his life. His goals only expand, his plans grow. His pain has grown as well, but it is a necessary intake for him to greater understand the world at large.
  857. The world - as it was now. Agartha would have to change - Not them. Never them. Godfrey would get them to understand one way or another, that Azraelism is a path worth following. That killing death is the first step towards eternal happiness for every man woman and child on Agartha.
  859. Why did they prize death so highly? He had so many more questions, but for now, he was more than content to simply let his head keep close to his mother.
  861. "Sorry, momma.. Iwon't try and go to those bad places again." In a way, he'd become more hurt - But in an even better manner, he'd grown today. Understood a lot more than previously before.
  862. (Godfrey Vishkar)
  863. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  865. [22:59] The wind swirls a little stronger and Ardith looks Jun dead in the eye.
  867. "We're getting you healed," she says firmly. It's not up for debate in her mind.
  868. (Ardith)
  869. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  871. [23:00] The woman's odd arm stretched to the side- in that moment, perhaps Lorame could relate that twisted limb to a Malpercian's own. Something beneath the skin quivered ever so slightly as the Elaine's brown irises shone in their natural color.
  873. Lorame's coin pouch begun to twitch of its own accord before the coins inside directed themselves from the girl's grasp into the Feleran's. Whether the purse came along or the little bits of currency flew out to drop into Elaine's hand was irrelevant.
  875. "Of course. Every service is in exchange for another, but I can sympathize with lacking money. The allowance my father gifted me was reserved for room and board alone."
  877. Elaine pocketed the coins as she stared down at fearful teen.
  879. "But something far more important than currency, I've learned, is knowledge; experience. So I will create for you your armor. Tell me what you would like in the exact, or at the very least an idea, and I shall give it life."
  880. (Elaine Burke)
  881. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  883. [23:03] Lilitu says, "Mm."
  884. [23:06] Freya Vishkar says, "It's ok, Godfrey. It's ok."
  885. [23:06] He'd sigh. He really wished to not get it healed, but it was clear the two weren't taking no for an answer. Though it didn't seem like the two wanted to respect his wishes. Though he didn't see much use in fighting them on it either. They would just push against him every step of the way.
  889. He'd try and move his arm for a moment again, in an attempt to be able to move it so there would be a reason for them to not get it healed, but all he would do is clearly wince as if he was in terrible pain. Even trying to use those arms cause him more pain than he was already in.
  891. "I guess... I don't want to be in constant pain though. That wolf's Hellstorm magic messed with me enough, taking a direct hit like that didn't really do me any good either. My head still feels like someone slammed me into the stone pavement."
  893. "So I guess I'll give in, as long as I can keep the scars. If they don't look all that bothersome or gross."
  894. (Jun Ultovex)
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