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  1. Overall, I liked it. The audience laughed at certain things that didn’t seem to either be humorous or intended for such, but I suppose that may be because a portion of the humor is beyond my understanding.
  3. The two (and only actors, although I suspect a third may have been present, even if they weren’t listed on the playbill) actors were Chris Crawford and Brad DePlanche, whereas there were seven characters total. The comparatively high number of characters to actors (eight roles, both male and female) is kept from getting too complicated by quick costume changes and distinguishable (exaggerated, but that’s to be expected) accents.
  5. The story is fast-paced, although some parts did drag on.
  7. As for music and choreography… there barely was any. Aside from the occasional sting for a gag (“the footbridge”), there wasn’t much besides ambiance that I couldn’t hear nor recall much afterwards and possibly some intermission music that I barely heard because most of the time was spent out in the other room to write the notes.
  9. As mentioned before, there had to be a lot of costume changes done in often rapid succession and off-stage (save for the Nicodemus werewolf transformation scene, although it was close to being such), so the costume designers must have had to not only figure out how to make the outfits look suitable but easy to don and take off quickly. However, this isn’t technical theatre and I don’t know much about it beyond the basics, and so I won’t discuss it.
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