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  1. Site:
  2. -Maybe allow plandoMaker to emit the JSON file straight to the generator
  4. twitch-player:
  5. -Test stream to figure out streamer clock offsets and adjust twitch-player and commentary-player accordingly so the delay is detected properly. Need to wait for antilink
  8. External-Assets:
  9. -restrict ext assets to repli reading and no global config
  10. -remove all access keys links
  12. Site:
  13. -Expand latestdev check so getVersionFromQuery only returns the latest dev version if it exists, else take latest master
  16. -Update Trello
  20. -Gather DB statistics on 4.0 era seeds
  23. -Look into SSR for Angular. Include Universal in the app code, alter everything needed so the server can run it, commit the changes and then after the build, test it with express universal on a express test server. Once it works include a post compile step to angular which script launches renderModuleFactory and writes the resulting DOM to a indexServer.html within the dist. Server reads it to string on boot for each version and gives it to pug, which injects it as html instead of the ngx-app tag
  24. https://blog.angularindepth.com/creating-an-angular-universal-app-with-the-angular-cli-5ef26c9fd9a5
  25. This allows the page to look ready from the start even if the Navi loading spinner still has to bootstrap it. Also allows ezoic to inject ads at specific points which don't change and helps SEO (not allowed to place within tabs though due TOS, ads can never be hidden!)
  29. -Look into affiliate advertising, aka Amazon links to Everdrive, controllers, consoles etc.: https://www.selbstaendig-im-netz.de/affiliate-marketing/affiliate-marketing-teil-1-einfuehrung/
  30. -Sign up with Ascend Monumetric
  31. -Look into VDO.AI
  33. Ezoic Exclusion List:
  34. maintenance.pug
  35. about.pug (https://ootrandomizer.com/about)
  37. Inclusion List:
  38. index.pug (https://www.ootrandomizer.com)
  39. generator.pug (https://www.ootrandomizer.com/generator)
  40. seed_challenge.pug (https://www.ootrandomizer.com/seed/challenge)
  41. seed_error.pug (https://ootrandomizer.com/seed/get?id=225147)
  42. seed_waiting.pug
  43. seed_page.pug (https://www.ootrandomizer.com/seed/get?id=213522)
  44. testing.pug (https://ootrandomizer.com/testing)
  45. ootr.pug (https://ootrandomizer.com/ootr)
  46. external_patcher.pug (https://www.ootrandomizer.com/external?key=bq_V1a)
  48. Tell Yiota:
  49. -Australia VPN access needed
  51. After Mediation is activated throw in an adsense top of page and bottom of page placeholder as well as a link unit inside adsense itself. Then wrap the code inside the ezoic code to drive bits
  54. Can't fix:
  55. -Always run Chrome in logging enabled mode in case crash during patching happens again. If so consult log. If can not fix submit 2 minidumps and logs to Chrome as an issue report
  56. -Find memory leak fix for Nebular select boxes (and tabs possibly), some event listener getting clogged up
  59. Trez:
  60. -Setup macOS stream box and develop OBS integration
  61. -plandoMaker entrances
  62. -Get ZSR back in working order
  63. -Migrate chatbot heroku to netcup small
  65. -Order MW kadgar link by team number. So first kadgar link is team A 3rd player, second team B (?, maybe make sort team button instead)
  67. With DB:
  68. -Stream layout setup migration to new system with dragging
  69. -Make leaderboard.js abstract and calculate/update the placements itself on request (listenForMessage), using the node timer as the base law. Multiple driver extensions (like srl.js, splitsIo.js and the dashboard timer control) can contribute updates via sendMessage. Sources like the timer control should only read the leaderboard data for displaying info, not manipulate the data directly, instead it should be governed by the leaderboard.js always via sendMessage
  70. -Global schedule system
  72. Later when ready:
  73. -Prepare latestDev pugs
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