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  1. Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. > Is it possible we make a cooperation agreement for the pocket edition? We hope we can get official support from your community for the project.
  5. We respect people based on what they do; not based on what they
  6. promise to do. :-)
  8. Those four things I mentioned are the only things you need to do to be
  9. considered to be co-operating with the community. Keep in touch in
  10. whatever way you please, with whoever you please. These are
  11. recommended:
  12. - The forum for general updates and feedback. You could create a topic
  13.   in here: https://forum.minetest.net/viewforum.php?id=14
  14. - The #minetest-dev IRC channel for any serious development talk.
  16. Me nor the Minetest community do not really have use for any larger
  17. amounts of money than the small amounts I currently handle through the
  18. donations page. Also I don't want to start sorting out taxes and
  19. stuff.
  21. However, if you need something fixed or added, you are allowed to
  22. offer an open bounty for individual developers for doing the upstream
  23. development work. It will be judged and approved equally to any
  24. contribution. (http://minetest.net/development)
  26. > 2. We’ll restore the credits tab and remove minetest.net link.
  28. No, you should *include* the link. Oops?
  30. // celeron55
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