kTEST - 13/04/2017 (Proposed Changes)

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  1. Greetings, Saviors
  3. We're here to inform you of our planned update. The contents of the actual patch may be subject to alterations, once we've confirmed our maintenance schedule we will keep you updated via announcements. Balance adjustments will continue to be made and have more details regarding it in future.
  5. Changes (Planned) :
  7. 【Balance Changes】
  8. Adjustments will be made to the standard gear levels of All Monsters.
  9. The stats for some monster property type abilities (Fire,Ice etc.) have been lowered.
  10. Skill Factors and SP Consumptions will be changed.
  11. HP/SP Potions efficiency will be improved.
  12. Shop Potions,and potions made via Alchemist's [Tincturing] now have separate cool-down timers and can be used simultaneously without affecting each other's cool-down.
  13. 2 types of HP & SP Potions will be added to general stores.
  16. 【Changes to the Test Server (Kupole)】
  18. Various equipment pieces will be given via the Kupole Support Package - including Accessories, more Weapon Types, + Cloth/Plate Armor. (TN: iirc the standard they give atm is a leather set)
  19. All Kupole-Type Gear can now be moved freely in the Team Warehouse.
  21. The items rewarded on the Kupole Server have been changed to items that can 'grow'.
  22. Depending on the character's level, the rewarded equipment will improve based upon the information shown below:
  24. Character Level: 1~219 = Lv 220 Gear
  25. Character Level: 220~269 = Lv 270 Gear
  26. Character Level: 270~330= Lv 315 Gear
  28. Item enhancement of Kupole Server Exclusive Gear will now cost the equivalent of standard Lv220 Equipment.
  29. The Top-Down DPK system drop rate will be doubled on the Kupole server. (TN: easier item farming, the dpk is cut in half)
  30. Squire's Weapon Tuning's values will changed to be based upon standard LV 220 Gear when tuning the Kupole Server Exclusive Equipments.
  31. The amount of Condensed HP&SP Potions you receive from the Kupole Starter pack has now been increased to 300x ea.
  32. You can now freely travel to all maps with Goddess Statues up to Lv 200 Field Maps.
  34. Source Post:
  35. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums
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