Brief history of "Silverless"

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  1. -Avonis, CK, DD and Redslash rewatch Kilaye's 2:17 -TAS to try and find optimisations for No LSS.
  2. -Avonis suggests using berserk on BT
  3. -DD finishes a script that uses lucca.
  4. -Red finds a slightly slower script, but using marle instead.
  5. -Having marle in for BT allows her to have enough TP to be excluded from other fights. This means less party switches, but most importantly, it allows the faster zerk masa strat to be used.
  6. -CK tries to tie these changes into a route/new set of notes.
  7. -He finds a faster BT strat, with marle.
  8. -After CK asks about ways to eliminate the use of silver earring on lavos shell, Red points out that berserker increases defense. Berserking a vital character on the hardest fight in the game seems a bit far fetched, and difficult to pull off...
  9. -CK tries it, as a joke really, and accidentally kills lavos. The initial script is only a bit faster, but allows the silver earring and stud to be skipped.
  10. -CK finds a much better zerk shell strat, and finishes his notes.
  11. -Avonis and CK start doing runs with the "silverless route"
  12. -Ottavino finds that with the current shell fight, bluemail is no longer needed.
  13. -CK finds that you can use provoke on lavos BT to skip having to kill azala.
  14. -Ottavino reworks the endgame. This includes a faster desert and shell fight.
  15. -Red starts running again as well.
  16. -Small optimisations ensue (no particular order):
  17. ¤Otta found that you could skip a magic tab on crono
  18. ¤Skipping items for a more optimal menu route can't be attributed to one person in particular.
  19. ¤Red found a delayed marle deequip to be faster.
  20. ¤Red,CK, and Avonis looked into small optimsations for faster menuing.
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