Marijuana, Other Health Matters, And Epigenetics

EverNewEcoN May 30th, 2016 207 Never
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  1. On Marijuana & Epigenetics
  3. Moms' high-fat, sugary diets may lead
  4. to heavy offspring with a taste for
  5. alcohol, sensitivity to drugs
  8. Fat fathers affect daughters' health
  11. @16m30s cud b epigenetic
  15. Not pot, but Dorothy's poppies pacified the scapegoated.
  16. If it's good enough for Holiday time TV it's good
  17. enough for this twitlonger.
  20. An infinity of things are epigenetic adaptive yes/no.
  22. Prohibition doesn't work, prosecutors often
  23. look far less healthy than the kid with a joint
  25. Use dropped in an international setting (Portugal)
  26. where legalized in climate of
  27. support for health educ welfare.
  28. Frankly, they recently passed a "Law of Return"
  29. for Sephardic Jews, and many of those of a
  30. progressive way of thinking will obviously now
  31. think should they ever feel a compunction to
  32. pack up and split their scene will find that the
  33. particularly democratic and healthful and happy
  34. setting.
  36. I may've been first to propose state health as retail partner,
  37. minimally intrusive, replacing the "monopoly of the
  38. nefarious," which welcomes scapegoating and
  39. pacification.
  41. It would provide an avenue serving exactly what
  42. medicine and allied health want.
  43. It should be a better protector of our better
  44. epigenetic past, present and future than will
  45. be more of the same.
  47. Note: probation has virtually nothing to do with health.
  48. Health education & behavior works well in a culture
  49. defined by bottom up legitimately democratically
  50. defined free enterprise process informed.
  52. I actually grew up above a part of early practice
  53. med office and actually listened to overdoses.
  55. Neither the doctor nor medical social worker
  56. in the house was interested in calling the cops.
  57. The two fixed the med crises and emotional
  58. and economic issues.
  60. Were they aware of epigenetics today, they'd
  61. I believe also see that variously well adaptive
  62. and less well adaptive and variously positively
  63. induced by what we do as a culture, and vice
  64. versa.
  66. We should try being a better culture bottom up.
  67. That will define our health and even our genes.
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