Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 9, Castling

Nov 26th, 2016
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  1. >You two were in Discord’s tower now. You could sense a mysterious aura in the air. There were a lot of stairs and corridors going to any direction, so many that your tiny horse hooves were already complaining about it
  2. >Hmm… now that you see it, the place looked like a recreation of some of the artworks of M.C. Escher
  3. >But full in color… or well, random colors from pink to green and yellow. It was at least good that the colors wouldn’t hurt your eyes, nonetheless to say it was a master art… at least for you
  4. >The place seemed infinite… were the other towers like this? These ponies have really done this more than one time? Is insane… you would lost your mind if it wasn’t cause you are already crazy by signing a contract with the devil
  5. >Aka Discord
  6. >But a job is a job
  7. >And in the meantime you two have done nothing but talk
  8. “So what do you call an owl that does magic tricks?” You ask the filly while holding a chuckle
  9. >”I don’t know…” She says while waiting on your answer
  10. “HOODINI!”
  11. >You two start sharing some hearty laughs
  12. >”That’s so silly! And funny!” She replies with some laughter as you two keep walking
  13. >Good to see that apparently Houdini was part of this world… somehow. Well, if there was Canterlot city which was parody of Camelot, you aren’t surprised if there are more oddly but similar stuff from Earth
  14. >Both of you have done nothing but talk about puns and jokes at each other for the first fifteen minutes. Sweetie Belle seemed really nervous and you could sense her anxiety as the poor filly was concerned about the place. Aaand because she was really getting near you, like really in your personal space
  15. >She was rather surprised that you could take the tower as nothing but something normal
  16. >Maybe it was normal for you… like, you come from another world and you’ve seen some stuff in the past days that… maybe doesn’t surprise you but impress you. Parallel universes, alternative worlds, a creature with god like powers, magical creatures that can talk… all you need to see are some freaking dragons
  17. >Your goal in the future is to find a dragon and mount him into the sunset, doesn’t matter the size
  18. >But something inside your pony brain made you wonder and question things
  19. >Like, why do you care about this filly? She’s… just a tiny girl. Like, she could have some 11 years old or 14 years… you two must be near each other age or something. But why? Why do you keep staring at her eyes as if they were made of emeralds? Why do you blush often when she touches you with her marshmallow hoof?
  20. >Your family would be concerned if they knew you were going for a tiny horse…
  21. >Family…
  22. >Your laugh stop slowly as you two keep walking
  23. >Did you have any family?
  24. >Now that you think of… your mind is kinda… blurry. You don’t remember sometimes stuff from your world and that scares you… the fear of forgetting the good moments. You can… barely remember some stuff… you do remember things from Earth but your own memories are… there… somewhere
  25. >Did you have a mother? A father? A wife or children? Only thing you remember are some friends…
  26. >As hard as you try to think for any relative… the first thing your mind think is... Discord
  27. >”Anon, are you okay?” The hoof of Sweetie Belle interrupts your thoughts but you stay still, staring on a random wall for a moment. She looks at the wall that you were looking, but doesn’t see anything. “Anon! Wake up!”
  28. >The concerned voice of Sweetie Belle brings you back to reality
  29. “….Uh?”
  30. >Your thoughts stop for a moment and you remember that you were in Discord’s tower with Sweetie Belle, trying to follow the rest of the group in an attempt to… follow them to… bring them to Discord?
  31. >”You are… crying”
  32. “…”
  33. >You feel it
  34. >Tears, some tears leaving your left eye. Not your right, just your left eye. You bring a hoof to your face and close your eyes for a moment, your nose giving a few sniffs
  35. “Is nothing… I just…”
  36. >You feel the embrace of Sweetie Belle as she gives you a hug
  37. >”It’s fine… I know how it feels”
  38. >No you don’t…
  39. >”If anything… if I don’t find my sister or you don’t find your parents… we can be family, you and me.” She rests her head onto your head. “And the rest of the town too, you have us, Anon. And we have you”
  40. >You were shaking, confused and breathing heavily. Your mind starting to get dizzy and what not
  41. >That job… this was just temporally, right? You are going home after this, right? …you signed a job for money… or powers… but you have doubts now
  42. >Besides… you were kinda drunk when you signed that contract
  43. >Tsk. Where did you bravery go? Where is that human that accepted that contract and made himself proud of being Discord’s son?
  44. >You are getting soft, Alberto…
  45. “ASHDASJ AH!”
  46. >You ears perk up. You quickly look around, startling Sweetie Belle and making her back up a bit
  47. >Those… weren’t your thoughts. But you could hear them as in your voice
  48. >You take a deep breath and then try to calm yourself
  49. “We need to keep walking. I just… have a bad feeling, that’s all”
  50. >You were starting to get more worried. Discord expected from you something… well, you /did/ bring them here. Maybe is the wrong tower, maybe it is not, but still…
  51. >You did your job
  52. >…Or there is the probability that someone escapes… and there is where you go in. You need to bring them to Discord
  53. >That’s what you think
  54. >His orders were clear and you need to be more like him, even if you felt guilty about it
  55. >You two keep walking in random directions since you two didn’t know where exactly the group of Fluttershy and Pinkamena went to
  56. >”Maybe we should have waited… what if we get lost? Your teleportation… doesn’t work, or does it work now?”
  57. >You shrug. The damn thoughts in your head wouldn’t let you think straight
  58. >You just wanted to finish this puta mission. But then… what next?
  59. >What will Discord do to Sweetie Belle? Or the rest of the ponies?
  60. >…What does he even do? You never knew and they never told you exactly… just that they were like, gone or something
  61. >You need to see it from your very own eyes
  62. >You two get to another door as you two were walking downstairs. Why downstairs and not upstairs since it was a tower? The logic in your mind told you that Discord’s stuff works different, like first of all, it doesn’t apply logic. So up is down and down is up. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully
  63. >Sweetie Belle decides to open the door with her magic and in the other side of was…
  64. >A room that… looked like a maternity room. It had several baby beds in pink and blue colors, every bed was empty, but something in the room… was odd
  65. >Like… why this room? Was it random or was it for some reason?
  66. >”Something tells me that this room is nothing good, Anon…” Even Sweetie Belle felt something wrong going on in here
  67. “Just stay at my side. I said I was going to protect you, didn’t I?” You shyly say but mostly, it was for her to make sure she wouldn’t get nervous
  68. >It slightly works, but she doesn’t comment on it, just nods
  69. >You two speed up in this… maternity room, walking faster every second passing by, but not running and saying a single word
  70. >Then you two hear it. You two hear a baby crying somewhere in this maternity room
  71. >Now you don’t want to say it, but is scary as fuck the feeling you got the moment you hear the crying
  72. >Silent Hill levels of scary
  73. >You two finally find a door at the end of a corridor, which could mean an exit to this… creepy place without babies
  74. >The crying of babies intensifies as you two approach the door, meaning that you two are close to the source of the cries
  75. >Then you two found something, or well… someone. A pony from the group which was sitting on the floor near two baby beds, he was holding…
  76. >”My sweetheart… I’ve never thought I was going to be a father… I’m so sorry for leaving you… I’ll never leave you again… I have you three now… we have each other…”
  77. >You wanted an example… and you got one
  78. >”Mr. Cake?” Sweetie Belle says to the pony that was holding with his hooves, as if they were babies… two pumpkins. The two pumpkins had a happy and sad expressions, similar to the ones in the theater
  79. >So that was his name… you do remember something when… when you were at the kitchen ruining the weapons of the town. This pony mentioning his wife…
  80. >So Discord does this? He tricks ponies and break them mentally? That’s… cruel. You really wanted to do this? Become the next Adolf Hitler and ruin everyone’s lives…?
  81. >You’ll think about that later…
  82. >Sweetie Belle wanted so hard to make him enter in reason, that those weren’t babies and just food. But you noticed something that she didn’t
  83. >Mr. Cake had some gray colors in his entire body. Not entirely to look like a black and white cartoon, but you could see it…
  84. >Placing a hoof on her shoulder, you glare at Sweetie Belle and shake your head while showing a serious expression to her
  85. “It’s too late for him… I don’t think you can help him.” You stare deep into her eyes for a bit
  86. >It was good to know that Discord was playing with these ponies
  87. >Maybe he was testing them
  88. >But you can’t let Sweetie Belle stay and try to wake him from whatever Mr. Cake is in. You two need to move on, so is time to revive the old lies and act like… the innocent colt you were implied to be
  89. “Maybe if we defeat Discord we’ll get Mr. Cake back to normal. If we do, everything will go back to normal… so please Sweetie… leave him be”
  90. >Sweetie Belle looked away from you for a moment, and then she sighed in defeat. She realized neither she nor you could help him; you two were kids after all
  91. >”Right…”
  92. >You take her hoof and slowly back away from Mr. Cake, that was starting to sing to the pumpkins
  93. >Well… that’s one less in the group to care about
  94. >No… care isn’t the word. Worry about? Hmm, whatever. You need to find the rest of the ponies or at least the two leaders. Yeah… focus on the leaders and ignore the other ponies
  95. >”Daddy is here now… please don’t cry… hush now… quiet now… is time to go to bed…”
  96. >…Fucking hell
  97. >You two continue into the next room, the room was… a maze. A maze of mirrors
  98. >Well, now this was creative and less spooky than the others fucking rooms. You don’t know how many floors the tower had, but maybe Discord is playing with each pony from the group as he tries to get into their minds to break them
  99. >Or maybe he isn’t and this is just a natural chaotic tower
  100. >You take a step forward into the maze of mirrors and Sweetie Belle follows behind
  101. >And first thing you do is hit yourself with a fucking mirror in your face
  102. “Ah! Me llev-“ You groan as you rub your nose with your hoof. “Maldit… eeeh I mean… Auch”
  103. >Even if Sweetie Belle didn’t know Spanish, you remember Discord telling you to control the vulgar words. You were trying at least and even memorized the silly “vulgar” words from the ponies
  104. >Sweetie Belle comes close to check on you despite it being just an accidental hit. It didn’t hurt /that/ much anyway… but ugh, you really hated these kinds of mazes
  105. >Heh… funny how you can’t remember stuff from Earth yet you remember being in one of these things
  106. >”Anon?” She says while looking at some reflections of herself
  107. >In the meantime you stare at one reflection and stick out your tongue at it
  108. “Hmm? Yes, Sweetie?”
  109. >”Did I say how bad decision entering the tower was?”
  110. “…Like, 4 times. Why?”
  111. >”Make it 5…”
  112. >Okay, okay. Maybe entering the tower without a plan was… a bit wrong from your part. But hey, you are making progress
  113. >So far you have found only one and you decided to just focus the two leaders, so that’s a good improvement
  114. “Look. Change of plans.” You stare at Sweetie Belle. “Instead of trying to find anypony from the group, let’s try and find Miss Pinka or Fluttershy. I bet they need our support in this moment. I just feel it!” Your voice for a moment echoes in the maze… neat. “So please, don’t worry.” You start walking with your eyes closed to the opposite side while talking to Sweetie Belle. “We’ll find them in no time, trust me- OUGH!” You crash into another mirror while talking. “WAAAAH! I’m tired of all these mirrors!”
  115. >You look back at Sweetie Belle and sit on the floor. You really are starting to get frustrated about this maze. Curse Discord for making a floor like this
  116. >”A-A-Anon?”
  117. >Damnit, now what does she want?
  118. >You sigh in frustration
  119. “Si, señorita miedosa?” You don’t even care if she doesn’t understand you. You were annoyed already from the mirrors
  120. >Like… these are only mirrors. What’s the worst that can happen here? Only thing you can think of is that you break one of these and get bad luck for it
  121. >”That reflection of yourself behind you … didn’t sit like you did…”
  122. >…
  123. >You start laughing a bit
  124. “Jajaja! Nice one! Trying to scare me so you aren’t the only one afraid here? Good try”
  125. >”No I’m telling the-“
  126. >You stand up and look behind you. In front of you was probably a mirror. There were three reflections of you in front of you
  127. “Look at that! So handsome!” You make a pose; your three reflections obviously do the same... because it was A REFLECTION. “Come on Sweetie…” You turn to see her. “If you wanted to scare me, try harder. I don’t get scared that easily. Would I really get scared of myself?” You say while giving her a smug smile
  128. “Yeah! I’m not easy to get scared!”
  129. >…Uh?
  130. “Well, duh. What do you think I am, a scary cat?”
  131. >…Que?
  132. “Not even my tail scares me!”
  133. >Your tiny pony ears perk up again
  134. >Okay what the fuck
  135. >Are you hearing your thoughts again or is something in your ear?
  136. >Sweetie Belle was totally scared for some reason and was covering her mouth as to not scream
  137. >You slowly turn around and… the other reflections of you, the three reflections… were blinking each other different than the other
  138. >Those… weren’t a reflection, were they?
  139. >You poke one of your reflections in the shoulder and… it feels so damn real
  140. >The reflection pokes you back… the touch was indeed real
  141. >You stare at them with wide eyes
  142. >One awkwardly smiles while waving a hoof
  143. “Umm… boo?” The reflection says
  144. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” You scream from the top of your lungs
  145. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!” The other reflections do the same and… they instantly turn into liquid. The left one into water, the middle one into some red liquid and the one in the right into white liquid
  147. >Good one Discord! Hahahahaha…. Fuck you Discord
  148. >”Anon…? Did they turn into… water?”
  149. >You stare into the puddles that were in front of you, waiting for them to move… but they don’t move
  150. “I think I did the same thing they did…” You say under your breath
  151. >”What was that?”
  152. “Uhhhh… that probably it was a trick from Discord…”
  153. >You crouch down to see the puddles of water… hopefully water because one is red and the other is white
  154. >It didn’t look like blood… more like some type of drink
  155. >You place your hoof on the puddle of red water, making Sweetie Belle gasp
  156. >”Anon! Be careful! It could be a trap!”
  157. >You shrug. Trap or not, Discord wouldn’t be a dick to do something to you
  158. >…Right?
  159. >Instead of using your hoof as a spoon, you go in with your mouth and pull out your tongue, licking the red puddle
  160. >…Okay, this was not blood. That’s a good start, it tasted sugary… like that drink from México you sometimes had in summer…
  161. >Agua de jamaica?
  162. >It… tasted similar to it
  163. >So does that mean that the white puddle is…
  164. >You do the same process in the white puddle. You lick the hell out of it and taste it with your mouth
  165. >It tasted like Agua de orchata!
  166. >But why the flavors of drinks from México…? Ugh, you don’t have time to think for a reason that Discord would do this
  167. >You are going to ignore this and move on, as tasty as the puddles were
  168. >You two keep walking very carefully in case there were more traps. The walk started to feel like as if you two were walking in circles
  169. >Worst part was the number of times Sweetie Belle or you hit a mirror
  170. >It took you some time to figure out that… some mirrors were invisible and other were changing from place to place. Someone could stay here forever and never see the light of day… maybe it was another trick for ponies to get insane
  171. >Then you hear some voices discussing in the distance
  172. >”I told you that the mirrors change from place to place!” The voice was from Pinkamena. You could hear that she was a bit mad, well, more than she normally is in town
  173. >”And I told you that is just your imagination! If we keep moving we’ll get to the exit! Ugh! Lucky enough we got more potions to stay for a while… BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO STAY FOR A WHILE!” Yup, that voice was Fluttershy. Seems that she isn’t a very patient pony
  174. >So finally you find the two leaders… and they are discussing. Maybe you didn’t have to move a hoof since Discord could handle this
  175. >Sweetie Belle as soon as she saw them, she ran directly to them… only to hit another mirror in the process. The hit was loud enough to let them know about the presences of you two
  176. >They approached and of course, they didn’t look very happy to see you two in here
  177. >”Anon? Sweetie Belle!? We told you two to not follow us!” Pinkamena was probably the most disappointed and angry of them
  178. >”More importantly… how did you two get this far? This must be the third or fourth floor of the tower…”
  179. >You help Sweetie belle to get in her four hooves and then look at Pinkamena and Fluttershy
  180. “Umm… kid’s determination? Hehe…”
  181. >Sweetie Belle decided to follow you and nodded, adding with a tiny a squeaky a“Yeah!”
  182. >They both shared a mixed sigh of frustration and despair
  183. >”These kids…”
  184. >Heeeeeeeh good thing they don’t have chanclas or else you could be royally fucked!
  185. >The four of you decided to sit and discuss about a few things, like how to escape the mirror maze and take a rest while you four were sitting…. But not before talking for almost ten minutes about how much in trouble you two were and that back in town we would get the scold of our lives
  186. >Jeez, Fluttershy sounds like a mother now. Looking at that photo of your fake mother really affected her, uh. Some of her words were truly with that sentiment of a mother
  187. >Would be funny if she from all of the sudden wanted to be your mom. Or something related, like an aunt
  188. >Pfft, yeah sure. Who would want this pony as a mother or even an aunt?
  189. >…Who would want a pony as a mom anyway?
  190. >…Says the Mexican who is adopted by the god of chaos
  191. >Well he’s technically not a pony…
  192. >Whatever
  193. >You assumed the guilt for entering the tower; of course it was you the one that wanted to follow them
  194. >Also you didn’t care about any punishment. You haven’t gotten one ever since you got in this world and became a pony kid that decides to lie a lot and follow the orders of a god
  195. >Well now that you think of, you really wanted to tell the truth as the truthfully Mexican you always were. Or at least in your world when you decided to work and be the most cordial guy in the company
  196. >But ever since that chancla incident… when you told Celestia and Luna that you were a human instead of lying and playing along like Discord wanted, well… from when Discord gave you this mission and you discovered that Celestia was the leader of that rebellion, you found yourself in a big problem
  197. >If Celestia ever came back, you would be automatically fucked and they would now. Starting with Celestia of course
  198. >That really added a challenge during this mission, making you lie more and more. It was lucky that Celestia never interfered during your stay at the town
  199. >Huh…
  200. >This moment of silent discussion about the tower made you collect your thoughts
  201. >In one hand, you have a boss, a “father”, someone that can give you any power you desire and become the prince of a land that probably is as biggest as Earth
  202. >In the other hand, you had in mind this… filly, that didn’t stop you from blushing from time to time. Even now that she is at your side as Fluttershy and Pinkamena were talking with each other
  203. >Well, you didn’t complain about that
  204. >The company of the filly seems… well, somewhat comfy. You can’t describe it in other way, is as if you are back at your adolescence
  205. >Except that you don’t want to sexually harass her and bend her over the closer table in the tower
  206. >Is a different feeling… like…
  207. >As if your belly had five whole tacos, which were extra spicy. Like that one time you ate that much tacos and your belly was hurting so much, it was like World War 2 was happening in there. And Hitler was winning
  208. >…Now you are hungry
  209. >But back to the point. Discord is a god and he is pretty much powerful, powerful enough to give you a few powers
  210. >Maybe this is a lesson… a lesson to see what you would choose. Him or someone else
  211. >Or, well, somepony else…
  212. >You were never good at choices. If this was a videogame… you would’ve already pressed the repeat button and try different options
  213. >But if he gives you so many things… can’t he let you choose… both?
  214. >You can’t save the town, that’s for sure. But Sweetie Belle… maybe you can save her from that thing Discord does to ponies
  215. >You are totally not an asshole… not yet. But what else you can do? You saw that map, almost all covered in his chaos and not everything left of normal areas
  216. >You aren’t even a resident from this world. Why would you choose something instead of… following Discord’s rules and orders?
  217. >Unless he balances the chaos, you don’t know what else can… be done. Balance… hmm, that gave you an idea
  218. >He can’t turn everything in chaos in one snap of his talons, he needs time.
  219. >If you were him, you wouldn’t turn everything to chaos. You would just turn some areas and watch as the ponies think everything isn’t lost. Give them some hope just so you could crush them with later chaos
  220. >…Now you’re thinking like a villain. Is that… a bad thing?
  221. >You really need to talk to him about that and see what he thinks about it
  222. >Back at the leaders discussing the actual situation, only now you take notice of something weird. You found these two here and that Mr. Cake guy, but nobody else of the group
  223. >Is just curiosity, but you are going to ask about it
  224. “So… pardon me for asking but, I got a bit curious. Where is the rest of the group?”
  225. >Despite being angry at you, Pinkamena answered your question with a calm voice
  226. >”We got separated. Some… trap got us separated.” Pinkamena opened her saddlebag and picked up a potion, she took a sip from it and placed the potion back in her saddlebag. “You two haven’t found anypony around here?”
  227. >Uhhhh
  228. >Sweetie Belle stared down at the floor. Of course she would be sad for that pony being… all nuts about the pumpkins being their sons
  229. >You shook your head while looking to Pinkamena
  230. “No ma’am, we didn’t find anypony in here yet”
  231. >Sweetie Belle looked at you for a bit with a face full of regret, but stared back at the floor again in pure sadness. She just accepted you telling that lie, even followed up with a tiny “Yeah”
  232. >”…That’s not good… usually we find each other in some point, but this tower… the others weren’t like this. I suspect Discord has direct control on it right now and we are in his trap”
  233. >No shit Sherlock
  234. >But… as the kid you are, you are going to brighten the mood
  235. >Why? Because the happier they are, the shocked and disappointed they’ll feel later when Discord shows up
  236. >…If he ever decides to show up
  237. >You stand up in your four hooves and stand proudly looking ahead with determination in your eyes
  238. “Worry not! Maybe the mirrors are just illusions that the mean Discord has placed here!” You take a few steps into one mirror, looking to yourself for a second and then turning around and staring at them. “We are four now! We can think of something, can’t we? Let’s think positively! Come on everypony!”
  239. >Ugh, you are still getting used to say everypony and pony stuff
  240. >Well… a part of you likes to say that. As much as you love to chase your tail for some reason
  241. >You expected Sweetie Belle to be the first one standing up, because let’s use the logic. Right now everything for them is soooo ruined, separated and probably lost… but something in them started to grow inside… a bit of, hope you think
  242. >But instead of Sweetie Belle, Fluttershy decides to stand up while looking at Pinkamena
  243. >”The kid’s right. We need to think positively… show some courage and work together”
  244. >She raises her hoof in front of her
  245. >Pinkamena is the second to stand up, quickly placing her hoof above Fluttershy’s hoof
  246. >” Yeah… Together we can find the others. Let’s show some spirit, team!”
  247. >That was… the first time you’ve ever seen Pinkamena so… different. So motivated, so… enthusiastic
  248. >And lastly but not least, Sweetie Belle stands up and tries to put her hoof too, but she was so short that Pinkamena and Fluttershy had to lower their hooves so she could place her hoof there
  249. >”You two count with our support!” She squeaked out. “Right, Anon?”
  250. >They were waiting for you
  251. >The sight was… cute. Three ponies and a traitor working as a team… hehe, funny how you get their hopes up and in any moment… they’ll know the truth
  252. >The reflections in the mirrors besides each pony though… showed something else
  253. >Or probably… somepony else?
  254. >Beside Fluttershy there was a mirror reflecting a totally different pony in that mirror. One that… showed a kind and sweet smile, nothing compared at the smile of this Fluttershy
  255. >Pinkamena had a very different pony at her side too, same colors as her but only difference was a fluffy mane… looked like cotton candy. And her smile… was so, so, soooo contagious. She was jumping very often too
  256. >And at the side of Sweetie Belle there was a reflection of herself very identical, only difference was that in her flank there was something there. A… cutie mark? It was like a… shield with a star and inside the star there was a musical sign
  257. >You rubbed your eyes for a moment and the reflections were back to normal
  258. >Are these mirrors… showing you something? Or are you just hallucinating?
  259. >Eh, whatever. Lot of crazy stuff happen and you don’t care anymore
  260. >You just look at the ponies with a glad smile and step closer to get your hoof there too
  261. >But a tiny guest decided to fly near you
  262. “Oh”
  263. >It was… another butterfly. This one the same color from the previous one… it was golden and her colors were so majestic. This is like the third time you see one, or maybe fourth
  264. >The tiny butterfly flies on top of your nose, making you giggle a bit
  265. “Oh hi mister Butterfly! Or are you a miss? Hehe!”
  266. >What a cute little creatu-
  267. >You suddenly hear lot of buzzing in your ears and somehow you are able to see deep into its eyes
  268. >…
  269. >AVE MARIA
  270. “AAAAAAH!” You cry out as you run in circles. “IS A MONSTER! IS A MONSTER!” You keep running, this time straight and hearing the voices of the ponies behind you, maybe they were after you and they were warning you of something. But you couldn’t hear clear from all your desperate yelling. “S.O.S! ANYONE! ESE O ESE! QUIEN SEA, HEEEEEEEEELP-“
  271. >Aaaand you hit something with your face. Really, really hard. It was something solid, you are sure about that
  272. >Hard enough to hear some cracks and then your pony body hitting the floor
  273. “Aahhheehh…” You look up for a while and then you close your eyes, the impact sending you to sleep
  274. >…
  275. >..
  276. >.
  277. >You were so dizzy…
  278. >You feel some hooves on your forehead, maybe it was Sweetie Belle trying to find any harm in there. Heh… always caring about you…
  279. >”Anon? Anon! You okay?” You barely hear her voice
  280. >But your mind doesn’t let you wake up entirely. You were seeing everything black…
  281. >And for some reason you were hearing in your mind the song “Livin’ la vida loca” from Ricky Martin
  282. >”Is he going to be okay?”
  283. >”It was a rough hit. But hey, aren’t you supposed to be nurse Redheart’s assistant? You came here without first aids or something?”
  284. >”Hehe… whoops?”
  285. >The voices were starting to get a little less blurry and you were opening your eyes slowly
  286. “Ricky… Ricky no… go away…”
  287. >Goddamnit is that nightmare again
  288. >”Anon!” You could hear now, and that was Sweetie Belle being all worried about you
  289. >You place a hoof on someone’s cheeks and slowly talk
  290. “Mnn… is it morning already, mom?”
  291. >”…” You hear a deep sigh. “Yes, honey, is morning…” It was a sarcastic tone to be your actual mom
  292. >Oh wait that wasn’t your mom
  293. >You quickly realize that you were placing your hoof on Fluttershy’s cheeks and that she was glaring at you… not a death glare at least
  294. >You blush a bit and correct yourself
  295. “I mean! I’m Anon!”
  296. >…Get yourself together, Alberto
  297. “I mean! Where are we?”
  298. >You try standing up but your head hurts like hell. What did you hit? This damn pain was so big that you can’t think of someone being able to resist so much damage to the head
  299. >”You suddenly ran in a random direction for Celestia knows what. Then you directly hit a mirror with your whole head and… it entirely broke. Behind it there was a door. We got you here and we’re probably safe for the looks of this room. I could be wrong, though”
  300. >A different room? God damn how many are left?
  301. “What is it this time? Please don’t tell me is another Maze…”
  302. >All you could see were some… streamers and balloons in the ceiling. At least the floor was comfortable, feels like made out of water…
  303. >Fluttershy slightly holds your head so you could take a look at least at some parts of the actual room
  304. >It… looked like a party room. Lots of chairs and tables, streamers, balloons, a birthday cake, some presents and a long banner saying “Feliz cumpleaños Alberto”
  305. >…Ay dios
  306. >You stand up ignoring the headache you totally have for breaking a mirror with your head and keep looking around until your eyes catch sight on something sitting on a chair next to the birthday cake
  307. >Or well, more like someone
  308. >With lots of streamers tying her tight and a party horn in her mouth there was a very angry teacher, Miss Cheerilee sitting there. Struggling with all her strength
  309. >Uh, so here is where she was. Maybe she’s resisting something like that other pony with the pumpkins babies
  310. >…But that couldn’t be. The banner had your name on it… and probably the birthday cake too
  311. >Hmm, now that you noticed her, you should ask what’s up with her and why she is tied up
  312. “Why is Miss Cheerilee tied?”
  313. >Pinkamena shrugs and doesn’t say anything else. Looks like she’s still mad at her
  314. >”When we entered the room she was like this. We… well, I tried to untie her but the streamers were adjusted with Discord’s magic… only our pies can break through them but, somehow...” Fluttershy takes one pie from her saddlebag and shows it to you. “They didn’t work at all. I do remember Mr. Cake having the pies baked and ready for today but maybe something happened in the second the group got divided and the pies lost their magic… and we don’t have any emergency pies as backup.” She places the pie near you and starts looking around, wondering something. “Hmm… now I wonder if Mr. Cake is okay”
  315. >So messing with the pies was a good choice at least. Hopefully Discord gives you props for that
  316. >Eh, you don’t think the pies mess with him that much, or at least his magic. Maybe is only temporally, like that potion that resists chaos
  317. >You haven’t seen anything that isn’t in that forest out here that damages Discord that much. Maybe Discord being a god of chaos only gets hurt by order or something
  318. >Well at least that’s what you thought, you could be wrong and Discord could be fucking indestructible. But then there is the fact that he was turned to stone… still, he wasn’t stopped at all, just for some time
  319. >Uhh, don’t get lost in your thoughts. Just continue talking to them and see where this lends to
  320. >You slowly stand up, Sweetie Belle helping you a bit with her marshmallow hooves
  321. >Grunting a bit from the damn hit, you stand in your four hooves and pick up the pie
  322. >Well the pie was still… a pie, not a weapon
  323. >You look back at how Cheerilee was struggling to get free
  324. >Oh you just can’t escape this moment
  325. >As Fluttershy was thinking or wondering, and Pinkamena looking for a route to escape, you hold the pie with your two hooves for some seconds. Sweetie Belle wondering what you would do to it, maybe she thought you wanted to eat it… but nope.
  326. >With whatever hoof grapping strength you have, you grab with one hoof the pie and throw it directly to Cheerilee’s face, covering her completely on cream
  327. >The pie slowly slips out of her face, the party horn still stuck somehow in her mouth. She grumbles angrily at you, even adding some funny sounds coming from the party hat that makes you laugh slightly
  328. >Despite the laugh you were having, you kind of watched for a moment some fire in Cheerilee’s eyes. Now that sent a shiver down your back
  329. >At least Pinkamena found that funny and laughed at her. If she had a hand, she’ll be giving you a thumb up now
  330. >Sweetie Belle poked your side to call your attention
  331. >”Now that you are awake Anon… can I ask you something? Since is your… you know.” She looks to the banner of the room. “Language. Fe…lei…ciade? Umm… I’m not good with this…”
  332. >Part of how she tried to pronounce Congratulations made you smile and contain a bit of laughter
  333. “Yeah, don’t worry. That word means “congratulations”. I mean… you guys didn’t see the streamers, party cake and all? I thought you would know how a party looks like”
  334. >Now that you think of… this party lacks a piñata. A party can’t be one without a piñata, right?
  335. >”Do I look like a party organizer to you, Anon?” Pinkamena asked looking a bit frustrated. “My family never got into parties, I never did. I wouldn’t know what a party looks like even if I was in one. Maybe Fluttershy or Sweetie Belle know but they were worried about you to actually think about this room being something like that”
  336. >Well she got a point. Maybe Fluttershy noticed and didn’t say a thing as if it wasn’t so important
  337. >And for Sweetie Belle? You believe that she wouldn’t care for everything but your health in this situation
  338. >Or at least your head. Good thing you were resting in something so soft… it being Fluttershy’s lap. Man, now you are getting a bit embarrassed for that… you were knocked out and they were waiting for you to wake up, looking at your sleepy face
  339. >Hnn… goddamnit, you want to see yourself sleep and see how cute you look. Having the cute body of a colt makes it so…
  340. >Okay what the fuck are you thinking? Get back in reality
  341. “W-Well, anything you need to ask? I don’t think there are other words in Spanish I need to translate, or are there more?”
  342. >”Well now that you ask…” Fluttershy stands up and points to the banner, more exactly, your name. “If that banner is congratulating somepony… and it was in your language, you think you know somepony with that… name? That’s a name, isn’t it?”
  343. >Oh shit she’s using her head and got a good question. What do you say? Lie again?
  344. >”Arl-bel-toh” Sweetie Belle tries to spell your name but she cutely fails. “Looks like a silly name to me”
  345. >Hey
  346. >Rude
  347. “I don’t think is a silly name… I think is an awesome name for a good per-“ You cough on your hoof. “I mean, a good name for somepony”
  348. >Totally nailed it
  349. >”Now you are sounding like a Pegasus I used to know…” Fluttershy says as she rolls her eyes. “Hopefully she’s doing alright…” She whispered to herself
  350. >As Pinkamena was thinking for an escape route from this room with no doors… you were finding the room more odd every second that it passed
  351. >For starters… the size of the room was similar to a place you’ve been before, but you can’t remember which place was. You are sure, damn sure that it was a place you visited before
  352. >But you can’t think of any place… hmm… you’ve only been in not that many places in here anyway… why is it so hard to figure it out?
  353. >Pinkamena decided to walk around the room, looked up, down, to the sides, anywhere for whatever way to leave the party room
  354. >Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle were talking together. Maybe Fluttershy was trying to calm down Sweetie Belle, since she had this tension on the place ever since you entered with her
  355. >And you?
  356. >You decided to walk to where the birthday cake was and take a look at it. Until now you noticed the cake had two candles in shape of numbers, forming the number twelve
  357. >And it looked like a chocolate cake… your favorite
  358. >At this point you were getting bored of nothing exciting happening. Maybe the cake had a clue for the next part of the tower
  359. >Cheerilee wasn’t struggling anymore, on the contrary, she was trying to relax, which you found odd. Moment ago she was really angry and crazy… or probably she’s saving her energies for later
  360. >Well at least she closed her eyes. You are not sure if you imagined those green eyes filled with some fire, but ehh… maybe it was your kid imagination
  361. >The table was relatively short for you to take a look at what the birthday cake had written in it
  362. “Pide… un… deseo… Alberto…” You read the words in the cake to yourself
  363. >Huh. Make a wish, Alberto? This is so damn direct to you, but well… is not your birthday but you kinda want to blow those candles and see what happens
  364. > Well, now that you think of… you wish there was a piñata in this party. Is not that big of a wish but why wish something else? You have everything while being Discord’s son, or well, adoptive son
  365. >Yeah, a piñata is okay. Let’s not be selfish
  366. >…Why are you even thinking of a wish? Is not like is going to fucking appear from nowhere, besides, you can’t sneeze teleport, meaning your chaos magic is somehow gone
  367. >Hopefully is temporally
  368. >You close your eyes and lean your head near the candles and prepare to blow the candles…
  369. >And when you do… the cake fucking jumps into your face as if triggered by the candles. LITERALLY. The fucking cake grows four black hooves and jumps directly to your face, startling the HELL out of you
  370. “A-AAAH-” You wanted to cry for help but the cake’s frosting was on your mouth, making you unable to scream more
  371. >What kind of joke is this, Discord!?
  372. >The rest of the ponies noticed that you were attacked by the birthday cake and quickly jumped to action; Pinkamena was the first who reacted and called your name
  373. >But the cake wasn’t the only thing that started to move. The chairs in the room started to move on their own, going directly to the three ponies
  374. >”Ah! What’s happening!?” Cried out a scared Sweetie Belle
  375. >Streamers flew directly to the ponies, tying them the same as Cheerilee was
  376. >And you had frosting all over your face and you were trying to take the living birthday cake out of your head
  377. >All you could hear were Sweetie Belle cries and Pinkamena and Fluttershy’s struggling
  378. >You don’t even want to swallow the frosting… it could be something odd from the cake
  379. >”Kids! Don’t panic! Everything will be okay! We just need to think positively as Anon said! We need to remain calm! We can escape from this!” Fluttershy says, trying to calm both of you while struggling from the streamers, but as Cheerilee did, it was no use struggling from it
  380. >You finally took some frosting out of your face and you finally could see. Fluttershy, Pinkamena and Sweetie Belle were tied the same as Cheerilee was. They didn’t look like really harmed at least…
  381. >Hnng… the damn cake was still on your head and was starting to feel heavy
  382. >Well… the only one that was not tied was you, unless you have invisible streamers that you didn’t notice
  383. >But as you look to the center of the party room your skin almost got pale from seeing a piñata hanging from the ceiling
  384. >A piñata… with the form of Discord
  385. >It wasn’t the same size, just a medium size of what Discord large snake like body had. But boy… you wanted a piñata, didn’t you?
  386. >You hear the sound of some speakers turning on and a microphone somewhere in this room
  387. >”Oh ho ho! I’m so happy that everypony made it in one piece! And welcome… welcome to Alberto’s birthday party! Hopefully you all brought a present for him…”
  388. >Oh shit, that was Discord’s voice… but from your perspective, the voice came from inside the piñata
  389. >Pinkamena was looking to all the sides desperately, same for Sweetie Belle. Both ponies were breathing quickly and looked that they could get a heart attack in any minute now
  390. >Fluttershy was the only one that tried to remain calm, despite the situation being totally fucked up
  391. >And Cheerilee was… looking at you… or at your head? She was throwing daggers with that fucking stare
  392. >But all they could do was watch and wait
  393. >The Discord piñata exploded in more streamers, candies and… cheese? Well, that last was a bit random, but coming from Discord… ehh…
  394. >But there he was, wearing his crown and cape… ugh, you thought he would wear something related to a party
  395. >”Now where is the birthday boy…” He was looking around the room as if searching for something. Obviously, it was you… he was just doing that out of drama, you think. “There you are!”
  396. >You felt some magic around you and in some seconds you were floating directly to him. Good thing the cake felt from your head, it was heavy…
  397. >All calm disappeared to Fluttershy who quickly yelled at Discord and demanded him to free you
  398. >”ANON! NO! RELEASE HIM YOU MONSTER!” Fluttershy cried out
  399. >Sweetie Belle realizing that you were flying to Discord, quickly cried out your name too
  400. >But like you said, all they could do was only watch
  401. >And finally you arrived to Discord’s claw and paw
  402. >”Hey boyo! Long time no see!” He was really acting so happy about seeing you… but maybe it was to confuse the ponies. “What’s that, you are not going to say hello to this old draconequus?”
  403. >Well… you didn’t expect to say hello to him that early… but you kinda missed him
  404. “Heh… hey dad…” You shyly waved at him with an awkward smile
  405. >Maybe he wanted you to say that so the ponies were more confused
  406. >”What’s that? I can’t hear you!”
  407. >He brought a microphone with him and placed it near your mouth
  408. >”Why don’t you repeat that to the microphone?”
  409. >He totally wanted that
  410. >You clear your throat and try to speak directly to the microphone
  411. “Umm, I said, hello dad…”
  412. >Man this was so awkward for some reason and you don’t know why. All you know is that Discord is not amused about your greeting
  413. >But at least that did the effect on the other ponies, everyone aside from Cheerilee whose sight was on Discord and Discord only
  414. >”Dad? Oh no…” Sweetie Belle was taken aback by your words. “HE MIND CONTROLLED ANON!”
  415. >Okay, this filly is too innocent
  416. >Uh… now that Discord is here you could probably talk a few things about, maybe not harming Sweetie Belle? You don’t know why you care so much for her but, part of you wants to protect her
  417. >…And you are doing a GREAT job in that, uh? Uhhhh?
  418. >Regret is starting to build up, that must be
  419. >”What is it, Alberto? You did a good job bringing the ponies here and you don’t react like you should? I thought you would yell at the air ‘Hi papa! I’m so glad to see you again! Everypony! Thank you for helping me find my dad!’” He faked out your voice and placed you with his magic on the floor. “What’s wrong, hmm?”
  420. >The ponies couldn’t say a word. Pinkamena and Fluttershy soon realized how much of a mistake they done and of course, Pinkamena realized that Cheerilee was right all along. Sweetie Belle maybe still thinks you are under some kind of mind control
  421. >Or maybe she doesn’t want to accept the truth
  422. >”Is that true? Anon?” Fluttershy slowly speaks up. “You were just… a spy from Discord?” She sounded devastated
  423. >You stared at her and wanted to smile… but then when you look at Sweetie Belle… your smile fades away
  424. >Just accept it… she’s not worth it, she’s just a filly… you have powers and in the progress, you’ll become something in this place
  425. >You can do it, Alberto
  426. >You look at them with your head straight at them with a serious look
  427. “Ponies… you shall bow to me, Anon…” You take a pause and close your eyes while sighing. “The prince of chaos”
  428. >Silence is in the room for some seconds. . . until Discord ruins it with his laugh
  429. >”Oh ha ha ha ha ha! Really? Bow to you? Is really all that? You fool them; trick them into my palace and you just say that?” He chuckles while wiping some tears out of his eyes with his paw. “Why are you acting so serious, Anon?”
  430. >God damnit that made you blush
  431. “Stop it dad…” You look away from him, but something he said quickly made you realize something. “Wait… palace? Isn’t this a tower from the many you have?”
  432. >Discord floats in place as he strokes his beard
  433. >”Well yes. Don’t you remember this place? I thought you would.” He snapped his talons and the party room changed into… whoa, how didn’t you realize? “Any idea now?” He says while grinning
  434. >It was the throne room. It had the same size… except that the colors were now just white instead of randomly and there was the party stuff around
  435. >”You are lacking something, aren’t you?” He snaps his talons and a tiny crown half the size of his own appeared on your head. “There. Much better”
  436. >Damn you missed this crown. Did it have the flag of México all this time? Hmm, you don’t remember… but is neat
  437. >You look again at the ponies who weren’t saying a thing this time, just surprised and disappointed about you
  438. >”I can’t believe a kid ruined our plans…” Pinkamena stared at the floor as tears started to fall from her eyes. “This must be a dream… a nightmare…”
  439. >Discord chuckles slightly as he teleports right in front of Pinkamena, bringing his paw to her chin and making her look at him eye to eye
  440. >”But pony… the nightmare is gone already. Don’t you prefer to live in a world where there is sun and moon instead of eternal night?” Discord chuckled slightly. Pinkamena’s head looked to another direction, away from Discord. “Oh well, back to the main show”
  441. >Discord walks to where you are and starts talking with you
  442. >”I have to say, I expected you to fail this, hmm… “mission” I gave you, Alberto.” He keeps stroking his beard as he looks at the ponies. “I was expecting you to fail badly, sooo badly I would’ve been laughing for the entire day”
  443. >…He what?
  444. “What? Why?! I thought you wanted the leaders! There they are!” You point to them but then look at Sweetie Belle… and your expression changes. “You are… not going to sacrifice them or harm them, right?”
  445. >”Sacrifice? Uh I keep forgetting you are silly sometimes. No, no I’m not going to harm them… I never harm ponies after all”
  446. >”LIAR!” Sweetie Belle cried out at him. “I SAW WHAT YOUR MAGIC DOES TO PONIES! I… I saw my sister… not acting like she does… after being with that meanie Nightmare Moon… she wanted to change… and your magic did /something/ to her!”
  447. >Discord rolled his eyes and yawned on his paw
  448. >”Mess with them… change them a bit… eh, still not harming them. Is not my problem what they do once I Discorded them. “ Discord snaps his talons and the streamers that were tying Sweetie Belle disappeared. “So you want to see your family back? You can see them back, you know? I’m a merciful spirit of chaos after all”
  449. >Sweetie Belle by instinct ran after you and tries taking your hoof
  450. >”Please! Anon! You got to be strong! I know you are there! Discord is not your dad! Snap out of it!”
  451. >Her face looked desperately for you to say something or react to her
  452. >It hurts you. It was a bad decision to bring Sweetie Belle to this… the filly had emotions for you and you were starting to get emotions towards her… hnng…
  453. >You don’t know how ponies can be…
  454. >You don’t know what to do with her
  455. >If you defend her, she pretty much will want these ponies to be free… and that’s what Discord doesn’t want
  456. >”Anon… please…” She buries her head on your chest… starting to cry and sob. “Please listen to me…”
  457. >It is a hard choice
  458. >But you have decided already what you are going to do
  459. >You are loyal to him after all…
  460. “Discord…” You say with a serious voice to him. “You can do whatever you want with the other ponies… but leave Sweetie Belle out of this”
  461. >”W-What?” Sweetie Belle continued crying while looking at you
  462. >This is the hard part you tell her
  463. >You slowly breathe and try to calm a bit
  464. “ Sweetie… I’m sorry. I am Discord’s son. He sent me into your town to get the leaders and stop that rebellion…” You put your two hooves on her shoulders and look straight at her, sounding very sincere. “I’m deeply sorry, but is the true… I’ve lied all this time. I don’t have amnesia nor did I lose my family”
  465. >”No…” she backed up slightly. “You’re lying… you are… under his control…”
  466. >It really hurts you how she can’t accept it
  467. >”Well…” Discord starts to talk. “As much touching this scene is, we have a long schedule for this day. I won’t do anything to the filly, draconequus word.” Discord started to grin, which slowly went into an evil smirk. “But I can’t say I won’t have my fun with these ponies playing to be heroes!”
  468. >Yeah… he can have the leaders… no problem with you…
  469. >…Hey! Speaking of that!
  470. “Discord, you didn’t say why you were expecting me to fail! I thought you wanted me to win? Like… I already have?”
  471. >Discord went to his throne and took a sit while talking to you
  472. >”Oh yes, yes. Let me just snap my talons so we both can talk in private for a bit.” He snaps his talons, making the whole room go gray. “Okay, this shall be enough”
  473. >The rest of the ponies weren’t moving anymore…
  474. “A Time freeze spell?”
  475. >”Exactly, one stronger than your very creative clock. I’m surprised that you came up with that idea instead of focusing the spell. Bra-vo” He applauded slightly
  476. >…Yeaaah, the watch that you… created accidently
  477. “Well moving to the question… can you explain now?”
  478. >”Well of course, this mission wasn’t fully a mission. It was more like a lesson to you, dear Anon.” He made appear some kind of book that had a title, which you couldn’t reach to read from where you were. “Remember chapter 2, when you told the princesses that you were and I quote: “A creature from another dimension. Something called a human to be exact.”” He makes the book or whatever it was disappear and looks to you. “So? Does that ring a bell?”
  479. >You were more confused about what chapter 2 means… but yeah, you recall saying that to the princesses
  480. “Yes… I told them the truth because I didn’t know it was important to not say a thing about my roots… and…” You take a sit on the floor while you realize more things from that moment. “And… when I discovered that Celestia was the leader… I knew it was my doom if she went back in town…”
  481. >You stared at Discord while he was waving his eyebrows at you
  482. >Like really, they were waving like if they were hands… creepy
  483. >”You see? This was nothing but a lesson! A lesson… that you don’t need to tell all the truth to everypony you see and talk. You lied as much as you could, right?”
  484. >You nod
  485. “Yeah… and I was hoping for Celestia to never arrive at town. Now that I think of… where is she?”
  486. >”Oh, both of the princesses went in an excursion to the Frozen North. We’ll talk about that later.” Discord was about to snap his talons. “Let’s get back in what you got me, shall we? I got a surprise for you”
  487. >Well there was nothing more you needed to ask him, so yeah
  488. “Yeah… go ahead”
  489. >He snaps his talons and times resumes in the throne room
  490. >”Now that I made myself clear… I’m impressed by the good work you did. I don’t know how but you got me what I wanted directly to me.” He snapped his talons and all kind of furniture appeared around the throne room, chairs, tables, couches… even a mirror that was hanging on the wall. “Like my furniture, Anon?”
  491. >It looked… very weird. Some of the chairs were jumping in place… seems as if you were in Alice in Wonderland. Or The Beast and The Beauty, where there were some utensils that could talk and move
  492. “They look… very alive. But anyway, what are you going to do with the leaders?”
  493. >Discord chuckled to himself
  494. >”Those two? They are not worth my time. What I really wanted.” He snaps his talons, making the party horn from Cheerilee’s mouth disappear. “Was her”
  495. >And boy… Cheerilee didn’t lose any time into yell to Discord
  497. >Jesus fucking Christ she was really erupting of anger as she could speak now
  498. >Wait… what was she saying?
  499. >”Oh calm yourself, there are children in here. Where are your manners as queen?” Discord puts his paw over his mouth and whistles. “Come on guys! Mom’s home!”
  500. >You join the other ponies and look confused to each other
  501. “Queen? Mom? W-What?”
  502. >All the furniture starts jumping at the same time and in synergy all the furniture jumps directly to Cheerilee
  503. >They weren’t attacking her… it was more like… they were just jumping around her; it was the weirdest thing you’ve seen here. And boy, you have seen some weird shit already
  504. >It was as if… those were children… furniture kids? Eh?
  505. “I don’t know what the hell is going on.” You look back at Discord. “Can you explain this?”
  506. >He starts chuckling to himself
  507. >”Oh ho, of course dear Anon.” He snaps his talons and one by one every furniture started turning into… a pony? Black ponies? They had… holes in their hooves and wings… and the wings were like some kind of bug style! What the fuuuuck? “Impressed?”
  508. >Wait… those black hooves… you remember those exact hooves coming from the birthday cake…
  509. “Wait… the birthday cake was ONE of those!?”
  510. >Discord nods to you
  511. >…
  513. “Ayy que cosa…”
  514. >You’ll get a bath after this…
  515. >”So what? You made allied with the changelings? Big deal… you think that impresses us?” Pinkamena says staring angrily at Discord
  516. “…Changelings?” You look back and try to ask to Sweetie Belle, despite her not looking at you but at the black bugs. “What are those? Sweetie?”
  517. >”…” She didn’t reply at all. Maybe she was still… sad about all this
  518. >”Oh Anon, Anon, Anon. There are things I still need to teach you.” He kneels down next to you and places his long lion arm around your shoulder. “Well you see, changelings are creatures that can change into any creature, even any item.” He points to Cheerilee that was being attacked by those so called changelings; they were playing like kids around her. “And that lends us to the next point. You brought me no one else but…” He snaps his talons and Cheerilee turns into a…. OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? “The queen of the changelings!”
  520. >You were starting to gag… that thing… looked like an Alicorn, but she was so damn different. She looked like those black… changelings, except that she was the big size and had holes in her hooves, wings and horn
  521. >Oh you want to throw up…
  522. >Jesucristo you rode with that thing in a Timberwolf!? You need an acid bath now
  523. >The most surprised ponies here were Pinkamena, Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle. You were gagging at that thing mostly…
  524. >”I’ll get back with you two later.” Discord looked to Pinkamena and Fluttershy, and with a snap of his talons, both of they were gone. “Anon, the adults are going to talk now. So I’ll get that filly to a place she can’t hear a thing from this conversation”
  525. “…” You look at the filly that was broken apart. Maybe you already lost her in emotions now… “You promised…”
  526. >”I’m a draconequus of my word.” He snaps his talons and Sweetie Belle disappears from the throne. “I hope she likes Lulu’s room”
  527. >Hopefully she doesn’t harm her. You really don’t care about the other two ponies… and you shouldn’t care either for this filly… it could cost you your position near Discord as prince
  528. >”I don’t know what I was expecting by coming in here…” The queen… thing says. “NOW TELL ME YOU FOOL, WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE PLATOON I SENT TO ATTACK YOU? WHY DO THEY ACT LIKE CHILDREN?”
  529. >Oh… so she wanted Discord dead too. Jeez, what are the odds that this pony was in that town?
  530. >”Aren’t you going to say your name first? Unless you want me to call you bug breath all the time because.” Discord sniffs loudly. “Uuugh! Your mouth smells like Tartarus! Can’t you change that breath the same way you change bodies?”
  531. >The black queen or whatever her name was growled at him and looked really pissed, struggling more and even showing green fire in her eyes… at least you weren’t imagining that
  532. >”I’m not wasting my time in telling you my name!” She suddenly went quiet and smirked at him. “I think you forgot to do something about my horn!”
  533. >Her horn started to glow green and… something came out of it… OH SHIT IT WAS GOING DIRECTLY TO DISCORD!
  534. “Discord! Watch out!”
  535. >But Discord just yawned and as the projectile of magic was mere inches from his head… he separated his head in two, making the magic projectile go through it and Discord getting no damage at all
  536. >”Well there is no need to be rude.” His head went back to normal and Discord took a sit on his throne. “And yelling your attack is dumb. By the way, no need to introduce yourself, Queen Chrysalis. Your kids already told me your name and did more than that.” He snapped his talons and a mini Discord appeared at his side. “So what did the changelings said about her oh so impotent queen?”
  537. >Oh that last part made her growl even more
  539. >”Oh hush already you. Or I’ll personally remove your mouth from existence.” This time Discord stared at her with grim eyes. Chrysalis did not say a thing, all except a final growl. “Good, now mini me, go on”
  540. >The tiny Discord cleared his throat and presented a long list in miniature
  541. >”Let’s see…” Oh god that tiny voice was so funny. “The changelings revealed that her queen was moving ever since the Nightmare Moon incident. That her plan was to gather ponies, giving them ideals about how everything would change to good so she could feed from what little love she could get. Looks like the hive was starving since Nightmare Moon, moons ago. So, in a desperate action she left the hive and went around Equestria with some of her changelings, others protecting the hive although it having a protection from magic. But that magic couldn’t cover what Nightmare Moon could do, she wasn’t very sure of her ancient magic”
  542. >You just sat and heard every little detail that little Discord was saying
  543. >…You can’t understand shit. But you like to hear stories
  544. >”How looooovely! A mom going for food for their children! In a world where a big meanie controls and covers Equestria in eternal night! It almost makes me cry!” If you had a measurer of sarcasm, it would have exploded already. “But now queeny, I shouldn’t be like this with you”
  545. >Discord snaps his talons and the streamers that were around Chrysalis disappear, same for the chair… which makes her to fall on the floor
  546. >She quickly stands up and flies on the air, the other changelings just stay on the floor looking at her like… dogs. Seriously, what’s up with them?
  547. >”So you finally decided to fight me?”
  548. >By instinct you decided to intervene between them. You stand in front of Discord and look at Chrysalis with challenging eyes
  549. “If you want to touch my father, you better fight me first, pendeja!”
  550. >Maybe your chaos magic was back and you could do something in case she wanted to. But Discord released her… so maybe he knows what to do with her
  551. >…But why want a pony that sent a platoon to attack him?
  552. >”Almost forgot about the colt… he’s just only a pawn in your chess game, isn’t him?”
  553. >”On the contrary, Miss Chrysalis.” Discord stands up from his throne and pets your head really roughly. “The kid /is/ my son and the prince of chaos. I mean, he did a good job fooling all those ponies, didn’t he? All of them didn’t suspect a thing… but you. You were the one having the right idea; you were feeding to yourself and planning in the shadows as the figure of a teacher”
  554. >God damn the petting starts to get annoying by his claw!
  555. “D-Dad that hurts! Stop it!”
  556. >But Discord just hushes you
  557. >”Not now Anon. The adults are talking!”
  558. >Goddamnit… he’s messing with your hair…
  559. >”You see Chrysalis, tell me… is it worth it fighting each other? When we both want the same thing?”
  560. >Is he talking about the thing you are thinking?
  561. >”Control all over Equestria and make everypony follow under my rule?”
  562. >Hmm, you were thinking about powers and stuff… and maybe free tacos. But technically that could mean the same, specially the tacos
  563. >”Yes indeed…” Discord starts stroking his beard. “I do it because I can and to see everypony in lament is hilarious… you need to see the faces of the princesses. Every day is just like a birthday to me… ah but back to the point.” He makes a chess board appear in front of him, floating in mid air. This time the white pieces were all rooks and the black pieces were just normally ones… except that each one had a hole. “I’ll give you a good part of Equestria if you let your army be under my command.” Discord let out an evil smirk to her
  564. >But the stubborn queen doesn’t like the idea already
  565. >”Let my army at your paws? Hah! As if I would go so down! There is no way I’m letting you command them! They only listen to me and me only!”
  566. >Discord looks at the other changelings in room and snaps his talons, they for some reason go in a line next to him and were waiting something, as if orders from him
  567. >”Now, I know this is suddenly and I don’t have any right to command your army. This is only temporally and you’ll get rewarded.” In the middle of the chess board, a map appeared showing a… city? It had… crystal buildings and there were lots of ponies that somehow you see something different on them. You can’t tell what but there is something in them different from the others you’ve meet. “Ever heard of the… Crystal Empire, my dear Chrysi?”
  568. >Crystal Empire? Sounds like a name for a hotel boutique
  569. >”Don’t you dare call me by nicknames!” Chrysalis hissed at Discord. “…No, I’ve never heard of such place”
  570. >”Good! Good… because you’ll LOVE when I tell you about this place… you see, my dear princesses went to the Frozen North in an excursion and what this empire is, is nothing more but a mine of love.” The map shows an illusion of the ponies from the Crystal Empire, all looking happy and respectful to each other. “Princess Celestia told me that, if the ponies from the empire show love and care to everypony else… that could reflect in all of Equestria, or well, at least in that place because almost all Equestria right now is under my chaos”
  571. >Uh… this is so boring and you don’t care what they talk about it… maybe you should talk with some of those black guys changelings and see if they can… really change into other ponies
  572. >Chrysalis raised an eyebrow and unamused stared at Discord
  573. >”Your point?”
  574. >Discord let an annoyed sigh
  575. >”The empire gets love; your whole hive gets feed on the empire! You don’t starve and you get that empire as new hive if you want”
  576. >From the look of Chrysalis, she really liked the idea. But something she saw was off
  577. >”You aren’t telling me everything yet, right? There needs to be something more about this… empire.” She brings a hoof to her chin and starts to deeply think. “Why I never heard of this empire in the first place? I got changelings almost around Equestria and nopony told me about this”
  578. >”Ah… well you see… this is the interesting part.” The illusion in the chess board changed into the Crystal Empire in a pure snow storm and lots of ponies being used as slaves. “Moons, moons ago, the Crystal Empire used to be a bright place… but then this unicorn with the knowledge of dark magic took control of it, slaving the ponies”
  579. >The illusion now shows a dark pony with a red long horn, totally different to the ones unicorns had, red eyes and something green and purple coming out of them. He was wearing an armor and red cape with a weird helmet that maybe replaces a crown
  580. >”As Celestia said to me, if the Crystal Empire gains hope or whatever they need, the Crystal Empire will get filled with love, love your changelings will get for free. BUT, if that doesn’t happen and this pony, which I remark, is gonna come back and try to get his empire back… the empire will get lost in fear and hate. Now queen Chrysalis… your move”
  581. >Now that took the queen changeling’s attention, now she was into Discord’s chess game… but knowing Discord he wanted other stuff from her
  582. >Meanwhile they were talking about whatever they were talking; you went in front of five changelings who were waiting for orders
  583. >Fuck that cheesy stuff Discord and that… Chrysalis are talking about. You are curious about these pals
  584. “Hey! Hello!”
  585. >But they didn’t respond to your greeting
  586. >You waved a hoof in front of one but he didn’t even blink… no one else did
  587. “Uh…”
  588. >You suddenly hear Discord’s voice saying your name
  589. >”Oh, it seems like Anon wants to play with your changelings.” He snaps his talons and the changelings finally start to blink. “Have fun… now, back to this, Sombrero guy…”
  590. >Humm, they were staring at you now. What should you do?
  591. “Uhmm, hi” You say while waving your hoof
  592. >They all say they greetings at the same time, their voices sounding different one another. You thought they talked the same by being… same each other
  593. “Hey guys… umm, my name is Anon!”
  594. >”Hi Anon” They all say at the same time… jeez, looks like an AA meeting
  595. >You place your butt on the floor and stare at the changelings
  596. “Soooo… what do you guys do to have fun?”
  597. >”We feed on love!” The first on the right says
  598. >”Yeah! Love!” The middle one says nodding
  599. >You could hear some angry bellies sounding from a few of them
  600. >”Do you have some love to spare?”
  601. >Love to spare? Eh… they feed on love… how does that even work?
  602. “Umm, I would love to… share my love! But… I don’t think I have any!”
  603. >One of the changelings starts sniffing you and shakes his head
  604. >”You smell like love! You do! You do!”
  605. >Oh god like dogs they start to come near you
  606. >”Share your love with us!”
  607. “G-gah!” You step away from them. “I don’t have any love! I don’t think I-“
  608. >…Oh god you totally forgot Sweetie Belle and those fuzzy feelings you got
  609. >…Hopefully she’s doing alright
  610. >One of the changelings hissed and interrupted what tiny thoughts you were starting to make out
  611. “A-Away! Back off! I’m the prince of chaos and I command you to-“
  612. >But they didn’t listen. The six of you jump at you and start to pile on top of you
  613. “A-ah! Not like this! D-Discooooord!” You try to reach a hoof to the surface of black pony bugs, but it quickly gets dark by the bodies of the changelings totally covering your view
  614. >And then, only darkness remained
  615. >…
  616. >”Oh, Alberto~” You hear a distant voice. “Time to wake up, sleepy colt!”
  617. >You groan and keep moving in your sleep
  618. “N-namm… ahmn…”
  619. >”ALBERTO!”
  620. >Suddenly you feel something really cold on your belly that wakes you up instantly
  621. “EEK! QUE VERG- Ah!” You look around while being half sleep. “Eh? Discord?”
  622. >He was there, in front of you… you were lying on the floor, somehow you went to sleep as they were talking about important stuff… but you, what were you doing?
  623. >And why do you have an egg yolk on your belly? Did he seriously used an egg to wake you up instead of water or… you know… slapping your face or something?
  624. >”There you are! As you were playing with Chrysalis’s changelings, they maybe were feeding on your love… which sent them to sleep. Ah… your first sleep over… how quickly they grow!”
  625. >You don’t understand shit about what’s he saying
  626. >You stand up and yawn while scratching your mane
  627. “W-What time it is?”
  628. >Discord pulled a clock… a big size clock out of thin air. Where there should be the hours it said “chaos”
  629. >”It’s chaos o’ clock!” He made the clock disappear. “Now Anon, is time to mess with the princesses! And you have the first seat to see it happening!”
  630. >He snaps his talons and you were wearing now some 3D glasses and had some popcorn near you, the same as he
  631. “Uh… what’s the big deal? Did Chrysalis agreed on whatever you told her?”
  632. >”Do you want me to tell you spoilers? Just watch and see the show…”
  633. >You sit on your comfy throne and wait for whatever Discord was waiting for
  634. “Okay I don’t get it but-“
  635. >”Hush! They’re coming!”
  636. >The doors of the throne room open and the two princesses, Celestia and Luna make their entrance
  637. >Oh, it’s a long time since you seen these two. You almost forgot how big of an alicorns they were. Mostly Celestia with that celestial mane and all
  638. >”What did you call us here for, Discord?” Celestia says impatiently. “It better be more important than the status of the Crystal Empire right now, with its return and the return of King Sombra”
  639. >Discord eats some popcorn and makes it disappear, making his crown and cape appear, even the 3D glasses disappeared, except for yours
  640. >You just grab some popcorn and see what this is about
  641. >”Well of course is more important than the Crystal Empire! And it will take just little of our time… well you see, this is about you and your younger sister, Lulu.” He pointed a talon to Luna. “Tell me, how important is your sister to you, princess?”
  642. >”How important? She’s my sister. Of course she’s important to me, more than anything.” Celestia looked to her sister with a true and warm smile, her sister though didn’t smile, she was just serious on whatever this discussion was… hmm
  643. >”Right, more important than planning something in her back, right?”
  644. >Celestia looks confused at what Discord said
  645. >”Plans?”
  646. >”Oh please… don’t act like I didn’t know you were the leader of that tiny town in the Everfree Forest… I got to say, staying at my side and doing something without me knowing was interesting from you… but tell me, you think your sister will approve that?” Discord snaps his talons, showing in two tiny separated cages Pinkamena and Fluttershy. “Is funny how your plans can get ruined by a colt. But let’s talk about this town and your sister…”
  647. >Discord stands up from his throne and walks near Princess Luna, putting his arm on her shoulder
  648. >”Tell me Lulu, what would you think if your beloved sister… the only one you have and the one you respect in this entire world… made a plan in your back because she fears the ponies would fear you? Because they wouldn’t see a princess… but rather a monster… a villain… I’m talking about Nightmare Moon”
  649. >Luna sight went from Discord to Celestia, she was deeply looking into her eyes
  650. >”You wouldn’t lie to me like that, right sister?” Luna rested her head over Celestia’s shoulder. “She loves me too much for doing that, isn’t that right sister?”
  651. >Oh… you see what Discord wanted to see. She wanted both Celestia and Luna to discuss about Celestia being the leader of the town
  652. >That’s right… Luna was never mentioned in town, only Celestia. So she /was/ doing all that behind her sister without her knowing
  653. >And Discord just told it in front of her… ouch
  654. >Discord is such a dick
  655. >”Luna, I…” Celestia looked to the floor and with regret in her voice; she tried her best to look at Luna. “Discord is right… I am so sorry…”
  656. >”There we go! Was that so hard to say, Princess?” Discord was starting to mock Celestia. “I really loved the idea of you trying to use a town against me! I bet you got more… but just the fact that you, the princess of the sun, the respectful sovereign of Equestria… lied to her own sister! Hilarious… cruel and hilarious, my kind of comedy…”
  657. >Discord took a seat on his throne and whispered some words to you
  658. >”Now watch this Anon, is going to get better…”
  659. “Aha…”
  660. >You watch the two sisters starting to discuss about the town and how Celestia didn’t say a thing about that. You could see Luna was very heart broken about it
  661. >”Luna…”
  662. >”DON’T YOU DARE SAY A WORD!” Luna cried at Celestia. “You liar… you couldn’t share your plans because you feared those ponies could… fear me… I trusted you, you are my sister and this is how things are? I’m not only the laughingstock of this nation, but what I am to you, Celestia?” Her expression was deep in anger. “WHAT I AM TO YOU?”
  663. >”D-Dear sister… I… I…”
  664. >Celestia couldn’t say a word; only tears were running through her face as she tried to think for some amending words to say to her sister
  665. >Meanwhile Discord and you watched how the two sisters fought each other…
  666. >”Not a word I see? So be it…” She turned around and walked to the exit of the throne room. “Don’t you EVER talk to me again… I rather listen to Discord than you…”
  667. >Using her magic, Princess Luna smashed the two doors of the throne room as she left
  668. >Celestia falls to the floor with a stunned expression, looking ahead with her mouth open and more tears running down her face
  669. >”Luna…” she started to whimper as she called her sister’s name
  670. >You even notice that her celestial mane started to shine less and move slowly…
  671. >”Oh ho ho ho! Did you see that, Anon? I think I got in camera the moment her heart breaks!” He uses his paw and claw to form an L and make a square as if it was a camera around where Celestia is. “Priceless! I’ve never seen a pony so heartbroken in all my draconequus years! Ha ha ha!”
  672. >Celestia quickly stands up and glares at Discord with an angry expression… tension quickly forming in the throne room
  673. >”You… you…”
  674. >Discord just keep on laughing as you uncomfortably tried to look away from her… but you couldn’t. She was angry, sad… she just lost the trust of her sister and it was Discord’s fault
  675. >”Ah… that was a good laugh.” Discord wipes a single tear from his eye. “But you see dear princess, you can’t blame me. You have you and only YOU to blame. If you didn’t want this to happen… you could’ve told Luna about that town… about these ponies.” Discord looks to the cages of Pinkamena and Fluttershy. “Wait… you two need something to suit the cages.” He snaps his talons and both of they were now wearing parrots costumes. “Much better… don’t you think, Anon?”
  676. >Well… he got a solid point about Celestia
  677. “Yes… I’m with my dad in this one. If you wanted to do something against him… wouldn’t it be better if you talked with your sister? If you trusted her, if you two were sisters… why hide that? I don’t know what happened before but, a sister is a sister… she’s your family.” You look at the closed doors of the throne room. “But now she’s gone. And is more your fault than my dad’s fault”
  678. >Well that was your opinion, maybe you weren’t that right but you wanted to say that
  679. >Damn you need to talk more often
  680. >”Well my question was that if you liked the parrot costumes… but that works too.” Discord looks to Celestia, which started to cry a bit more from what you said. “See? Even my son knows how bad you did… ohh and you did really bad… maybe Luna doesn’t want to see you anymore for the rest of her life!” He says with an evil smirk
  681. >Celestia couldn’t take any more of this and she turned around and ran away, opening the doors of the throne rooms and going out without closing them
  682. >”What! You need vacations? I’ll be sure to tell your sister about that! Don’t you worry! Adieu!”
  683. >Discord stands up and stretches, groaning a bit
  684. >”Ah… that was entertaining. What do you think about that, Anon? You felt the sorrow in Celestia’s eyes, didn’t you?”
  685. >You for a moment thought Celestia was going to attack Discord in the act…
  686. “Yeah… she was very sad about it. I kinda feel bad for her… I mean, I don’t know her that much but something tells me is a bit wrong what we did”
  687. >”Oh Anon, pony up! Eh… I don’t know what you humans say in your world”
  688. “Man up” You remark
  689. >”That. Whatever!” He floats in place as he brings two cups in each claw and paw. “We need to celebrate! You did all of this alone, well part of me helped… but mostly alone! You learned a few things and we ruined Celestia in more than one way!”
  690. >Discord makes appear two bottles with a grape on the label and starts pouring them in each cup, giving one to you
  691. >Oh boy it’s been long since you drank some wine!
  692. “Oh thanks… but didn’t you forget to add Luna to the situation? She’s totally ruined too, right? She was very sad about it…”
  693. >Man you wish you had tequila… but this wine will do
  694. >”Who says that was Luna?” Discord says as he starts drinking the glass of the cup
  695. >You quickly spit the implied wine and cough
  696. “H-Hey! This isn’t wine! This is juice!”
  697. >…
  698. “And what? That wasn’t Luna?”
  699. >But… if she wasn’t Luna, who was she?
  700. >”Oh Anon… you think I would give to your pony body strong drink? Grow up first… oh yes; also I know how Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are. Both to the bond of sisters, would trust each other and forget too… so you see, I made a deal with dear Chrysalis and she accepted”
  701. “Chrysalis? You mean the queen that was acting like that teacher, right? Jesus Christ… where is she?”
  702. >Discord snaps his talons, making appear the same Luna you saw in this room minutes ago
  703. >”Ugh… you can call me instead of making me appear from thin air… you know?” Luna- eh… Chrysalis changed to her own self. “How was that? Did she believe all that?”
  704. >Discord chuckled evilly as he brought a camera showing some photos of Celestia looking heartbroken
  705. >”Indeed… it was the best expression I’ve seen from her! You did an excellent job, queen of the changelings”
  706. “Uh…” You kind of want to go see if Celestia is… okay. Part of you isn’t a total asshole like Discord… and that was a dick move from him. “Maybe I’ll go for a ride outside”
  707. >”Hmm?” Discord’s ears perk up as he hears you. “Why’s that? We have plans to continue! That town needs a new remodeling… also I promised a statue for Chrysalis in there on her name…”
  708. >How can you get away from this and see if at least that princess is okay? You have a bit of regret… you are not going to tell her it was a changeling, but you just want to see her
  709. “Well you see… is a human thing going to see the heartbroken ones and try to talk to them a bit… I’m not going to tell her anything about Luna being Chrysalis if that’s what you think. I just… want to walk, stretch a bit… see if I got new magic tricks, maybe?” You look into your watch that wasn’t moving. “Maybe I got my magic back…” You whisper to yourself
  710. >”There is no need to follow Celestia. We have to move on and that’s it. You better listen to your father… Or do I need to discipline you? You’ve been acting different ever since you went to that town…”
  711. >Chrysalis decided that it was better to leave the both of you to talk like father and son
  712. >”I’ll be around… seeing about that empire” with her own magic she teleported somewhere else
  713. “Come on Discord… is just… I’m trying to adapt to this, y’know? “ You awkwardly smile to Discord. “Is just… I don’t know what’s good and what’s not anymore… I want power, I do… but at what cost?”
  714. >Discord changed his clothes into a top hat and a tuxedo with a cane on his paw
  715. >”You signed your contract and said it was all good… I even sang a song! A song! You know how hard is to pull songs out of nowhere?”
  716. >Yeah… that song was pretty neat… but
  717. “Song or not, I’m starting to doubt what I’m doing… what I’ll do in the future… what I’ll become. In my world there were crimes and this… this is beyond that! What would happen if all this chaos disappeared? If the ponies somehow found a way! A way to… remove your chaos!”
  718. >Fluttershy words were hitting in your head… “Don’t you know that your actions have consequences”…
  719. “Maybe the ponies are right about you…”
  720. >Discord places the end of his cane on your chest and growls at you
  721. >”Don't you disrespect me little colt!”
  722. >That completely startled the hell out of you
  723. >”Don't you derogate or deride…” He smiled widely at you. “You're in my world now, not your world…”
  724. >Did you hear music in the background? Oh for the love of…
  725. “Discord look, songs are neat but the songs can’t explain the-“
  726. >You are quickly interrupted by Discord’s paw that grabs you by the back and places you in his throne, music still going
  727. >”Sit down at my throne, put your mind at ease…” He made appear a glass of chocolate milk at your side. “If you relax it will enable me to do anything I please…”
  728. “Discord I-“
  729. >But nope, he was still singing…
  730. >”I can see your future, I can change it 'round some too.” He changed his clothes to one of a fortune teller and made a crystal ball appear in front of you. “I look deep into your heart and soul”
  731. >He leans closer as you grab the chocolate milk and gave it a tiny sip
  732. >…You were a bit thirsty from the popcorn after all
  733. >”You do have a soul, don't you, Alberto?”
  734. “Well of course I-“
  735. >Aaaaand interrupted again by the song he was singing
  736. >”Make your wildest dreams come true!” He disappeared and appeared some meters away
  737. >”I got chaos, I got havoc!” Some fireworks behind him appeared and the music… was starting to sound neat. “I got things I didn't even try!”
  738. >Okay neat or not it needs a stop
  739. “OKAY! OKAY! I GOT IT! You can stop now!”
  740. >As soon as you yelled to him… the music stopped
  741. >”Party pooper…” He was holding in his paw and claw some poker cards… you could see some green colts there. He throws the cards at the air and looks at you. “Whatever, that song was rushed.” With a snap of his talons the cards that were in the floor were now making a tower of cards. “Do whatever you want, I bet Celestia is in that not so chaotic garden behind the castle. Just be quick, we have things to do…”
  742. ”So that song was for nothing? I thought you were trying to-“
  743. >With a groan Discord snaps his talons at you, teleporting you to the gardens of the castle
  744. “Convince… me. Hijo de puta…” You should get used by now to suddenly teleports
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