Aug 2nd, 2014
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  1. [01:53] <ReubenMcHawk> Hi Reuben,
  2. [01:53] <ReubenMcHawk> As you probably know, we had some..issues between each other. And im here trying to solve them. I first would like to clarify that nobody told me to do this, this was a thought of mine I wanted to come across. I would just like to apologise of the mistakes I have made.
  3. [01:53] <ReubenMcHawk> I am sorry for posting my impolite comments on your Ohh 2.0 thread, I had a misunderstanding of what you were trying to say because in my point of view, it seemed like you were criticizing the Rev can, where in conclusion you were actually giving some reasonable advice.
  4. [01:53] <ReubenMcHawk> I regret the comments I posted, I think that Ohh 2.0 will turn out to be a successful clan, hopefully better than the original one :) I hope we will no longer have any misunderstandings or any more hate. I wish that Rev and Ohh 2.0 can be good allies :)
  5. [01:53] <ReubenMcHawk> I hope you will accept my apology and that you will not reply negatively.
  6. [01:53] <ReubenMcHawk> Best Wishes
  7. [01:53] <ReubenMcHawk> ~KICKED
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