Emo Anon

May 4th, 2016
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  1. "Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?"
  2. >All the girls at the table perk their heads up at Sunset's question
  3. >"Anon? You mean the kid that always wears black and like, is super depressing to be around? Man, I'm just as curious as you."
  4. >Rainbow's response was sarcastic and harsh, but also kinda true
  5. >"Well jeez, that's a little mean don'tcha think? Maybe if ya get to know him he ain't so bad?"
  6. >Rainbow gives deadpan stare at Applejack, who seems to be clueless about Anons certain demeanor
  7. >"Trust me girls, that guy is a total weirdo. He's always sad and brings the mood down wherever he is!"
  8. >"What do you mean Rainbow?" Sunset asks
  9. >Rainbow swallows the food she had in her mouth and answers, "All that guy ever talks about is being depressed and how 'this whole world is just a facade to cover up how horrible life is' and stuff like that, I have math with him and I asked him ONE question, just if he knew the answer to some of the homework we were working on and you know what he said?"
  10. >To accentuate her point, Rainbow slouches down in her chair more and brushes some of her hair in front of her eyes, speaking in a monotone low voice, "Why does it even matter? We could have all the answers we wanted in life but it still wont cover up the darkness in our souls..."
  11. >
  12. >"And his sense of style so... drab, he needs more color! All I've ever seen him wear is that gaudy black outfit, and those large leather boots? bleh, No amount of style could pull that off.", Rarity says before taking a bite of her apple
  13. >Pinkie decides to speak up
  14. >"Maybe all he needs is a friend! Being alone can do that to a person you know, you spend so much time in your own head instead of talking with others and eventually you think that's all you need, but it's not! If he needs someone to talk to then I'll be super happy to help him!"
  15. >All the girls at the table, except Rainbow, seem to be on board with Pinkie's idea and nod
  16. >"So that settles it! Don't worry girls, I got this!"
  17. >Pinkie lifts herself from the seat and makes her way towards Anon
  18. >"I still don't think it's a good idea..."
  19. >But despite Rainbow protest, Pinkie was already on her way to make another friend!
  20. ~
  22. >You are Anon
  23. >And life is pain
  24. >You brush your long black hair out of your face and continue drawing broken black hearts all over your notebook
  25. >It's not like you need notes or anything anyways
  26. >No amount of learning could save your dark mind from this hell
  27. >You wish you were home, this whole school just doesn't understand the pain
  28. >This entire world doesn't understand
  29. >the world could just burn for all you care
  30. >You put your pencil down and reach for your lunch
  31. >Shit, you forgot to put that banana in your lunchbag this morning
  32. >you remember it sitting on the counter and mentally cut yourself for your mistake
  33. >It's probably sitting there now, black and rotting
  34. >Like your soul.
  35. >At least you still have your ham and cheese sandwich
  36. >You cut it into a heart
  37. >Then ripped it in half
  38. >Pulling out the ripped sandwich, you take a bite and remember how you used to enjoy things like sandwiches
  39. >Now it's bland and tasteless
  40. >Also like your soul
  41. >at least the grape juice you brought has some flavor
  42. >You open the bottle and go to take a swig until-
  43. >"Uhm, hello? You're Anon right?"
  44. >You look up and see-
  45. >Oh god, too much pink.
  46. >You could feel yourself getting diabetes just looking at this girl
  47. >Looks like she wants a response
  48. "I guess I am, but really, who knows? Does it even matter who I am? Names are just a dogtag we use to help ourselves feel significant in this horrible life we're given, but eventually the names all just go away, a name doesn't matter when you're a rotting corpse in the ground."
  49. >Pinkie's stare tells that your answer went in one ear and out the other
  50. >Of course this preppy bitch wouldn't understand
  51. >Nobody ever understands
  52. "But yeah, I'm Anon."
  53. >She perks up and claps her hands together
  54. >"Great! My name's Pinkie Pie and I kinda noticed you were over here all alone and I thought maybe you'd like a friend to talk to!"
  55. >Friend?
  56. >Like you'd ever be friends with someone as "happy" as her
  57. >You know deep down she is just a shallow slut who only covers up her lack of understanding with things like friends
  58. >Just ignore her and continue your misery
  59. >It's not like making friends would make you any less lonely
  60. >Unfortunately she doesn't take this as a sign for her to go away
  61. >Instead she sits right next to you
  62. >She smells like happiness and cotton candy
  63. >You've had both before
  64. >It was awful
  65. >Now she's looking at your notebook while you eat your lunch
  66. >"Are these your drawings? Wow! You're really good!"
  67. >Pfft, nothing you've ever produced in that notebook is 'good'
  68. >It's all a reflection of your inner turmoil and despair
  69. >She turns the page and you notice her light up
  70. >"You like Escape The Fate too?! ohmygosh this is my favorite album! You drew it really good too, it's almost spot on perfect!"
  71. >...
  72. >...
  73. >...What?
  74. >You look back at her and see she turned to the page where you drew ETF's Ungrateful album art
  75. >
  76. >You didn't even really try hard drawing it at all
  77. >But... it's alright, you guess.
  78. "Yeah, I just forgot the jewels on the crown, but just like everything else in life, nothing is ever perfect. No matter how hard we try, nothing will ever live up to our expectations and will always disappoint us."
  79. >You sigh and take a bite of your sandwich
  80. >And then you realize you forgot to put mayo in it
  81. >You sigh again
  82. >"What's wrong Anon? you seem a little down!"
  83. >Normally you wouldn't converse with these kind of people, but you guess you could puppet your way through this horrible interaction if it'll get her to leave sooner
  84. "I forgot to put mayo in my sandwich. like I said, nothings perfect..."
  85. >"Oh, that's all? Here I can help you with that!"
  86. >Pinkie leaves her seat quickly and runs over to the salad bar in the cafeteria
  87. >Grabbing a handful of mayo packets, she bring them back over and hands them to you
  88. >"here ya go! I don't really know how much mayo you like so if you need more you can just go ahead and ask!"
  89. >You... don't know how to respond to that
  90. >Saying thank you would be useless, because that would mean you actually care about what she just did, which you don't.
  91. >Without responding, you rip open 3 of the packets and spread the mayo on your sandwich
  92. >You look back at her and she's just... watching you
  93. >Maybe she's... expecting something from doing something for you?
  94. >Oh god, you're right. Why else would she do that? If course she's expecting something in return
  95. >You don't know what this girl is capable of, what if she gets one of her meathead friends to take something from you if you don't do it now?
  96. >Best get it out of the way you guess
  97. >Without speaking, you take the other half of your sandwich and hand it over
  98. >She looks at it for a second, then a smile that could split her head in half forms on her face
  99. >"eeEEE! ohmygosh thank you so much! I knew you were a good person, all you needed was a friend! Well I gladly accept this sandwich half as a token of new friendship, TO FRIENDS!"
  100. >She then takes her half and touches it to yours as a toast or something, then takes a bite
  101. >Maybe you should have just let her get someone else to beat you up for your stuff
  102. ~
  104. >The group of girls all look at Pinkie talking with Anon
  105. >Everybody is actually surprised to see that she hasn't been completely blown off yet
  106. >Sunset is the first to speak about this mind blowing altercation
  107. >"Wow, I didn't think she had it in her!"
  108. >"Well, she IS the premiere friend maker of CHS, she could make friends with a tree branch and talk to it for hours, trust me, I've seen her do it." Rainbow responds while playing with the food on her tray
  109. >Which Rarity doesn't seem to take too kindly too
  110. >"Rainbow Dash, could you please not play with your food darling? It's there to eat, not fool around with!"
  111. >But her comment falls on deaf ears
  112. >She was already in the middle of making an aqueduct of celery over to Applejacks tray
  113. >Pouring milk into her side, it travels all the way into Applejack meatloaf
  114. >"Ha! Score!"
  115. >"Wha? Aw consarn' it I was just about to eat that!"
  116. >"Maybe I should just drop sports and be an engineer!"
  117. >Sunset tries to hold back her laughter while Rarity scolds the both of them
  118. >"Honestly Applejack, it's just a bit on you for not noticing what she was doing."
  119. >"I was payin' attention to Pinkie over there! I jus' don't want that Anon kid to go an hurt her feelings just for tryin' to make friends with him!"
  120. >Speaking of which
  121. >Sunset looks back over to the too and-
  122. >Ohmygod
  123. >What the...
  124. >Are they holding hands?!
  125. ~
  127. >Meanwhile...
  128. >You are Anon
  129. >And you are internally freaking out right now
  130. >All you said to her was you cold dead hands will someday lead you to the sweet release of death
  131. >And without a word, she took your hand into hers
  132. >You have no idea what to do, so you lock up
  133. >No girl has ever held you hand before
  134. >Mainly because girls don't exactly go out of their way to hold your hand
  135. >Or talk to you
  136. >Or look at you without disgust in their eyes
  137. >She's... surprisingly warm to the touch
  138. >You wish this wasn't happening right now
  139. >You wish you could take your hand away
  140. >But nothing you seem to think of pushes you to do anything
  141. >Just sit there and take it
  142. >"Oh jeez, your hands really are cold! Don't worry, Auntie Pinkie will warm them up for you!"
  143. >She's warming you up
  144. >Why is it spreading across your whole body?!
  145. >What is she doing to you?!
  146. >You haven't felt this warm since you tried to brand yourself with that paperclip
  147. >"You know Anon, you don't seem as bad as everyone says, all I hear is how dark and moody you are but you're actually really nice!"
  148. >Nice?
  149. >Did she really just call you nice?
  150. >Not that you care about what anybody thinks of you
  151. >You need to say something
  152. >Anything to get her away from you
  153. >Why can't you think of anything?!
  154. >All you can think of is how soft her hand is
  155. >Just say something you useless waste of life!
  156. >Anything!
  157. "Y-you too..."
  158. >Fuck
  159. >You could have said anything but that
  160. >You're eyes shift cross the cafeteria in fear of looking at her
  161. >Nobody seems to be paying attention to you two
  162. >Except-
  163. >Oh no, isn't that the table she came from?
  164. >They're all looking at you!
  165. >Please please Satan almighty please give some kind of sign to end thi-
  167. >The bell signalling the end of lunch rings through the cafeteria
  168. >"Oh shoot, sorry Nonny but I gotta go now! I'll see you around!"
  169. >Pinkie lets go of your hand and gets out of her seat
  170. >But instead of just leaving, she throws her arms around you
  171. >Your mind goes blank
  172. >The smell of cotton candy is overwhelming so you instantly lock up again
  173. >Another burst of warmth spreads through your body like a wildfire
  174. >What the hell is happening to you?!
  175. >But just as quickly as it started, she lets go of you and skips away back to her friends
  176. >Again, you are left alone
  177. >All the students begin to file out of the cafeteria
  178. >But you remain seated
  179. >What the hell did that witch do to you?
  180. >And why did it feel...
  181. >So good?
  182. ~
  184. >You are Pinkie Pie!
  185. >And meeting Anon was such a blast!
  186. >You skip back to your friends who are all getting out of their seats but still looking right at you
  187. >Their faces are all wide eyed and surprised
  188. >What's with that reaction? All you did was make an awesome new friend!
  189. >In the span of half the lunch period, you learned so much about him!
  190. >He's a great artist
  191. >His taste in music is awesome!
  192. >Granted, you don't really listen to that kind of music much anymore
  193. >But still, part of you remembers you used to love that music
  194. >He likes ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo!
  195. >You prefer turkey, but hey, power to him!
  196. >As you approach your friends, they bombard you with a myriad of questions
  197. >"What happened over there?!"
  198. >"What was he like?!"
  199. >"Why were you holding his hand?!"
  200. >"Was he a freak like I said?"
  201. >"What did he say?!"
  202. >You raise a hand to stop all the questions
  203. >It's funny, usually they are the ones to stop you from talking too much
  204. >Glad to see the shoes on the other foot for once!
  205. "Girls girls girls! I can answer all your questions in time, but for now we gotta get to class!"
  206. >They all look at each other questioningly, but nod their heads and all head out of the cafeteria
  207. >Before you leave though
  208. >You look back at Anon, who is still sitting there motionless
  209. >You hope you didn't freak him out too bad
  210. >It's been a long time, but a part of you knows exactly how he feels
  211. >Don''t worry Nonny, there's still someone who understands you...
  212. ~
  214. >You are Pinkie Pie again!
  215. >The halls of CHS flood with students as the final bell rings for the day
  216. >Passing students along the way, you make sure to say bye to all of your friends and wish them a good afternoon
  217. >All the smiles on their faces just makes you so warm and fuzzy inside!
  218. >And with your closest friends right behind you, what could be better?
  219. >You skip towards the exit while all of your bestest friends follow
  220. >"So Pinkie, what happened with you and Anon during lunch today? It looked like you two were getting along pretty well!"
  221. >Sunset asked curiously while walking along
  222. >"Yeah Pinks, I really didn't expect that to go so good! I know you had it in you girl!"
  223. >You take the slug to your arm from Rainbow and giggle
  224. "Hehe, oh girls, you soooo underestimated him! He's actually really nice if you get to know him, he's an amazing artist, you should see the skulls and hearts he draws on his notebook, they look so cool! I guess he comes off as a bit moody from far away but I'm for real! You know he gave the other half of his sandwich to say thank you for getting him some mayo and it tasted delish! He made it himself too."
  225. >It really was a good sandwich, the perfect amount of lettuce and tomato can really go a long way!
  226. >But judging from your answer, it looks like they still aren't too convinced
  227. >The girls all look at each other questioningly
  228. >"uhh, so did he, you know, say anything about himself? What kind of stuff does he like?"
  229. >Hmm...
  230. >Now that you think of it, he didn't really say much about himself did he?
  231. "Well... uhm, drawing? and... ham sandwiches?"
  232. >You rub your head and giggle now that you think about it
  233. "Hehe, okay, maybe I was me who did most of the talking, but that doesn't mean I'm not wrong!"
  234. >Clapping your hands as you walk towards the exit, you turn to the girls to see what their plans are for today
  235. "So ladies, what should we do today?! I don't have any plans for today so I'm all free!"
  236. >The Cakes gave you today off so you really don't have anything to do
  237. >As much as you'd love to bake all kinds of sweets all day, you do need a break every now and then
  238. >Applejack puts her hand on your shoulder and speaks
  239. >"Sorry Pinkie, but ah got farm work to do today so I gotta get home"
  240. >"And I have dress orders I need to fill out so I'll be unavailable"
  241. >Well that's AJ and Rarity out, what about the rest of the girls?
  242. "Aw that's okay! What about the rest of you?"
  243. >Sunset rubs the back of her head apologetically
  244. >"I actually have to get home and study Pinkie, I got a Bio test coming up so I need to cram as much as I can."
  245. >"And I got soccer practice right after school, in fact I should probably head over to the field now, see ya girls!"
  246. >The group all says goodbye to Rainbow as she separates
  247. "How bout you Fluttershy?"
  248. >"oh, uhm. Today's actually my day to clean out the cages at the animal shelter today, if i didn't then all those poor animals could get sick, sorry Pinkie..."
  249. >Well shoot, it looks like it'll just be you today
  250. "Oh, that's ok girls! You all got stuff to do so I'm sure I can find something to do!"
  251. >Finally reaching the exit, you all say goodbye to each other and go your separate ways
  252. >Hmm...
  253. >You honestly don't know what you're gonna do today
  254. >both of your sisters are out of town with your father at Rockcon
  255. >As fun and exciting as a convention for rocks sounds, you passed up their offer to go with them
  256. >Though you don't know why they would dress up like Steel Panther's stunt doubles just for rocks
  257. >Also they kept saying things about a "Paradise City" and being "Thunderstuck"
  258. >You have no clue what they were talking about, but you hope theyre having fun
  259. >Mother is always busy with the house and her own work so she probably wont be up for much
  260. >You wonder if-
  261. >Wait a minute
  262. >Is that Anon standing over by the statue?
  263. >Well then, that solves that problem rather conveniently!
  269. >Be Anon, and that interaction with that pink girl at lunch today has kept you sort of on edge all day
  270. >All the students already filed out of the building and left for home, except you
  271. >You stand near the giant horse statue outside the school and take in the fresh air
  272. >It's disgusting
  273. >Leaning your back on the stone, you think back
  274. >Why was she being so nice to you?
  275. >What if she was just setting you up for something?
  276. >It wouldn't be the first time someone's played with your emotions like a tiny fiddle
  277. >Actually, they literally used a tiny fiddle
  278. >Though, maybe hitting you over the head with a tiny fiddle isn't exactly playing with your emotions
  279. >Whatever, that child definitely had it out for you
  280. >You cried for three hours that day
  281. >But what reason would she have to do that to you?
  282. >You've heard rumors about her
  283. >About how she's the friendliest person in CHS
  284. >But you've also heard the rumors about you
  285. >The UNfriendliest person in CHS
  286. >Two obviously clashing differences
  287. >So why would she want to be-
  288. >"Anon? Hey Nonny!"
  289. >Huh?
  290. >Oh no
  291. >Not again
  292. >Hasn't she tortured you with happiness enough yet?
  293. >You see Pinkie barreling towards you with a hand waving at you
  294. >You push the hair out of your face and notice how she's running
  295. >Oh god, why does she have to run like that?
  296. >Everything is so... bouncy
  297. >You may be a soulless walking corpse, but you're still a guy
  298. >hasn't this chick ever heard of a bra?
  299. >Paying too much attention to her assets, you didn't notice how much closer and closer she was getting
  300. >Before you could really react, the mass of pink joy is already in your personal space
  301. >And by personal space she is actually jumping onto you and wrapping her arms around you
  302. >Just close your eyes and brace for impact
  303. "GUUH!"
  304. >You grunt as you try to hold in place as she smacks into you, but the force is too much and throws both of you to the ground
  305. >Landing with a hard *THUD* on the ground, you begin to wish you were standing in the grass instead as all the metal on you digs into your skin
  306. >You lay there for a second and wonder why a nonexistent god has punished you so
  307. >Everything is black, as it should be
  308. >Maybe this isn't so bad
  309. >Speaking out is impossible, all that comes out is "Mhhpf, MHHPFF!"
  310. >You try to get back up but a force on top of you stops your efforts
  311. >Your hands try to feel out and push whatever is on your face that's making it so dark
  312. >Whatever it is, they sink into it a little
  313. >"HEHEHE! S-stop iiiit! That t-tickles! *gigglesnort*"
  314. >What?
  315. >Before you can do anything though, the force is lifted off of you and-
  320. >Pinkie finally lifts herself off of you
  321. >Your face feels like it's burning so bad
  322. >Why did everything just get so hot all of the sudden?!
  323. >As the girl gets up, she offers a hand to you and starts talking
  324. >"Ohmygosh Anon I'm sosososo sorry! Once I get running it's kinda hard for me to stop and I accidentally knocked you down and fell on top of you and I probably hurt you and I'm sorry!"
  325. >Hurt you?
  326. >Sure it kinda hurt, but nothing compares to the pain of life
  327. >You take her hand and lift yourself up with her help
  328. "I always hurt, my life is a constant reminder that pain is always there and will never cease to exist."
  329. >"Oh thank goodness, I thought I really hurt you!"
  330. >Did she not hear you?
  331. "I said I alwa-"
  332. >"Well anyways, I'm glad I ran into you! Not the falling part, but I was wondering if you'd like to hang out or something? I don't have any plans for today and I kinda saw you all alone over here and was thinking maybe we could get to know each other a little better, you know, as friends!"
  333. >Oh hell no
  334. >There's no way in hell you would ever subject yourself to such torture
  335. >But...
  336. >You really don't have anything planned for the rest of the day
  337. >Just sitting in your room and wondering if there's anything more to this horrible life you've been assigned to
  338. >Well now that you think of it
  339. >Would this count as 'anything more'?
  340. >You let out a sigh and push the hair out of your face again
  341. >You're so gonna regret this...
  342. "W... what did you have in mind?"
  343. ~
  345. >Pinkie rubs her chin and stares at the sky, letting out a long and drawn "Hmm..."
  346. >Just judging from the kind of person she is, you know you'll hate whatever she says
  347. >Suddenly, her face lights up as an idea pops into her head
  348. >"Ah, I know!"
  349. >Here it comes
  350. >'Let's go eat cupcakes and pet puppies! Let's go party with all my friends! We can go hug everybody we see in town!'
  351. >All these horrible thoughts cross your mind
  352. >"How bout you choose?"
  353. >Fuck that, like you would ever be caught doing tha-
  354. >wait what?
  355. >She's letting you choose?
  356. >Well then
  357. >You guess it's better than anything she would have chosen
  358. >The only problem is...
  359. >Where the hell should you go?
  360. >you definitely won't bring her back to your sanctuary
  361. >Who knows what all that pink would do to your realm
  362. >There's always the cemetery?
  363. >Nah, last time you were there a bunch of kids decided to visit too
  364. >Once they started taking their clothes off you thought maybe you shouldn't hang around there anymore
  365. >There's really only one other place you hang out at
  366. "Well... how about the mall?"
  367. >Pinkie's face lights up in excitement
  368. >"ohmygosh that sounds perfect! Great idea Anon let's go!"
  369. >Before you could react, you arm is pulled by her weirdly unnatural strength
  370. >Holy fuck it feels like your arm is being pulled out of the socket!
  371. >It's a good pain though
  372. >It's too bad your body wasn't built for such high speeds
  373. >Pinkie is practically in full sprint to the schools parking lot with you being dragged behind like a fucking rock on a chain
  374. >C'mon Anon breathe in breathe out
  375. >You're now starting to regret you picked up smoking
  376. >It feels like the longest run you've ever made in your entire life, the pain courses through your entire body like an electric shock
  377. >But like you always say
  378. >You'd rather feel pain than nothing at all
  379. >The two of you are approaching the student parking lot
  380. >Immediately you could spot which ride was Pinkie's
  381. >It stuck out like a sore thumb that was hit 7 times with a large hammer
  382. >The both of you get to her car, for some reason she is still bouncing in place while you are trying to catch your breath
  383. >Aw fuck, it feels like you're breathing through a damn coffee straw
  384. >You place your hand on he car and hunch over, desperately taking in the life giving nourishment you've come to despise
  385. >Luckily Pinkie doesn't say anything and you're able to breathe normally now
  386. >You can get a good look at her ride now
  387. >
  388. >Fucking shit you're gonna be riding in that?!
  389. >Why does it have eyelashes?!
  390. >You're usually not one to care what others think of you
  391. >But if anybody notices you in this?
  392. >You'd be the laughingstock of CHS!
  393. >Well, not that you weren't already
  394. >Maybe you could talk Pinkie into just walking to the mall or something?
  395. "Uhh, hey Pinkie?"
  396. >"Yeesssss Nonny?~"
  397. >Ugh
  398. >She really doesn't have to say it like that...
  399. "Couldn't we just like, walk or something instead?"
  400. >She gives you this expression as if you just told her you own a necklace full of razor blades
  401. >You do actually
  402. >But they won't let you wear it to school, some bullshit weapon policy or whatever
  403. >"What?! Why would we walk? The mall is way too far for walking and we're already at my car!"
  404. >Okay, maybe you could simplify this for her
  405. >You poke your own chest to emphasize your point
  406. "Okay Pinkie, look at me."
  407. >She does so
  408. "Now look at your ride."
  409. >Her head turns, but you feel like the gears aren't turning just yet
  410. "Look back at me."
  411. >She follows, a blank unreadable expression plastered on her face
  412. "Now look at the car."
  413. >...
  414. >...
  415. >...
  416. >Suddenly her eyes light up in realization
  417. >Yes!
  418. "You're not that tall Nonny, I'm sure you can fit! It's bigger on the inside trust me!"
  419. >Bitch!
  420. >Before you could protest at all though, she has already unlocked and made her way to the driver side of the car
  421. >"C'mon slowpoke get in!"
  422. >A long and exasperated sigh escapes your mouth
  423. >Fuck it, at least the windows are somewhat tinted
  424. >You make your way to the passenger side and open the door
  425. >Shit, it's even worse on the inside
  426. >The interior is mostly grey but there is pink accessories littered everywhere
  427. >pink fuzzy dice
  428. >A hula girl with a pink skirt
  429. >Pink air fresheners
  430. >Fuzzy Pink seat covers
  431. >Even the steering wheel has one of those weird Pink fuzzy covers that looks like clumped up dog hair
  432. >Just get in the seat and don't touch anything
  433. >Pinkie starts up the car and-
  435. >Your hand shoots to the off button on her radio in a flash
  436. >The assault on your ears that just occurred is something you can never have back now...
  437. >"Oops, sorry Anon! I forgot I was jammin' when I came to school this morning! Here ya go, you can play whatever you like!"
  438. >Pinkie adjusts the stereo and hands you an aux cord
  439. >Hmm, maybe you can show her what real music is
  440. >You pull out your phone and go to it's music playlist
  441. >No... no... no...
  442. >Ah!
  443. >You plug in the cord and soon you're on you way to the mall
  446. ~
  448. >The stereo of Pinkie's bug blares your feel good tunes as you ride down the road to the mall
  449. >Surprisingly to you, Pinkie is actually smiling and nodding her head to the music
  450. >So far through the ride you've tried to sink into the car seat as much as you can
  451. >You've already seen some people from school on the sidewalk or randomly walking around
  452. >Their attention was immediately grabbed by the unusual pink buggy with eyelashes
  453. >It must have been double unusual due to the fact that Pinkie had her window rolled down and the music was blaring for all to hear
  454. >Luckily their attention was drawn to the freakish car instead of the driver and passenger
  455. >People who knew the ride waved to Pinkie and she excitedly waved back
  456. >Man, she really is one of the popular kids isn't she
  457. >Which just begs to question
  458. >Why the fuck does she want to hang out with you?
  459. >Out of all the possibilities she has, she chose you
  460. >And she still seems to be having a good time!
  461. >usually by now people who tried to be around you either left out of sheer awkwardness or thought you were a freak and just left
  462. >Those people never had a problem with expressing this to you either
  463. >But so far she hasn't called you a freak
  464. >Or told you that you wear too much black
  465. >Or that you should lighten up and enjoy life
  466. >Or that your boots make too much noise when you walk down the hall
  467. >Seriously, who even complains about that?
  468. >Hopefully this day will go just as you expect it, with Pinkie getting fed up with you and leaving
  469. >She'll say all the horrible things that you've come to expect from the people of this world
  470. >Freak
  471. >Outcast
  472. >Loser
  473. >Faggot
  474. >Weirdo
  475. >You've heard it all
  476. >And she'll say it all, once she gets what she wants from you she will toss you to the curb
  477. >Just like everybody else
  478. >"Nonny? Are you okay?"
  479. >What?
  480. >Snapping out of your train of thought, you shake your head and turn to her
  481. >Yeah you're ok, why would she ask that?
  482. >You try to say yeah, but to your surprise all that comes out is a quivering "Mhmm."
  483. >What the fuck?
  484. >You barely noticed it now, but you're practically on the verge of tears
  485. >Quickly, you choke back the emotion and blink your eyes to get rid of the feeling
  486. "Uhm, I mean, yeah. I'm fine."
  487. >The concern on her face doesn't show that she believes you, but you also notice that while you were in your thoughts, Pinkie was already in the mall parking lot
  488. >"Are you su-"
  489. "There's a spot right there you can park."
  490. >You cut her off before she can interrogate you anymore
  491. >Her attention is reluctantly drawn off of you and put into getting into the spot
  492. >Since you are coming from school you and Pinkie leave your backpacks in her car, but not without taking your essentials from it
  493. >Smokes? Check
  494. >Lighter? Check
  495. >Razorblade necklace and spiked wristbands? Check
  496. >Hey, just because they won't let you wear it at school, doesn't mean you can't keep it hidden
  497. >After parking the car, Pinkie turns turns it off and the two of you exit and make your way to the mall entrance
  498. >"Are you sure you're alright Nonny? It didn't look li-"
  499. >You cut her off before she can finish
  500. >Jeez, what's with all these questions?
  501. "I'm fine Pinkie, dust just got in my face."
  502. >"Dust? But I clean my bug all the t-"
  503. >Okay, this is starting to get you mad, you try changing the subject to get her off your back
  504. "There's a Cafe here that I like going to sometimes, I doubt you've ever been to it."
  505. >This seems to distract her enough
  506. >"Oh I love cafes! I've been to all the cafes here though but I've never seen you in them, which one is it? Starbucks? CoffeeHaus? McDonalds? Technically that has a cafe in it."
  507. >Yeah, no. None of those.
  508. >You remain silent and continue to walk
  509. >"Ooh a mystery cafe, I like it!"
  510. >Once the two of you reach the entrance of the mall, you open the large glass doors and get hit with a cool wave of air
  511. >The malls layout is pretty simple, one large fountain in the middle with 4 branching paths that have stores littered along each side
  512. >Escalators near the fountain lead to the second floor with the same layout as the main floor
  513. >people are scattered all around but it's not nearly as busy as it would usually be during the weekends, it's only thursday so not many people came today
  514. >The cafe you're looking for though is located on the first floor at the very end of the left path where the darker part of the mall is
  515. >And you mean dark in both the definitions
  516. >Most of the stores on this path are Hot Topics, Spencer's, and other various types of... alternative stores
  517. >Also the lights in this spot are mostly broken or dimming
  518. >You lead Pinkie down the path as quickly as possible so nobody notices you
  519. >Hands in pocket, hair down, just keep walking...
  520. >Meanwhile behind you, Pinkie was bouncing all over the place and wouldn't shut up
  521. "Ohhh! I always thought this way was under maintenance or something! I never knew all these stores were here! What's that place?! Oooohhh look at all those pretty clothes! Wow! Why is that stores windows totally black? All the sign says is Bad Dragon on it! Must be an exclusive club or something!"
  522. >Just ignore her, keep walking
  523. >As you reach the end of the path, you see the sign to the Cafe you were looking for
  524. >Cafe le Black.
  525. >"Cafe le Black? Oohh sounds fancy!"
  526. >The entrance to the cafe isn't glamorous at all, The windows are all tinted from the outside with red brick under the windows to really give it that 'Get ready for a bad time' feeling
  527. >You open the glass door and a wave of cigarette smoke wafts out of the room and hits your face
  528. >Ahhh, that's better.
  529. >You take a deep breath and bask in the aroma
  530. "Well, here it is I gues-"
  531. >Suddenly, you are startled by a loud high pitches scream coming from behind you
  533. >You clamp your hand over her mouth to shut her up
  534. "Pinkie! It's just cigarette smoke! calm down!"
  535. >Her eyes were wide but she seems to calm down a bit and blink
  536. >You remove your hand from her mouth and she remains silent, but she feels the need to ask you a question
  537. >"Cigarette smoke? But you're not allowed to smoke in the mall!"
  538. "It's okay Pinkie, as you could probably tell this isn't really the most popular part of the mall so nobody really comes to bother us about the smoke here."
  539. >Relatively satisfied with that answer, you and Pinkie enter the Cafe
  540. >The smoke mostly clears up to reveal a moderately sized room littered with chairs and booths along the walls and tables scattered all around
  541. >The walls were a drab dark red with dark hardwood floor coverings, all kinds of band logos and merch littered the walls kind of like a sports bar, but for emos and punks of all kinds
  542. >
  543. >The stereo system blared with the tunes you were used to hearing
  544. >At the farthest wall sat a counter, with a very bored and uninterested looking Barista girl with an apron that had spider web patterns all over it and a visor that read "Cafe le Black", her purple hair flowing over the side
  545. >The dead, lifeless expression she gave you with her dark shaded eyes showed truly how much she loves her job
  546. >The cafe wasn't all too busy today, just a few people scattered here and there all drinking their coffee and smoking a cigarette
  547. >Passing all the sad and miserable people, you and Pinkie make your way to the counter
  548. >"Oh god not you again, what the fuck do you want Anon?"
  549. >Cheery as always
  550. "Eat shit Spider, just give me the usual and don't fuck it up this time, last time it tasted like rancid sewage."
  551. >"that's because it was sewage you cunt, you'll take whatever I give you and you'll like it."
  552. >You turn to Pinkie and ask her what she wants
  553. >But her wide eyed stare at both you and the barista makes it seem as if she just saw a ghost
  554. >"H-how RUDE! A-Anon?! Why do you come here if she treats you like that?!"
  555. "What? What do you mean?"
  556. >"She just said she gave you poo water last time you came here, why would you even come back?!"
  557. "Oh it wasn't that bad, sure it was shit but It's probably the best she could do."
  558. >"That was a pretty accurate response of what your dad said when you popped out your moms pussy Anon, a blueberry muffin, right?"
  559. "Yeah, thanks Spider, you know me so well."
  560. >"I spit in it, just so you know."
  561. "At least it'll have SOME flavor."
  562. >"So, what can I get for the pink one?"
  563. "Go ahead Pinks, what do you want?"
  564. >...
  565. >"Uhh... I'll... just have a glass of milk and banana nut muffin, thank you."
  566. >"Glass of milk? What are you, gay?"
  567. >"Wh-what?! No!"
  568. ~
  570. >Be Spider, barista and local hater of Cafe le Black
  571. >And you just saw the love of your life walk into the cafe for the 4th time this week
  572. >You keep track of every time her comes in
  573. >But this time...
  574. >He brought in some preppy little bitch
  575. >What the fuck is she doing with him?
  576. >Just act normal, don't say anything to weird him out
  577. >Straighten your apron, fix your hair, give him a little smile
  578. >Okay that last one wasn't able to come out
  579. >Oh shit, he's coming!
  580. >Quick, say something nice!
  581. "Oh god not you again, what do you want Anon?"
  582. >Oh perfect Spider, that'll TOTALLY get him to like you!
  583. >"Eat shit Spider, just give me the usual and don't fuck it up this time, last time it tasted like rancid sewage."
  584. >Oh good, he knew you were joking! Might as well carry on with it
  585. >"that's because it was sewage you cunt, you'll take whatever I give you and you'll like it."
  586. >His face is so kissable
  587. >You just wanna take it and kiss him all over
  588. >What you would do to have him behind this counter right now...
  589. >You see he turned to ask the bitch what she wants
  590. >But instead of being nice and just going along with it, she decided to bitch out
  591. >"H-how RUDE! A-Anon?! Why do you come here if she treats you like that?!"
  592. >Ugh, like she would know
  593. >"What? What do you mean?"
  594. >"She just said she gave you poo water last time you came here, why would you even come back?!"
  595. >It... wasn't that bad, was it?
  596. >You really tried your best on it
  597. >"Oh it wasn't that bad, sure it was shit but It's probably the best she could do."
  598. >Ha! Take that you little slut! Of course he would like it, you made it special just for him!
  599. >Oh, quick, he made a joke at you, make one back!
  600. >"That was a pretty accurate response of what your dad said when you popped out your moms pussy Anon, a blueberry muffin, right?"
  601. >Of course he wants a blueberry muffin, that's his favorite!
  602. >"Thanks Spider, you know me so well."
  603. >Damn right you do!
  604. >You know what your man likes!
  605. >He... may not actually be your man, but that won't stop you!
  606. >As you prepare his coffee, you grab a muffin and without him looking, you give it a little kiss
  607. >turning back, you give him the muffin
  608. "I spit in it you know."
  609. >"At least it'll have SOME flavor."
  610. >Yeah, your flavor...
  611. >And... you guess you'll entertain the pink bitch while she's here, a customer is a customer
  612. "So what can I get for the pink one?"
  613. >"Go ahead Pinks, what do you want?"
  614. >... Pinks?
  615. >Oh crap, he already has a nickname for her, you have no chance...
  616. >That's it, this ignorant little slut has stolen your man from you...
  617. >Shit! You knew you should have acted faster...
  618. >"Uhh... I'll... just have a glass of milk and banana nut muffin, thank you."
  619. >Fuck this bitch, just throw an insult at her and get back to work...
  620. "A glass of milk? What are you gay?"
  621. >"Wh-what?! No!"
  622. >Fuck it, if it's a glass of milk she wants, the a glass of milk she gets
  623. >You try not to let your heartache show while you prep their orders
  624. >grabbing the expired milk out of the fridge, you pour a glass for the bitch
  625. >Making sure Anons coffee is exactly how he likes it, black with just a dribble of honey, you take the orders and bring them up
  626. >You ring up the orders at the register
  627. "Alright, the two orders together will be $6.95"
  628. >Anon pulls his wallet out and hands you a single ten
  629. >"Keep the change Spider, see ya."
  630. >...
  631. >A three dollar tip?
  632. >...
  633. >...
  634. >He really does love you!
  635. >The turn to find a table, and you watch Anons cute butt sway
  636. >Without him looking, you EEE to yourself and smile
  637. >One day Anon, He'll know that you two are destined for each other...
  638. ~
  640. >
  641. >Be Anon, the master of sad
  642. >The cleric of crying
  643. >The lord of bored
  644. >The leader of the black parade
  645. >And this pink ball of fuck Won't.
  646. >Stop.
  647. >Talking.
  648. >Across the table from you sat a possible machine, with the speed she's talking at you are surprised you don't see smoke coming out of her ears
  649. >But instead of just leaving like you thought you would have by now, it was you who agreed to hang out with Pinkie
  650. >So you just sit in your chair...
  651. >And carry on...
  652. >"...and then Fluttershy let me hold one of the bunnies and is was soooo adorable! I squeezed it and hugged it and gave it little bunny kisses and it was the sweetest thing ever! But I think I might have scared it with too many kisses and it bit my nose! Hehehe! I totally panicked and booked it around the shelter but the bunny wouldn't let go! It wasn't until Fluttershy pulled out a big juicy carrot when the rabbit jumped off and right into Fluttershy's arms, you know she really has a special connection with animals I don't know how she does it but it's like they accept her as their family. isn't that awesome Anon?"
  653. >Totally awesome.
  654. >You take a sip of your coffee and set it back down on the table
  655. >Mmm... honey...
  656. >The feeling of taking a deep sigh overcame you, so you do just that
  657. >...
  658. "... what did the bunny look like?"
  659. >"OOOHHHH it was the cutest pure white with two little pink eyes and big ol' floppy ears! It's fur was super fluffy and it felt like I could squeeze right through it!"
  660. >You don't think that bunny wasn't as fluffy as she's thinking
  661. >That poor thing probably needs some kind of therapy to get that suffocating torture out of it's subconscious bunny mind
  662. >Nah, fuck that bunny, it got off lucky because you're the one who has to sit here and listen to all this
  663. >Honestly you wish you were a bunny, just so she could squeeze you.
  664. >To death.
  665. >Between her tits.
  666. >Finally Pinkie takes a deep breath and actually doesn't say a word for a second
  667. >Now the two of you just sit in silence, you look around as the music of your culture plays soothingly in the background
  668. >The ceiling fans squeak and move almost in slow motion
  669. >"So..."
  670. >You don't say a word
  671. >The silence is comforting, it washes over you like a warm blanket
  672. >You look back at the table and see the Pinkie is staring right at you
  673. >Her strikingly blue eyes pierced your skull and you swear you could feel a spot in your brain starting to burn with how hard she was staring
  674. "So..."
  675. >"So Anon, how bout you tell me about yourself?"
  676. >Shit, you were hoping she wouldn't ask that
  677. >What the hell can you even say?
  678. >Nothing in you life is even remotely exciting
  679. >Everyone you know has some kind of hate towards you
  680. >And you couldn't care less about this horrible life you've been given
  681. >Where do you even start?
  682. "Uhh... I like ham sandwiches?"
  683. >Holy shit what a bomb you just dropped
  684. >Pinkie just looks at you as she was before, then breaks out in a fit of giggle snorts that you could have gone your entire life without hearing
  685. >"Hehehe *Snort* I already know that! We shared one remember?!"
  686. >All of the sudden you hear a glass shatter from the back of the room
  687. >You turn around and see Spider standing dead still with her hands out and a rag in her left hand
  688. >It's kinda cool actually
  689. >You've always wanted to see a legit thousand yard stare happen to someone in real life
  690. >Though you're curious what caused it
  691. >Spider snaps out of her stare and blinks her eyes rapidly, then she looks around and notices that everybody in the cafe is looking at her
  692. >slowly, she slinks back behind the counter where nobody can see her
  693. >That was weird
  694. >Spider is a weird girl
  695. >You turn back and take a sip of coffee
  696. >It was then you realized that you were out, the cup was empty and you notice that you already ate your muffin too
  697. >Damn, time flies when you're not listening to someone
  698. >Welp, you guess now would be a good time to leave
  699. "Hey Pinkie, you think we can head out now?"
  700. >Your question seemed to have caught her by surprise
  701. >"Huh? Oh, ok sure! This is a nice place n all, but the smoke is starting to give me a headache."
  702. >Fair enough, you get up from your chair a stretch a bit
  703. >She does the same and the two of you head to the door
  704. "See ya later Spider, I hope you cut your foot on that glass."
  705. >You walk through the door and you think you faintly hear something before it closes
  706. >"I LOV-"
  707. >But the door shuts before you could hear the rest of it
  708. >Oh well, it probably wasn't important
  709. >Now you and Pinkie walk side by side across the mall floor
  710. >"So Anon, what else do you usually do at the mall?"
  711. >huh, what else DO you do here?
  712. >You don't feel like spending anymore money, so you can't really think of anything else
  713. >Hmm...
  714. >All of the sudden a loud voice startles you out of your train of thought
  715. >"Anon?! Well if it isn't the prince of darkness himself!"
  716. >Wait...
  717. >Oh no
  718. >nonononononononono
  719. >Anybody but her
  720. >Oh please anybody but her right now
  721. >You really don't need her harassment today, you get it enough at school
  722. >Just keep walking just keep walking hopefully she ignores you please please
  723. >"Ohh Anonymous, don't think I can't see you walking next to that human form of diabetes!"
  724. >Fuuuuuuck
  725. >Pinkie speaks up while looking around for that voice
  726. >"Huh? Who's that?"
  727. >But you know exactly where she is
  728. >You always know, because it feels like knives stabbing you wherever she stares
  729. >And not in a good way
  730. >You're too far away from the other more populated cross ways to the rest of the mall so it's pretty obvious that she knows it's you
  731. >You stop in your tracks, Pinkie follows suit and gives you a curious glance
  732. >"uhh Anon? Where is that coming from?"
  733. >How the hell did she get behind you...
  734. >Your hear the squeaking of her sneakers and turn around
  735. >And there she stood, her ice cold glare focuses on you while she balled her hands into fist
  736. >"You thought you could dodge me all day at school huh? Well I got you right here, and you're gonna give me what I want, or else!"
  737. >Pinkie follows your motion and sees the menace that stood fiercely
  738. >The muscles in this psycho's arms bulge and flex as she squeezes her fist together
  739. >Holy fuck you're pretty sure she could cave your head in if she wants to
  740. >You're surprised you don't see the entire Yakuza clan standing behind her what with how scary she is
  741. >Suddenly she approaches you Pinkie's words stop her
  742. >"Wait I know you, you're-"
  743. >Another voice behind the she-demon echoes through the darkness before Pinkie could finish though
  744. >"DT C'mon wait up for me! You know I hate walking through this place, all this smoke makes my asthma act up!"
  745. ~
  747. >"... Are you done?"
  748. >Diamond Tiara's concern for her friends well being is practically nonexistent
  749. >"*Huff* *huff* Hold on... *Huff*-"
  750. >It was a little more than awkward as the four of you all stood in silence while you waited for Silver Spoon to get her breath back
  751. >After a few more breaths, she takes one deep breath and stretches her back
  752. >"Haa.. Woo! Okay, I should be good now."
  753. >The glare plastered on Diamond Tiara's face suddenly moved from her to friend and directly at you, causing you to jump a bit
  754. >"Anyways, where have you been you weirdo? I was looking around for you all day but I haven't seen your greasy disgusting hair anywhere!"
  755. >Aw c'mon, it's not that bad is it?
  756. >You run your fingers through your hair
  757. >Oh, well okay maybe it is a little greasy
  758. >But she's right on one thing, you have been trying to avoid her all day
  759. >You try to avoid her every day
  760. >But somehow she always seems to find you
  761. >Every day Diamond Tiara has to confront you about SOMETHING, whether it be for money (Which doesn't make sense because she's fucking rich), to insult you, maybe a kick here and there at your shins, tripping you in the halls, stealing whatever accessories that you may have on you
  762. >Last week she fucking took your black eyeliner and instead of using it or something, she just breaks it and throws it in the trash!
  763. >This horrible little demon has tormented you so much
  764. >One time she thought it would be funny to hook 100 dollar bill to a fishing pole and wait till someone tried to pick it up
  765. >Unfortunately you fell victim to her trap and before you could touch the bill, it was yanked away
  766. >You cried for at least 20 minutes after that happened
  767. >But worst of all, and it's the reason she's here right now
  768. >Your smokes
  769. >Of course a fascist little shit like her would pick up such a habit
  770. >When she figured out that you always carried cigarettes with you though, you became her main source for getting them
  771. >Usually if someone tried what she does you would immediately tell them to fuck off or kill themselves
  772. >But she figured out that all she had to do was ham it up as a little girl and you couldn't exactly tell her to die without an angry mob forming
  773. >That, and she knew one of your biggest secrets
  774. >You have no fucking clue how she knows, but she does
  775. >And the proof is in video form right on her phone
  776. >So if you don't do exactly as she says, then you'll probably have to end yourself on the spot before that secret can get out
  777. "I- uh, Well the thing is- uhm... I mean- I-"
  778. >A smirk grows on Diamond Tiara's face as you stumble on your words
  779. >"Look, lemme make one thing clear. You don't wanna keep running your mouth and wasting MY precious time any longer, so I'll throw you a bone for today. If you give me what you were SUPPOSED to at school then I'll just take it and go about my merry way, but keep stalling and you'll see what happens."
  780. >The smirk leaves her face and is replaced once again by that harsh scowl
  781. >Oh god
  782. >This is probably the easiest you're gonna get her away from you so you shouldn't make this last any longer than you have to
  783. >But before you can reach into your pocket, suddenly the pink shit decides to speak up
  784. >"Uhh, Anon? What do you have that she even wants?"
  785. >Ooooh nonono
  786. >"Oh he KNOWS what I want! And if he doesn't hurry up then I'll have to use drastic measures!"
  787. >Oh fuck when did this air conditioned mall get so hot all of the sudden?
  788. >The fear of whatever Diamond Tiara has planned causes you to tremble a bit
  789. "Alright alright! Just hold on!"
  790. >Pinkie can see your physical fear but stops you before you could pull out your smokes
  791. >"Wait wait wait, Anon you shouldn't let her bully you like that! Now Diamond, what is it that you want? Maybe if you ask nicely then we can work something out!"
  792. >Oh you naive stupid girl
  793. >You can practically see the impatient rage building up in Diamond as her hands for into fists and she raises her arm, pointing directly at the pack of smokes in your pocket
  794. >"THAT!"
  795. >Confused, Pinkie looks at Diamonds finger and follows it to you
  796. >Pinkie lets out a gasp of surprise
  797. >"*Gasp!* What?! you are way to young to be wanting ANYTHING in that area missy!"
  798. >DT raises her eyebrow at her then follows the same path she took
  799. >Suddenly Diamonds cheeks turn a blushing red and she puts her hand down at mach speed and looks away from you
  800. >"No you idiot! His box of cigarettes! He owes me for being a no show today and he's lucky I'm letting him off the hook as long as he gives. me. the. PACK!"
  801. >Diamond tiara was getting angry now, she stomps her foot and steams up with puffy cheeks
  802. >"That's just as bad though! You're too young to be smoking either! Anon you shouldn't be giving her cigarettes, it's dangerous and illegal!"
  803. >You wish the law would help you here, but somehow this little girl has been able to fly under the radar
  804. >"Oh he's not giving them to me, I'm taking them from him! And if I don't see a pack of cigarettes in my hand in the next 10 seconds then he can say goodbye to what little reputation he thinks he has! Because I know something about our little Anonymous here, and I know he wouldn't like to have it get out if he doesn't do exactly what I say!"
  805. >With a hand held out, Diamond stands prominently as she awaits her prize
  806. >Not wanting to risk things escalating, you reach into your pocket
  807. >But before you can pull them out, Pinkie stops your arm from moving and speaks up and you look at her
  808. >"Anon, you know I can't approve of this! It's really not a good idea no matter what she sa-"
  809. >Before she could finish, a sound coming from Diamond sends a chill down your spine
  810. >
  811. >You look wide-eyed back at Diamond to see her standing there, phone out in one hand and waiting for your smokes in the other
  812. >Pinkie's attention was drawn away from you to the phone as it played a video you were hoping would never show up again
  813. >There you sat in the video, in your usual black attire and in an empty room with a ukulele in your hands while somehow Diamond tiara found a place to watch and record you
  814. >"'I saw you in my dreams... We were walking hand in hand... on the white... sandy beach... of Hawaii...'"
  815. >You could feel yourself just imploding with shame
  816. >yeah, some dark and edgy emo you turned out to be huh?
  817. >Pinkie is fixated on the video, her eyes glued to the screen
  818. >you quickly pull out your smokes and try to put them into Diamonds hand so she can just fucking leave
  819. >But she won't grip them.
  820. >Just take them goddamn it!
  821. >But no, she lets the video play as Pinkie continues to stare
  822. >That's it
  823. >There's no way Pinkie is gonna think you're what you say you are now
  824. >She'll call you fake and drop you like a sack of potatoes
  825. >If she didn't think you were a freak now, than a sudden mood change like that will definitely solidify that idea
  826. >You hang your head in shame as the video plays out
  827. >Well, it's not like you were expecting this to go farther than what it already has
  828. >Honesty you are surprised that Pinkie hasn't already left in disgust before this
  829. >If it wasn't your attitude, your looks, your general outlook on this shitty thing we call life, then it's definitely this
  830. >The only thing you can do now is let the song play and hope that this is where Diamond Tiara leaves it at
  831. >... (If the song hasn't finished then sit back and enjoy the soothing voice of IZ)
  832. >You stand limply as the video finishes with you letting out a sigh and putting the ukulele down
  833. >The little bar at the bottom finally reaches the end and the video stops
  834. >Without a word, Diamond Tiara pockets her phone and snatches the pack of cigarettes out of your hands
  835. >and just like that, she turns and walks away
  836. >"Oh, bye Anon!"
  837. >You look up and see Silver Spoon waving to you as the both of them leave
  838. >At least she wasn't a monster like her friend, you weakly wave back to her
  839. >Silver Spoon isn't actually all to bad, in fact sometimes she would bring your pack back after convincing Diamond Tiara that she lost it or something
  840. >Only for it to be taken again the next day though
  841. >Well, it's not like any of it matters now...
  842. >You're probably gonna end up dropping out or something if that video gets out
  843. >there's no way you can convince the entire school that you're still the same emo guy that hates everything and is always in a bad mood
  844. >Sometimes you like to sing a little song every now and then, what's so fuckin' wrong with that huh?
  845. >Speaking of which
  846. >You turn to Pinkie to see how she's taking all this
  847. >Holy...
  848. >Is she... crying?
  849. >Oh shit, you're singing was so bad that it brought her to bitter tears
  850. >"A-anon... that... that was..."
  851. >Awful? Disgusting? Horrible? Just say it you pink fucki-
  852. >"That was beautiful!"
  853. ~
  855. >Beautiful?
  856. >Is she serious?
  857. >...
  858. >Didn't she hear how off key you were?!
  859. >And how many notes you missed oh fucking lord take a sting and cut your wrist it was so bad
  860. >You've been practicing for a little over 3 years now and you like to think you improved but hearing it played back was torture
  861. >Wait, what are you saying?
  862. >The problem isn't how it sounded
  863. >It's that Pinkie even saw it at all!
  864. >There she stood, still teary eyed by the atrocity she witnessed
  865. "A-...Anon... why didn't you ever tell me you could sing and play so amazing! I-"
  866. "Shhh! Keep it down! Yeah I like to do a little bit of music here and there, no big deal!"
  867. >"It IS a big deal Anon! I could practically feel your emotion in your voice! It's like I was actually in Hawaii! *GAAASP* You should totally show people that you can do this! I bet you'll make so many friends and-"
  868. >You put two fingers over her lips to shut her up
  869. "Ehh, that's where you're wrong pink one. I'm not gonna make any friends nor do I plan to, the only thing that would come of that is more people trying to use me and then tossing me to the curb when shit hits the fan. That's what society trained these monkeys to do and I want no part of it."
  870. >You cross your arms and huff
  871. >There's no way she would understand what you're trying to say
  872. "And I better not hear a word of this tomorrow at school okay? This is my own secret thing that I've kept very personal through my dark times."
  873. >Well whatever was going through Pinkie's mind seemed to have stopped now
  874. >"Hmm, alright Anon, I promise... would you like to double it up with a Pinkie promise?"
  875. >Huh? what's a Pinkie promise?
  876. >Whatever, as long as it'll keep her quiet then it's no big deal
  877. "Alright, what's that?"
  878. >"Here, just follow my steps.."
  879. >She stands straight up and brings her hand to her heart
  880. >Striking it with an X, she begins her mystical chant
  881. >"Cross my heart."
  882. >Okay, sounds metal
  883. >You do the same with your hand
  884. "Cross my heart"
  885. >"Hope to fly"
  886. >She says as she forms her hands into little wings and let them flutter off into the air
  887. >Uhh
  888. >Okay
  889. >Flying away sounds pretty nice but that hand motion was a little gay
  890. >Whatever, you're lucky this is the least populated part of the mall
  891. "Hope to fly..."
  892. >You try the hand motion, but your limp little wings sort of just flutter weakly and fall out of the sky
  893. >"Stick a cupcake!"
  894. >Suddenly she reaches into her large pink hair as if it was a void of empty space, then pulls out two pristine looking cupcakes
  895. >A nice vanilla confetti cupcake with a light blue frosting, and little sugar flakes sprinkled on top
  896. >Pinkie takes one for herself and then hands one to you
  897. >She holds it out
  898. >Fuck... whatever man, you're already too deep into it
  899. "Stick a cupcake..."
  900. >"In my eye! But don't actually put it in your eye, like this!"
  901. >She swings the cupcake up to her face and comes close to her eye, but doesn't hit herself
  902. >"And that's it! Now lock it in!"
  903. >Is this what you're life has finally come to now?
  904. >You don't even know what this whole Pinkie promise means!
  905. >Maybe you jumped the gun on this a little early
  906. >Fuck it, let's go
  907. "In my eye!"
  908. >You put the necessary force into your arm and swing that deathly sugary treat to your eye
  909. >Time practically stopped as you stared into the barrel of the cupcake
  910. >Its swirly frosting hypnotized you, the crystallized sugar flakes shined brightly even in the broken lights up top
  911. >"Okay, your secret is safe with me!"
  912. >Pinkie smiles warmly, then takes a bite out of her cupcake
  913. >Well, more like she ate the entire thing in one bite, just leaving the paper in her hand
  914. >That's... as much as you can ask for it seems
  915. >There's no way you can eat something this sugary
  916. >You just stand there with the cupcake in your hand and wait
  917. >Now the two of you stand silently near a trash can
  918. >You checked your phone for a bit and saw that it was starting to get late
  919. >Damn, how long were you in that coffee shop for?
  920. >A good few hours no doubt
  921. >"Well... thanks Anon, for hanging out with me today. I should probably head home now, I still got a bit homework to do and some chores around the house but I can still drive you home if you want, sound fun?"
  922. >Fun?
  923. >You wouldn't call it fun, but it definitely sounds better than walking all the way home
  924. "Whatever Pinkie, let's just go. If that Diamond Tiara chick is still around here I don't wanna run into her again..."
  925. >"Okay then, let's go!"
  926. >You quickly toss the sugarbomb after Pinkie turns her back
  927. >Pinkie takes lead as the two of you exit the mall
  928. >Walking from the darker lights of the forgotten wing of the mall to the brighter ones hurt your eyes
  929. >Soon the sunset light takes over as you exit out the heavy glass doors
  930. >No words were spoken as the two of you make your way to the car
  931. >As you approach the vehicle, you notice the blip of the doors unlocking makes the eyelashes on her headlights blink
  932. >Yeah, that's about what you expected
  933. >You open the passenger door and plop your ass on the comfy cushion of Pinkie's seats
  934. >Pinkie makes her way to her side and sits in her seat
  935. >She reaches down and takes the aux cord, then hands it to you
  936. >"It's all you Nonny!"
  937. >The car came to life while you pulled out your phone and went into your playlist
  938. >Hm...
  939. >Well, since Pinkie already knows your more lighthearted feel for music, maybe playing some wouldn't hurt
  940. >You plug in the cord and the speakers beep in acceptance
  941. >
  942. >You wish Diamond tiara hadn't taken your smokes again, you could really use one right now
  943. >wait a minute, maybe you hid one...
  944. >You pat yourself down for a stick
  945. >Aha!
  946. >You see your backpack opened where you put your smokes and see one in the pocket
  947. >After grabbing the cigarette you roll the window down and take the lighter from your pocket
  948. >"Oh, I forgot to ask Anon, where do youuu... could you please not smoke in my car...?"
  949. >It's too late, you already lit it and you aren't wasting it
  950. >Your deadpan stare shows no compliance and you take a huff and blow it out the window
  951. "...fourth on Smith street, a little bit more up town."
  952. >"Woah, really?- Uh, I mean, alright lets go!"
  953. >And with that, you were off
  954. ~
  956. >You think you spent enough time with Pinkie for today
  957. >Guess her plan on making friends with you went better than she expected
  958. >Would you call her a friend though?
  959. >She knows one of your closest secrets
  960. >She actually chose to talk and hang out with you for the day
  961. >She hasn't said one mean word about you
  962. >And then there's the fact that she called your singing beautiful...
  963. >Nobody has even heard your voice let alone called it something like that
  964. >You don't exactly know what it was that let you accept Pinkie into your gloomy life, maybe it was her boldness by just introducing herself so out of the blue, or that she even wanted to get to know you in the first place
  965. >You don't know what else to call that other than...
  966. >A friend
  967. >"Wooooow Nonny! These are some really pretty houses! Look! that one has a little gnome village in their front lawn! And that one has kitties sleeping on little beds in some sorta jungle gym! Everyone's grass is so green and colorful, and super neat too! So which one is yours?"
  968. >You peer up over the dashboard after being broken out of your thought
  969. >Aaaand... there it is
  970. "Third house to the left, the one with the red Viper in the parking space"
  971. >Your house didn't stand out like the rest, the only exception being the sports car in the driveway
  972. >Other than that it's a regular 2 story house with a plain cut lawn
  973. >"Aww nice! Who's car is that?"
  974. "My dad's... he probably loves that thing more than he loves us."
  975. >Bonus fact, he was gonna use the money he spent on that car to get you something to drive so you can stop riding the bus, but he thought differently in the end
  976. >You finally pull up to your home and unbuckle your seat belt
  977. >After you spent cigarette out the window, you grab your backpack and open the door
  978. >"Hey Anon? Thanks again, for hanging out with me today, I bet I probably didn't go how you expected but maybe it's a sign! So... See ya tommorrow?"
  979. >Will you see her tomorrow?
  980. >A small part of you wants to say no, and just leave this as it is
  981. >But...
  982. >Maybe it wouldn't hurt...
  983. >Just this one time, you could be taking a risk here but its already gotten to this point.
  984. >You mill it over for a second in your head, then answer
  985. "Okay Pinkie, see you tomorrow."
  986. >A warm smile spreads across her face
  987. >Pinkie turns to look at your house for a second, but her face shows that something caught her eye
  988. >"Hey Nonny... is that your mom?"
  989. >Oh crap...
  990. >You look up over the car and do in fact see your mom in the front window showing the kitchen
  991. >It looks like she was just doing dishes
  992. >The light in the kitchen could show her clear as day since the curtains were open
  993. >Her red button shirt and apron was soaked wet with water and clung to her body, short black hairflowing down her head and looking a bit worse for wear after a long day
  994. >You didn't like too mention it, but your mom liked to... take care of her body, really well in fact
  995. >She stood proud after her hard work
  996. >pic for reference (
  997. >Oh jeez, she has no shame...
  998. >"Wowee, she's pretty! Maybe one day I could say hi! Well alright Nonny, see ya later!"
  999. >You step back and close the car door as she shifts into drive and rolls off, giving her a wave as she goes
  1000. >Her pink blob of a vehicle drives off into the distance, soon disappearing into the streets
  1001. >You sigh as you make your way to your front door, up your plain driveway lined with neatly cut grass
  1002. >You didn't have a special lawn like some of your neighbors do
  1003. >Just simple cut grass and a bush here and there
  1004. >Like a motor, you grab your keys and arrive at the front door, feeding it the key and unlocking it
  1005. >The cooled air condition hit you as you entered your home
  1006. >"Anon? Is that you sweetiebuns?"
  1007. >Uggh...
  1008. "Yeah!"
  1009. >you walk through door the leads directly to the kitchen to see your mother
  1010. >...still wet from the dishes and now a lot closer to you
  1011. >"Oh my baby how was your day today! Tell me everything!"
  1012. >Ehh... maybe not everything...
  1013. "I was just... at the mall for a while, I got someone to drop me off so I didn't have to walk."
  1014. >You're not lying, it's just not the full truth
  1015. >"Well how nice of them! I'm just glad you're okay honey, c'mere!"
  1016. >Before you could react, your mom smothers you in a wet hug
  1017. >"Heeey is that my boy Anon? What's up kiddo!"
  1018. >And here comes your dad, a tall and burly man wearing a black suit and red tie, completely bald and showing a bit of age to him, but still weirdly full of energy
  1019. >He comes and gives you a pat on the back
  1020. >You're pretty sure he broke your spine in about three places but it's whatever
  1021. >"So kid, have you signed up for any teams in school yet? I'm sure you're love soccer or football or even wrestling! I hear that Equestrian Games are comin' up!"
  1022. "Dad you know I quit sports a long time ago right? I'd rather not become a symbol for some deadbeat coaches lost dreams and be a tool in their last ditch attempt to make something of themselves before they inevitably die."
  1023. >"Well... the trophy sure is cool right? Yeah! Well take your time son, either way I'm still proud of you!"
  1024. >Yeah yeah whatever, more spew and lies
  1025. >You back yourself away from your parents and leave to your room upstairs
  1026. "Yeah alright, I'll be in my room if you need me..."
  1027. >"Okay sweetie, Oh and I'm cooking spaghetti so dinner will be ready in a few!"
  1028. >Fuck...
  1029. >Your moms spaghetti is the shit...
  1030. >"Make sure you leave room for dessert though, we got banana cream pie!"
  1031. >"Hmm~ I think I want your cream pie pretty momma..."
  1032. >"Ohhohohhoo please, not now!~"
  1033. >Fuck this, you speed to your room and close the door
  1034. >hooking up your phone to your stereo system is your first task after entering
  1035. >
  1036. >And after such a grueling day, you think you deserve to relax now...
  1037. ~
  1039. *Later that night*
  1040. >Be Diamond Tiara
  1041. >it's already night and you're ready to hit they hay after long day of being you
  1042. >After you change into your pajamas, you finish the glass of water you had set by your bedside
  1043. >A knock on your door intrrupts the silence in your room
  1044. "Come in!"
  1045. >The doorknob turns and opens to reveal your father
  1046. >"Hey there pumpkin, so I know you said you don't need your sleep medicine anymore but I brought it just in case, I'll put it right here on your dresser okay?"
  1047. >You turn to your dad and give him a warm smile
  1048. >He always cared about you, even when he isn't around as much he tries to make do with what he can
  1049. "Alright daddy, I love you!"
  1050. >He laughs his hearty laugh as you run up and hug him
  1051. >"Hahaha, Ahh I love you too sweetheart, good night!"
  1052. >"Good night daddy!"
  1053. >He waves as he closes your door
  1054. >Once he leaves, you grab your phone and turn it on to use as a light so you can turn your room light off
  1055. >The cool darkness of your room is comforting in a way
  1056. >But now you were tired and couldn't wait to hop into bed
  1057. >It's strange, because usually you would be pacing around trying to find something to distract yourself with
  1058. >You don't know why but falling asleep was always super troubling for you
  1059. >The only time you were able to sleep was usually in class, mostly because you'd get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep at home and class was so boring and dull that you couldn't help but nod off
  1060. >But now you have something that puts you to sleep faster than your fathers bed time stories when you were little
  1061. >You reach your bed and flip open the covers
  1062. >Crawling into your bed is a nice way to end the day
  1063. >And for the final touch...
  1064. >Grabbing your headphones from your nightstand, you plug them into your phone and lay back
  1065. >Now where is it...
  1066. >Aha, there it is
  1067. >Finding what you were looking for on your phone, you open up the file and press play
  1068. >
  1069. >Luckily that video of Anon wasn't the only time you caught him in his own little world
  1070. >Immediately you feel the soft tunes of Anon's ukulele and his soft voice carry you gently into sleep
  1071. >Your eyes close, and drift into a good nights sleep
  1072. ~
  1074. >Be Prince of Darkness Anon
  1075. >It's another drab and bleak day at Canterlot High
  1076. >And you're currently having a pleasant and intelligent conversation with the local meathead Free Weight
  1077. >Just kidding, he's got you pinned to the locker right now
  1078. >"I said give me the money weirdo! I'm not gonna ask again!"
  1079. >All fight or flight reflexes have been thrown out the window, you just stand there petrified as his beefy arm bars you against the metal
  1080. "A-aa- alright alright! Just take it damn!"
  1081. >Not wanting a knuckle sandwich so early in the morning, you slip your wallet out and give give a few bucks
  1082. >Luckily he's not smart enough to search the rest of you since somehow you expected this to happen today
  1083. >Free Weight rips the money from your hands and starts counting it
  1084. >"Hmm... havin' trouble at home sad boy? this is feelin' a little light."
  1085. >You glare at him without a word
  1086. >Of course nobody stops to help
  1087. >Why would they?
  1088. >All pieces of shit
  1089. >Especially this guy...
  1090. >After a brief staredown with the jock, Free Weight huffs and walks away, but not without muttering something not exactly new to you
  1091. >Pff, fuckin' freak..."
  1092. >...
  1093. >Well then, at least you got that out of the way
  1094. >Whatever, class is about to start anyways
  1095. >Turning to your next class, you happen to glance at something odd down the hallway
  1096. >You could only really describe it is a small puff turning around the corner
  1097. >A pink puff, to be exact.
  1098. >God you hope she leaves you alone today...
  1099. ~
  1101. >All of your classes were as boring and terrible as usual today
  1102. >Luckily it was almost lunch time
  1103. >With nothing to do for the rest of the English you're in, you stare dead eyed at the clock as it slowly ticks closer to the end
  1104. >You swear it ticked backwards a few times
  1105. >But finally, the bell rings signalling lunch time
  1106. >Fuckin' finally...
  1107. >you've been waiting to try this egg salad sandwich you brought
  1108. >Ham and cheese is ok but seriously, no matter how dead you are on the inside an egg salad sandwich always hits the spot
  1109. >Before you can leave though, your English teacher Miss Litty stops everyone in their tracks
  1110. >"Now hold up all of you! Don't forget you got a test this coming Friday so don't forget! You're all dismissed."
  1111. >She smooths out her skirt as she finishes and sits back down in her chair, opening a light novel and starts where she left off
  1112. >Grabbing your back you get out of your seat and head for the door
  1113. >But not before someone bumps your shoulder and says "Move it, Emo."
  1114. >You don't even know them what the fuck, asshole
  1115. >Just ignore it, you walk out the door and head straight to the cafeteria
  1116. >Lost in the sea of people, you briskly walk as your chains and other accessories of your dark attire bounce to and fro
  1117. >to avoid any interaction you plug in your headphones and play whatever comes up on your phone
  1118. >
  1119. >Lost in the music, you ignore everything around you as you walk
  1120. >You musta been... high...
  1121. >After a short distance you arrive at the cafeteria
  1122. >All around you students sat eating their food and conversing with each other
  1123. >It makes you sick
  1124. >You wished everyone would just sit quietly and eat in complete silence
  1125. >Rolling your eyes at the delinquents, you walk to find your usual spot away from all of them
  1126. >As you approach your table though, a sight catches your eye that you could only describe as truly horrifying
  1127. >Sat at the table was none other than Pinkie
  1128. >Not just her though
  1129. >No, all of her other friends also sat around her
  1130. >fuck this really isn't what you need right now...
  1131. >Hoping they didn't happen to see you coming, you quickly turn around and try to find another spot
  1132. >But it's too late
  1133. >"Anon? Hey Nonny! Over here! Come sit with us!"
  1134. >Fuuuuuck.
  1135. >You close your eyes and breathe a deep sigh
  1136. >turning around you are startled to see them all looking at you
  1137. >Hesitantly you approach the table and find an open spot between Pinkie and some bitch with blinding white skin and wavy purple hair
  1138. >Jesus Christ does she bathe in bleach or something?
  1139. >You feel trapped and squished between the two, even though they aren't even touching you
  1140. >All of them are still staring
  1141. >This is getting really weird
  1142. >Maybe you still have your razor necklace in your backpack so you could just end it here
  1143. >the awkward silence is crushing, just what is it do these cunts want from you?!
  1144. >Did you do something yesterday to piss her off and now she brought her friends to kick your ass?
  1145. >Oh god are they gonna take your egg salad sandwich?
  1146. >You swear if any of these fuckers touch it...
  1147. >But before they can spring their surprise attack, Pinkie speaks out against the silence
  1148. >"So Anon... How's things?"
  1149. >How's things?
  1150. >Really?
  1151. >Alright, you wanna know how things are bitch?
  1152. >Hiding behind your hair, you glance over to her with one eye as a lock of hair drapes your other eye
  1153. "what the fuck? It's shit that's how it is. Another depressing day in this sad excuse of a life, the world is fucked and we're all just along for the ride until it crashes and burns. Nothing can save us nor would I want it to."
  1154. >finished with your statement, you turn back to look down at the table
  1155. >And the silence sets again...
  1156. >...
  1157. >...
  1158. >...
  1159. >"... I told you this was a stupid idea."
  1160. >The Rainbow haired girl is quickly jabbed in the arm by the hick
  1161. >Taking the opportunity, the hick decides to speak
  1162. >"Now Anon we aren't here ta cause you trouble 'er nothin', we just wanna talk with ya is all. You seemed so lonely sittin' over here by yerself that we thought maybe you'd wanna join us? Pinkie here says you're a swell fella so we just wanted to get to know ya."
  1163. >Perfect.
  1164. >Just how you wanted to spend your lunch
  1165. >Surrounded by vapid sluts who have no idea how shallow and lifeless they really are
  1166. >
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