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Vinyl and Anon at CHS

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Apr 5th, 2016
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  1. >Be Anon, At CHS
  2. >Walking around taking creepshots for HoofChan
  3. >See Vinyl Scratch walking in the halls
  4. >Check your phone, swiping various ass pics of girls at the school
  5. >No Vinyl Scratch
  6. >You walk quickly after Vinyl, to keep up with her
  7. >Put the phone under her skirt, Descreetly of course
  8. >LED light goes on, camera clicks
  9. >Oh shit
  10. >She stops, and turns around
  11. >She's looking at you with a blank stare
  12. >You can't see beyond her shades, How will she react?
  13. >Suddenly, a foot hit you right in the nuts
  14. >The force of the kick knocks you onto your back
  15. >Vinyl continues walking away towards class
  16. >You lay on the ground in a fetal position, holding your battered balls
  17. >Still trying to figure out what happened and how you didn't just get busted.
  18. >After a minute, you get up, and walk slowly towards class, still in pain.
  19. >6th period class is next, At least you'll be home soon.
  21. >It's the end of class
  22. >You exit the classroom
  23. >Walking through the hallway towards the school entrance
  24. >Omg it's her
  25. >Vinyl Scratch, standing by the library
  26. >She motions with her finger for you to come see her,and enters the libary
  27. >You walk over the library entrance, and enter the library.
  28. >There's no one in here, except for Vinyl of course.
  29. >She locks the door
  30. >You don't know what she's gonna do next
  31. >"Look, Vinyl-"
  32. >She grabs your package, and leans in to kiss
  33. >You get hard instantaniously
  34. >After tongue wrestling for a minute, she gets on her knees
  35. >She's a tall girl, but her head lines up perfectly with your junk
  36. >She unzips your pants, Pulling them down
  37. >Your cock is dripping and throbbing, You dind't even know it could get this big and hard, It's pushing close to 7 inches.
  38. >She licks her lips
  39. >You are so confused
  40. >Her head moves closer to your cock, She licks the head
  41. >You shudder from the sentation
  42. >She half smiles, and scoffs at your pleasure
  43. >Another lick, She puts her mouth on your cock, sliding her head down your shaft, while licking her tongue around.
  44. >She's getting close, holy shit this girl is a pro
  45. Her head is shaking as she tries to shove more of you in her mouth
  46. >She bottoms out, your whole cock is in her throat, her face is touching your base, Her nose buried in your pubic hair.
  47. >Her warmth feels amazing, you feel you never want to pull out
  48. >Vinyl moves her head back and forth, you feel a massive orgasm coming, and she knows it
  49. >You place your hand on her head, running your hand through her blue hair
  50. >It feels like a facet is turning on inside of you, you're getting close
  51. >"Oh!-"
  53. >Vinyl moves her head back to catch your load in her mouth, she keeps moving her head back and forth, doing it much quicker now.
  54. >You've been triyng so hard to hold back your load, But you can't anymore
  55. >Your warmth fills Vinyl's mouth
  56. >She pulls her head back
  57. >You pull your pants up
  58. >Vinyl rises to her feet
  59. >She's an inch taller than you, It's not much, but she's a girl, and it's embarassing.
  60. >She's looking dead at you, Silently
  61. >Her mouth opens, revealing a massive load of cum in there, She raises her eyebrows, and closes her mouth again
  62. >In the next millisecond, she leans back, and spits the load of cum into your face.
  63. >Vinyl turns around, and walks away, waving goodbye with that sick half grin on her face.
  64. >She leaves the library
  65. >You walk over to the library counter, grab a tissue, and wipe the cum off your face.
  66. >You exit the school
  67. >Walking home, you feel both satisfied and humiliated.
  68. >"That fucking bitch".
  70. >It's the next day
  71. >You wake up, start your normal routine
  72. >Leaving the house, you feel hungry, you decide to get something on the way
  73. >On the way to school, you stop at Sugarcube Corner for some breakfast
  74. >Entering the cafe, you notice a lot of the kids come here before school, It's pretty packed
  75. >Shit, She's here
  76. >You see Vinyl Scratch, Alone at a table eating.
  77. >Though you wanted to forget about yesterday, Part of you wants to see what her deal is
  78. >You order a muffin from the cashier, then make you way over to her table.
  79. >"Hi there."
  80. >She looks at you, and nods, not quite the showing you'd seen yesterday
  81. >You sit down at the table
  82. >"Uh, Vinyl, About yesterday, what was that all about?"
  83. >She starts to shake a little
  84. >You start hearing a weird breathy sound come out of her, as well as some squeaking, but no voice.
  85. >Concerned, you look around, Flash Sentry is sitting behind you, He's a cool guy who knows people., Maybe he'll know what the problem is
  86. >You tap him on the shoulder and ask "Hey Flash, Is that girl going to be ok?"
  87. >He says "You try talking to her?"
  88. >"I did"
  89. >Flash says "She doesn't talk because she cant hear her own voice, She's deaf to high frequencies.
  90. >"Oh shit, I'll find another way to talk to her, Thanks man"
  91. >You turn back around towards a very nervous Vinyl
  92. >You hold up your phone
  93. >"How about we use these to talk to each other?"
  94. >She nods, and you both exchange numbers.
  95. >You phone chimes, A new message
  96. >It reads "I had a crush on you Anon, but i was too nervous to ask you out, I didn't know you liked me back"
  97. >"You're a cute girl, Why wouldn't I like you back.
  98. >She smiles
  101. >You and Vinyl finish eating your breakfasts
  102. >1st period starts in 15 mins, Don't want to be late.
  103. >"Alright, I'm heading to school, wanna walk?"
  104. >She nods
  105. >You both leave sugarcube corner
  106. >While walking, You ask her
  107. >"So, Flash told me you're partially deaf when it comes to female voices, that true?"
  108. >She nods sadly
  109. >"I'm sorry to hear that"
  110. >"Is that why you like bass so much"
  111. >She sort of chuckles, and nods smiling
  112. >You both arrive at school.
  113. >Entering the halls, You see a girl with red and orange hair bullying people into lockers
  114. >"Jesus christ"
  115. >The girl starts walking toward you both
  116. >She stares at you menacingly, in an attempt to test to see if she can intimidate you
  117. >You don't budge, and her attention shifts towards Vinyl
  118. >"And what are YOU looking at? Mute?
  119. >Vinyl hides behind you, You can't blame her, this bitch is tough
  120. >"HMPH!" The girl walks away.
  121. >"Who was that bitch?"
  122. >Phone chimes, New Message
  123. >"That's Sunset Shimmer, It's best to avoid her."
  124. >"Ah, I see, Well someone needs to kick her ass."
  125. >The bell rings
  126. >"See you at lunch?"
  127. >She nods, and kisses your cheek
  128. >You both head to class, That went well.
  130. >The first three periods of school went by rather quickly, It's the first time >you've looked forward to seeing a girl for the purpose of hanging out
  131. >The bell rings, Lunch time
  132. >You enter the lunchroom
  134. >Shit, it's fucking Sunset again
  135. >Sunset takes Vinyl's headphones, Snaps them, and throws them into her face
  136. >In the span of a few seconds, the entire lunch room forms a circle around the two
  138. >You try to get through, but these damn kids are blocking you
  139. >This isn't some random bitch fight, It's someone you care about.
  141. >You can see through the thick crowd, Vinyl is hesitant to fight Sunset, Tears rolling down her face
  142. >To your horror, sunset delivers hard slap to Vinyl's face, Her shades go flying off her head
  143. >Something must have snapped
  144. >Vinyl lunges at sunset, Grabbing her hair while punching her in the face, Poetry in motion.
  145. >She then tackles Sunset to the ground, slamming her face into the hard floor, Ouch
  146. >Sobbing, Sunset staggers to her feet
  147. >"Y-you, Fucking, Bitch."
  148. >She walks away, her hand containing a nosebleed
  149. >The crowd disperses
  150. >You rush over to Vinyl
  151. >"Oh my god, are you ok?"
  152. >She nods, Still wiping tears away
  153. >You walk over and grab her shades off the floor
  154. >"Here, I'm sorry I couldn't help you"
  155. >She gives you a hug
  157. >Vinyl sits with you at the lunch table, Her hand covering a hand print on her face.
  158. >Her hair is messed up from the fight, But it's pretty short, so she fixes it in one quick gesture
  159. >she's back to normal, almost.
  160. >Her headphones are completely destroyed down to the wire
  161. >She motions you to throw them away, you oblige
  162. >"I'm sorry vinyl, I would've put a stop to it had I been there."
  163. >The bell rings, Ending lunch
  164. >"See you after school?"
  165. >She hugs you, laying her head onto you this time.
  166. >The schools P.A system beeps
  167. >"Sunset Shimmer, To the principal's office."
  168. >You both smile at each other, and head to class
  169. >The last three periods of school feel like forever
  170. >Turns out, Sunset Shimmer is in your last period, you just didn't know who she was
  171. >She's worse off than you thought, Bed hair, Tissue keeping her nose from leaking, and a large bruise on the side of her face where it got slammed to the ground
  172. >You almost feel bad, but the bitch deserved it, Fucking with those who don't want it
  174. >The final bell rings
  175. >You exit the class
  176. >As you exit the school, You see Vinyl standing outside, Waiting for you
  177. >"Hey there! You're face is looking better"
  178. >She hugs you happily
  179. >You turn towards her
  180. >"I saw sunset shimmer in class, She was pretty fucked up, But she'll be fine, I still wouldn't go near her"
  181. >She looks sad, feeling bad about what she did
  182. >"Hey, don't even worry about it, Everybody saw what was going on, and how fucked up it was.
  183. >Her face looks a little happier, like it's glad you don't think she's crazy
  184. >"You know what? How about we hang out at my house, and forget about today?"
  185. >You put your hand out
  186. >She takes it
  187. >Your house is two blocks from the school, making for a pretty short walk, but you try to make the most of it
  188. >"You know what Vinyl, I think you're a very special girl, but most people wouldn't even bother to see it
  189. >She blushes, better quit while you're ahead.
  190. >You reach the house
  191. >As you enter, you tell her she can play some BO3 over on the couch, you're gonna grab some food
  192. >You return with a bag of lays and a 2 liter coke
  193. >Oh, split screen? Let's go then
  194. >She's really good for a girl
  195. >Playing free for all
  196. >She wins, 30 kills to your 22 kills
  197. >Can't believe you got beasted
  198. >She takes off the shades, throws them on the table. and puts her feet up, basking in her virtual victory
  199. >"I don't know why you wear those shades all the time, you've got really nice eyes.
  200. >Her violet eyes shift toward you, She sits up
  201. >She gets really close to your face, You can see the lust in her eyes
  202. >"Uh, Scratch, if this is going where I think it's going, I don't want another load in the face, that shit freaked me out"
  203. >She shakes her head while closing her eyes, and lays on top of you
  204. >She licks the side of your face with her eyes closed, starting from your jawline, up to your eye
  205. >You can't help but notice how good she smells, for a girl who's been walking around, and has been in a fight
  207. >Making out with Vinyl on the couch
  208. >Feeling her up through her skirt, You feel a wet spot
  209. >This is getting hot and heavy
  210. >Vinyl pulls back, and unzips her sweater, revealing her bra underneath
  211. >She stands, and pulls her skirt off, along with the panties underneath
  212. >You take off your clothes as well, marveling at how hot she is
  213. >She picks her sweater off the ground, digs in the pocket, removes a condom, and throws it onto your stomach
  214. >You quickly unwrap it, and roll it on
  215. >She gets on top of you, and slides you in
  216. >Her bare body feels amazing pressed against yours, her skin is that of a baby, so soft
  217. >You can hardly hear any noise, Just Vinyl's fast breathing and the wet smacking sound of your love making
  218. >After a while, Vinyl decides to pick up the pace
  219. >Her breathing rate increases, and she's making some those weird little squeaking noises again
  220. >Shit, you're getting close to orgasm
  221. >She's enjoying herself, so you try to hold it for her
  222. >1 minute of fast fucking later, You release, She passionately kisses you
  223. >"That, was, great."
  224. >She nods, gets up off the couch, and starts putting her clothes on
  225. >"W-where ya going?"
  226. >She picks her phone up, and types a message
  227. >Phone chimes, 1 new message
  228. >"I've got work in an hour"
  229. >"Well, I'm assuming we're together, and I want to keep hanging out with you"
  230. >Vinyl pulls up her skirt, and walks over to you
  231. >She kneels down to eye level with you, Kisses you and nods twice.
  232. >"Cool, I'll see you at school"
  233. >She turns around, walks towards the door, and exits your house.
  234. >You feel like a relationship with this girl could work
  236. >It's been four years since you've been in a relationship with Vinyl Scratch
  237. >She's been living in your house for the past two years
  238. >You two have gotten along really well
  239. >Her disability, once a problem, has become something that you accept as part of who she is
  240. >You both even learned how to use sign language
  241. >You both have your own careers
  242. >Vinyl has become a successful, Full-time DJ, calling herself DJ-Pon3 when she's behind the tables
  243. >You have been working full time at the same job for years, making good money
  244. >After pondering for months, You decide you want to propose to Vinyl
  245. >But the question is, When?
  246. >Ah, Perfect
  247. >After saving for a while, You've earned enough money to buy Vinyl a cochlear implant, to restore her hearing of higher frequencies
  248. >2 weeks pass
  249. >You're both at the doctor's office, Vinyl is having the implant installed and they will soon switch it on
  250. >"OK Ms. Scratch, the implant is installed, are you ready for us to turn it on?"
  251. >She Nods
  252. >Implant switches on
  253. >"See if you can say something" says the doctor
  254. >"Vinyl makes an unintelligible sound, It's obvious she hasn't tried to speak her entire life, This is a good start
  255. >She lights up, overjoyed to hear her real voice for the first time
  256. >You reach into your pocket
  257. >Hey Vinyl, I've been wanting to ask you this for a while now...
  258. >You have her attention, Having heard you very clearly
  259. >We've been together for a while now, and I think you're the kind of girl I'd like to spend the rest of my life with...
  260. >Vinyl Scratch, Will you marry me?
  261. >She begins to cry tears of joy, and nods her head, Because that's what she's used to
  262. >You both kiss passionately, to begin your new relationship.
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