Jun 18th, 2017
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  1. PASSWORD : chicken little
  3. USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  5. NAME : Jung Mishil
  7. mishi ; family & friends, a short way to say her name & because it sounds cute. she would always introduced herself like this as well, "hello, nice to meet you, my name is mishi : )". prefers this over her name
  8. yoshi ; friends & acquaintances, was given this the moment eyes were laid on her. she's very hyperactive at times, jumping around like yoshi from super mario.
  10. BIRTH DATE : August 4, 1999
  12. BIRTHPLACE : bucheon, south korea
  13. HOMETOWN : seoul, south korea
  15. NATIONALITY : korean
  16. ETHNICITY : asian (ok but like i always forget what ethnicity rlly means so if i got this wrong im sorry)
  18. BLOOD TYPE : A -
  20. FACE CLAIM : suran [green hair era] (soloist)
  21. BACKUP : jamie park (soloist)
  26. PERSONALITY : mishil is someone who has a lot of energy, from morning to night, it isn't understandable but it's the truth. the girl is one of the most over-excited people you'll ever meet, and she makes sure to use her energy on sports, though she still carries the same energy she did BEFORE playing, AFTER playing. many aren't completely sure exactly what mishil is, not being like most girls tend to get her the most attention, being the BABY of almost every group she ends up with makes her catch attention even more. mishil is your local TOMBOY, but she does take her fair share of looking cute no matter what she's wearing, it either being basketball shorts with a tucked in shirt or a floral dress and flats. but, wearing pretty clothing still doesn't catch the attention of this girls odd personality. at times, don't ever ask why, mishil will randomly start speaking louder, or more correctly, she'll start yelling out of no where. "yOU CAN CALL ME MONSTER. I'M CREEPING IN YOUR HEART BABE- huh? it's fun singing loudly!!" being the baby in almost every group, hanging with people that are most likely way older than her sometimes, has gained her some smart remarks that she easily remembers just in case she's in deep need for any. though the girl knows many, many smart remarks, mishil isn't the type of girl who would just snarl at you and give you a bitchy comeback to a simple and innocent question. mishil is the type of girl who will playfully answer ignorantly to a question that was asked towards her, sometimes it isn't even towards her at all, yet once she receives a disappointing glare while she giggles to herself, mishil will hurriedly apologize cutely. being the baby, everyone has a stereotype on how mishil thinks. figuring out that mishil is the youngest, you'd think she was somewhat much more slower or at least understands less than the older ones. well, many are correct, mishil isn't stupid, she's just... slower than others. when a joke is told, and everyone is busy laughing loudly at it, mishil is shaking whoever is closest to her and asking what they're laughing about and even though she's walked through the joke, she herself thinks about it even more and once she gets it, she'll laugh loudly. many find this adorable because, wow, a child not understanding a joke and laughing n her own once she does? cute. of course, she'll get hate from some because they find her STUPID, but the girl doesn't take any offense to any of the hateful snarls and goes along with understanding the group she's hanging out with. in conclusion, mishil is someone who is questionably very energetic from morning to night, seeming to never lose energy no matter what she does. she's someone who has somewhat of a sense of fashion, looking great in whatever she's wearing, taking the tomboy look or the girly look. mishil is annoyingly loud, catches remarks that stick into her head that she surely uses when in need, and she's slower than all the other kids which grabs negative and positive attention but she goes along her day like as if nothing happened.
  29. BACKGROUND : mishil was born in as an only child, having both of her parents as she grew up. she lived in your stereotypical household, the wife stays at home as the husband goes to work everyday. she was close to both her father and mother, though mishil always did her best to make as many friends as she could because being alone is the last thing she wanted. she had her parents there for her, of course they'd do anything for her since she's they're only daughter, but mishil needs specific attention at times, reason onto why her personality is the way it is. mishil grew up wanting much more emotional attention than she was already getting, it not being completely enough for her. she was brought up mainly by her mother, since mishil helped around with chores and helping her mother out in the house, though on the weekends when her father was off, they would go to soccer games or play sports together. mishil has two different sides to herself, either being girly or a tomboy, because she spent time with her parents at different times. growing up, mishil understood the difficulties her parents were going through at a certain time when she started to pay attention to muhc more things. at the age of ten, mishil understood that her parents were going through relationship problems, making their marriage at risk. everything resulted in mishil having to decide with exactly WHO she wanted to stay with, and at this time of her life, mishil was having bumpy emotions. she didn't want to believe that she could be in sadness, could a little girl her age really be depressed? mishil ended up choosing her grandparents, knowing that she'd be happy with them because they themselves were happy, a happy household was the only thing mishil really wanted.
  30. (sTILL SHIT BUT)
  32. REASON WHY SHE'S AT RESORT + DOES SHE LIKE IT : mishil happened to be at the resort because it being a holiday and her grandparents thought that it would be a great idea for her to be more "out there", but it's really because it was their anniversary. + mishil has never been to a resort before, so she genuinely thinks that everything there is cool.
  35. - really old movies
  36. - thai milk tea with boba
  37. - black ankle socks
  38. - tall people
  39. - catchy songs
  40. - mystery novels
  41. - really soft hair
  42. - mango flavored aything
  43. - fruit snacks
  44. - going out when it's dark out
  46. DISLIKES :
  47. - stereotypes
  48. - spiders
  49. - commercials
  50. - when her phone's battery is low
  51. - warm weather
  52. - two faced people
  53. - not getting what she wants instantly
  54. - tight clothing
  55. - when she's / someone's judge by their appearance
  56. - how her left ankle gets suddenly weak at times
  58. TRIVIA :
  59. - though mishil is a sporty person, her left knee and ankle are weak and even give up on her at times
  60. - she doesn't like growing her hair too long because she hates split ends
  61. - really enjoys watching kid cartoons
  62. - thinks that mexican music, like mariachi, is really cool
  63. - thinks that high school / college parties are stupid because of all the alcohol and just horrible everything
  64. - actually likes reading even if she doesn't look like the type
  65. - thinks that the number 5 is her lucky number
  66. - thinks classic old music are the best
  67. - has a pet shih tzu named honey because of her honey colored fur
  68. - her social medias are,
  69. snapchat & snow ; yoshii
  70. twitter & instagram ; mishilly (aHA GET IT BC SHE CAN BE SILLY)
  71. - likes dying her hair unnatural colors
  72. - has never been in a relationship and thinks she's going to be a cat lady once shes older
  73. - loses her shit for cheesy romance songs
  74. - really likes reality tv shows
  75. - enjoys wearing boxers when she's just chilling or for sleeping
  76. - likes visiting japanese markets
  79. - spiders
  80. - falling due to her ankle / knee giving up on her
  81. - alleys
  82. +
  83. - pizza
  84. - fluffy pets
  85. - cherry flavored candies
  86. - good looking oppa's :')
  89. - pep talks
  90. -
  92. SLOT SHE'S CLOSEST TO + WHY : HIGHLIGHT + because mishil believes that HIGHLIGHT is an angel sent from heaven due to the fact of how kind-hearted she is to everyone, how she sees the good in everyone and doesn't cause drama.
  94. SLOT SHE'S THE LEAST CLOSE TO + WHY : FRONTING + because FRONTING's personality is much more different from her own, making her not the biggest fan of the girl. tries to be friendly but mishil knows FRONTING doesn't enjoy her existence, so she doesn't even try.
  97. BACKUP : CHAN (wOW i feel bad making him backup bc like, i luv him but i alo luv ming)
  100. HIS ; at first glace, he thought that mishil would be a peculiar person due to the fact of her hair color, its not an everyday thing where you just see someone with that kind of hair color walking around the streets or such. given the fact that he thought that she seems really energized with the wide smile that was playing at her lips, he also thought that she was really cute bc wow that smile. "oh, look, a guest has green hair. oh, she's really pretty, but she seems like a handful..."
  101. HERS ; the moment she saw him, she thought he was an angel. she couldn't help but stare for a long while because of how handsome she thought he was, though mishil also thought that he was the ignorant type. good looking guys are always the rudest, she believes, this making her back off a little as she didn't want to deal with any negativity, she never does.
  102. "wowowow, look at that face and that smile and- even when he blinks it's amazing wow. but, doesn't he seem kinda... douche-y?"
  104. HOW THEY MET : "aHAHAHA i understood that joke! wow, who knew you were so dirty minde- whoops, sorry sir"
  105. mishil was chatting with OH MY GOD, laughing hysterically as she finally understood the girls joke, moving around and clapping like a seal, only to bump into (love interest). though mishil was laughing like crazy and didn't listen to her unnie's pleads, it wasn't completely her fault. (love interest) was chatting with one of his friends AND using his phone, resulting in bumping into the girl before him. mishil picks up her foot, that so happened to be stepping onto his, apologizing and shaking her hands crazily.
  106. "my bad, my bad, i'm your everyday klutz, hahaha. "it's alright, are you okay, though?" it was a completely awkward silence on her behalf, she's biting her tongue as he's just watching her and waiting. "wait, aren't you that girl-" "well, gotta jet."
  108. HOW THEY MET : mishil was at the movie theaters, walking around after taking a short visit to the bathroom, making her way to buy a few more snacks for herself and her grandparents. "oh, did i somehow... make a wrong turn?" mishil finds herself in a somewhat quieter side to the theaters, where there's a small arcade though it being late in the night, all the small children that are usually running around now gone. though there wasn't any SMALL children, mishil did hear nose coming from the arcade, wanting to know her way out of the somewhat deserted place, she walked into the louder room, wanting to ask for directions. and there she saw, a large group of boys, which she felt intimidated by because wow has she never seen that many oldish boys gathered together other than at school.
  109. "uh, hello? where, where am i? stupid question, but, help?" she didn't see their faces till they turned around, all pf them looking at her directly, she waved but felt even more intimidated at the fact that it was a LARGE group of GOOD LOOKING boys. "aha, you know what? nevermind, i'll just, uh, call my grandpa. tootles" and she quickly made her way out, though was followed. "hey, are you sure you don't need help? i'm friendly i promise-" like at the resort, she was shaking her hands crazily and just dismissed herself from him, leaving him thinking what he did wrong.
  112. - they both kinda look serious but are actual sunshines
  114. - have daily bicycle rides
  115. - they play online games competitively and the loser rages cutely to the winner
  116. - they bop to the same music together
  117. - they watch dramas together
  120. - weird nicknames like "egg" "peanut" "noodle" "thickie"
  121. - talk shit each other, and each other only
  124. - visit cafe's only to rate them themselves
  125. - "we're the sWaGgY couple"
  126. - "we totally didn't steal that from a drama, right babe." ^^
  127. - they live off on old emoticons like >:/ or :O, something like those
  128. - worship babies when they happen to see them when they're out together becAUSE THEY'RE SO CUTE
  131. BEGINNING ; they were kinda, standoff-ish, only because mishil wouldn't completely let herself be herself around him. and when he would try to be friendly, she'd see it as a surprising and amazing thing because wow an attractive fella is talking to her??? they were friends, of course, they got along completely fine and never ever had a bumpy relationship or any sort of problems, they just needed a small push to become friendlier and closer. they would usually only hang when there was more people around them, like their group of friends or friendly neighbors they met there, they're never just alone and that's the problem that's keeping them from getting closer.
  132. MIDDLE ; at this point, they're much closer and can talk alone till there's no light outside. these two are somewhat inseparable, they're somehow always seen together, giggling or laughing for who knows what reason. they have a lot of skinship between each other no, having none in the beginning though it seems like they share touches a little bit too much. mishil feels comfortable with taking hold of his hand and pulling him along wherever she wants now, she's even comfortable with him innocently wrapping his arms around her shoulders as they're just standing side by side. though they look couple-like, only one of them has developed romantic feelings, it being (love interest). mishil is too known with skinship, and she's almost comfortable with everyone in that type of way, so even though she does have feelings and treats him much more special than she does with others, she still hasn't discovered them.
  133. END ; they're certainly two people that can't get enough of one another at this point, it's for sure now that both have shared they're feelings and are much more open from when they first met. they're the type of couple you'd want to be like with your significant other. mishil isn't just touchy with anyone else, of course she's still extra friendly and herself though she makes it clear that (love interest) is her most favorite person in the world. him, on the other hand, is even much more touchy, is the clingy type and speaks in cooe's almost always– reason why his friends kinda dropped him.
  135. ENDING : eeh, in that type of girl that NEEDS a happy ending at everything, so, yes :)
  138. — they're planning a date together, though they can't really come up with anything till someone recommends them the couples special at the resort??
  139. — as shit starts to get down, they each try to take care of one another unintentionally & without thought
  140. — whoop,, late night talks,, whoop
  141. — one of them low key stalking the other as they're going on their day casually yet looking like a gucci model while doing so
  144. — mishil tries her best to talk to everyone at least twice everyday
  145. — fOoD fIgHt
  146. — mishil almost gettin in a fist fight since a stranger keeps murmuring bout how annoying and low key stupid she is
  147. — it's someone's birthday (like a slots or smth) and mishil goes all out, making a cake, forcing everyone to go along with we plan etc.
  149. EXTRA : nope :) but ily
  151. MESSAGE TO NIKKI : hi :)! sorry I was so so so extra late with this, I would start and then lose hope on what I thought writing, forget about it or my interest sunddenly humped to something else, or it was legit just one of THOSE days where u just wanna loath in ur own sweat. I legit would have given you this if I wasn't such trash but summer is killing me,,, ily tho <3 don't lose hope on this bc it's a lit ass af and idea so!! let's work hard together ♡
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