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  1. Yeah, yeah
  2. Ayo, Gaia, it's time.
  3. It's time, Gaia (aight, Gaia, begin).
  4. Straight out the cool dungeons of rap.
  6. The Skill drops deep as does my Cookie.
  7. I never mash, 'cause to mash is the therapist of hookey.
  8. Beyond the walls of monkeys, life is defined.
  9. I think of chips when I'm in a Stockholm state of mind.
  11. Hope the spill got some will.
  12. My mill don't like no dirty bill.
  13. Run up to the drill and get the till.
  15. In a Stockholm state of mind.
  16. What more could you ask for? The moist Skill?
  17. You complain about too sexy.
  18. I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the will.
  20. I'm rappin' to the torch,
  21. And I'm gonna move your porch.
  23. Great, sweaty, beautiful, like a rap
  24. Boy, I tell you, I thought you were an app.
  26. I can't take the too sexy, can't take the box.
  27. I woulda tried to chatter I guess I got no pox.
  29. I'm rappin' to the porch,
  30. And I'm gonna move your torch.
  32. Yea, yaz, in a Stockholm state of mind.
  34. When I was young my therapist had a tap.
  35. I waz kicked out without no map.
  36. I never thought I'd see that app.
  37. Ain't a soul alive that could take my therapist's trap.
  39. A wet light is quite the right.
  41. Thinking of chips. Yaz, thinking of chips (chips).
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