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Anon Blackmails Sunset

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May 5th, 2016
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  1. >You are Anon, on your way to class, when you spot the meanest girl in the school, Sunset Shimmer, intimidating Fluttershy, something about a crown.
  2. >Suddenly a girl you’ve never seen before confronts Sunset, telling her she can’t speak to her that way
  3. >Like the bitch she is, sunset tells the girl she must be new here, flicks her, and walks away from the other girls, towards you.
  4. >”Get out of my way, loser.”
  5. >She gives you a shove, making you stumble onto the back of your head, you never even had a chance to see it coming
  6. >Your hatred of Sunset just multiplied about a thousand times, Nothing would satisfy you more than to see her destroyed.
  7. >As you lay on the hard floor, you can see Sunset’s bare ass, and a bit of her pussy lips as she walks away
  8. >”What the fuck? This nasty bitch is wearing a fucking skirt with no panties…” you say, getting off the ground.
  9. >Then it hits you
  10. >Sunset has been winning princess of the fall formal for the past few years, well not this time, you’re going to find a way to blackmail and expose her online.
  11. >Now on your feet, you whip out your phone and follow her.
  12. >She turns a hallway corner, there’s nobody but you and her walking
  13. >You stick the phone under her skirt, and record video as the unassumingly walks in the halls
  14. >After about 15 seconds of what could be considered the best video you’ve shot in your life, you pull the camera back, to show the audience that it is indeed their fall formal princess with no panties on at school.
  15. >You scoot to your last period class as quick as you can
  16. >Once that long ass class is over, you spot Sunset again, in some corner with the new girl, threatening her.
  17. >You’ve had quite enough of her bantz, as Sunset walks away from the new girl, you call her over,
  18. >” Hey Sunset, you mind if we talk in this room here?”, Pointing towards an empty classroom.
  19. >”*sigh* Fine, but make it quick, I haven’t got all day.”
  20. >You and her enter the room, she closes the door, you’ve got her now.
  21. >”So what do you want, Anon?”
  22. >”I want to know why the princess of the Fall Formal wears no panties at school.”
  23. >You show her the video of her walking around with no panties on your phone
  24. >Sunset has the most horrified look on her face, her fists balled in front of her like a freak, she might want to fight you, but it’s hard to tell.
  26. >She lunges at you, trying to grab your phone, swinging at you, but you easily push her petite form away.
  28. >”Woah there, one more attack like that and I might just have to upload that for all of CHS to see, and you chances of winning the Fall formal? Poof.”
  29. >She looks crushed, voice breaking, you’re loving every second
  30. >”B-but, I’ve *sniff* I’ve never done anything to you! If I don’t win, It will ruin everything!”
  31. >”Are you kidding? You’re a bitch to everybody at school.”
  32. >”Please *sniff* d-delete it, Anon, I’ll do anything!”
  33. >Haha, wow really? Anything?
  34. >”*sobbing* uh-huh”
  35. >High off the leverage you have over Sunset, you sat the first thing that comes to mind.
  36. >”Suck it.”
  37. >”*sniff* What?, I-I”
  38. >You whip your cock out, “you heard me, suck it, and I’ll get rid of the video.
  39. >”I’ll do it. *sniff*”
  40. >Sunset starts going to town on your cock, her warmth on your dick being the best thing after a long day at school.
  41. >You tease Sunset by playing with the squiggly piece of hair hanging in front of her forehead, curling it, and bouncing it with your finger.
  42. >“Such a pretty girl, yet so… mean” you say, running your finger on her soft cheek.
  43. >Sunset looks disgusted with herself, reduced from a position of power in the school to sucking dick
  44. >It doesn’t take long for Sunset’s oral cavity to push you over the limit.
  45. >”Sunset, I want you to swallow it all when I cum, do you understand?
  46. >She nods begrudgingly.
  47. >You place your hand behind Sunset’s head, shoving down to the base of your cock, and begin shooting your load into her
  48. >”Mmmmm, that’s a good girl, take it.
  49. >She gulps down every last drop of your cum
  50. >With you still inside her mouth, Sunset licks around your cock and the head, almost as if, she likes it.
  51. >”That’s quite sufficient Sunset, you may go, and I want you to leave me alone from now on
  52. >She pulls back, leaving your cock wet and slick
  53. >”*Gasp* Thanks Anon, *sniff* really”
  54. >She actually sounded appreciative, maybe there is some hope for this girl, she’ll learn someday.
  55. >With her watching, you delete the candid video on your phone, and send Sunset on her way
  56. >Will she ever change her ways? Who knows?
  57. >But you did learn one thing, Sunset Shimmer sucks a mean cock.
  58. End
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