Doumi - 54

Sep 3rd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues

Characters in this chapter:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Seo Joo-Heon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader of MC Single

Chapter - 54

Meeting Room Seo x MC

Seo puts her arm on her sweating face saying how they're really a good fit, he asks what does she means by fit for each other, she tells him how his 'Tetris Pole' is the most powerful thing in this world and asks him if he felt good when he put it inside (I understand a bit more this 'tetris' joke than last week.. I admit that it's a bit funny and well found.)

MC narrates how at this moments when he considered all the facts, a sudden idea popped in his mind and he asked an unreasonable question..

He looks at her and asks her if they should seriously date each other, surprising her..


Meeting Room Seo x MC

She stands up, looks at him and rejects his proposition. She tells him how she doesn't want to be in a relationship right now because she has a lot of goals to achieve in the company and she doesn't to focus on anything else. She adjusts her skirt and tells him how even for his personal growth in the company it will not be a good thing to date her. MC is a bit surprised and says how he understand what she means.. She walks in front of him telling him to no jump to conclusion before she finishes to explain.. She tells him how she doesn't need to be in a romantic relationship right now but she needs to have sex so.. MC looks at her saying 'Yes Boss'.

MC narrates how has expected Seo wasn't an easy woman to catch, he says how she's hot and very cool but she's also very straightforward and smart. He says how it was just an accidental and sudden confession so there was nothing much to feel and he wasn't hurt at all by her rejection

They're getting dressed, MC looks at her while smiling.. He narrates how didn't know how to be with Seo at this moment and he was aware of it even before his confession.

Office Seo x MC

MC is at his desk finishing his work, Seo passes by and asks him if it's done. He tells her how he has to turn off his computer and close the office. She tells him to finish what he has to do and to meet her at the parking lot and proposes him to have a meal with her. Mc looks at her alluring departure figure saying how even if he was rejected it's still a win for him..

Another day.. Office Seo x MC

Seo is explaining something to FMC's lookalike and MC narrates how Seo was the most competent boss in the whole company..

Seo complains a bit about how MC is treating the customers recently and warns him about this, he tells her how he'll try to improve and she tells him to not be upset even if the customers are screaming, he still needs to carefully listen to their complaints.

MC narrates how she was the most trusted person by the whole management group.

Meeting Room Seo x MC x Joe x Director

Seo is concluding her presentation and thanks them for listening to her.. Director congratulates her about the project saying how as expected she did well, he asks her if she's working this much to win a position in the upper rank of the company and if he should promote her this year.. She tells him how she doesn't deserve the praise and this opportunity. She says how she'll work harder in the meantime..

Office Seo x MC

MC narrates how he won a sex friend in her mid thirties, with a mature, thick and hot body..

Seo is sitting on her chair waving her foot in front of MC. Mc kneels down in front of her and licks her foot.. She's looking at him and enjoys the moment.

MC's narrating how Seo is a really perverted woman who enjoy doing all sort of stuffs and plays. He says how it's already been a long time she's working in this company (Company related to A-Video or Porn whatever a kinky work) so she knows a lot about and experimented a lot with MC.

Godly panel of Seo x MC..

Doggy over the Director's desk.. Cunnilingus on the top of the photocopier.. Sex inside the cafeteria.. Cowgirl in the meeting room..
Mc narrates how Seo enjoyed a lot his 'Perverted' growth..

Meeting Room Seo x MC

MC is doing a presentation for Seo as a training, after finishing it he asks her how was it, she stays silent for a moment making him worried.. Then she tells him how it was perfect and he improved a lot recently. He can't believe her, she tells him to calm down because it's still not enough (You just said it was perfect lol) and to work harder because it's only been 1 month since she helps him.

MC narrates how even Nam deputy who hated him at first began to talk to him and had a friendly relationship with him.. MC presented him a girl who worked with him at Toptoon World, she's named Kim Hyunah, she's 26 yo..

Later, Deputy Nam thanks him for the dating interview and asks him if he wants to smoke with him..

MC keeps narrating how since he's working with Seo all the person working around him started to treat him differently.. With more respect..

FMC's lookalike is asking advise to MC.. He helps her and she thanks him saying he changed a lot recently and she's happy about this and want to have a meal with him.. She says how he's working a lot and he's a source of motivation for her, he tells her how they need to work hard since they're still young.

MC narrates how she's 10 years younger than him [24 yo] and despised him a lot when he arrived.. But now she saw his progress and started to rely on him, he says how it feels great to be in his position because all his coworkers are little by litle more polite and respectful. He swears to keep working harder in the future..

MC finally narrates what happened with Joe recently..

Parlor Massage MC x Massage Girl

Massage Girl (Yoo-Won) is riding MC's dick and shouts how good it feels.. She keeps riding him in a reverse cowgirl position and tells him if he knows she's only doing it like this with him. Because with the other guests she's only thinking about making money and feels really desperate.. But with him, she enjoys the moment and wants to squeeze him dry..

Mc don't believe her and tells her to stop the lip service, she denies this saying how what she just said was true and she isn't good at lip service because of her straightforward character.. MC is happy about this and thanks her by fucking her harder..

Parlor Massage Joe x MC

MC narrates how Seo warned him about Joe because he's a High-Ranked Pervert / Senior Pervert (lol)

MC apologizes to Joe for the time he took with Yoo-Won and says how it was longer than the usual.. Joe asks him if enjoyed Yoo-Won service today, MC smiles and tells how he'll explain him everything in the car..

MC narrates how when he learned about Joe's tendencies he thought he was a fucking weirdo but after a while every time he went to fuck massage girl he narrated all the things he did to her to Joe..

Joe's Car Joe x MC

MC is mimicking what he did to Yoo-Won saying how she was too wet today.. Joe looks at him asking for more details..

MC keeps narrating how he told him every words she said to him and her every gestures.. He says how he enjoyed to tease Joe..

He's still in the car saying how the massage girl was like 'You're so good, so big, Kyaa ~ Am I not delicious?..' Mc narrates how he replayed everything he did with Yoo-Won for Joe and how they became friends after some times.. (Same age / company etc..)

Joe's Apartment Joe x MC

They have a drink together and Joe tells him how he's the first one he invited to his house.. Mc keeps addressing him as 'Team Leader' and says how it's his honor..

MC narrates (again) how it was his routine to go to Joe's place after the work to ear / drink and sleep.. He says how one night Joe confessed to him about his sexual tendencies..

Joe is drunk and says how he looks a it differently from the other people.. MC the dumb guy and says how he doesn't understand what he's meaning by that and says how if he was the one to watch someone else to fuck his girl he'll go on rampage..

MC keeps fucking narrating how this night he understood a bit more about Joe and why he's such a pervert..

MC tells him how there is plenty of women in the world and asks him why he's focusing so much on Yoo-Won. Joe looks at his empty glass full of nostalgia and tells him how she's looking like his first love from college days..

(I tried to be the most accurate possible in this one.. A lot of Name / Rank and other shit so I was a bit off with my previous spoilers.. Joe is less weird than I first thought.. At fist it was like the parlor massage girl was his old crush but she only looks alike.. Well it's still a bit weird..)

To be continued..
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