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  1. BF4 passcode level3
  3. 1. Grab the symbols from the map (the hexagrams, not the trigrams)
  4. 2. From jjju's barcode int, people mapped those to unicode values: 0x4dc0, 0x4dc0, 0x4dc1, 0x4dc2, 0x4dc4, 0x4dc7, 0x4dcc, 0x4dd4
  5. 3. People also mapped those to the fibonacci sequence (with the value those symbols have in chinese mythology or something): 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21. This gives us an order. Now it turns out you need to take them from largest to smallest, and I got this idea from the battle log console that references the 'max' function.
  6. 4. jjju's formula was pretty explicit showing we were looking for a polynomial, it was missing mostly which value to use as factor and where to start end.
  7. 5. Today's graph picture shows a function that 1) tends to -inf when evaluated at -inf and tends to inf when evaluated at inf. This tells us that the highest x power is odd.  2) It doesn't cross the origin. And when you look at the graph and evaluates what's the function value is at the origin, you get a value between 19000 and 20000. This is exactly the range of value of the unicode char. This also tells us that the polynomial has a x^0 term. We have 8 unicode values that map from x^0 to x^7
  8. 6. From a chat in game from another dev, we had 'X marks the spot' and 'the greek X', which people assumed was related to the console saying CHI = 7.25154120937236. So this gives us the point to evaluate at. The console also mentions the 'floor' function which tells us to ignore the decimal part of the result.
  10. In the end :
  12. f = 19924 * x^0 + 19916 * x^1 + 19911 * x^2 + 19908 * x^3 + 19906 * x^4 + 19905 * x^5 + 19904 * x^6 + 19904 * x^7
  14. f(7.25154120937236) = 24344241893.00018
  16. => passcode = 24344241893
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