May 30th, 2016
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  1. Working the graveyard shift sucks ass.
  3. It's lonely, taxing and fucking scary. After I was done mopping the floor (and stacking the chairs, and putting my slip of paper in the time slot, and polishing the tables, and this and fucking that) I was just about to lock up when I thought I could see someone outside.
  5. While I don't exactly like to admit it, I'm the kind of person that gets scared easily, and when I see something creepy my stupid fucking brain will start thinking of things to just royally fuck my sleeping schedule. So, I see the silhouette outside and I think "serial killer," just right off the bat.
  7. When I turn away for a second to put my jacket on (preparing to run through the door, possibly screaming) I look back to the spot where the shadow was and --
  9. -- Oh, fuck, it's gone.
  11. I'm starting to sweat already, and my hands are shaking. "Oh, you're just a pussy," fuck you, how about you try being alone in a MacDonald's, surrounded by lights, being stalked by some possible murderer-rapist.
  13. Nervously looking around every half-second, I lock up the doors and walk away from the grease emporium. This was a terrible idea, but I can't exactly think very well right now, and I don't have my phone with me, either.
  15. I start speed walking to my apartment block, perhaps fast enough to look like a social retard but I'm certain I'm being followed and there's no one outside tonight. Jesus, I'm breathing fast... It's just excellent being a wimp, alone in the dark, about to get ra --
  17. -- FUCK!
  19. What was that? I could hear footsteps behind me, no, I CAN hear footsteps behind me, I recoil on the spot like a bitch and run for it. I shouldn't be physically able to run this fast right now, but damn, I am not getting murdered tonight, no siree, I'm certain I've left the kettle on.
  21. At least, that's what I tell myself, you know, lightening the situation? It does fuck-all though, because I'm too preoccupied with trying to not think about how my throat would look with a slit across it and I run straight into an alley.
  23. I really hope this isn't getting turned into a snuff film because I must be the most retarded victim of the year. I can see the figure turn into the alley and advance towards me.
  25. I back up against the wall, like most victims do, and silently pray that this was just some elaborate game show and I wasn't going to get murdered and that I'll just get a free car or something like that and, and, and, and holy shit are thosefuckingeyestalkswhatthefuck.
  27. My assailant finally reveals herself to me when she pulls down the hood of her sweatshirt, showcasing a single, ungodly scarlet eye piercing into me, following a multitude of eye-stalk things coming out of her clothing to stare at me.
  29. "Uh, um, p-please don't kill me," I awkwardly trip over my words like I trip over my own feet, backing into a corner, huddled.
  31. She says nothing, and instead walks closer, crouching down to be level with me. Her arm jerks over my head, I recoil and whimper. Strangely, though, instead of strangling me or stuffing her fingers into my skull, she starts stroking my hair.
  33. It's an odd sensation, pleasant but confusing. Isn't this woman supposed to be violently murdering me?
  35. "You have beautiful eyes," she says to me, and fuck, her voice sounds like honey.
  37. "Uh, th-th-thanks? Please don't rip them out.." I choke out to her. She giggles, and one of the eye-stalks moves closer to my face. It's a cute giggle, so cute it makes me blush a bit.
  39. 'A bit' is an understatement, though, right now I could put a hundred tomatoes to shame. It's especially uncomfortable because now more eye-stalks are spying every part of my body, especially my crotch.
  41. "Why are you so cute?" She coos to me.
  42. "..I don't understand?"
  43. "It should be a crime to be this cute and not be my boyfriend."
  44. "...I.. what?"
  46. Instead of answering me like a sensible person she instead moves her hand from the top of my head to the back of it and smushes our mouths together in a hasty, controlled kiss.
  48. I try to push her off, but she's surprisingly strong for her size, and while I'm trying to wriggle away her tongue slides it's way into my mouth and she straddles me.
  50. One of the eye-stalks wraps itself around our necks, securing my head in place and stopping me from moving. Her hands move to pick up my hands and grip them tightly. Truth be told, being sexually molested by a cute girl in an alley is a major turn-on for me, and right now I am *very* turned on.
  52. She frees me from her grip for a moment and lets the eye-stalk unwrap itself. The other eye-stalks continue looking through my soul while she yanks my pants off and tears my boxers in two.
  54. "Ooh... Nice.."
  56. She pulls down her jeans and slides my twitching, veiny erection into her slick, wet cunt. She starts bobbing up and down on me, and fuck, this was so, so, SO much better than my hand, billions of times better, but the moans I make are just too embarrassing..
  58. I cover my face with my hands and whimper into them. I can hear her giggling again, and one of the eye-stalks snakes it's way up my shirt and rubs itself on my neck. This was too much, I mean, I don't even know this girls name and she's already stolen my first kiss and my virginity.
  60. She pulls my hands off my face and stares into me with that one, beautiful crimson eye. The other eye stalks join her and stare at me as well.
  62. Well, now she's stolen my heart, too.
  64. I can't take this anymore, I grab her head and messily tongue-kiss her while cumming a river into her womb, heart pounding. She moans into the kiss at the surprise ejaculation, her cunt spasming and squeezing another load of cum out of me.
  66. I flop down on my back, sticky with sweat, saliva and sexual secretions. She's equally as tired, her breathing matching mine.
  68. "Hey.." She says.
  69. Too tired to respond, I let her speak.
  70. "You wanna come back to my place, so we can do this some more?"
  72. ...
  74. "...Yes, please.."
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