Cheerileeader (NSFW, Cheerilee)

Sep 21st, 2016
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  1. "Alright everypony! I want a clean race!"
  2. >Apple carts creaked and squeaked as fillies and colts jostled back and forth
  3. >You could see many of them gripping their wheels tightly
  4. >Their eyes shifted back and forth to the pony on either side of them
  5. >Near the middle of the line you could see Diamond Tiara making faces at Rumble, who was looking ahead with a scowl
  6. >Snips looked half asleep as Twist eyeballed him while biting her lip
  7. >Applebloom was wiggling around in her cart excitedly, waiting for the race to start
  8. >Off on the sidelines, there were about ten colts in cheerleading uniforms shaking pompoms
  9. >Beyond them, half of the town was seated on lawn chairs drinking cider and making bets
  10. >It was a very mild day
  11. >Not too hot, not too cool
  12. >The wind wasn't blowing, and the sky was clear of clouds
  13. >Perfect weather for apple cart racing
  14. >You were standing in front of the starting line, facing the racers
  15. >Like every year, you were tasked with starting the race and making sure that nopony killed themselves on the track
  16. >Though it was a mostly thankless job, you enjoyed it
  17. >And so did the kids
  18. "No slamming into each others cars! And if I see anypony playing dirty they WILL be disqualified from the race!"
  19. >Just like the colts standing on the sidelines, you were wearing a cheerleading uniform so you could support the kids on the sidelines after the race had started
  20. >It was an old thing from your highschool days, when you had gotten the bright idea of joining the cheerleading team to pick up stallions at the risk of being called a dyke by your friends and the rest of the school
  21. >It might not have worked all that well-- or at all really-- but three years of cheerleading DID give a mare one heck of a figure
  22. >A figure that you hadn't lost after all of these years if your uniform was anything to go by
  23. >It was a BIT snug around the rump, AND your withers, but you still managed to get that sucker on without much of a fuss
  25. >You might have been getting along in the years but you still looked pretty bucking good all things considered
  26. >Unlike SOME ponies that you knew who had REALLY let themselves go in their old age
  27. >CoughMRS.CAKECough
  28. >You are Cheerilee, Ponyville's one and only elementary school teacher and the Sergeant at Arms/ Master of Ceremonies for the Annual Apple Cart Racing Derby
  29. >A race that was very much about to start
  30. >There was a small smile on your face as you lifted your hoof into the air
  31. "Alright! On my mark!"
  32. >Two dozen sets of eyes snapped to that hoof
  33. >Lips were licked, withers were rolled, ponies leaned forward in their apple carts
  34. "Get set!"
  35. >Behind you, the adults were hurriedly making their last bets of the day
  36. >From what you could gather, Snails was the favorite to win this year, though you had a good feeling that Lily Longsocks was going to be the first to cross that finish line today
  37. >...
  38. >She BETTER win
  39. >You got fifty bits on her...
  40. >You kept your hoof in the air for a few moments, then a few moments longer, until the fillies and colts were squirming in their seats
  41. >Your grin widened ever so slightly
  42. >Wait for it...
  43. >Wait for it...
  44. "...GO!"
  45. >A few years ago, you might have stood there and waited for them to pass by before making your way off the track
  46. >But ever since one of your old students-- who was working to get her master's in Magical Studies at the moment-- had tried to run you over because you had given her a B- on an essay, you were more than a little leery about standing in the middle of a race track
  47. >So the moment that your hoof came down you dove off to the side, covering your head with your hooves
  48. >Iain'tdyingtodayfilly!
  49. >Not a second after your rump hit the grass, dozens of carts screamed past you
  50. >Parents and bookies alike began screaming encouragements at the top of their lungs
  52. >Filthy in particular looked like he was ready to have a conniption, waving his hooves around and opening and closing his mouth like he was drowning
  53. "Whoo! Get their flanks, Twist!"
  54. "Show those mares how it's done, little brother!"
  55. "Buck it up Tiara! BUCK IT UP!"
  56. >Picking your head up, you watched as Scootaloo, wiggling in her box cart with a big smile on her face, slowly meandered past you
  57. >The young pegasus had, for some reason, elected to build a cart fashioned to resemble one of the ye olde models
  58. >Surprisingly, it looked like Scootaloo had done her homework
  59. >Her cart was big, lumbering, slower than molasses on a cold winter's day, and poorly painted in a black-ish grey color
  60. >Its wheels were big and creaked every time that they turned, and every once in awhile the chassis would sink like the whole thing was about to collapse
  61. >If you didn't know any better, you'd have said that an Apple had built the thing fifty years ago
  62. >"Whoo! Yeah! Buck it up, Scoots! Buck it up!"
  63. >Your gaze drifted away from the cart and over toward the crowd
  64. >Rainbow, with a corn dog in one hoof and the BIGGEST mug that you had ever seen--which was no doubt filled to the brim with hard cider-- in the other, was standing on top of her lawn chair
  65. >The pegasus was decked out in Cloudsdale colors--for some reason-- and every time that she waved her hooves around she spilled her cider on everypony that was unlucky enough to be near her vicinity
  66. >"Whoo! You show'em, Scoots! Buck'em up! BUCK'EM UP!"
  67. >She slammed her mug and corndog together, spraying cider all over Bonbon, who was sitting not that far from her
  68. >The earth pony frowned, eyes narrowing as she looked up at the clearly drunk pegasus
  69. >...
  70. >You didn't want to be Rainbow if she spilled anymore--
  71. "WHOO!"
  72. Splash!
  73. >"THAT'S IT!"
  74. >With a roar, Bonbon leapt to her hooves and tackled Rainbow, sending the two of them crashing to the ground in a flurry of feathers and hooves
  75. >--...Cider
  77. >You winced as you slowly climbed to your hooves and dusted yourself off
  78. >Notmyproblem.jpg
  79. >Making sure to look both ways--because momma ain't dying today-- you carefully made your way across the lane and over to the cheerleaders
  80. >There were a bunch of your students, but, unfortunately, a few older stallions had elected to cheer on the racers as well
  81. >There were Thunderlane, Caramel, and Hooves to name a few
  82. >Just like the little ones, they were dressed up and shaking pompoms, but unlike the children their uniforms were a little... inappropriate
  83. >Their shirts were too short, you noticed that their tails were braided so that every time they wiggled their rumps the crowd could see their sheaths and balls, and their dancing...
  84. >You almost didn't WANT to call it dancing
  85. >It was more gyrating their flanks in the faces of the crowd as they looked over their withers and smirked
  86. >...
  87. >In front of the children?
  88. >REALLY?
  89. >Anger and disgust filled your belly as you watched full grown stallions, who SHOULD know better, shame themselves in front of the town
  90. >You wanted to say something to them
  91. >A good chewing out, a lecture about how one should act perhaps...
  92. >But no!
  93. >You couldn't do that!
  94. >Those stallions were just EXPRESSING themselves!
  95. >They were just having FUN!
  96. >There wasn't anything wrong with what they were doing!
  97. >You were just being a sexist, Cheer!
  98. >A stallion could do more than work in the kitchen, Cheerilee!
  99. >Puff...
  100. >If these colts were your kids you'd have dragged them home and beaten the cutiemarks off their flanks...
  101. >Still, a mare knew when to pick her fights, so you decided that the best thing to do was say nothing
  102. >But that didn't mean you were going to let those colts' bad behavior rub off on the little ones
  103. "Tender Taps, Featherweight, Pipsqueak! Why don't you come over here and let me teach you how to make a pyramid?"
  105. >For the next twenty minutes or so, as the crowd cheered and the carts flew by, you taught the young ones everything that you could remember from your days on the Ponyville Pounders Cheer squad
  106. > The name was changed after you graduated. Unfortunately
  107. >You taught them how to jump without hurting themselves, how to wave their pom-poms in just the right way, how to do fun little dances and cheers that they could guide the crowd in
  108. >As you did this, you made sure to sneak in a little lesson or five
  109. >About how teamwork was important, how one's throat and mouth made the noises in the cheer, how gravity affects a jump
  110. >Day off or not, you were still a teacher
  111. >It was your duty, no, your calling, to teach; to bestow knowledge on the younger generation
  112. >Nothing brought a bigger smile to your face than to see curiosity and the desire to learn in the faces of your students
  113. >"There's my shmoopy-doo~
  114. >A pair of arms slipped around your neck
  115. >You jumped, eyes widening in surprise
  116. >Fingers grazed your neck as the arms hooked around and give you a gentle squeeze
  117. >Relaxing slightly, you let out a hum as those hands slipped underneath your uniform and began to scratch your chest
  118. "Hmmm..."
  119. >A pair of soft, full lips brushed against your cheek, making you hum even louder
  120. >Well, there WAS something that made your smile just a BIT bigger...
  121. >Your tail flicked as you pressed your back against the chest
  122. >You received another kiss, this time on the neck
  123. >Your eyelids slipped closed as you inhaled deeply
  124. >You could smell vanilla, fresh flour, sugar and milk
  125. >With another inhale the smell of sweat and salt tickled your senses, along with... something that you couldn't quite discern
  126. >Those fingers dug into your fur as they began to scratch, making you hum all the louder and wiggle in delight
  127. >Another kiss, this time on your other cheek, made you chuckle
  129. "There's my snookums," you cooed in response, finally turning your head to look at who had his big, strong arms wrapped around you
  130. >It was, of course, your husband Nameless; or Namey as you liked to call him
  131. >Your dear old husband looked like he had just come from work
  132. >He was still wearing his white cook's uniform, sans the hat
  133. >He also looked dead tired, his eyes drooping and his shoulders sagged
  134. >But he had a big old smile on his face as he held you, and you found yourself smiling in return
  135. >Your nostrils flared as you nuzzled his cheek
  136. "You smell like cupcakes," you murmured
  137. >His grip around you tightened just a hair as he let out a sigh
  138. >"The Cakes had me baking 'em the whole day," he grumbled tiredly, before yawning. "Somebody important up in Canterlot is throwing a party for their kid and they needed two thousand of the things."
  139. "What kind?" you asked as you nosed his cheek
  140. >Your husband snorted
  141. >"Strawberry. JUST strawberry. For some fuc--stupid reason..."
  142. >As he sighed again, you found yourself frowning
  143. >Your nostrils flared again
  144. >Huh...
  145. >So THAT'S what that other smell was...
  146. "Somepony must really like strawberry," you mused, turning yourself so that you could give your husband a quick peck on the lips
  147. >The children that you had been coaching made faces and did all the silly things that the younger ones did when adults kissed, but you ignored them, rubbing your nose against Namey's before pulling away
  148. "And thank you for watching your language around the children. I appreciate it."
  149. >Namey grunted, giving your chest a few more scratches before pulling his hands out of your uniform and standing up
  150. >He stretched his back, grunting as his spine, shoulders, and hips popped, before he looked at the race track
  151. >"So is Snips still the high roller, or is everyone's money on someone else?"
  152. >Just then a hoofful of karts raced by, screeching and creaking and popping in a way that might be worrying if you weren't a veteran apple cart official
  154. >It looked like Applebloom was in the lead, with Snips and Diamond Tiara coming up from behind
  155. >To your surprise, you saw that Sweetie Bell-- who was riding in some contraption right out of the mind of a mad pony-- wasn't far behind them
  156. >...
  157. >You couldn't really explain what it looked like...
  158. >Its body resembled a whale in the middle, but then it kind of ended off in points at the back and end that curved...
  159. >...
  160. >Did...
  161. >Did she even have any nails in that thing?
  162. >And why were there so MANY wheels on i--
  163. >"WHOO! You go Sweetie Bell!" your husband cheered, waving a hand as the children flew by. "Show'em how it's done!"
  164. >You watched the retreating carts for a few moments before turning toward your husband
  165. "Hon," you said, as a frown worked its way onto your face. "Were you betting on the kids again?">Your husband frowned right back
  166. >"Were you?" he retorted
  167. "..."
  168. >"..."
  169. >Loudly clearing your throat, you clapped your hooves together
  170. "Alrighty children! Now, why don't you all get in formation so we can try the cheer again?"
  171. >As the children did as you asked, you felt your husband's eyes on you
  172. >You expected him to say something sassy or smart but, oddly enough, he was silent
  173. >He was so quiet, in fact, that you once again turned your head to look at him to see what was the matter
  174. >To your surprise, you saw that your husband was looking at your cheerleading uniform
  175. >Because you had been getting a little winded teaching the children--you weren't as young as you once were-- your uniform was a bit damp with sweat
  176. >This made it clung to your body, so much so that it might as well have been a second skin
  177. >You also had your mane tied up in a tight pony tail with a big bow; the same kind that you would have worn while cheering when you were younger
  178. >Your husband liked it when you wore bows
  179. >You knew this
  181. >But he also seemed to like the way that your uniform fit you, if the way that he was ogling your rump was any indication
  182. >A burst of pride made you puff your chest out
  183. >Heh...
  184. >Momma's still got it...
  185. >Giggling, you swatted the tip of your husband's nose with your tail
  186. "There are CHILDREN playing, you old corn dog," you teasingly chided
  187. >Your smile turned a sultry as your husband blushed
  188. >Standing up on your hind legs, you wrapped your hooves around his neck and pulled him close
  189. >A shiver ran through him as your hot breath washed over his face
  190. >You giggled again, giving his cheek a chaste kiss before leaning toward his ear
  191. "But, if you wait until after the event, I'd be happy to let you stare all you want. Maybe a little more if you're lucky~" you whispered, your voice husky
  192. >Your husband said nothing, but the look he gave you said ALLLLLL that you needed to know
  193. "Come now, children! Get those pom-poms up and watch me! Now, one, two, three, and--"
  194. >The rest of the race went off without a hitch
  195. >Other than Rainbow and Bonbon's little drawl, wherein the pegasus had to go to the hospital for a broken nose and dislocated wing--not that she felt it, as drunk as she was--, nothing had been destroyed and there hadn't been anymore fights
  196. >Which was a very, very good thing
  197. >You, all of ponies, knew exactly how rowdy when alcohol and kart racing mixed
  198. >The race itself had ended in Sweetie Belle, of all ponies, winning the whole thing, with Snips coming in second and Silver Spoon coming in third
  199. "Congratulations, Sweetie," you said as you hoofed her the first-place trophy. "You're this year's winner of the Annual Apple Cart Races!"
  200. >The crowd began to hoot and holler as the white unicorn took the trophy with a happy bounce
  201. >"Thanks, Mrs. Cheerilee!" she cried, her voice cracking
  202. >Aw...
  203. "Well, you're very welcome, my dear. Now what are going to d--"
  204. >"I'm going to didney worl!"
  205. >...
  206. >What...?
  208. >The smile on your face twitched a bit but you patted Sweetie on the head all the same
  209. >There was something wrong with this filly...
  210. >Giving her one final congrats, you made your way to the second and third place winners
  211. >Snips gave you a big, dopey smile when you hoofed time a silver medal, though Silver Spoon looked a little nervous as you placed the bronze around her neck
  212. >You couldn't be too sure, but the way that Diamond Tiara was glaring at her from the crowd might explain the young filly's behavior
  213. >...
  214. >Whoo...
  215. >You didn't envy the stallion that was unlucky enough to herd with those two...
  216. >Medals and trophy given out, you turned to address the crowd
  217. "I want to thank each and everyone of you for another successful year of kart racing!" you called out
  218. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Namey standing in the crowd
  219. >He was biting his lip, and there was a blush on his face as he stared at you
  220. >All around him, ponies were shifting uncomfortably
  221. >Many of them looked flustered, a few of them sneaking glances at your husband as they rocked back and forth
  222. >Wegottehurrythisshitupfilly!
  223. "A-And I hope that we continue to have better and better races in the upcoming years!"
  224. >You clapped your hooves together, a smile on your face even while your tail gave an impatient flick
  225. "Once again, I hope that you all have had a wonderful time. Goodbye, and have a good day!"
  226. >Not your best closing speech but it would have to do
  227. >As the crowd began to disperse, some of them making their way to their lawn chairs to clean up, others crowding around the winners, your husband began to make his way toward you
  228. >He wasn't quite shoving ponies out of the way, but his eagerness could be seen plain as day
  229. >Your tail flicked again as your nostrils flared
  230. >With each step his took his scent became stronger, overpowering every other smell until it seemed to saturate the air
  231. >You found yourself taking deeper and deeper breaths
  233. >You could feel butterflies of anticipation flying around in the heat of your belly
  234. >Your breathing became shallow as you rubbed your back legs together
  235. >Already you could feel a wetness trickling down your hind legs
  236. >You were ready
  237. >Oh so ready...
  238. >Namey's hands opened and closed as he drew nearer
  239. >He was unabashedly staring at you, drinking in every curve, every bit of tight, sweaty clothing
  240. >He had made sure to move his member in a way that wouldn't make a tent in his pants, you noticed, but you could still see its outline straining through the fabric
  241. >Your nostrils flared again
  242. >A little closer and you'd be able to see his cock pulse
  243. >If you were lucky you might be able to see the beginnings of a stain at the tip of his cockhead
  244. >I'mgoingtobuckingwreckthiscoltswearonmepa.jpg
  245. >Your mind raced as he closed the distance between the two of you
  246. >Your house was on the other end of town
  247. >If the two of you hurried you could make it there in fifteen minutes
  248. >It would probably take another five or so minutes to lock all your doors and close your windows so nopony saw or heard your fun
  249. >...
  250. >The school was just around the corner though...
  251. >It was a Saturday, which meant that there wouldn't be a single soul anywhere near the place...
  252. >And since it was on the edge of town not many ponies lived there, so the two of you could be as loud as you wanted...
  253. >...
  254. >As Namey came within hooves reach, you leapt up and wrapped your hooves around his neck
  255. "Is my honey worked up?" you cooed quietly
  256. >Your husband gave your ears a scratch
  257. >"Sweet Christ does your ass look great in that outfit," your husband responded breathlessly
  258. >Your giggled, stealthly reaching down and rubbing his bulge through his pants
  259. >Namey gasped, his eyes widening
  260. "Well thank you very much, honey pie. You're looking pretty good yourself."
  261. >A shiver ran up your body as your husband's smell hit you like a runaway cart
  263. "Why don't we find a quiet little place where I can help with this, hmm~?" you asked, giving his bulge a playful squeeze
  264. >Your husband jerked, his hands tightening around your head
  265. >You gave his shaft another squeeze, and he began nodding his head like his life depended on it
  266. >There we go~
  267. >A grin worked its way onto your face
  268. >Sweet Celestia above did you LOVE to be married to a stallion with this high of a sex drive
  269. >As the crowd continued to disperse and chatter and drink their piss-warm cider, Namey and you slipped away
  270. >Well, not so much as slipped away as power-walked with your heads down
  271. >You had your husband's hand on your mouth as you led him toward the school
  272. >While your husband was quite a bit bigger than you, you WERE an earth pony, which meant that you were a good deal stronger than him
  273. >So, while you were trying to be gentle as you led him, in your eagerness to find some privacy, you really ended up more dragging him along than anything
  275. >Not that your husband seemed to mind
  276. >"Easy there, hon," he teased. "If you're not careful you're gonna rip my arm off."
  277. "Pem nob fahter," you mumbled around his hand, giving it another firm tug
  278. >You could see the school house in the distance
  279. >There wasn't a pony in sight
  280. >The entire area was deserted
  281. >Perfect...
  282. >Both you and your husband made your way to the school house
  283. >Though you didn't have your usual key you had a spare underneath the welcome mat
  284. >Grabbing that, you quickly opened the door and ushered Namey inside
  285. >The schoolhouse was dead silent
  286. >The scent of old wooden desks and crayons and chalk was thick in the air
  287. >It looked like Broom Stick, the old stallion that came to clean the classroom on the weekends, had already been in here
  288. >Everything looked immaculate
  289. >The students desks were spotless and shiny and their chairs were pushed in
  290. >The floor was equally shiny and clean, and so spotless that you could almost see yourself in it
  291. >Your chalkboard was free of chalk and crayon (Don't ask), and the papers and little nick-nacks you kept on your desk were stacked neatly and in a row
  292. >You were going to have to remember to thank him...
  293. >Later though; right now you had a stallion to see to
  294. "Hmm~"
  295. >Humming, you spit out your husband's mouth
  296. >Taking a step back, you pressed your backside against his groin
  297. >Namey explosively inhaled through his nose
  298. >His hips gently bumped against your rump as his hands found their way to your backside
  299. >They lifted up your little skirt, tugged on and teasing the fabric
  300. >You gasped as you felt his fingertips brush against your butt
  301. >"I've been waiting ALL morning for this," Namey proclaimed
  302. >You jumped as his hands wigged under your uniform began to grope and feel and knead
  303. "H-Hah~"
  304. >Dirty colt...
  305. >Your back arched, and you pushed yourself a little more firmly against him
  307. >You could feel his hard cock against your backside
  308. >It twitched through the fabric, begging to be freed
  309. >You could feel its warmth, feel the various veins and bumps and ridges
  310. >You wanted it
  311. >More than anything you wanted it
  312. >You leaned away from him, breathing hard
  313. >Namey's fingers traced your cutiemarks before he lifted up your skirt a little more and spread your cheeks
  314. >Without a second thought, you flicked your tail out of the way, revealing your leaking, puffy, HOT marehood
  315. >Your husband let out a low whistle
  316. >You looked at him over your wither with half-lidded, hungry eyes
  317. "Why don't you go and sit in the teacher's chair?" you cooed, slamming back grinding yourself against him. "I want to give you a proper... LESSON~"
  318. >Namey instantly released your backside and took a step away from you
  319. >In three steps, he managed to cross the classroom to where your desk was seated
  320. >You took these few moments to glance at his backside, rubbing your hind legs together to try to aleve some of the heat
  321. >Grabbing the chair-- a black, plushy thing that you bought with your own money because you couldn't stand the old chair that you had been given-- Namey pulled it away from the desk
  322. >Spinning it around, he sat down heavily, spreading his legs
  323. >Giving you a smile, he beckoned you with a finger
  324. >"Come and get some, babe."
  325. >Dirty colt indeed~...
  326. >You made your way toward him slowly, making sure to put a sway in your hips as you did so
  327. >Your rump jiggled and bounced, making your shirt jump and flutter
  328. "Give me a C," you cooed, licking your lips. "Give me a O"
  329. >You took a deep breath, your mouth watering as Namey's scent drew you in
  330. "Give me a C! Give me a K!"
  331. >Anticipation made the butterflies flap all the harder as you placed your hooves on your husband's knees and leaned up so that your foreheads were touching
  332. "What does that spell~?"
  333. >Your tongue darted out of your mouth, licking his lips
  335. >Namey pulled away for half a second, before he darted forward
  336. >Your lips connected for a few moments before he pulled away
  337. >You followed, and your lips connected, before you pulled away
  338. >A growl escaped Namey's throat as his hands found themselves on the small of your back
  339. "Cock. Cock. COCK! Give me a COCK!" you growled, pressing your lips again your husband's properly
  340. >They felt soft against yours
  341. >Soft and warm and supple
  342. >The way that a stallion's lips should feel
  343. >Namey groaned into your mouth as his hands slide up and down your back
  344. "Hmm~"
  345. >Your tongue slipped out of your mouth, teasing his lips, asking to be allowed inside
  346. >Looking up into his eyes, you saw that they were narrowed slightly
  347. >You knew that look...
  348. >Giving your husband a teasing wink, you took a deep breath and steeled yourself
  349. >All at once, Namey's tongue exploded out of his mouth
  350. >It was a small, thin little thing compared to yours, but Namey knew how to use it with terrifying efficiency
  351. >His tongue quickly traced yours before it flicked the tip of your wet muscle
  352. >You tried to counter by wrapping your tongue around his but it was no use
  353. >Before you knew it, his smaller, weaker tongue had forced yours back into your mouth
  354. >"Hmm~"
  355. >Your husband let out another groan as his tongue began teasing the inside of your maw, tracing your teeth and playing with your tongue
  356. >Namey was an aggressive kisser
  357. >He liked to lead the kiss, bully your tongue so that it did what he wanted it to
  358. >Most mares would have taken this treatment in meek silence
  359. >But you had been with your husband for many, many years
  360. >You knew how to fight him
  362. >You knew how to win
  363. >You pressed more of your weight onto his knees, leaning forward and deepened the kiss
  364. >For a few minutes your tongue laid docile, only moving to play with your husband's when he initiated contact
  365. >Slowly but surely, his tongue began to slow down to enjoy itself
  366. >He was letting his guard down
  367. >He thought he had won
  368. >You couldn't help but smile as Namey's fingers ran through your mane, digging into your scalp
  369. >Wait for it...
  370. >Wait for it...
  371. >WAIT FOR IT...
  372. >You began to herd Namey's tongue to the corner of your mouth
  373. >As you did that you leaned forward, your tail swishing excitedly in anticipation
  374. >Your husband, as focused as he was on your kiss, didn't notice a thing as you slowly leaned him back into the chair
  375. >It wasn't until your mane cascaded around your face, tickling his cheeks and forehead, did his eyes start to widen in realization
  376. >But by then it was far too late
  377. >One of your hooves snaked up his leg and toward his groin
  378. >Not giving him a chance to stop you, you began to stroke his cloth-covered length with the frog of your hoof
  379. >Your touch was light, mainly focused around his head and upper shaft
  380. >"A-ACK!"
  381. >Even through the pants you could feel Namey's cock twitch under your touch
  382. >His knees slapped together, forcing you to balance yourself on your back legs alone, and he gasped into your mouth
  383. >Your grin widened
  384. >Got'em!
  385. >Your tongue leapt into action, batting around Namey's with practiced ease
  386. >His brow furrowed as his tongue began to fight back, but with another stroke you managed to break his concentration
  387. "Hmm~"
  388. >A frustrated mewl escaped your Namey's mouth as you pressed him back against the chair further while having your way with him
  390. >He tried to fight you, like he always did, but not only did you have the high ground you had him by the cock and balls
  391. >Momma's got you, sweetie
  392. >Better luck next time
  393. >Eventually, though he didn't look very happy about it, your husband stopped fighting and allowed you to lead the kiss
  394. >You did so with enthusiasm
  395. "Hmm~"
  396. >You teased every inch of his mouth
  397. >You traced his teeth-- making sure to mind his canines--, wrestled with his tongue, and caressed his lips until your lungs were burning and your head was spinning
  398. >Namey frowned as your broke away with a gasp
  399. >"Why do you... always do that?" he demanded, his chest heaving. "You know... that I hate it when you stroke me through... my pants and... all that... whoo..."
  400. >Giggling, you pressed your forehead against his
  401. "All's fair in love and war, hon~" you cooed, your eyes shining
  402. >Your hoof grazed his shaft once more, making him hiss
  403. "Now, why don't we see to this, hmm?"
  404. >Sweet Celestia, his smell was KILLING you...
  405. >Not waiting for an answer, you kissed your husband's cheek, then his jaw, then his neck
  406. >Namey let out a playful snort as you planted a kiss on his adam's apple
  407. >"I don't care what you say, hon. You fucking cheated and you--"
  408. >Your teeth grazed his collarbone
  409. >Namey twitched, and his breathing hitching
  410. >There we go~
  411. >It's quiet time now, dear
  412. >Just lie back and let your Cheer-Bear take care of you...
  413. >You began peppering his neck with kisses, short and sweet and fast
  414. >Namey's hands traveled down your neck and to your withers and he let out a pleased hum under your tender care
  415. >He offered you a little more of his neck to kiss, and you did so without hesitation
  416. "Hum~"
  417. >His skin felt warm against your lips, supple and smooth
  419. >You could taste sweat, along with the fruitiness of the soap that he used last night
  420. >It was a pleasant taste, a clean taste
  421. >A stallion's taste
  422. >You found yourself happily humming as you placed kisses around his neck and jawline before making your way southward
  423. >Quickly helping Namey out of his work shirt, and the undershirt beneath that, you began to tease and taste his torso
  424. >You then made your way down to his stomach, and lower stomach, and his sides
  425. >While you did this, his hands never left your withers, kneading and tugging on the muscles there
  426. >From above you could hear his breathing becoming more and more ragging
  427. >Every once in awhile his knees would lightly tap against your sides
  428. >His fingers would also dig into your withers and he'd do his best to push you downward to hurry you along, but you ignored him
  429. >Momma wanted to take the scenic route
  430. >She didn't want to hurry this along
  431. >You wanted to touch, taste, love every inch of your husband
  432. >Every bump and curve and imperfection
  433. >And you wanted to do it SLOWLY~
  434. >Finally, Namey could take it no more
  435. >"Woman, I swear to GAWD if you don't--"
  436. >His brow furrowed as you nipped the skin under his second rib
  437. >"--stop this fucking teasing I'm going to bust your ass."
  438. >You stopped your kissing, licking, and biting to look up at your husband
  439. >His face was flushed
  440. >A bead of sweat was making its way down his forehead
  441. >His hair was messy
  442. >His eyes looked glassy and his mouth was partially opened
  443. >In a word, he looked breathtaking
  444. "Isn't that the point of this, hon?" you asked, playfully batting your eyelashes up at him before you resumed your kissing
  445. >Namey let out another groan, trying to push you down again
  446. >Between kisses, you couldn't help but laugh under your breath
  448. >This colt right here...
  449. >This bucking colt...
  450. >Finally, after a million and a half kisses, you found yourself looking at the button of his pants
  451. >"CheerileeIsweartofuckinggodstopmessingaroundrightnow!"
  452. >With a simple flick of your tongue, you undid the button and popped the fly
  453. >A happy groan escaped your husband's lips as you began to carefully pull his pants down
  454. >Your husband lifted his hips up to help you a bit as you tugged the pants further and further down his body until they were around his ankles
  455. >With a final tug, you pulled them off completely off and tossed them away
  456. >Now your Namey was just in his underwear and shoes (he liked to make love with you in his shoes. You had no idea why), sitting there, completely at your mercy
  457. >His cock, freed from those WONDERFULLY tight pants of his, was straining against his boxers
  458. >You could see it through the pee-slit, thick and veiny and throbbing
  459. >A low, needy hum escaped your throat as your nostrils flared
  460. >You could smell his musk, the sugar and bread and sweets that he had worked with, sweat
  461. >You began to salivate as you slowly leaned forward
  462. "Hmm~ I've been waiting for this..."
  463. >Namey's fingers dug into your withers as your cheek brushed up against his cloth-covered length
  464. >It jumped at your touch, further soaking his boxers in pre
  465. >"Cheer," your husband warned through gritted teeth
  466. >He had tried to make himself sound threatening, but ended up sounding breathy
  468. >You didn't respond as you leaned up and grabbed the top of his boxers
  469. >The elastic band stretched as you gave it a small pull
  470. >You tugged a little harder until you had pulled the boxers down a ways
  471. >Your husband groaned, his hips rolling as his cock slid against the fabric
  472. >"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk..."
  473. >With one final, hard tug, his cock sprang free, slapping against his belly before it booped your nose
  474. "There's my big colt," you murmured, rubbing the tip of your nose up and down his shaft
  475. >Your mouth opened partially, and your tongue slipped between your lips
  476. >It would have been nothing to take your husband's dick into your mouth
  477. >All you'd need to do was turn your head the slightest bit
  478. >Then you'd be able to taste him
  479. >Be able to feel him throb in your mouth
  480. >Taste as his pre spurted out of his mouth as you licked and sucked and kissed until you could taste nothing but him...
  481. >BUT...!
  482. >With one more slightly wistful nuzzle, you pulled yourself away
  483. >Foreplay wasn't going to cut it this time
  484. >You were too worked up, and so was your husband
  485. >If the two of you didn't get a good old fashioned hard rutting than neither of you were going to leave this school house happy
  486. >So that was what was going to happen
  487. >Stepping away from your husband, you turned around and propped yourself up on your desk
  488. >With a hard jerk of your hips, you lifted your skirt so that your rear could be seen in all of its glory
  489. >There wasn't an inch of your expansive rump that wasn't wet and sticky
  490. >Your fur was probably a bit matted in places, and your tail MUST have been a mess
  491. >If you would have tried to present yourself to a stallion in this state they would have been out the door before you could look back at them
  492. >But Namey, you knew, was a fan of pony rumps; earth pony rumps especially
  493. >And while you didn't like to drag, yours might have been one of the bigger ones in town
  494. >Top five at least
  496. >You giggled as the sound of your husband's cock slapping against his belly echoed throughout the room
  497. "You know, I've always WANTED to be bent over this desk~" you cooed, looking over your withers to shoot your Namey a heated look. "Why don't you come over here and make that dream come true, big boy~?"
  498. >Namey was already climbing to his feet with a grunt, an eager look on his face
  499. >There's my good colt...~
  500. >Come and fuck momma nice and hard...~
  501. >His cock bounced, sending a bead of pre onto the floor, as he kicked the chair away
  502. >You wiggled your rump, biting your lip as your cheeks slide against each other
  503. "Come on hon, I'm waiting," you said with a groan, arching your back and jutting your rump out as far as you could get it. "Let's see how much you can get this skirt to bounce as you rut me~"
  504. >A hungry growl escaped your husband's throat as he took a step toward you
  505. >You answered his growl with a groan, closing your eyes and resting your head on your desk
  506. >You could feel your heart pounding in your chest in anticipation
  507. >Here you were, about to be fucked in your workplace
  508. >A place where children learned in played
  509. >You could almost imagine the children sitting at their desks
  510. >You could nearly hear their voices as they spoke and the little sounds that they made as they--
  511. "Shhhhhhhhfffffff!"
  512. >Your body jerked as you felt something wet and warm tracing the lips of your marehood
  513. >One of your back legs cocked back to kick, but you immediately reined in the lizard part of your brain, instead letting out a loud, pleased moan
  514. >A tongue was working its way around your cunny, licking your lips clean
  515. >You groaned again, picking your head up to see what in Celestia's name your husband was doing back there
  516. >Sure enough, he was crouched down with his face buried between your cheeks, his hands holding onto your back legs
  518. >You wiggled your hips, groaning as you felt his cheeks rub against your crack
  519. >Underneath your tail, you husband chuckled
  520. "N-Na--"
  521. >Your eyes crossed as you felt that little tongue of his flick your button
  522. >Your back legs nearly buckled at the sensation, but with a stomp of your hoof you managed to regain your balance
  523. "NAMEY! You stop that RIGHT NOW, Mister!" you said in your best teacher's voice, bouncing your rump against his face. "You s-stand up and put your cock inside me THIS INSTANT!"
  524. >Your husband tried to ignore you, like you knew he would
  525. >His fingers dug into your back legs, and he leaned back so that he could bury his tongue into you
  526. >But you knew your husband's tricks, and knew how to deal with them
  527. >The moment that he leaned back you tensed your rump as hard as you could and brought your hind legs close so that your knees were touching
  528. >Your buttcheeks clamped together, protecting your cunny from anymore unwanted licks
  529. >To show that you were ABSOLUTELY serious, you clamped your tail down so that it covered your rump completely
  530. >THERE!
  532. >Your husband darted forward, only for his face to bounce against hard, unyielding earth pony muscle
  533. >"Edkfjnnoejn!"
  534. >He sputtered, jerking away to rub his now scrunched up nose
  535. >A quiet whinny escaped your throat when you saw that his mouth and cheeks were covered in your juices, but you held strong
  536. "Nameless..."
  537. >He looked up at you with a frown
  538. >You frowned back, nudging his cheek with your butt
  539. >Your tail twitched when you felt him kiss your cutiemark
  540. >Thiscoltisgoingtobuckingkillme.jpg
  541. >Namey placed his hands on the top of your rump, and for a few terrible seconds you thought that he was going to work you up until his face was buried in your cheeks once more, but thankfully that wasn't the case
  543. >Using your rump as leverage, he stood up
  544. >"I can't believe that you used your teacher's voice on me," he muttered, before giving your rump a vindictive swat
  545. "If you didn't act like such a child I wouldn't have to treat you like one, hon," you smartly replied
  546. >Namey grunted, sliding his member in between your cheeks
  547. >You twitched in surprise as his cock slid up your crack until his tip bumped against your dock
  548. >dkfjndkfj!
  549. "A-Aha~!"
  550. >He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around your barrel and burying his face into your mane
  551. >He pulled back a bit before thrusting again, then again, then one more time
  552. >With each thrust his hips slapped against your rump, producing a fleshy, wet sound that was better than any music that you had ever heard
  553. >You groaned again, trying to move in a way that would angle his tip against your entrance, but your husband hugged you closely
  554. >"Lets see how much of a teacher you can be after I'm done with you," Namey growled after a particularly rough thrust rocked both you and your desk
  555. >You found yourself smiling as you laid your cheek against your desk
  556. >A part of you wanted to scream
  557. >You could feel his cock parting your cheeks with each thrust
  558. >It was sliding up against your marehood, against your tailhole
  559. >You could feel it pulsing and leaking against your most sensitive parts, so close yet so far away
  560. >His teasing should have been driving you crazy
  561. >It should have made you want to buck him into your chair, climb on top of him, and ride him until the sun came up
  562. >But you just smiled, and continued to smile even as he nudged your legs so that you widened your stance
  563. >Because you knew what was going to happen
  564. >You knew and so did Namey
  565. >He might have put on a tough front, growling and grabbing like the big colt he was, but you knew it was an act
  566. >Another thing that he liked to do to get your riled up
  568. >And it was working
  569. >Namey let out a quiet gasp as you squeezed your rump, smothering his length
  570. >His cock twitched, coating your crack in pre
  571. >Humming, you pressed yourself against his groin, wiggling your rump from side to side
  572. >Namey's fingers dug into your cutiemarks and his breath caught in his throat
  573. >You held him in place for a few moments, just toying with him, until you released his cock
  574. "We'll see about that, hon~" you murmured, lifting your rump up a bit to give him better access
  575. >Namey let out a shaky breath as he pulled away from you
  576. >He grabbed his cock and slowly leaned forward
  577. "Hmm~ Come on hon. Fuck your little pony silly~"
  578. >He pressed his cockhead against your lips
  579. >"Don't worry. I will."
  580. >He then began to rub his big, fat head up and down your pussy, parting your lips but not using enough force to penetrate
  581. >You groaned, pressing your ass against his thighs and arching your back like the needy little filly that you were
  582. >Come on
  583. >Comeon
  584. >Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!
  585. >Your husband took a deep breath
  586. >He got a good grip on your back legs and bucked his hips
  587. >His cock slide against your pussy hips, making you both tense and squirm
  588. >He tried again, thrusting his cock toward your opening
  589. >You let out a happy groan as you felt him enter you, which turned into a cry of anguish as it somehow slipped out to graze your rock-hard teats
  590. >Motherbuckingshithorseapplespoo!
  591. "N-Namey~!"
  592. >With an impatient whimper of his own, your husband tried for a third time
  593. >His cockhead parted your lips perfectly, and with a little half-jerk the first two inches of his maleness entered you you
  594. >You hissed through your teeth to keep from screaming as you felt his head stretching your walls, forcing them to accommodate his girth
  595. >Your Namey might not have been the biggest stallion around, but he sure was honey seed was thick
  597. >Easily the thickest stallion that you've ever had the pleasure of taking
  598. >His cock pulsed as your marehood spasmed around it
  599. >His hips pushed forward, forcing a few more inches inside of you
  600. >You mewled as you were rocked forward
  601. >Pencils and papers flew off the desk to the floor below as you exhaled explosively
  602. "H-Hah~"
  603. >He was stretching you so much, and with each throb you could still feel him getting thicker and thicker
  604. >It was almost too much
  605. >You almost couldn't take him
  606. >It was nearly painful
  607. >Namey thrust again, sending another clutter of papers to the floor to be forgotten
  608. "Umph~!"
  609. >You clamped down on him hard
  610. >He groaned, racking your haunches with his fingernails as he throbbed inside of you
  611. >"How are you still this TIGHT after all of these years?!"
  612. >He pulled back before he pushed himself forward with a slow, but firm, thrust
  613. >Your Cunt squeezed him but he would not be denied this time
  614. >Inch after thick, delicious inch entered you
  615. >You moaned long and loud, your tongue lolling out of your mouth until he finally hilted
  616. "fgdjfndk!"
  617. >Your eyes crossed
  618. >Pleasure exploded up your body, making your back legs crumble, and it was only because of your husband holding you in place that you didn't just fall off your desk
  619. >You couldn't describe what it felt like having your husband inside of you like this
  620. >There was nothing that you could compare it to
  621. >No other stallion had made you felt this full, this complete, this... whole
  622. >Though as thick and as fat as his cock was, it felt like it fit perfectly
  623. >Like it was made to be inside of you
  624. "Oh sweet Celestia... Hmm~"
  625. >Namey slowly began to pull out of your depths
  626. >Your marehood clutched at it hard, not wanting its warmth and it's girth to leave
  627. >He continued to pull away until just half of him was inside of you, wherein he pushed himself back in
  629. >For the next minute or so he kept his pace slow and tender, waiting for you to get accustomed
  630. >Unlike most stallions, who would begin to thrust as hard and as fast they could the second that they were in the hole, your honey always made sure that you were ready before he went hard and fast
  631. >He didn't want to hurt you
  632. >He wanted you make you feel as good as he felt
  633. >And you loved him for it
  634. >Slowly but surely, your inner walls began to loosen to accommodate his length, allowing him to hilt inside of you more easily
  635. >You released a groan under your breath
  636. "F-Faster hon. Faster," you murmured, pushing yourself backward as he pushed forward
  637. >Your Namey grunted breathlessly, picking up the pace
  638. >You began to participate in the lovemaking where you could, wiggling your butt and pushing yourself backward in time with his thrusts
  639. >You feel yourself drooling as your eyes slipped shut
  640. >In, out, in, out, in, out
  641. >You could feel his cockhead stretching your tunnel, feel his shaft grinding against your insides
  642. >The pleasure was like a low burning heat
  643. >Not too overwhelming, ever-present, and it built as the minutes ticked by
  644. >You found yourself shivering in pleasure, even drooling on your desk as you whined and squeaked and groaned
  645. >His cock felt so unbelievably warm
  646. >You could feel every vein, every bump, as he slid into you
  647. >When he hilted, and stayed there--allowing you to grind against him because he knew that you liked to do that
  648. >You loved the feeling of every single inch of his maleness inside of you
  649. >Your husband let out a stifled gasp as you clutched him hard
  650. >He fired a spurt of cum into you, which sent tingles of pleasure up and down your back
  651. "Cheer!" he groaned, his head rolling
  652. "Hmm~"
  653. >Namey tried to pull himself away, to give himself a moment's rest, but you followed him
  654. >You thrust your rump against his thighs, forcing him to hilt you again
  655. >He both groaned and gasped, his knees tapping together as his body shook
  657. >His cock pulsed again as you both groaned
  658. >You pulled away before pushing back with no small amount of force
  659. "C-Come on hon. I thought that you w-were going to rut my b-brains out," you teased, moving your flank from side to side
  660. >Your husband shivered again before rearing back a hand and slapping your rump hard
  661. "H-Hah~!"
  662. >You twitched as your rump jiggled
  663. >"Show... you..."
  664. >Namey muttered something under his breath that you couldn't quite catch
  665. >He leaned up and roughly nipped your ear as he began to thrust with a little more force
  666. >One of his hands reached down to grab your tail
  667. >He tugged on his hard, sending pleasure exploding up your body
  668. >Your breathing hitched and your back arched as you picked your head up and neighed long and loud
  669. "Yes, hon," you groaned. "Just like that! Just like t-that!
  670. >Now the wet, meaty sound cut through the silence every few moments, which were usually followed by moans and groans and gasps
  671. >Namey was putting his weight in his thrusts now, so each time he slammed forward your body rocked the desk, making it creak in protest
  672. >Sweat had soaked both of your bodies
  673. >You can practically hear your cum hitting the floor with each firm thrust
  674. >Your rump was jiggling and bouncing and your cheeks were slapping together
  675. >You couldn't catch your breath, and your chest felt like it was on fire
  676. >Your vision was swimming
  677. >But wasn't enough
  678. >Not by a longshot
  679. "Faster, h-honey! FASTER!"
  680. >Your husband growled, tugging on your tail hard enough for it to be painful
  681. >His thrusts became faster, sloppier, more filled with need
  682. >He didn't pull out of you the whole way, nor did he hilt unless you forced him too, and then it was only for a moment or two
  683. >"Fucking, fuck, FUCK~!"
  685. >You began bouncing yourself against his lap as fast as you were able
  686. >Your marehood was clamping down hard every time that he pulled back, enveloping him in your warm and heat
  687. "Come on hon. Give it to me. GIVE IT T-TO ME!"
  688. >The two of you were a blur of motion and moans
  689. >Namey's grip around you was becoming tighter and tighter
  690. >You could feel the sweat dripping from his face and into your mane
  691. >There was drool all over your cheek and face and neck
  692. >Your desk was rocking back and forth dangerously, the last of your papers and nick-nacks having long fallen to the floor
  693. >He was so close
  694. >You could feel him twitching and throbbing inside of you, could feel his pre mixing with yours
  695. >He was almost there
  696. >Just a little more and--
  697. >"Cheer!" your little human grunted. "CHEER, I-I'm gonna--
  698. >Your husband stopped mid thrust, curling into himself
  699. >Ohnoyoubuckingdon't!
  700. >Without missing a beat, you continued to rock back and forth as fast as you could, propping yourself up on your front hooves to get a better angle
  701. >Your mind was almost feral
  702. >You wanted, NEEDED, him to cum
  703. >You wanted to feel him throb as those first spurts fired deep into your womb
  704. >You wanted him to fill you up
  705. >You wanted to feel that warmth, that liquid pleasure that showed you that you had properly seen to your husband
  706. "Come on, honey. Cum for me," you demanded as he hissed in surprise. "COME FOR ME!"
  707. >His fingers dug into your belly as, with a curse, he throbbed mightily
  708. >As quick as a flash, you forced him to hilt one more time
  709. >Because you were so eager to feel him explode inside of you, you put a little to much 'omph' into it
  710. >Your husband's groan and your moan turned to yelps as the two of you found yourselves flying away from the desk
  711. >Ohsweetmotherbucker!
  713. >You found yourself flailing as your husband gripped you tightly
  714. >The first spurt of cum fired out of his tip, coating your walls, but the two of you barely noticed
  715. >You were in the air, flying across the classroom
  716. >Your husband's cock fired another load of cum
  717. >You felt it this time
  718. >Your knees knocked together and you bit your lip even as you flailed
  719. "Ffjvdkjn!"
  720. >Somehow, by the grace of Celestia, your husband fell into your chair
  721. >He grunted in surprise as his backside slammed into the plush seat
  722. >Thankfully, you found yourself sitting in his lap in the process, with his cock still buried inside of you
  723. >Another spurt of cum made your marehood ripple as the wheeled chair screeched across the floor, wobbling dangerously at its base
  724. >"FUCK!"
  725. >The chair slid back until it slammed against the chalkboard with enough force to send the two of you nearly tumbling out of it
  726. >Another load of cum was fired into you, bathing you in warmth
  727. >Your back arched as a tingling feeling ran up your spine and made your hooves curl
  728. >Another load sent a spurt of it out of your pussy and onto your chair
  729. >Though you were still reeling from your little flight, you began to grind yourself against your husband's lap, trying to prolong his pleasure as long as possible
  730. >He lurched forward and bit down on your wither to keep himself from groaning
  731. >Your eyes rolled in your head as both pain and pleasure exploded from your body
  732. >Ohmygosh!
  733. >Ohmygosh!
  734. >Itfeelssobuckinggood!
  735. >YoumighthavealmostruinedthemomentbutBUCKIT!
  736. >Theridesnotovergurl!
  737. >Another load forced Namey to release your withers so that he could throw his head back and roar
  738. "FUCK!"
  739. >You-- being VERY careful, you didn't want to hurt him-- instantly spun around so that the two of you were face-to-face
  741. >Thetraphasbeensprung.jpg
  742. >Namey's eyes widened as you lifted your rump off his still spurting cock
  743. >"C-Cheer, don't--"
  744. >Humming, you slammed yourself down
  745. >"--URK!"
  746. "Hmm~"
  747. >Namey's face scrunched up and his eyes shut tightly as you began to bounce up and down, riding him for all of your worth
  748. >"Cheer--Ah~! Stop it--ohh~! I c-can't--"
  749. >His legs kicked and shook as you continued to stimulation his hyper sensitive member
  750. >His hands weakly pawed at you, trying to push you off, but you simply rode him all the harder
  751. >You could see the muscles in his face start to twitch
  752. >Underneath his eyelids, you could see his eyes rolling around in his skull
  753. >He was squirming underneath you with each eager bounce
  754. >Yeah...
  755. >You made that face, colt~
  756. "Does my pussy feel good, honey?" you asked. "Is it going... to make you cum... again? Is it... going to make you fill... me up again?"
  757. >Panting, you wrapped your hooves around his neck and pulled him close, biting his ear as you grinded into his lap with his full length inside of you
  758. >Just like before, you were in control now
  759. >Straddling your husband are you were, you could control how fast you went and how much if his length you could take
  760. >You were also at eye level with him, which meant that you could look him in the eye as the two of you fucked
  761. "Hmm~"
  762. >Lifting Namey's chin up, you all but forced your tongue into his mouth
  763. >He was twitching inside of you, his hips bucking and rolling and humping each time your rump slapped against his thighs
  764. >He still felt so big, so fat
  765. >It felt like there was a bottle lodged inside of you; a warm, twitching, throbbing bottle
  766. >And you loved it
  768. >"Fuck, cunt, balls, c-cockes, s-shit!"
  769. >Your Namey jerked and twitched against you as you rode him faster and faster
  770. "Come on hon. Cum again, give me another filling."
  771. >You wiggled your rump side-to-side, making your chair sway dangerously
  772. >Namey's cock pulsed hard, and your marehood twitched in response
  773. >You moaned, hugging your husband as tightly as you could
  774. >The heat in your belly was beginning to overflow
  775. >Your movements were becoming jerky and desperate
  776. >You could feel you heart pounding in your chest
  777. >You were so close...
  778. >So close...
  779. >Just a little more...
  780. >Just a little more...
  781. "Come on, honey. Comeon! Comeoncomeoncomeon!"
  782. >You nipped his ear hard, then his neck
  783. >Pulling away from him a bit-- your hips a blur and the wet, meaty slapping now a continuous sound-- you began nibbling his jaw
  784. >And that did it
  785. >Your husband's hips jerked savagely
  786. >"HolyfuckniggagonnafuckingcumAGAIN!"
  787. >You felt his cock expand inside of you, filling your walls to maximum capacity
  788. >His first load fired out of his tip with so much force that you could FEEL it connecting against your cervix
  789. >You froze, your mouth partically opening
  790. >Ohshitfillyhereiscomes!
  791. >Moaning, you hilted one last time, buried your muzzle into the nape of his neck, and came hard
  792. >HARD
  794. >Your marehood clamped down on his cock like a vice, before it began to milk his cock over and over and over and over again
  795. >Your husband, his mouth open in a silent scream, fired another load into your womb
  796. >Both your and his cum soak your chair, the floor, and whatever else was lucky enough to be sitting behind you
  797. >"F-FUCK~!"
  799. >You held onto your husband with all of your earth pony strength, riding the warm, tingly waves of your orgasm
  800. >Your hips began working on their own, grinding and humping to make both yours and his pleasure last as long as possible
  801. >You didn't stop until your husband had gone limp underneath you and his cock began to shrink
  802. >When that happened you let out one last tired groan, going limp yourself
  803. "Fuck... me..."
  804. >The smell of sweat and sex was thick in the air
  805. >It was going to be the mother of all pains to get it out of the classroom
  806. >And picking up all of your things and cleaning up your... mess wasn't going to be fun
  807. >But that didn't matter at the moment
  808. >It didn't matter even a little bit
  809. >All that mattered was the shaking, panting, sweaty, exhausted stallion in your hooves
  810. >Heh
  811. >It looks like momma's still got it...
  812. >You hummed, nuzzling Namey's neck as you rubbed your flank against his legs
  813. >Your husband twitched, weakly slapping at your back with his hands
  814. >Aw...
  815. >He was so CUTE after an orgasm...
  816. "Are you... alright there, dear?" you asked, nosing his cheek
  817. >He groaned, pawing at your side
  818. >"fdkjskjndk..."
  819. >Yeah...
  820. >fdkjskjndk was the right--
  821. >"Hmm, interesting. In-teres--ting..."
  822. >Both you and Namey froze as a voice rose above your heavy breathing
  823. >Somepony was behind you...
  824. >...
  826. >Placing your hooves on your husband's shoulders and looked over your wither
  827. >There, sitting at the desk closest to your desk--in a chair that was FAR too small for her--, wearing a pair of red-framed glasses and a schoolfilly's outfit--which was also FAR too small for her-- was Princess-motherbucker Celestia-herself
  828. >...
  829. >Wat?
  831. "P-Princess?!" you shrieked, trying to cover both you and your husband with your hooves. "W-What in Cel--WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"
  832. >The Princess ignored your outburst, keeping her attention fixed on the paper below her as she wrote
  833. >Is...
  834. >Is her mane tied up in a ponytail?
  835. >"Though human stamina isn't quite up to par with earth pony standards, a human still seems to be able to pleasure an earth pony mare more than sufficiently."
  836. >Crossing her T's and dotting her I's she looked up at you
  837. >"Mrs. Cheerilee? Is this going to be on the test?" she asked, pushing her glasses up her muzzle
  838. >Eye twitching, you looked at your husband, who was looking at the ceiling panting, like he had just ran a marathon
  839. >You wracked your mind, trying to process what was happening
  840. >Where did the princess come from?
  841. >Why would she be in your classroom of all places?
  842. >Where in Luna's name did she get that OUTFIT?!
  843. >These, and about a hundred different questions, raced through your mind but, as you opened your mouth, you found that you couldn't ask any of them
  844. "I... um... what?
  845. >The Princess of the Sun cracked a smile
  846. >"I asked if what we just learned was going to be on the next test, Mrs. Cheerilee," she repeated, the picture of innocence
  847. >That is, until she leaned forward and licked her lips
  848. >"Because if it is, may I come to the front of the class to... BETTER examine the problem~?"
  849. >...
  850. >Wat?
  851. >"Cheer?"
  852. >You tore your gaze away the princess to stare at your husband
  853. "Namey?"
  854. >"Am I... losing it, or is Princess... Celestia sitting not five... feet from us... wearing a schoolgirl's... outfit?"
  855. >...
  857. "Yes. I mean, she is here, wearing a schoolfilly's outfit."
  858. >To your surprise, your husband sighed in relief
  859. >"Thank fucking... Christ. I thought I... had finally lost it..."
  860. >Slowly, he lifted a hand up into the air
  861. >"If not yours... yet, Maniae," he declared, shaking his fist. "You... cunt!"
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