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  1. YodaPen :   [clan] If that means I answer every question in a class, I fucking will
  2. YodaPen :   [clan] Grin, I always raise my hand.
  3. YodaPen :   [clan] No, Sinder
  4. YodaPen :   [clan] I'm neutral
  5. YodaPen :   [clan] I don't flaunt at every opportunity... But I can't say that I don't flaunt
  6. YodaPen :   [clan] My knowledge sometimes >_>
  7. YodaPen :   [clan] Yell a better band
  8. YodaPen :   [clan] People will respect you
  9. YodaPen :   [clan] Who doesn't
  10. YodaPen :   [clan] Girls like all kinds of things
  11. YodaPen :   [clan] Lol'd irl
  12. YodaPen :   [clan] Randomly unzipping your fly and getting on her desk
  13. YodaPen :   [clan] And pissing all over her.
  14. YodaPen :   [clan] Find me a girl who's into that.
  15. YodaPen :   [clan] So is sexual intercourse, Sinder
  16. YodaPen :   [clan] But most girls don't repond well to surprise sex
  17. YodaPen :   [clan] In a classroom
  18. YodaPen :   [clan] During a lesson
  19. YodaPen :   [clan] Gratz
  20. ************ :  [clan] Wtf!?
  21. YodaPen :   [clan] Mega, Sinder referred to piss play in the context of sex
  22. ************ :  [clan] I think i should come back later
  23. YodaPen :   [clan] Lancaster, most sex acts are not things that you want a random stranger
  24. YodaPen :   [clan] Doing to you while you're preoccupied with something else.
  25. YodaPen :   [clan] Even desk pissing?
  26. YodaPen :   [clan] How is surprise sex a paradox
  27. YodaPen :   [clan] Congratz icy
  28. YodaPen :   [clan] Sorry you got the shit ass drop
  29. YodaPen :   [clan] That's redundant
  30. YodaPen :   [clan] Well
  31. YodaPen :   [clan] Not quite
  32. YodaPen :   [clan] Intimate surprise sex is just sex
  33. YodaPen :   [clan] Unwarranted, non-intimate surprise sex is rape
  34. YodaPen :   [clan] Lancaster, once again
  35. YodaPen :   [clan] Rape fantasy isn't a psychological issue
  36. YodaPen :   [clan] But lancaster is still flawed in that
  37. YodaPen :   [clan] He's forgetting that most things you have a fetish for
  38. YodaPen :   [clan] Are not things you want a random stranger doing to you suddenly
  39. YodaPen :   [clan] I.E. Getting raped or pissed on
  40. YodaPen :   [clan] Conversations like this make rsw worth it
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