Jun 25th, 2017
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  1. Tentative build for Carmen Sandiego
  2. What’s In A Name?:Overton Kilmer +100
  3. Zack: +200 it'll be tough keeping him out of trouble with all the trouble I am Getting into.
  4. Thief-100 . The only way to roll.
  5. rolling for age Roll(1d8)+0:1,+0 Total:1 +13 equals 14 years old
  6. rolling for location Roll(1d8)+0:4,+0 Total:4 4: Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii, America . They missed a spot I got it though boss lady.
  7. Rockapellan Reconnaissance: Free . Oh hell yes new favorite soundtrack perk,
  8. The Chief Punster- 200 it's the lowest most base and disgusting form of humor. There is but if I can reverse engineer the logic behind the universal jokes!
  9. Wrong Again, Player Free for Thief fun okay I some all the freight and I will pay you back. I know you care for those on your own and that is not negotiable. You are taking my money to get me more and secondly you are you I you I will be at your place will not hide it place from you but like keep it safe for a couple days. Yeah, yeah, I just needed to be expected in the well it's not time sensitive should be
  10. See You Next Crime-200 discount for Thief . Oh , I have something for this don't I?
  11. You Never Know Until You Try! -300 discount for Thief . I guess I'm not just a mugger anymore.
  12. Sandhog Voice-Activated Computer System-200 very useful even to me
  13. Communicative Computer- 100 . How big does this scale? I might not need the holographic projectors on experimental von Neumann colony -1 anymore
  14. Lighten The Load -200 discount for Thief
  16. Okay so my gimmick is I try to steal things that we the Acme detective agency doesn't really want to get back
  17. like genocide, AIDS, starvation and racism -60 as always Roll(1d100)-60:40,-60 Total:1 modified credit. I have successfully removed genocide from the world into the box it goes Roll(1d100)-60:21,-60 Total:1
  18. modified critical into the box with AIDS Roll(1d100)-60:14,-60 Total:1 modified critical starvation is safely in the box Roll(1d100)-60:1,-60 Total:1 modified critical racism is safely in the box! I've always hated how Carmen doesn't use her powers for good, when so much can be done with the ability to steal concepts and abstract things!
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