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  1.    <font color="blue"> <center> <big> <big> <big> &#8594;A<s>z</s>urefeather&#8592; </big> </big> </big> </font><br><br><a href="" target="_blank" title="free web counter"><img border="0" alt="free web counter" src=""></a><br><br><small> [10:13pm] Azurefeather: ...Batman just turned up at our door.<br>[10:13pm] SnowPelt: omfg <br></small><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><small> <b> [7:48pm] Foxblaze: S'like, I'm fukin british init. These ppl keep hatin on me cuz i got my bling from argos, no fuck dat shit. I meant primark bitch. </b> </small><br><br><small> <i> <center> <br>If loves a fight; then I shall die, with my heart on the trigger </small> </i> </center><br><br><center><br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> <br><small> Made by Jadewing 8D </small><br><br><small> As I am in Alba, I pledge through promise to listen to only the words of a Mentor, and the 5. I also pledge to fight for only Alba's sake in life. As well as I will keep only to inside the Alba. This, I pledge as Azurefeather of a Rouge/Loner into Captain. </small><br><br><a href="" title="gif animator"><img src="" border="0" alt="gif animator"></a><br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> <br>B] FAWK YES.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><br><br><b> <big> <big> <big>  |.Sticks and Stones could break my Bones. |  </b> </big> </big> </big><br><br><br><b> Everyday Alex and Zach are shuffleing B] </b><br><br><a> href="" target="_blank" img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic" </a><br><br><br><small> <b> SnowPelt: OMG OMG OMG GUYS ONLY 365 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! </b><br><br><br>Snowpelt is my bro<3 hearts everywhere man<3 <br><br><b> Bromance:</b> My bro is SnowPelt, and my god, we've been threw it all. You are like a Brother to me and I never wanna lose such a Batman friend liek you. <3 we met in burgerking where ordered the same meal, and it was love at first sight, you know what i mean? then were liek "hey" "hey man", got out our batman capes flew away. b] never change man <333333 ilysm bby <333<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><br><br><b> Name: <br></b> Azurefeather <br><br><b> Nicknames: </b><br>Azure [Anyone]<br>Azu [Anyone in Alba]<br>Alex [SnowPelt, or Close friends]<br>Azzy [Wave and Skygaze]<br>Az [Anyone]<br>Azzy Boy [Snowpelt only]<br>Bro [SnowPelt only]<br>O'Dinosaur [Close friends and Blood]<br>'Zure [x-Moon-Paw-x only]<br>Ginger [Falyn]<br>Love. [IndigoClaw only]<br>Azzle [Blood only]<br>Mr. Feathers [CougarClaw01 only]<br>Dicktator [PorcelainAngel only]<br>Nick Fury [UndeadBatman only]<br>Ragazzo [Jade-Wing only]<br>Azu-Chan [Foxblaze only]<br><br><br><br><br><br><b> Age: </b> <br>23 moons<br><br><b> Gender: </b><br>Male<br><br><b> Clan/Group: </b><br>ShadowPack<br><br><b> Position: </b><br>One of the Lead Warriors<br><br><b> Ranks I've been: </b><br>Kit - Azurekit [Dewclan]<br>Apprentice[Warrior apprentice] - Azurepaw [Dewclan]<br>Medicine Cat Apprentice - Azurepaw [DewClan/Shadowclan]<br>Medicine Cat - Azurefeather [Shadowclan]<br>Deputy - Azurefeather [Shadowclan]<br>Warrior|Lead Warrior - Azurefeather [Shadowclan]<br>Rouge - Azurefeather [...]<br>Templar[Warrior]- Azurefeather [Alba]<br>Deputy. [The Alba]<br><br><br><b> Appearance: </b><br>Azurefeather is a hunch-back, lightish grey warrior with darker grey spirals and stripes along his pelt and tail. He has bright clear blue eyes which are blind. His hunch-back can cause him a few problems, but he is used to it. He has tiny fangs that stick out of his mouth, slightly visible. He leans on a stick, saying that he is useless and has almost lost the use of his back legs. <b> He has stitches across his eyes, when he closes them, you can see them on his eyelids. He got the stitches from Dr Flechire to teach Azure the rules. [Read Story]. </b> He has a neck stitch and a belly stitch, his belly is reduced and his digestive system cant function to food<br><br><b> Personality: </b><br>His only downfall is his sight and he doesn't like it when people care for him, or stand up to his own beliefs. His personality has changed a lot and he has turned into quite a muscular cat. He isn't a fan of talking, so at most, he won't say anything. He <i> will </i> participate in raids, even if his hunch-back lets him down. <b> If anyone mentions anything about his vials, he will snap. </b> He doesn't like to talk about his past very much. He is a grumpy cat, who will often incline in talking. He is a true warrior at heart, but he knows a lot about herbs. [thus, was Shadowclan's past medicine cat]. He senses a-lot of darkness within him and his intensity can scare the younger members of the clan. Being lead warrior, he is a strong-willed character with 'another side' to him. He is secretive and doesn't like to be touched often. Azure is one of those cats that will participate in raids/battles and will try and take down the cat suitable for him, for example the lead warrior. He tends to hang around in camp on most days, unless on hunting patrol or training or battles. Due to his 'secret past' he has outbursts of insanity and gets <i> very </i> scared of a sudden movement, since his ears+paws are sensitive. <b> He is VERY protective over Dawn-Kit. </b> He is at his most calm around his friends and family members. <br><br><b> Scent: </b><br>Vials, Antidotes, fresh blood. <br><br><b> Insanity: </b><br>89% [bad][Gradually rising..]<br><br><b> Health: </b><br>100%<br><br><b> Spars: </b><br>Azure vs. Lillypad [won]<br>Azure vs. SnowPelt [tide]<br>Azure vs. Stormfang [won]<br>Azure vs. Foxblaze [won].<br><br><br><br><b> Story: </b><br>Azure was sound asleep with his mother, Sorrelblaze and his two brothers, Arrowkit and Zerokit. A fire came blazing in through camp, he ran out of the den, leaving his mother and brothers. He looked around [Yes, Azure could see when he was a kit] trying to spot where the fire came from. All of his clanmates had already fled, leaving the others to suffocate. He ran through camp, through the thorn barrier, until reaching a spooky looking Two-leg house. He passed out from his lack of energy. The Two-leg opened the door and glanced down at Azure, who was breathing quite slow. He picked him up in his arms, a cold smirk on his face as he carried him inside the spooky house.<br><br>The Two-leg carried Azure in, putting him in a cage, he heard cats yowling in distress, dogs barking. He was faced with a slender shadow of another cat. He was black and white. Azure stared at him and glanced around ''What is this place?!'' he yowled, not noticing the scar on the cat's chest. ''Hi'' said the cat, staring at Azure, trying to act nice. ''I'm SnowPelt, whats your name?'' the black and white cat asked. ''Azurefeather'' Azure replied with a stutter. ''And I'm Lucas'' the dog next to Snow butted in the conversation. All of the animals yelled out their names, making Snow's and Azure's ear bleed. ''Glad we all know each other'' the pit-bull snapped. ''Don't get your fur in a bunch, Samual'' said Lucas calmly. Snowpelt went back to Azure and set his gaze on him, who seemed to calm down a bit. ''Welcome to the neighbor hood'' Snow said, trying to smile. ''Do you have any idea on how we get out?'' Azure asked, still staring at the stitch on Snow's chest. ''We do'' a bluejay and a robin barged in the conversation ''Through the back door in a black bag'' said the robin, chirping in laughter. ''Oh stop it, you rude birds! Don't scare him! I bet you was as scared as he was when you first came here'' Snow snapped at the birds. ''Simple Snow and Azure, Mr. Flechire operates on you; you die when you get old. He likes to keep his 'toys' alive.''<br><br>Azure and Snow stared at Lucas, he was a Dalmatian, with so many spots they'd ever seen. ''Okay...'' Azure and Snow replied, tipping their heads. ''I don't wanna die of old age here!'' Azure screamed at the top of his lungs, but continued ''I want to get out of this place! I don't want to have whatever YOU have on your chest'' He aimed it at Snow and then glared at the two birds ''And I don't want to be yelled at by two birds! So how do we get out of here?!'' Azure said, starting to panic. Samual the pittbull glanced at Azure with blood-shot eyes ''Well thats simple little kitten... you don't.'' <br>''What do you mea-'' Azure got cut off as he and Snow heard foot steps approaching the door. The door handle moved and it opened, the 'doctor' came in, with something in his hand. The animals backed away in the corners of their cages. Azure and Snow stepped back, Azure was more frightened then Snow because he'd been there longer. [Mhm, Azure can see.] The doctor went up to Azure's cage and a cold smirk appeared on his face. ''Well well well..'' he began ''You're an interesting cat..'' he said, leaning in on Azure. Azure was shaking and he unsheathed a claw, a small cut appeared on the Doctor's cheek, the blood dripping down. ''Seems like we have a trouble maker, don't ya think?'' he wiped the blood off slowly, the mark still on his cheek. He grabbed Azure by the scruff of the neck, wiping the blood under his eye. He threw Azure down and left the room, whispering ''I'll be back.. cat''. Azure looked at Snow and whimpered, frightened. <br><br>''The new comers going to get it!'' The birds chirped a song. Snow saw Azure shaking quietly. ''Azure, it's okay, calm down!'' Snow said, trying to comfort him. They both heard footsteps approaching, getting louder and louder. Azure shook more and the animals went to the back of their cages. Samual went up to the front of the bars, cheering ''Show him what we do here, doc?'' he roared. Snow and Azure stepped back, exchanging glances at each other ''We will make it through this hell hole of a place, friends forever right?'' Snow told Azure. ''Friends forever..''Azure replied, briefly, but put on a slow smile.<br>The doctor bursted through the door, walking to Azure's cage, smirking. ''Well well well, you're going to fit right in! RIGHT in indeed!'' the doctor said. The doctor opened the cage door and snatched Azure up in his arms. Azure let out a tiny, terrified hiss and unsheathed a claw, striking it across the doctor's cheek. Blood trickled down slowly. The doctor simply grinned ''Now that won't do you any good! Someone needs to learn the rules around here!'' he said. Azure froze and looked at Snow, panicking. Azure was placed on a cold operating table, tied up with belts and a light shining on him. He whimpered and looked at Snow. Snow felt helpless and something hit Snow.. he couldn't do anything but listen to Azure's cries of distress.<br><br>Azure glanced at Snow, ''Whats happening?!'' he said and struggled from the bindings as the doctor walked out to find some medical supplies.  Azure continued, but no words came out as he was terrified. He winced at the light, it stinging his eyes. He looked at Snow again and struggled even more. The doctor came back in with a syringe in his hand, smirking at Azure. ''Since you scratched me, I should make you stay AWAKE and watch. But I'm too nice to new comers'' the doctor said. Azure was too terrified to speak, he turned his head to Snow, who was slamming his own body against the cage. The doctor filled up the shot with blue liquid. He flicked the top of it and jabbed it in Azure's neck. He let out a loud yowl and all of the animals went to the back of their cages, not baring to look. But Snow and Samual did. Snow kept banging his body into the cage, shreeching for Azure. Dr. Flechire turned around and grinned ''Shush cat! One more move and this knife goes into your neck!'' He snapped and pointed the knife at Snow. He turned around to Azure, who was giving Snow one last look, his  eyes half open. The liquid gushed through his veins. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing slipped out as he closed both of his eyes, not fighting it. He didn't know what happened to him. He lay still, hearing voices in his head ''The new comers going to get it!'' ''Friend's forever..'' He cringed and wondered why everyone was in this hellhole of a place. Snow just watched and Samual kept cheering when the doctor placed the knife at Azure's face. On his eyes.. <br><br>Hours passed and it was finally over, for Azure that is. Snow crept forward in his cage, he was shaken quite badly, seeing his friend like that. Snow had never witnessed it before in <i> his </i> eyes. Azure soon woke up, groaning. Snow whispered through his cage ''Don't open your eyes Azure..not yet'' he hissed quietly. Azure winced as the doctor began to stitch across Azure's face. He was terrified. What did the doctor do to him? Azure didn't want to die old in <i> this </i> place. Or be one of Dr Flechire's 'toys'. Azure's mind was filled with horror and confusion, what did Snow mean? He felt a stab of pain as the doctor worked on the stitches. Azure let out a struggle and the doctor held him down ''Stop moving, cat'' he said ''I'm almost done, but it will take time to heal, considering it's your eyes. You're very interesting'' he added, finishing the stitches. Snow stepped back in his cage, waiting. The doctor untied Azure, Azure was exhausted, drowsy and in pain. Azure was put back in his cage, he didnt have time to talk to Snow, since he was already asleep. <br><br>Dr. Flechire waited for Azure to wake up, but he was weak and tired too force himself to wake up. Snow watched closely and stepped to the side of his cage. ''Get away, cat!'' the doctor said to Snow and walked out of the room for a moment, getting something. Azure twitched and didn't dare to open his eyes, but he was awake. ''Hey Snow..'' he murmured, groggily. ''Hey Azure how do you fe-'' Snow began, but Samual butted in, yelling ''He isn't dead! Aww! It would of been more fun!'' Azure opened his eyes suddenly and saw total darkness ''D-did someone turn out the lights or something?'' he asked. Snow tilted his head at him as Azure backed up to the back of his cage. Samual laughed ''That cat is scared of everything!'' he yelled. Azure ran to the back of his cage and ran up to the door, trying to break it open. ''Azure, it's no use...'' Snow said and watched Azure run up to it the cage, breaking it open. Azure fell out in shock and landed face first. He groaned and some of his stitches turned red with blood. He lifted his head slowly and glanced up at Snow. Samual stared at them both with bloodshot eyes. ''Now how do I get you out?'' Azure asked Snow, his ears perking in every direction. He placed his paws on Snow's cage, his stitches visible. He tried to be quiet, but he was astonished Samual kept quiet.. maybe he was up to something. He heard footsteps coming his way. He had to act fast. He ran and hid under a table, in the room. Dr. Flechire entered, walking to Snow's cage, checking on him, then looked straight at Azure's cage. He looked straight at Snow, who seemed to look guilty. The doctor looked around the room, searching for him. Azure shook with fear as the Doctor left the room. Samual, who's cage was already open, leaped down at glared at Azure. ''I didn't want him to find you, because... I'd rather kill you.'' he said coldly and smirked. Azure quickly jumped on the table, but Samual was faster because Azure couldn't get used to being blind. Samual grabbed Azure by the neck, it bleeding heavily as he was thrown into the wall. ''Get up and fight me, blindy'' He sneered and his teeth were dripping with blood. Azure panted hard, his neck bleeding. Samual walked up to Azure, grabbing him by the neck once more and throwing him against Snow's cage. Azure let out a soft groan, not bothering to get up. Samual went back to his own cage, looking over his shoulder ''Thats how we do things around here'' he told Azure. Snow looked at his friend in horror as he bled from his neck. Azure turned around and tried to get up but fell. <br><br>All the other animals stared at Azure as he fell to the ground. Snow whispered in his ear ''Please get up Azure...'' he said, poking him lightly with his tail. ''Please..'' he added. Samual just smirked ''He'll never make it, he's exhausted, that's for sure. And you only knew him for one week, suck it up.'' Azure moved his paw over to his blood stained neck. He opened his eyes slowly, the scent of blood alerted him. He looked at Snow, blood dripping down his neck.. He heard footsteps entering the room, a long blood trail leading from the wall to Snow's cage. Dr Flechire walked in and saw Azure on the floor, bleeding from his stitches and neck. Lucas turned his head away, not wanting to watch. Dr Flechire picked Azure up and placed him on the table. Azure let out a small groan. He wasn't tied down this time. In fact, he wasn't going anywhere. Not in <i> that </i> state. Blood bubbled from his nostrils, flowing onto the floor. Dr Flechire took out another shot, Snow banged on his cage once more.. Azure couldnt be bothered to fight it. ''I'll get you out of this mess..'' Snow said to himself, promising ''Both of us.'' He solemnly said, then glared at Samual, who was simply smirking. Azure just wanted it all to be over, out in the forest, free. He felt a stab of pain in his neck again, he let out a tiny wail. Shocked, Lucas was banging on his cage too, wanting to get ahold of Samual. Dr. Flechire looked at Azure's stitches and eyes, they were healing quickly.<br><br>Snow bursted open his cage, bleeding badly from his stitches. All of the other animals were yowling, barking in protest, even Lucas, who was also trying to open his cage. Samual was behind Snow, breatheing down his neck. ''Leave the cat alone!'' Lucas screamed. Snow darted off, landing on Dr. Flechires back, biting it. Samual snarled at Snow, trying to grab ahold of him. ''After all I've done for you, you repay me with THIS? No respect!'' Dr Flechire snapped and grabbed Snow's scruff. His pure white doctors cloak was not stained with fresh blood. He chucked Snow across the room ''I'll deal with you later...'' he said then focused back on Azure, taking out a needle and black thread, stitching up his wounds. Snow got back up and glanced up at Samuals teeth. ''W-What happened..?'' Azure asked, blood was stained on his grey pelt. ''I'm just getting to know Samual..'' Snow replied, growling. Azure lifted his head fast and pain shot through his head ''Snow your out!'' he said. Lucas was bleeding from where he slammed his cage. ''Tsk,tsk, what a mess.'' Dr. Flechire said ''Samual, boy, don't hurt that cat, I'll do it myself'' he added, a grin appearing on his face. ''Fine.. you can't be protected forever'' Samual growled in Snow's ear again, turning around and padding back to his cage. Dr. Flechire turned around to Snow, his back getting worse ''I can't teach you a lesson with a bad back... wait here..'' He said, turning around and walking out of the door. Snow jumped onto the operating table, looking at Azure ''..You okay..?'' he asked. ''Better then ever..'' Azure replied with a short smile. ''Now lets get out of here before he comes back..'' Snow said, getting up. He stared at Lucas who was loose, then walked over to Samual who was getting up from his cage. ''We'll try..'' Snow murmured to Azure, who was shakeing with fear and Samual walked to them ''Getting out are we?'' He growled, pretending to swipe them both. Azure ducked quickly and went embarrassed. Snow nudged Azure to his paws, then glared at Samual, who was chuckling. Lucas jumped in the way of Snow and Azure, growling at Samual ''Go! Before he comes back!'' Snow nudged Azure in the shoulder, looking at the open door.  Snow guided Azure quickly to the open door, the breeze hitting them in their faces. Lucas nodded. ''I'll be allright.'' He promised, knocking Samual into the table. Snow turned his head to Azure and nudged him again, all of the animals breaking free of their cages, leaving Samual and Lucas behind. ''Come on...'' Snow said, padding quickly across the grass. <br><br>''You've been quiet..'' Azure said, looking at Snow, blinking, thankful that they were out. <i>''But what about Lucas and the others?''</i> Azure thought to himself, while padding along side a stream, listening to the current. ''I'm thinking the same thing as you, Azure'' Snow replied, lowering his head. ''Does it hurt?'' Azure asked, sympathetically. Snow nodded. ''Me too.'' Azure said. ''Hey.. at least we're out'' He added, trying to cheer Snow up, smiling. They padded into the forest, the ground was soft on their paws, and not cold and bloody. Azure bounded into the center of the forest clearing ''I guess this is goodbye and all..'' Azure murmured, shuffleing his paws. ''Azure. When I said Friend's forever I mean't it.'' Snow argued, glancing at him. Azure nodded slowly and sat down, wrapping his tail around his body. ''We can forget about whatever happened and move on, or let it gnaw at you everyday, making you feel terrible.'' Snow added, sitting down too, his rag covering his face. Azure winced, nodding ''We can... forget about it.'' He said. Snow stood up, nudging Azure to his paws ''Good.'' he simply said, padding deeper into the forest and into a mountain terrain. Azure lowered his head ''Do you think Lucas is okay?'' he asked Snow. Snow didn't reply, but kept bounding aside Azure into the territory they would call home. <b> ShadowClan. </b><br><b> -THE END. But I might add some more, depends- </b><br><br><br><b> Breed: </b><br>Mutation//appears to be a Maine Coon.<br><br><b> Apprentice: </b><br><br><br><b> Former Mentors: </b><br>Viperstar<br>Mistyclaww<br>Training from Harlequin. <br><br><b> Enemies: </b><br>Samual the pitbull [from story]<br>Dr. Flechire [from story]<br><br><br><b> Bromance: </b><br>Snowpelt [He is the woman in the relationship/brolationship] <br><br><b> Former Apprentice(s): </b><br>LilaMoon<br>Lillypad<br><s>Willowpaw</s> [dead]<br>Illisong<br>Marbleshard<br><br><b> Crush: </b><br>Indigo<3333333<br><br><b> Mate: </b><br>IndigoClaw. :] <333333333333<br><br><b> Kits: </b><br><s>Silverrstep </s>(F) <big> {FernIce's litter} </big><br><s>Blossomcrest </s> (F)<big>{FernIce's litter} </big><br>[Lila's Litter]: <br>Vixincreed [F]<br><s>ObsidianKit</s> [M]<br><s>Bumblekit</s> [Dead] [F]<br><s>Echokit</s> [F]<br><b> [Illisong's Litter] </b><br>Marbleshard [M]<br><b> Adopted kits </b><br><s>Brownkit</s> [F]<br><s>Pinekit</s> [M]<br><br><br><b> Mood: </b><br>Insane.<br><br><b> Status: </b><br>Being a loyal Clanmate. <br><br><b> Main Theme Song: </b><br>Unstable - Chaotica.<br><br><b> Theme songs: </b><br>I'm Not A Vampire - Falling In Reverse<br>Aim For The Head - Creature Feature<br>Girl On Fire - Arshad<br>The Swarm - You Me at Six<br>The Bird and The Worm - The Used<br>Going in Blind - P.O.D<br>Fight Inside - Red<br>The Antidote - Story of The Year<br>Wake Up - Story of the Year<br>Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin.<br>Trapped - Dead by April.<br>Don't Stop - Inner Party System<br>Solider Side - System of A Down<br>Eyeless - Slipknot.<br>My Life For A Hire - A Day To Remember<br>Quiet Like The Snow - The Devil Wears Parada<br><br><br><br><u> Real </u><br><u> Family: </u> (= reason for death.)<br><br><b> Parents </b><br>Shardstrike & Sorrelblaze = Suffocation. [both made up.] <br><br><b> Siblings [blood]: </b><br>Arrowkit =Suffocation.<br>Zeroflaw = Murdered<br>Dawnpaw<br>Duskkit= Unknown/Missing<br><br><b> Uncle: </b><br>Harlequin<br><br><b> Aunt: </b> <br>Firefight<br><br><b> Half brother: </b><br>SnowPelt<br><br><b> Sisters-in-law: </b><br>FallenHeart<br><br><br><b> Step Sisters: </b><br>PorcelainAngel<br>Cloudspots/Maeve.<br>IceWhisper<br><br><br><b> Sons-in-law: </b><br>Shadowfur. [ShadowFurOfAlba]<br><br><b> Daughters-in-law: </b><br>x-Moon-paw-x<br><br><u> Adoptive </u><br><b> [Adoptive] Parents: </b><br>Poppystorm  and ShadeHollow [I miss you guys..]<br><br><b> [Adoptive] GreatGrandparents: </b><br>BaneHollow and Jaggedclaw<br><br><b> [Adoptive] Uncles: </b><br>Raggedclaw<br>Voltstrike<br><br><b> [Adoptived]  Auntie: </b><br>Shadowdrop<br><br><b> [Adoptive] Siblings: </b><br><s>ColdHeart</s><br>Glacierpaw<br><s>Mochakit</s><br><s>FlightStrike</s><br><s>Honeykit</s><br>Jaguarblaze<br>BoulderStripe<br>SkyLily<br>MarmaladeKit<br><br><b> [Adoptive] In-laws </b><br>SacredRose<br><s>MintTail</s><br><br><b> [Adoptive] Siblings-in-laws: </b><br>Mistfade<br>Redfur<br><s>BrightTalon</s><br>Skygaze<br>MaplePelt<br>CalicoFrost<br>BirchTail<br>Cloudspots<br><br><b> [Adoptive] Cousins: </b> <br>Starlingsong<br>ShrewMask<br><br><br><b> [Adoptive] Cousins-in-law: </b><br>Cedarshadow<br>Stormstrike<br><br><b> [Adoptive] Grandparents: </b><br>Viperstar and Crimestrike<br>------------------------------------------------------------<br><br><br><u> <b> FUNNIES: </b> </u><br>Azurefeather: Ace was drinking tea<br>Azurefeather: shadow had a flea<br>Vixinpaw: *Stuffs her back in*<br>Azurefeather: it was mee<br>Vixinpaw: Bad chibi!<br>AceFlight: Azure had an arrow to the knee o3o<br>-<br>Foxblaze: DICKS<br>Foxblaze: DICK*<br>Thistleclaw: o_o<br>Azurefeather: wat<br>-<br>Azurefeather: Havent been on Skyrim in ages<br>Crimsonpaw: For Az, Ages=One day...o3o<br>-<br>Blackflame: the dog is scared of an orange peel o.e<br>Azurefeather: I WAS ONCE<br>Azurefeather: SCARED OF ORANGE PEELS<br>Azurefeather: BUT THEN I TOOK AN ARROW IN THE KNEE<br>-<br>EvilOne23: hi do u need members?<br>Azurefeather: no<br>Azurefeather: NO<br>EvilOne23: just left<br>Azurefeather: ..<br>Azurefeather: B]<br>--<br>Azurefeather: wat is a mojo<br>Cobrakit: u<br>--<br>Azurefeather: Who wants to hear a true story.<br>blackcat229: hi evrybody im brightkit!!<br>BrokenBone: -raises paw-<br>Azurefeather: I think it's good<br>Moon-kit: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE<br>Illisong: Me<br>blackcat229: me<br>FallenHeart: I wannah hearr<br>Azurefeather: Ok<br>BrokenBone: -squished-<br>FallenHeart: UNLESS ITS ABOUT HOW YOU AND SNOW MET AT BURGER KING<br>Azurefeather: Me and Zach (snowpelt derp) went to burger king<br>Azurefeather: .<br>Azurefeather: LOL<br>--<br>AshKit: just entered<br>AshKit: may i join<br>Cobrakit: ITS ASHFUR<br>Cobrakit: HES ALIVE<br>--<br>Exotic: ok ill call chu if chu wanna cum D: or talk in talk so chu mind?<br>--<br>Illisong: A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K -does the dance-<br>Azurefeather: shakes head.<br>Azurefeather: you're doing it wrong<br>--<br>[4:42pm] Azurefeather: so me and zach went to burger king<br>[4:42pm] Robinpaw: Oh god<br>[4:42pm] Azurefeather: and we found out<br>[4:42pm] FallenHeart: <-<<br>[4:42pm] Azurefeather: we were bros.<br>[4:42pm] Azurefeather: true story.<br>[4:42pm] FallenHeart: Nice story<br>[4:42pm] Azurefeather: then we flew away liek batmans<br>--<br>Whitefang: We had a farmer called Grunter who liked to eat acorns.<br>--<br>Foxblaze: -does hair flip and Z snaps at Azure and chews gum loudly- I SO DO NOT HAVE A FEMININE SIDE BABEZ! -Walks away with annoyingly loud heels and shakes his bottom like girls do when they stomp off-<br>--<br><br>Illisong: I used to ruin peoples lives... then some asshole took my arrows<br>Illisong: .<br>--<br>Snowstar17: im sexy and i know it<br>Blackflame: You're ugly and you show it<br>--<br>SnowPelt: im azures face<br>SnowPelt: fave<br>--<br>Jade-Paw: *She glanced down at Feather and twitched her ears* Well...I visit Starclan and I also eat naughty kits for breakfast.<br>--<br>Azurefeather: cougars roleplaying a statue<br>Azurefeather: shes doing pretty good so far<br>--<br>SnowPelt: LUUUCAAS whistles COME HERE BOY<br>Illisong: -she stopped feather with her tail-<br>SnowPelt: xD<br>Azurefeather: LMAO<br>--<br>Feather-paw: I SHALL SAVE THE DAY, TREE POWERS ACTIVATE! *TUrns into a tree*<br>Dominokit: LOLOLOL<br>--<br>SnowPelt: (GUESS WHAT WERE GOING TO RP WHEN WE DO TWOOLEGS XD.)+<br>Rose332: -twitching nose already smelling rotten fleash and she began to dab at it with soaked cobweb (marigold lavander soaked)<br>Feather-paw: Oh fawk no o3o<br>--<br>Azure: Argh. I wish we still had our car.. Snow: AZURE, LOOK! *points to Trollmobile* ..our car B] <br>--<br>Mid-Night: just entered<br>Mimic: HELLO WITH THE PUDDING<br>Mid-Night: just left<br>Azurefeather: GOODBYE WITH THE PUDDING<br>--<br>Blackflame: GO TEAM GREY TABBY<br>Blackflame: .<br>Illisong: Go team x3<br>-----<br>Azurefeather: Azure<br>Owlkit: likes<br>Azurefeather: poop<br>Owlkit: and<br>Azurefeather: drinking<br>Owlkit: beer<br>Azurefeather: and<br>Owlkit: smelling<br>Azurefeather: of<br>Owlkit: itchy<br>Azurefeather: mushrooms<br>----<br>Azurefeather: exile<br>FallenHeart: T-T<br>Dreadlock: *He is not One of Us starts playing*<br>----<br>Shadowstar4: SMATHOO JUST MISSED THE STORY<br>Shadowstar4: trollface.jpg<br>----<br>Shadowstar4: FUNNY THING IS<br>Shadowstar4: THAT<br>Shadowstar4: i forgot<br>----<br>Azurefeather: Killing a person: $300 bounty added to Whiterun. Killing a chicken: $50,000 bounty added to Whiterun.<br>Sentry: true story<br>----<br>Azurefeather: the most feared enemey in skyrim is the average Whiterun chicken<br>----<br>Azurefeather: GO COMPARE<br>HazelEyes: GIMME A BAT TO HIT THE TWAT AT GO COMPARE<br>----<br>BreezePaw: just entered<br>Azurefeather: ^- troll<br>----<br>Azurefeather: Quaver, you're the least favorite crisp I like<br>Quaver: just left<br>----<br>xSnowpawx: ONLY SNOW CAN CALL ME AZURE.<br>xSnowpawx: O_O<br>Azurefeather: what<br>----<br>[6:52pm] xSnowpawx: Sir yes sir? o_o [6:52pm] Azurefeather: Puppies and kittens Fake Snow [6:52pm] Azurefeather: blend them, yeh [6:52pm] LunarStrike: AHAHAHAHAHA [6:52pm] xSnowpawx: *runs off to get whatever that smoothie is* [6:52pm] xSnowpawx: just left [6:52pm] Azurefeather: LOL [6:52pm] Azurefeather: laughing so hard [6:52pm] SnowPelt: XD [6:53pm] SnowPelt: -Takes it and slams it into fake snows face- I HATE SMOOTHIES [6:53pm] Azurefeather: LMFAO<br>---------<br>Illisong: My sister was sleep-toileting once, she sat on the toilet, wobbled and went 'woah.. woooaahh' appariently she dreamt the toilet was flying o3o<br>Illisong: brb breakfast<br>Azurefeather: ......o.o<br>Illisong: My reaction exactly<br>----------------<br>[15:52:28] Alex O'Donovan: i'm hideing in your dad's closet<br>[15:52:34] Alex O'Donovan: shhhhshshsh dont tlel hi<br>[15:52:35] Alex O'Donovan: him<br>[15:53:03] Zach: Oh shit<br>[15:53:03] Zach: Okay<br>[15:53:11] Alex O'Donovan: shit just got real<br>[15:53:20] Zach: He's changing right now<br>[15:53:25] Alex O'Donovan: aight man<br>[15:53:34] Alex O'Donovan: so am i. ;)<br>-----------<br>Illisong: Iwannarplikenow<br>Illisong: /shot<br>Azurefeather: sames<br>Illisong: Shall we?<br>Azurefeather: no<br>----------<br>Sentry: LAWL= laughing at weird losers<br>----------<br>CrookedFoot Funny how crazy people make the best phycologist.<br>CrookedFoot YEAH TALKIN' TO YOU AZURE<br>--------------<br>Robin-Kit: I can imagine that >> Azure:-Sitting on the computer typing- Printer: BEEP BEEP Azure:-Screams like a girl and runs out of the room flailing then a minute later comes walking back in a sits down calmly and starts typing again-<br>----------------<br>Azurefeather: Because I can guide a missle by satalite. by satalite. I can hit a target through a telescope, through a telescope. I can end the planet in a holocaust, In a holocaust.... I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars..<br>HazelEyes: wow.. what a rebel<br>--------------------------<br>MistSoul Don't make me snap my fingers in a 'Z' formation, butt rotation, head circulation, double double diss diss boy you just got dissed o.o My sister just said that to me and I'm like: "ASS HOLE IM A CHICK"<br>---------<br>Florapaw: how dare you speak of<br>Azurefeather: laughs.<br>CougarClaw01: VOLDEMORT?<br>----------<br>Marblepaw: marble has a blue feather<br>Marblepaw: which he got from some old man<br>---------------<br>Azurefeather: He crawls like a worm from a bird...~<br>BurningBright: well<br>Marblepaw: *crawls around dad*<br>---------------<br>Azurefeather: YOU TAKE AGES TO GO TO THE STORE<br>Azurefeather: WHERE ARE YOU, SAINSBURYS?<br>Mintkit: just entered<br>Marblepaw: I haven't even gone yet LOL<br>Azurefeather: ..oh<br>-------------<br>Azurefeather: Cut my pie into pieces<br>Azurefeather: This is my plastic fork<br>stormfang: o_O<br>Azurefeather: Suffocation, heavy baking<br>stormfang: azure why do u have a pie?<br>Azurefeather: Don't give a fuck if it's carbs that I'm eating.<br>Zeroflaw: LMFAO<br>Zeroflaw: Ohhmygod.<br>-------------<br>[18:04:43] Alex O'Donovan: are you getting on<br>[18:04:45] Alex O'Donovan: ..tahts what she said<br>[18:05:09] Zach: oh sure illl come over soon<br>[18:05:14] Zach: thats what he said<br>-------------<br>Azurefeather: [dr flechire walks in] [Cages are stacked, Fox is under azure's cage.] Azure: Awh shit. [pees himself.] Fox: ............ <br>-------------<br>Foxblaze: -He put his arms around Azurefeather and hugged him as hard as he could, making the situation awkward and bringing his body close to his- I like making life awkward for others. -He mumbled as he drewled on Azure's head and had a nosebleed-<br>--------------<br>Whitefang: Do I look fat to you =D<br>HazelEyes: yes<br>ToffeClaw: Yes<br>Sweet-Heart: indeed<br>--------------<br>Robin-Kit: Oh lovely >> Leave behind the hobbling one legged midjit while you go off and be batmans. That's cool bro.<br>Azurefeather: XD<br>--------------<br>Blackflame: sex jokes aren't funny, I mean cum on people.<br>Illisong: Ahh, I semen what you did there Black.<br>--------------<br>Nightdapple: just entered<br>Azurefeather: You guys missed our butt cramp and eyebrow twithing conversation. D:<br>Azurefeather: twitching*<br>Robin-Paw: Psh shame on you<br>Nightdapple: I got invited to make a three-some a four-some :')<br>Azurefeather: YES.<br>FallenHeart: O.O<br>--------------------<br>Azurefeather: shhhh<br>Azurefeather: I get butt cramps<br>Azurefeather: :'c<br>Robin-Paw: How lovely<br>Robin-Paw: My eye brow twitches<br>-----------------<br>Azurepaw: *He flailed his arms in the air.* WHO TOUCHED THEM?! *He hissed and had a hissy tantrum, storming around camp, his arms flailing.* (Fake rp. )<br>Frecklepaw: XDDD<br>FallenHeart: x'D<br>FallenHeart Its a start.<br>XRose: "OH MY JESUS YOUR HAVING A SPAZ TOO!"Rose roared and joined her.<br>Frecklepaw: Properly now or I'll send all the clans the picture of you and Wren having sex<br>XRose: .<br>Azurepaw: LMAO<br>FallenHeart: LOLOLOLOL<br>XRose: .3.<br>Frecklepaw: I stole Dr Flechires phone >3> cats have communications now<br>Frecklepaw: And lol Rose<br>Azurepaw: I am. *He snarled and flailed his arms in the air, while holding a toaster. He slammed it on Frecklepaw's head and ate some pot noodles.*<br>FallenHeart: x'DDDD<br>XRose: OH MY JESUS! I love saying that...o3o<br>patchpaw: i couldnt resist xD<br>FallenHeart: "Azure" She lectured, letting out a another yawn before she stood. "Its not proper warrior behaviour to be throwing toasters at others."<br>-----<br>[11:52pm] IceWhisper: Azure can bend his head in various ways<br>-------<br>[10:57am] Azurefeather: BAWH, WHERE WAS I<br>[10:57am] Azurefeather: DX<br>[10:57am] Azurefeather: i lost where I am<br>[10:57am] Glowheart: That was smart<br>[10:57am] Azurefeather: i need like<br>[10:57am] Azurefeather: a sniff bookmark<br>[10:57am] Azurefeather: XD<br>[10:57am] Glowheart: *facepalm*<br>-----------------<br>[1:42pm] RobinSpeckle: Azure, I swear to god you look like your high on crack or something<br>[1:43pm] FallenHeart: XD<br>[1:43pm] Azurefeather: ...I am.<br>[1:43pm] IndigoClaw: >.> He always is.<br>[1:43pm] Glowheart: Azure's off his feather.<br>[1:43pm] FallenHeart: He speaks truth<br>[1:43pm] RobinSpeckle: Azure: -buzzed- Perty flower...if only I could see it...<br>[1:43pm] Azurefeather: <_<<br>[1:43pm] Azurefeather: LMAO<br>[1:43pm] IndigoClaw: LOL<br>[1:43pm] FallenHeart: LOOOOOL<br>[1:43pm] Azurefeather: LOMAOAOALAOLOL<br>[1:43pm] FallenHeart: Im laughing<br>[1:43pm] FallenHeart: so hard<br>[1:43pm] Foxblaze: LOL<br>--------------------------------<br>[11:26am] RobinSpeckle: Azure and Robin are fucking troopers bro<br>-----------------------<br>[12:21pm] Korinth (x4f7d741f1f3eb:9): I'm hissing at the tree...<br>-----------------------<br>[10:56pm] Littlewish: Some dude today asked me to get into his pants. o_o<br>[10:56pm] Littlewish: I was like, "No thanks." And I ran<br>[10:56pm] Jadewing: He must be blind<br>----------------------<br>[5:44pm] Glowheart: Why do women love eating at Subway? It's the only place they get to openly shout: " I'll have a 12 inch Italian!"<br>[5:44pm] Azurefeather: Theyre talking about me<br>[5:44pm] Azurefeather: :0<br>-------------------------------------<br>[5:58pm] Glowheart: Dr f* *sedates Azure* Glow: *runs up with a permenant marker* Dr f: *Troll*<br>[5:58pm] Glowheart: :*<br>[5:59pm] Azurefeather: LMAOO<br>-------------------------------------<br>[7:50pm] Foxblaze: Hmmm mhm.. ohh -Looks at the sky-<br>[7:50pm] Azurefeather: I see a.. ohh... ohhh. ohhh... *Points at clouds.*<br>[7:51pm] Foxblaze: Yeah, ohh ooh... ohhhhh.. -also points at cloud-<br>[7:51pm] Azurefeather: mmm.. *Nods.*<br>[7:51pm] Jadewing: WHEN THE BOYS GET WEIRD<br>[7:51pm] Jadewing: I GET WEIRD<br>--------------------------------<br>San gue says<br>I just found out that you can have sex in Skyrim<br>Now I know why guys are always playing it...<br>-------------------------------<br>[10:04pm] Foxblaze: get about this, before I kill someone I love (No homo Bro >__>)<br>[10:04pm] FallenHeart: i have my doubts Fox(;<br>[10:05pm] Azurefeather: LOLLLLL<br>-------------------------------<br>[10:05pm] Foxblaze: Thanks, Fallen, make me sound gayer than what I already said<br>[10:06pm] FallenHeart: I was kiddingg D:<br>[10:06pm] Jadewing: but you are already gay<br>--------------------------------<br>[10:08pm] Foxblaze: -He hopped off the rock and waddled to Azure, only to find him hugging his Vials with a wierd expression on his face.- Uuhh.... W-What are you doing?<br>[10:08pm] Jadewing: Being a drunk<br>-----------------------------------<br>9:39pm] Azurefeather: flicks hair and shows 8 pack.<br>[9:39pm] Azurefeather: mhmmmm<br>[9:39pm] Azurefeather: B]<br>[9:39pm] RobinSpeckle: drools<br>[9:39pm] RobinSpeckle: .<br>[9:39pm] Azurefeather: LOL<br>[9:40pm] Azurefeather: I wish<br>[9:40pm] Azurefeather: I only got a 6<br>[9:40pm] Azurefeather: XD<br>[9:40pm] RobinSpeckle: LMFAO<br>[9:40pm] RobinSpeckle: pats back few mmore push ups hun, few more push ups<br>[9:40pm] RobinSpeckle: more*<br>--------------------------------<br>[10:36] DawnPaw: Dawn hunts for grey cats with stitches.<br>[10:36] Azurefeather: shit.<br>-----------------------------<br>[7:57pm] Kizer: Im just a ginger, everyone drools on me.<br>-----------------------------<br>[1:06pm] Foxblaze: ew. my sexiness is too much for Snow's dick to handle, the baby would be so good looking (thanks to me) it would explode<br>-----------------------------<br>Azurefeather: When I was ill<br>Azurefeather: my brother went into my room with a bowl of ice cream<br>Azurefeather: grabbed me by the shoulders<br>Azurefeather: and said<br>Foxblaze: I'M GAY FOR YOU<br>Foxblaze: .<br>FallenHeart: LOL<br>----------------------------------<br>[11:53pm] HammerHead: just entered<br>[11:53pm] HammerHead: Hello<br>[11:53pm] Foxblaze: <.< Hey Thor<br>[11:53pm] Foxblaze: .<br>--------------------------------<br>Azurefeather: just entered<br>Vixincreed: just entered<br>Azurefeather: Heyyy<br>Vixincreed: just left<br>Azurefeather: >B[<br>--------------------------------<br>[9:06pm] Azurefeather: I fucking love you Fox. :|<br>[9:06pm] Foxblaze: o__o R-Really?<br>[9:06pm] Foxblaze: Th-thanks man, 'Love you too <//<<br>------------------------------------------------------------<br>[11:08pm] UndeadBatman: Nick Fury, I will forever appreciate you if you make a yaoi fanfic with you and Fox. >0><br>-----------------------------------<br>[11:10pm] Foxblaze: >///< THAT'S IT! I'M FOREVER ALONE AND NO ONE LOVES ME! EVER SINCE DIVINITY I'VE BEEN ALONE! Screw this. I'm into guys now. Girls, you had your chance and you blew it.<br>-------------------------------------<br>[11:15pm] UndeadBatman: "Alright guys, I'm gonna jump off a cliff. WAIT FOR ME AT THE SPAWN"<br>-----------------------------------------------------<br>[1:46am] IndigoClaw: HI<br>[1:46am] IndigoClaw: JIOUJILJ<br>[1:46am] IndigoClaw: K)JNI<br>[1:46am] IndigoClaw: IN)*<br>[1:46am] IndigoClaw: *<br>[1:46am] Azurefeather: CALM DOWN<br>----------------------------------------<br>[11:44pm] Foxblaze: Will you be online on your birthday?<br>[11:44pm] Azurefeather: yeah<br>[11:44pm] Azurefeather: i think os<br>[11:44pm] Foxblaze: alrighcool<br>[11:44pm] Azurefeather: its a school day so im having the party on a saturday<br>[11:45pm] Foxblaze: WE BETTER BE INVITED<br>[11:45pm] Azurefeather: ;P<br>[11:45pm] SnowPelt: ....we're serious<br>------------------------------------------------------------<br>[10:48pm] Foxblaze: >O> AY AY ARR DEE VEE AY ARE KAY<br>[10:48pm] Foxblaze: .<br>------------------------------------------------------------<br><br><br><br><b> Ref: </b><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br>Thank you Littlewish :D<br><br><b> Other pictures: </b><br><br>Welcome to the Masquerade.....<br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br>eeee, made by Crimestrike B] Left to right: The poodle, bird, Lucas, Samual, Snow, Azure, Dr. Flechire. :DD<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br>A little <b> Insanity </b> wouldn't hurt... would it?<br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> <br>-Colored by FallenHeart, thanks B] <br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br> Me and Snow, lol --Thanks Fallen :D--<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br>-Made by Marblepaw xD <3<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br>Left to right [top]: Fallenheart, Nightdapple, Illisong, Skygaze, Frecklepaw<br>Left to right [bottom]: Azurefeather, Cougarclaw1, Snowpelt, FrostFang, Hazeleyes.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a><br>Dawn and Azure, sibling love. <3<br><br><big> <b> <u> REAL LIFE INFORMATION </u> </b> </big><br><b> Name: </b> Alex O'D<br><b> Age: </b> 14<br><b> Birthday: </b> 13th September<br><b> Hobbies: </b> Guitar, Violin, Drums, Piano, Skateboarding, Writing, Reading, Football, Hockey, Rounders, Going out with friends.<br><b> Personality: </b> I am completely different in real life, I'm a 'skater kid' and I get grades ranging from A* to B-, I normally hang out with friends and go to the gym with them. I'm easy going, nice to talk to. Eh if you're interested in Skyrim and Batman then you're automatically my friend.<br><br>  <big> <b> <u> CONTACT INFORMATION </u> </b> </big><br><b> Skype: </b> alexoodonoo<br><b> deviantART: </b><br><b> MSN: </b><br><b> Other Chatland accounts: </b> Azz, Azurefeather, Alex, Adox.<br><br>Just for you Fox xD <br><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="*xJmx*PTEzNDMyMDkwOTUyOTgmcHQ9MTM*MzIwOTE1ODU*NCZwPTEzNzkyMSZkPSZnPTEmbz1iMWNhMzkxZGNjMDE*MTEwYmEx/ZjI3MGQwMDAzMDE5ZCZvZj*w.gif" />  <center><embed src="" width="300" height="68" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed><br>  <br><small><a href="" target="_blank">Across The Line - Linkin Park</a></small></center>  </td>
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