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  1. * palbanes (~palbanes@C4CEAFF1.B8AF7153.6A852661.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  2. <palbanes> hello.
  3. <Elvis> ahHA
  4. <Elvis> hello palbanes
  5. <palbanes> :/
  6. <Elvis> can you hold on a second
  7. <palbanes> yes
  8. <Elvis> we will discuss the article in a minute
  9. * PatroclusRex (~Patroclus@wtfux-1F3E2E8A.bb.sky.com) ha entrado en #wiki
  10. * Patroclus se ha marchado (Broken pipe)
  11. <Elvis> see the only problem palbane, is that we need a bit more information at this point
  12. <palbanes> that's fine
  13. <Elvis> you claim not to have raped the girl
  14. <palbanes> yes.
  15. * PatroclusRex es ahora conocido como Patroclus
  16. <Elvis> but a sysop reverted your article very recentley claiming
  17. <Elvis> that it was EDF buisness
  18. <palbanes> EDF?
  19. <palbanes> forums?
  20. <Elvis> yes
  21. <Elvis> the quote was
  22. <Elvis> "legitimate article coordinated on edf2"
  23. <palbanes> I am aware of the forum post on EDF
  24. <Elvis> ok, good.
  25. <Elvis> do you have it archived at all
  26. <palbanes> that lists my facebook info and all of the harassment attempts that were made against my facebook
  27. <palbanes> I do not have it archive...
  28. <Elvis> ok, where did this allegation come from then?
  29. <Elvis> why do these people believe you raped the girl?
  30. <palbanes> I understand thats what the pictures suggest...
  31. <palbanes> especially out of context
  32. <palbanes> the picture of her being held up in the batrhoom is often posted without all of the other ones (which I do not have)
  33. <palbanes> the pictures were originally posted on offtopic.com 5 years ago
  34. <palbanes> some of the pictures included her on top, or in one, smiling
  35. <palbanes> I understand that the pictures where she is closing her eyes/blacking out make it look very bad
  36. <Elvis> ok, well those pictures would certainly clear you if you could obtain them
  37. <palbanes> but we were both pretty drunk that night
  38. <Elvis> but it seems that there is more history to this, and i think we should just wait for zaiger's opinion
  39. <palbanes> I am not sure who has those pictures, they are posted on offtopic.com ocassionally, and I think they showed up on 4chan once
  40. <Elvis> yes, it mentions /b/tards in the article
  41. <palbanes> here are two pictures of me and her months after the drunk/sex night at a party at her house:
  42. <palbanes> http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-ash1/v66/101/116/82400423/n82400423_30813923_2080.jpg
  43. <palbanes> http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-ash1/v66/101/116/82400423/n82400423_30813998_5006.jpg
  44. <Zalgo> Title: [44.5 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net)
  45. <Zalgo> Title: [33.1 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net)
  46. <Elvis> the only problem about that is it's difficult to claim they were before the incident
  47. <palbanes> they are from after the incident
  48. <Elvis> i'm saying it's difficult to proove that
  49. <palbanes> http://www.palbanes.com/date.JPG
  50. <Zalgo> Title: [98.2 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at www.palbanes.com)
  51. <palbanes> keep in mind, the pictures were not posted to offtopic immediately after they were taken.. they were posted from the guy who took the pic's house at a later date when we were drunk
  52. <palbanes> i woke up the next morning and realized how retarded I was and asked the mods to delete the thread
  53. <palbanes> but it only fueled the fire and has caused these pics to pop up on sites like ot and 4 chan ever since..
  54. <palbanes> here is a picture of the girl from 2010 with her child.. i believe she is married now http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/75141_1565416786977_1582136201_31331725_3206992_n.jpg
  55. <Zalgo> Title: [76.4 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net)
  56. <Elvis> that's an oddly old style of facebook you are using in that screencap
  57. <Elvis> with you and the girl
  58. <palbanes> ?
  59. * Notify: kittensec is offline (WTFux).
  60. <palbanes> is it because I'm using IE?
  61. <Elvis> hmm possibly
  62. <Elvis> or is it a shoop?
  63. <palbanes> ?
  64. <palbanes> no...
  65. <palbanes> hold on
  66. * Notify: kittensec is online (WTFux).
  67. <palbanes> http://www.palbanes.com/date2.jpg
  68. <Zalgo> Title: [153.0 KB file, type: image/jpeg] (at www.palbanes.com)
  69. <Elvis> lawl ok then
  70. <Elvis> lawl ok then
  71. <palbanes> im trying to see if a friend who still uses OT can search for the whole set of pics on there
  72. <Elvis> ok, yeah that would be good
  73. * hipcrime (a@n.us) ha entrado en #wiki
  74. * DanielBrandt establece modo +a #wiki hipcrime
  75. * DanielBrandt da OP a hipcrime
  76. <hipcrime> :(
  77. <Elvis> hipcrime he is here
  78. <hipcrime> no palbanese
  79. <hipcrime> he is?
  80. <Elvis> yes
  81. <hipcrime> hello phillip
  82. <hipcrime> oh hi
  83. <hipcrime> palbanes
  84. <palbanes> hi
  85. <palbanes> elvis...
  86. <palbanes> the pics on OT werent in the thread
  87. <palbanes> but a user PM'd them to people in the latest psot about it
  88. <palbanes> i dont have the pics but my friend who still uses OT sent me a screencap of people commenting on the pics where she's conscious
  89. <Elvis> ok, let's see that
  90. <palbanes> http://www.palbanes.com/offtopic.jpg
  91. <palbanes> oops.. http://palbanes.com/offtopic.png
  92. <Zalgo> Title: [158.0 KB file, type: image/png] (at palbanes.com)
  93. <Elvis> It doesn't seem like those other commentors share the opinion that it was consensual
  94. <palbanes> I dont believe the other two actually had the images were pm'd to them
  95. <palbanes> they were just commenting on the situation and accusations
  96. <Elvis> hmm fair enough
  97. <palbanes> im at work, but I can see if my buddy will pm the people on OT that have the entire set of pics
  98. <hipcrime> palbanes do you have enough time to remain in this chatroom for a while?
  99. <palbanes> I've been e-mailing back and forth to the creator of the EDF thread
  100. <palbanes> I can hang out for a little longer
  101. <hipcrime> it is early am and our bureaucrats arent here atm. our intern Elvis here has taken good care of you i see
  102. <palbanes> i understand
  103. <hipcrime> thanks phillip
  104. <hipcrime> i am trying to contact our team now
  105. <palbanes> alright.. I'll be right back
  106. <palbanes> alright.. I'll be right back
  107. >hipcrime< you are not going to resolve nothing with palbanes, just making him a lulzcow. amirite?
  108. <hipcrime> okay ty palbanes
  109. <palbanes> I just sent a message to the girl in the pics asking her to hold a written sign saying that night was consensual and also dating it... This is terribly awkward, because we haven't really talked in the last couple of years since she got married... and she didn't know of the pics ever being leaked.  I can't promise that she will follow up but I hope that will help put this whole thing to bed whenever
  110. <palbanes> those pics pop up again
  111. <Elvis> that would actually be brilliant
  112. <Elvis> we need to talk to the top dogs, but that would undoubtabley prove your innocence
  113. <hipcrime> fuck all my contacts are from .com or old or dead
  114. <Severus_Snape> awwwwwww
  115. <hipcrime> its cool
  116. <hipcrime> someone will show soon... some work, some are in europe or elsewhere
  117. * hipcrime se ha marchado (client exited: brb plz continue to hold.)
  118. <Severus_Snape> Meepsheep|brb,
  119. <Severus_Snape> <[WikiBot]> [[32" Waist Chan]] !N http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/index.php?oldid=308712&rcid=322617 * The-eunja * (+795) Created page with "'''32" Waist-chan''', also known as '''Fivehead''' or '''Forehead Bitch''', is a new up-and-coming lolcow as courtesy via [[4chan]] imageboards: /cgl/.  '''32" Waist-chan''' hail..."
  120. <Zalgo> Title: 32 Waist Chan - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
  121. <Severus_Snape> again that fag
  122. * hipcrime (a@n.us) ha entrado en #wiki
  123. * DanielBrandt establece modo +a #wiki hipcrime
  124. * DanielBrandt da OP a hipcrime
  125. * Elvis es ahora conocido como Elvis[A]
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  128. * Samuel (47e982c3@wtfux-2EB5C158.mibbit.com) ha entrado en #wiki
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  130. <Severus_Snape> Thayo, ;)
  131. * skylerconcarne (~IceChat77@B03B9FC5.85D30838.D0CB5502.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  132. <h0xnbl0w> #kill
  133. * Cunt_Destroyer (~hellofren@wtfux-3587E008.san.res.rr.com) ha entrado en #wiki
  134. <Cunt_Destroyer> i heard there was drama
  135. <skylerconcarne> There's not
  136. <skylerconcarne> Dead
  137. <Cunt_Destroyer> unfortunate
  138. <skylerconcarne> true
  139. <palbanes> well i heard back from her... like I was expecting, she wasn't happy to find out those pics were posted
  140. <palbanes> I told her i've been doing everything I can to get them pulled down
  141. <palbanes> she hasn't said whether or not she is going to send me a pic holding a sign yet
  142. <Cunt_Destroyer> ah yes
  143. <skylerconcarne> oh shit
  144. <Cunt_Destroyer> who put them on the internet to begin with
  145. <Cunt_Destroyer> maybe you should get anry at them
  146. <skylerconcarne> he did. look at that douchey face of his.
  147. <palbanes> weeks after they were taken, we were at the guy's house who took the pics... we were all drunk, and like a retard, i'll admit, put them on OT... when I woke up I logged into OT and had nearly forgot doing it... and deleted them, but people had saved them and the damage was done
  148. <palbanes> and I've been dealing with this for 5 years now... because they seem to keep popping up places out of context
  149. <skylerconcarne> you see. that douchey face doesn't lie.
  150. <palbanes> and I dont want them floating around, for her sake more than mine
  151. <palbanes> and yeah.. I had a douchey face
  152. <palbanes> I was a douche
  153. <palbanes> I was 21...
  154. <skylerconcarne> have
  155. <palbanes> i was a drunk douche
  156. <skylerconcarne> well i did my part and saved the pictures. i won't post them "out of context" today. but i will eventually.
  157. * skylerconcarne se ha marchado (client exited: For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain.)
  158. <Cunt_Destroyer> lol
  159. <Cunt_Destroyer> palbanes have you heard of the streissand effect?
  160. <Cunt_Destroyer> one of the truest things ever
  161. <Cunt_Destroyer> the best advice i can give you is to just pack up and go home
  162. <Cunt_Destroyer> like i dont admin this site but i have seen this many times
  163. <Cunt_Destroyer> i wish you luck either way
  164. <palbanes> thanks.
  165. * dr_bibble (47e982c3@wtfux-9B618291.mibbit.com) ha entrado en #wiki
  166. <Beefcake> someone link me to the article
  167. <Beefcake> or give me a sitrep
  168. * Elvis[A] es ahora conocido como Elvis
  169. * Elvis is no longer away : Gone for 43 minutes 56 seconds
  170. <Elvis> i will
  171. <Cunt_Destroyer> http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Phillip_Albanese
  172. <Zalgo> Title: Phillip Albanese - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
  173. <Elvis> i pmd him cunt destroyer :)
  174. <Beefcake> those are some small boobies
  175. * Elvis es ahora conocido como Elvis[A]
  176. * Elvis[A] is now away - Reason : shower
  177. <Cunt_Destroyer> yeah and thats a full nelson
  178. <Cunt_Destroyer> illegal hold
  179. _Destroyer> illegal hold
  180. <Beefcake> depends on the kind of wrestling
  181. * palbanes se ha marchado (Ping timeout)
  182. <Severus_Snape> NO!
  183. <Severus_Snape> NOOOOOOOOOO
  184. * palbanes (~palbanes@C4CEAFF1.B8AF7153.6A852661.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  185. <Severus_Snape> oh
  186. <Severus_Snape> he is back
  187. <Cunt_Destroyer> you were pretty upset there for a sec Severus_Snape
  188. <Severus_Snape> right
  189. <palbanes> whoever asked for something to be pm'd on the forums, seems i can only get a crazy page titled kittens with loud NSFW things...
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  193. <h0xnbl0w> lol
  194. <h0xnbl0w> I wouldn't have even noticed that thread
  195. <h0xnbl0w> if you didn't come here
  196. <h0xnbl0w> good job keeping a low profile
  197. <palbanes> :/
  198. * Elvis (~IceChat7@C345652F.6CDEC46B.FA66F6C.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  199. * DanielBrandt da estado de semi-OP a Elvis
  200. <Elvis> `seen thuz
  201. <DanielBrandt> I don't know who thuz is.
  202. <Elvis> `seen Thuz
  203. <DanielBrandt> I don't know who Thuz is.
  204. <Elvis> :(
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  208. <Zalgo> [Wizard] A true king's servants will never want to be free.
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  212. <Beefcake> palbanes
  213. * Elvis[A] es ahora conocido como Elvis
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  215. <Beefcake> do you like small boobies?
  216. * Elvis es ahora conocido como Elvis|afk
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  218. <palbanes> not sure
  219. * Wizard se ha marchado (Ping timeout)
  220. <palbanes> lots of stuff besides size to take into account
  221. <h0xnbl0w> you like it when they don't move much ?
  222. <h0xnbl0w> must be kinda rough when they're dry like that
  223. <h0xnbl0w> or do you use ghb so they're nice and wet ?
  224. <Beefcake> I didn't know ghb made em wet
  225. <h0xnbl0w> ghb is a good aphrodisiac
  226. <h0xnbl0w> in low doses
  227. <Beefcake> and rohypnol just makes em sleepy right?
  228. <h0xnbl0w> rohypnol is just a shitty benzodiazepine
  229. <h0xnbl0w> that has very low blackout threshhold
  230. <h0xnbl0w> especially mixed with alcohol
  231. <Beefcake> you sound like a daterape expert
  232. <h0xnbl0w> i never used those on other people
  233. <h0xnbl0w> sex after ghb/gbl is amazing
  234. <Beefcake> i've never done drugs
  235. <Beefcake> apart from pot
  236. <Beefcake> and booze
  237. <h0xnbl0w> also why can users still move articles
  238. <h0xnbl0w> lol
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  243. <Severus_Snape> LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  244. <Severus_Snape> http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/index.php?diff=308796&oldid=308662&rcid=322708
  245. <Zalgo> Title: User:Palbanes - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
  246. <Severus_Snape> [[File:Palbanes Approves.png]]
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  260. * El topic para #wiki es Sysops/Editors please pay attention to the main page and make sure we have at least a weeks worth of AOTN/POTN/VOTN scheduled at all times. Thanks. | garrett/e http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:AbuseFilter <set this shit up when you have time | #ed-logging | #Wiki -- We Know Drama.
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  262. <Zalgo> [Severus_Snape] Life is a Cabaret my friend
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  264. <hipcrime> Hey
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  269. <Zalgo> [Wizard] A true king's servants will never want to be free.
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  278. <Zalgo> [Patroclus] <mspaint> I'M A HUGE NIGGER
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  283. <Zalgo> [h0xnbl0w] 06:32PM <birdman> just got suckeed by a dude for the first time
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  287. <Elvis> palbanes!
  288. <Elvis> you still there?
  289. <Severus_Snape> <[WikiBot]> [[Juggalo]] !M http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/index.php?diff=308818&oldid=284306&rcid=322732 * Nedfan1 * (+739) owned by nedfan1 bitches
  290. <Severus_Snape> <[WikiBot]> [[Juggalo]] ! http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/index.php?diff=308819&oldid=308818&rcid=322733 * Severus Snape * (-739) Undo revision 308818 by [[Special:Contributions/Nedfan1|Nedfan1]] ([[User talk:Nedfan1|talk]]) - hah
  291. <Zalgo> Title: Juggalo - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
  292. <Severus_Snape> block pl0x
  293. <Zalgo> Title: Juggalo - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
  294. <Elvis> palbanes
  295. <Elvis> palbanes
  296. <palbanes> yes
  297. <Elvis> palbanes
  298. <Elvis> palbanes
  299. <palbanes> sorry
  300. <palbanes> I'm here
  301. <Elvis> good news
  302. <Severus_Snape> me too
  303. <Elvis> i talked to zaiger
  304. <Elvis> and he is very indifferent about the whole thing
  305. <Elvis> i mentioned you have some decent evidence
  306. <Elvis> and he said he'll delete it when he gets his laptop
  308. <palbanes> I appreciate it.. I've had a conversation on facebook with the girl today and she isnt happy the pics are out there
  310. <palbanes> its still going back and forth
  311. <Elvis> we don't propogate in outright lies severus
  312. <Elvis> and palbanes hasn't been a little bitch about it like most people
  313. >Elvis< <this is a notice> it is private
  314. <Severus_Snape> hmm you are right
  315. <Elvis> oh ic
  316. <Elvis> lawl
  317. <palbanes> on the forum, the creator of the original post had contacted me and mentioned he'd ask about having the forum post removed too... I only see a page titled kittens with loud music when i check it
  318. <Elvis> lol kittens
  319. <Elvis> so it was on edf2?
  320. <palbanes> thanks for being civil about this.. if the girl does indeed take a pic with a sign that says please stop posting the pics, I'll make sure I have it around the next time this pops up somewhere
  321. <palbanes> yeah.... edf2
  322. <Elvis> could you link me to that?
  323. <Elvis> and yeah no worries
  324. <palbanes> http://forum.encyclopediadramatica.ch/threads/is-there-an-article-about-this-drunk-girl.5216/
  325. <Zalgo> Title: Is there an article about this drunk girl? | EDF2: Electric Boogaloo (at forum.encyclopediadramatica.ch)
  326. <palbanes> i've got to leave work now, please contact me at drama@palbanes.com if theres anything else
  327. <Elvis> ok palbanes
  328. <Elvis> c ya
  329. <Cunt_Destroyer> need 2 arbchat
  330. <Severus_Snape> yes
  331. <Severus_Snape> uhmm
  332. * palbanes se ha marchado (client exited: )
  333. <Severus_Snape> and what we will do with palbanes' ban?
  334. <Elvis> i doubt he cares about being banned on the wiki anymore
  335. <Severus_Snape> hmm right
  336. <Severus_Snape> i will blank his user page
  337. <Severus_Snape> and talk page
  338. <Cunt_Destroyer> why
  339. <Elvis> ^
  340. <Severus_Snape> because we don't care anymore about
  341. <Severus_Snape> a. his photo raping
  342. <Severus_Snape> b. he asking about deleting the article
  343. <Elvis> leave it
  344. <Severus_Snape> hmm
  345. <Elvis> i might make an article about the whole debacle later
  346. <Elvis> i'm still deciding
  347. <Severus_Snape> lol
  348. <Severus_Snape> k...
  349. * hipcrime (a@n.us) ha entrado en #wiki
  350. * DanielBrandt establece modo +a #wiki hipcrime
  351. * DanielBrandt da OP a hipcrime
  352. <Severus_Snape> hipcrime,
  353. <hipcrime> sup
  354. <Elvis> hey hip
  355. <hipcrime> did zaiger show up and chat w ..
  356. <hipcrime> uh
  357. <hipcrime> that guy
  358. <Cunt_Destroyer> if something needs to be deleted a sysop will delete it
  359. <Cunt_Destroyer> no need to go around blanking shit
  360. <Severus_Snape> yes right
  361. <Cunt_Destroyer> it's just stupid and redundant
  362. <Severus_Snape> unblocked
  363. <Elvis> rut roh
  364. <Elvis> FIRE ALARMA
  365. <Elvis> WHAT THE FUCK
  366. <Cunt_Destroyer> im fgonna jack off fti
  367. <Cunt_Destroyer> fyi
  368. <Cunt_Destroyer> http://boards.4chan.org/b/res/368198468
  369. <Zalgo> Title: /b/ - Random (at boards.4chan.org)
  370. <hipcrime> well it looks like the article stays
  371. <hipcrime> :)
  372. <Severus_Snape> oh wow
  373. <Severus_Snape> moar photos
  374. <Severus_Snape> for the article
  375. * Elvis se ha marchado (Broken pipe)
  376. <hipcrime> did you get the one from his facebook?
  377. <hipcrime> the one of him and her together
  378. * palbanes (~palbanes@C4CEAFF1.B8AF7153.6A852661.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  379. * palbanes se ha marchado (client exited: )
  380. <Severus_Snape> lololol
  381. <Severus_Snape> Anonymous 12/14/11(Wed)18:28:48 No.368205119
  382. <Severus_Snape>     I started the article and now I feel guilty reading what he said
  383. * palbanes (~palbanes@C4CEAFF1.B8AF7153.6A852661.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  384. <palbanes> hello?
  385. <Severus_Snape> hey palbanes
  386. * palbanes se ha marchado (client exited: )
  387. <Severus_Snape> lol
  388. * palbanes (~palbanes@C4CEAFF1.B8AF7153.6A852661.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  389. <Cunt_Destroyer> i tried to tell him about streissand effect
  390. <Cunt_Destroyer> nobody ever listens
  391. * Elvis (~IceChat7@C345652F.6CDEC46B.FA66F6C.IP) ha entrado en #wiki
  392. * DanielBrandt da estado de semi-OP a Elvis
  393. <palbanes> Elvis?
  394. * Patroclus se ha marchado (client exited: Leaving)
  395. <Elvis> ehhh
  396. <Elvis> hold on
  397. <palbanes> can you make this http://pastebin.com/9i5pCV4N
  398. <Zalgo> Title: The Phillip Albanese trial - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)
  399. <palbanes> I just noticed this shows up on google when I search my name
  400. <palbanes> any way that could be made private or removed?
  401. <Meepsheep|brb> 18:38 Ignoring ALL from roidsage
  402. <Severus_Snape> lol Meepsheep|brb
  403. <Severus_Snape> palbanes,
  404. <Meepsheep|brb> he pm'd me like
  405. <Severus_Snape> look what i found
  406. <Severus_Snape> http://boards.4chan.org/b/res/368198468
  407. <Meepsheep|brb> 5000 :('s
  408. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  409. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  410. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  411. <hipcrime> D:
  412. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  413. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  414. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  415. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  416. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  417. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  418. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  419. >Meepsheep|brb< :(
  420. >Meepsheep|brb< lol
  421. <Elvis> palbane i needed that to send to the sysops
  422. <palbanes> i see
  423. <Cunt_Destroyer> arbchat plz
  424. * Meepsheep|brb es ahora conocido como Meepsheep
  425. <Elvis> um yea bad news also
  426. * DanielBrandt da OP a Meepsheep
  427. <Elvis> zaiger said he wants to keep it now
  428. <palbanes> how come?
  429. <Meepsheep> is palbanes being a crybaby?
  430. <Elvis> he said it's now appropriate internet drama for an article
  431. <Cunt_Destroyer> can i say streissand effect again
  432. <Elvis> ^
  433. <Severus_Snape> say it
  434. <palbanes> ..alright
  435. <palbanes> well, I tried I guess
  436. <Cunt_Destroyer> why does nobody ever listen
  437. <Elvis> it'll have stuff that suggests your innocence
  438. <Elvis> it'll have stuff that suggests your innocence
  439. <palbanes> okay
  440. <Elvis> but those pics will always be oti no matter what we do anyways
  441. <palbanes> yeah...
  442. <palbanes> i know
  443. <Elvis> CHEER UP
  444. <palbanes> I'll try
  445. <palbanes> adios..
  446. * palbanes se ha marchado (client exited: )
  447. <Elvis> see ya
  448. <Severus_Snape> lol
  449. <Severus_Snape> crybaby
  450. <Elvis> he sounded very defeated
  451. <Severus_Snape> but poor palbanes
  452. <hipcrime> ikr
  453. <hipcrime> i kinda feel for him. his story has a ring of truth to it
  454. <hipcrime> but
  455. <hipcrime> those pix look soo BAD
  456. <Elvis> i still haven't even seen the pix though
  457. <hipcrime> well the ones that are up
  458. <Elvis> the full set anyway
  459. <hipcrime> me neither
  460. <Elvis> oh right
  461. <Cunt_Destroyer> so he raped her right?
  462. <hipcrime> frankly i kinda dont want to
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