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Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. Title: Celestia Does The Christmas Eve Thing With A Twist Lmao~
  2. >She has always been warm staying up at the north pole with Santa Claus.
  3. >Princess Celestia could generate her own magical heat in her frozen vacation spot as she hangs out with Santa Claus.
  4. >Just kinda chillin, you know?
  5. >Getting drunk on non-alcoholic eggnog and playing reigndeer games.
  6. >But then, Santa tells Celestia something. "Ho ho ho, you know, I really feel like getting the families who don't believe in me some presents this year too, but I already have too many other families who do believe in me that make my queue too high."
  7. >"There are that many families who still believe in you?"
  8. >Santa replies. "Religion and parenting goes a long way ho ho ho."
  9. >Santa then continues. "But I need you to do something for me."
  10. >Celestia sighs. "So what do you need me to do?" She realizes that he's looking outside at his reigndeer.
  11. >"I need you to deliver any presents you want for the families who have disconnected with me through lack of belief." Santa says.
  12. >Celestia's eyes light up. "You mean it?"
  13. >"Ho ho ho, you bet. I need to keep my image out there anyway. Insert statement about Capitalism here."
  14. >Princess thinks about politics when she goes outside to feed the reigndeer before getting them ready to blast off into the sky.
  15. >Santa Claus waves to Celestia as she takes off with Rudolf with his nose so bright won't you guide my slay tonight.
  16. >And they're off!
  17. >Celestia has to keep wiping the snow out of her face because that's how weather works.
  18. >Sheez takes the shopping list Santa gave her and travels to the first house.
  19. >Stewie and Brian had already left the house next door after being there an hour and a half.
  20. >With a silent giggle, Celestia teleports down the chimney and swipes the cookie sheet off of the coffee table.
  21. >She can eat as many cookies as she wants and still stay thin because magic.
  22. >Celestia puts the presents into the prickly pines of the christmas tree and then realizes that this isn't one of the houses Santa wanted her to go to because this family believes in Jesus Christ.
  23. >She just stuffs coal into the family's fishbowl and calls it a night.
  24. >But then goes upstairs.
  25. >Goes to the parent's bedroom.
  26. >She wakes the husband, the man of the house, up and flashes her tits at him.
  27. >He gets rock hard because it's Christmas.
  28. ᴄ ᴀ ʟ ɪ ɢ ᴜ ʟ ᴀ - Today at 5:00 AM
  29. >Celeasistsa hops on his boing and wakes the wife up with all of their sex noises.
  30. >The wife realized she just got n.t.r’ed.
  31. >"Ho ho ho, you just got kuked." Celestia makes the dreamworks face and poofs out of the house and into the fucking sky with the reigndeer following her naked ass.
  32. >A random guy from the TV walks by as he sees this happen. Questions his sanity after seeing this, but he already had many questions after being diagnosed with Mesopotamia.
  33. >But he forgot his free book at home and exits the stage.
  34. >The Christmas play is over and everyone goes home. Santa is pleased.
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