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Feb 21st, 2023
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  1. hello team nati noot, it is me, as you know I simply require no introduction but just Incase here are all of my achievements, at the age of 10 I was a top tier actor in the movie "titanic" were I played as Leonardo DiCaprio and was assigned the best agent a man could ask for, that guy is Zoey who is our star mascot over here on the league of shadows family, soon after I graduated from from Harvard but soon realised where my calling really was, that was playing this awesome game we all know and love to dedicate our time and dedication to, Minecraft.
  2. a few weeks ago when I was balls deep mining for diamonds this little guy called flick added me and begged me to play for his team as our previous victory a year ago(not last in prem with Jorge) and I was reluctant to play but offered to because I was hungover off my tits and flick showered me with compliments and praise
  3. I can't remember what the question was but ever since my life has been on a downhill spiral apart from being reunited with my agent and best friend charlie who is also my agent along side Zoey
  4. me and charlie have been travelling the world and I've recently contacted my good friend and stunt double Paul to take my place and play with them while I live the luxurious life over in Birmingham travelling from pub to pub staying in only the fanciest hostels
  5. oh yeah the question, nati noot, be ready, I have recently purchased an Alienware laptop and I'm grinding the mge and tf2centers on my alt REDACTED and all I can say is I hope you are ready, I am coming for you Faust, get your prayers ready, I am troy and this has been my message to you.
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