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  1. <Smugtrio> Hello
  2. <zafran> helo
  3. <zafran> parcel,imprtant to u?
  4. <zafran> helo
  5. <Smugtrio> yes
  6. <Smugtrio> its possibly a CD
  7. <Smugtrio> or a picture
  8. <Smugtrio> or metal part
  9. <Smugtrio> near the red box
  10. <Smugtrio>
  11. <Smugtrio> Malay, yes?
  12. <zafran> yes
  13. <Smugtrio> Berhampiran kotak merah ada item
  14. <zafran> item ape?terangkan
  15. <Smugtrio> CD or picture
  16. <Smugtrio> oops
  17. <Smugtrio> Hm
  18. <Smugtrio> A CD or Picture
  19. <Smugtrio> a photograph
  20. <Smugtrio> near the red box
  21. <zafran> owh,
  22. <Smugtrio> Malay or indonesian?
  23. <zafran> faham
  24. <zafran> malay
  25. <zafran> bila nak brang tu?bila trtgal?
  26. <Smugtrio> seseorang meletakkan ia
  27. <zafran> owh ok,and then,
  28. <zafran> today i go there
  29. <Smugtrio> Okay, thank you very much!!
  30. <Smugtrio> Can you take pictures
  31. <zafran> can
  32. <Smugtrio> please email pictures
  33. <Smugtrio>
  34. <zafran> what picture u want?
  35. <Smugtrio> picture of parcel
  36. <Smugtrio> maybe under red box
  37. <zafran> ok
  38. <Smugtrio> under or around
  39. <Smugtrio> not sure where
  40. <Smugtrio> somewhere close
  41. <Smugtrio> if it is parcel
  42. <Smugtrio> wait to open it at home?
  43. <zafran> macam ada rahsia
  44. <Smugtrio> may contain small parts
  45. <zafran> ok,
  46. <Smugtrio>
  47. <Smugtrio> might be a parcel
  48. <zafran> its not dangerous right?
  49. <Smugtrio> no
  50. <Smugtrio> small metal parts inside
  51. <Smugtrio> or a book, or CD
  52. <Smugtrio> nothing dangerous
  53. <Smugtrio>
  54. <Smugtrio> same as this
  55. <Smugtrio> terima kasih
  56. <Smugtrio> Thank you?
  57. <zafran> u r welcome
  58. <Smugtrio> :) :) :)
  59. <Smugtrio>  terima kasih ! Thank you!
  60. <Smugtrio> Pictures, please email to
  61. <zafran> owrte,
  62. <Smugtrio>  Terimah kasih banyak, zafran!
  63. <Smugtrio> Perfect
  64. <Smugtrio> thank you again
  65. <zafran> same2 smugtrio
  66. <Smugtrio> sorry, I do not speak Malay..
  67. <Smugtrio> google translate
  68. <Smugtrio> its bad :(
  69. <Smugtrio> haha
  70. <zafran> send me the map again,link
  71. <zafran> haha,its ok,i can undrstnd u
  72. <zafran> hahaha
  73. <Smugtrio>
  74. <Smugtrio>
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