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Oct 22nd, 2011
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  3. * 1.0 *
  4. Initial Release
  6. * 1.1 *
  7. [ADD] Added the missing sound and material files
  9. * 1.2 - Optimization Update *
  10. [FIX] Fixed the /call function completly. No need to remove stuff in main.lua anymore. (Thanks to FPtje for this!)
  11. [FIX] Fixed few grammatic errors in the CellMod (Thanks to thefreeman193 for the contribution!)
  12. [FIX] Fixed think hook missusage and loopception (Thanks to Kopimi for showing me these failures!)
  13. [FIX] Replaced SendLua with Usermessage function SendColoredText() (Thanks to Kopimi for the idea)
  14. [FIX] Made my own vars for local use. CellVars[x], which replaces most of the NWVars.
  15. [FIX] Fixed that sometimes you pay for the conversation, even you arent the one who called, just recieved.
  16. [FIX] Fixed CellMod stuff to the new Garry's Mod update, since some people reported it not working.
  17. [FIX] Made Cell Operators get free calls/text messages.
  18. [ADD] Cell Operators now get the money from clients pay for the CellPhone useage.
  19. [THANKS] Thanks to PetruZ, LiX, JamieH and Gunsoul for helping me testing this update.
  20. [NOTE] This is a optimization update, that optimized mostly. There could have come new things that
  21. needs optimization, or I forgot to optimize some other things. Well remind me on forums!
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