Noel Bullydere Pt. 1

Apr 4th, 2021
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  1. You’ve been friends with Noel and Flare for as long you can remember. You might have even come out of the same womb for how long you known each other you joke often. But despite the wealth of time spent together, there has always been one underlying problem that only you’ve been able to spot. Well you wouldn’t really classify it as a problem but it could potentially turn into one. And that problem being Noel.
  3. Not the entirety of her, just her behavior and not her behavior in general, only her behavior towards you. Noel has always been exceedingly cold to you exclusively. Whenever you would feel down, Flare would always be there to comfort you while Noel kept her distance and often made snide remarks. Whenever you found yourself hurt or sick, Flare would always be there to nurse you back to good health while Noel would always make fun of you for being weak and frail. Noel would take any chance she could to insult you.
  5. But none of that actually phased you because that’s how you’ve always known Noel to be. In fact, it would be weird if she started being nice all of a sudden. And It’s not like you hate her. You actually value and love her just much as do with Flare because despite all she does, you have had good times with her and you can look back on them fondly. You also understand that she has had many problems in the past and still has problems to this day with men being creepy making her rightfully weary around them, you just wish she would loosen up around you a little.
  7. Although there is one thing that slightly bothers you which is how she treats Flare. The difference in attitude is literally night and day. Noel practically worships the floor Flare walks on. She fawns over her like crazy. And whenever that does happen it always makes you feel a little bad inside as to why there has to be such a difference in treatment but you never let it get to you too much.
  9. Recently though it seems her attitude towards you has gotten a lot worse. The insults just never seem to stop coming now and they’re full of pure vitriol. You believe you’ve got a strong tolerance for these types of things but her constant verbal abuse is slowly starting to whittle you down little by little. Who knows how much more you can take? Who knows if you might start to hate her if this continues?
  11. So with the development of recent events you’ve decided to take a little break from contacting Noel to let her cool down. You give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she’s going through something that is causing her to act this way and she’ll be back to her slightly less mean self in no time. It might be a little lonely not talking to one of your best friends for a while but it’s for the best. Besides it’s not like you have other friends to hang out with anyway. All you have to do is wait a little while and it will all be back to normal, right?
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