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  1. Hi John,
  3. Joe and I have sat down and discussed our previous two meetings (in the bar, and on the phone). We’ve revised the previous milestones with the new tasks added and updated the schedule to reflect this. We now have 7 weekly milestones, instead of 4. We’ve also broken out the tasks Joe and myself plan to do regarding the automated deployment and management of portals. There are still a few tasks that require further scope, but we don’t believe this will alter the schedule with our current understanding.
  5. We’ve moved most of Joe’s tasks out of the initial batch of work, as he needs lead time before he can begin work. This fits nicely with our estimated ‘batches’ (see: A/B/C/D in attached spreadsheet - 2nd row), allowing us to finalise scope and schedule, before starting the next batch.
  7. As you would expect, the the new tasks have extended the schedule resulting in a later date for “Phase 1” functionality completion (batch A). With no extra tasks being added, we’re confident we can realise this by the 8th of April. As discussed, our weekly milestones factor in space for us to resolve issues from the previous weekly milestone and space to handle other smaller issues that arise. Any larger unscoped issues would obviously need scoping into an additional milestone.
  9. We’ve used a similar calculation to our previous costing and place the current cost at £9,692.31 to complete the tasks as scoped. We’re happy to discuss other arrangements if this is outside of the project budget. However, as no counter-offer has been presented thus far, we’ve determined this to be a fair cost. Aside from the new scopes of work, we’ve currently already completed the previous first milestone, in good faith, so we may need to discuss this separately and factor it in.
  11. Currently you requested that we don’t perform any future work until we have an agreement. The schedule attached assumes that we would have an agreement by Tuesday - otherwise this will all need pushing further back again.
  13. Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible.
  15. Peter
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