Rihtahtyn Arvina

Jun 27th, 2021
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  1. Rihtahtyn Arvina
  2. Race: Cancer (Appears as a semi-humanoid Coconut Crab, studded with gems embedded in his shell)
  3. Notable Classes: Shieldbearer, Sentinel, Dual-Wielder, Porter
  4. SAC: Gilded Warrior
  5. A SAC available to warriors who have worn a truly obscene value of equipment, calculated before magic is applied. A Gilded Warrior's combat strength improves with the unenchanted value of their equipment, and they will find weapons and armor made of soft but valuable materials as strong as they are valuable.
  7. He is the guardian of the Treasury of Lyhe Ghiah, the glittering bulwark of treasure that maintains an eternal vigil.
  8. His carapace is studded with precious metals and gems, a prize for those who are able to best him, and a final trap in defense of the treasury. These treasures bar entry to the Treasury; whoever holds them cannot proceed further. In this way, an intruder's greed prevents him from reaching his ultimate prize, and Rihtahtyn can continue to guard his post, even in death.
  9. In combat, he uses his massive claws as shields, battering opponents and weathering attacks with the thick chitin.
  10. A consummate warrior, his prowess in combat is great, and he enjoys the revelry of combat. Using his natural carapace as armor, shield, and weapon, his defense is the strongest among all of Lyhe Ghiah.
  11. However, he disdains killing, and will avoid it whenever he can.
  12. If intruders enter his domain, he will first sound an alarm, then begin a battle of attrition to buy time until members of the Court can arrive. Because his defense is so great, it is nearly impossible for opponents to take him down, however his offense is lacking due to this overspecialization. As such, combat against worthy opponents often ends in a stalemate, with both parties unable to finish the other. Yet to Rihtahtyn, this stalemate is considered a win.
  13. Outside of the context of combat, he is a caring, kind individual, who has a fondness for flora. His chambers, adjacent to his post, are filled with plants of all description, all gently cared for, lush and healthy.
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