Kaizothon Rules & Incentives

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  1. Per a Twitch subscriber incentive met at the end of August 2018, I must complete every hack listed as Kaizo: Light on SMW Central. A few clarifications are necessary to elaborate what this means. First of all, Kaizo: Light is merely a category of romhacks with the "Kaizo" style design intended for real-time play, and Kaizo: Hard is assigned to glitch-heavy puzzles or hacks designed for savestates (i.e. don't have checkpoints, infinite lives, or even saves). Some of these hacks are from 2014 and earlier, and thus quite a few of them were not designed for real-time play and have no real-time clears. So the conditions for this marathon are, if there is a verifiable real-time clear of a Kaizo: Light romhack, I must beat it in real-time. All other Kaizo: Light hacks with no real-time clears will be beaten with tools in some form or another. At the time of making this post, there are 84 Kaizo: Light romhacks on SMW Central. By the end of the kaizothon I expect there to be somewhere around 100. The completion count will be reset to zero upon starting this. I will be starting with the year 2015 and playing hacks in chronological order as they appear on the site, then play 2014 hacks last. I may shuffle the order as new hacks are released or updated, and you can keep track of progress via the spreadsheet here:
  3. Another reason for this marathon is to restructure the difficulty system on SMW Central. As many of you know, I am a moderator in the kaizo hacks section there. Newer players often don't know where to start with kaizo hacks and difficulty can be all over the place within Kaizo: Light alone. Completing every hack will be excellent fodder for convincing higher staff to restructure the difficulty, as long as we are able to propose a thoroughly reviewed and agreeable replacement.
  5. I'm going to add incentives for the one-off hacks during this marathon, i.e. hacks that are notoriously hard but not on the site or not in the Kaizo: Light category. Some of these hacks may include Hyper 6, Bits and Pieces, Colossus, making a TAS of MintGreenYoshi's challenge, and a multitude of others. Currently these incentives are TBD.
  7. Additionally, another sub incentive was met, so once the kaizothon is complete, I'll be making a silly "revenge" hack for the most notorious Kaizo: Light creators. I'm looking forward to this.
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