Extended Vacation

Jul 23rd, 2020
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  1. “Hey, check this out.”
  3. I look up just in time to watch Anna sliding backwards across the arm of the leather loveseat I’m currently sitting in. in. She makes impact, dramatically stretching out, laying her head on my lap and staring up at me with her big blue eyes with an almost defiant gaze.
  5. “You look like you just spent all afternoon whitewashing fences,” I chuckle, running a hand through her hair. “What’s up?”
  7. “Amazing reference.” She kicks up her feet, waving them lazily at the ceiling. “Really, you don’t have to keep proving to me how smart you are. We’re already married.” She looks at me, slyly, hoping I’ll take the bait.
  9. I let it slide, setting down my book and running a hand across her stomach, following the curves of her body. “Hey, you don’t get to call me pompous if you got the reference. Besides, it’s Tom Sawyer. That’s literally required reading in school.”
  11. She snorts, sitting upright. “I’m glad you’re up to date with what they’re teaching in schools. You spend a lot of time hanging around them, then?”
  13. “I’m not going to dignify that with a response,” I say, picking my book back up. “And also my response is no. Just so that’s clear.”
  15. “Heyheyhey.” She slides over, pushing my book down with her hand. “I still wanna show you something.” She pulls out her phone, tapping at the keypad. “Someone actually uploaded an app about your weird fetish.”
  17. “All fetishes are weird,” I mutter, leaning over her shoulder. “That’s why they’re called fetishes.”
  19. She hands her phone to me, pointing at the screen. “See? It’s called Trans4m Her. That’s your thing, right?”
  21. “Yeah, that’s my thing.” I take the phone from her, watching as the splash screen resolves itself into a simple white and green menu. “Seems kinda barebones, though.”
  23. “They probably didn’t want it to get taken down,” Anna notes, leaning against me. “Because of the whole being a fetish part.”
  25. “Well, you’re on a list somewhere.” I tilt the screen, pointing at the first field, where her name is prefilled. “It’s already got your name in there.”
  27. “They can join the club.” She reaches out, scrolling for me. “Everyone else has already got it.”
  29. The rest of it was pretty simple. There was a big grey box, which we figured out was to upload a picture. Below that, three more fields, each requesting one of three things- Form, Type, and Time. I look at her, and she smiles, a devious glint in her eye.
  31. “This is doing it for you, right?” she asks, sliding her arm across my shoulders. “Because nothing interesting is going on today and I can think of more entertaining thing to do that sitting around reading-”
  33. She cranes her head, reading the spine of the book sitting on the armrest.
  35. “An biography of Harry Truman.”
  37. Looking up at me, I can feel the full force of her judgement. “Yes, this is doing it for me.” I wave the phone at her. “Let’s fill this out, and then..”
  39. I lean in, pressing my lips against her cheek. She turns her head and we lock lips, pressing together in a short kiss.
  41. She draws back. “Finally.” she adjusts, sitting closer, slipping a slender hand into my pants, stroking my dick. “Tell me all about what I’m going to be.”
  43. I can feel my cock stirring to life, waves of pleasure radiating from my groin. Anna’s always been reluctant to humor my kink, but I’m just glad that when I told her about it all she didn’t throw me out of the house. I swallow, looking back down at her phone. This is a rare treat, and I want to savor it.
  45. “Well, here’s the thing, Anna. I can type in anything. So really..any requests?”
  47. “Something cute.” She squeezes my cock, as if to prove a point. “Nothing weird.”
  49. “Cute,” I repeat, mind whizzing. I look down, typing out elephant in the ‘form’ field. “You like elephants, right? You went apeshit over them at the zoo.”
  51. She sideeyes me, slowing down. “I did, but that’s kind of an odd choice.”
  52. I reply with practiced ease. “Yeah, but remember, it’s about the differences between before and after. It’s about the change itself, and all that weird psychosocial shit that gives anyone a boner over anything.”
  54. She stops, looking at me. “You really know how to put a lady in the mood.”
  56. Well, fuck.
  58. “Imagine I’m Oscar Isaac?” I reply, hopefully.
  60. A beat or two passes.
  62. “You’re lucky I’m this bored,” she murmurs, dryly. I kiss her in response, and move on.
  64. Choosing anthro for the type field, I’m rewarded with a squeeze and a light game of footsie. I go back up to the big grey photo field, and add a selfie that she took that morning. I kiss her, putting a hand on her thigh. She really is beautiful. She brushes a lock of her long, brown hair out of her eyes and looks at me, a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth. “Almost done, big boy?”
  66. I scoff at the name, looking at the phone. “Almost. Just one field left. How long do you want to be a big, strong loxodon?”
  68. She looks at me, quizzically. “What’s a-”
  70. “A way to say badass elephant chick without weirding you out.”
  72. “Gotcha.” she pauses for a moment, mock considering my question. “Well, a day is too short for a vacation as a badass warrior woman. But there’s no way you’re interfering with beach season once summer hits.”
  74. I huff. Picturing Anna in a bikini is..
  76. She slows again, giving me a chance to breathe.
  78. “How about two weeks?” I ask, very nearly pleading. “Standard vacation. Give you a chance to show me all your new muscles. Open a few jars by yourself.”
  80. She slaps my thigh. “You’re on, fucker.”
  81. I type in fourteen days and hit enter. The fields lock, turning a dark green. I tilt the phone towards her. “Usually, they have a little animation..” I nod at the loading circle that appears. “And then the picture changes.” We stare for a few seconds. Nothing happens.
  83. “Cool,” Anna says. “Now that you did your thing, let me do mine.” I roll my eyes, handing her phone back.
  85. Well..the app isn’t really the important part, I muse silently, watching her slide her phone into her pocket. It’s the imagining that counts.
  87. She tugs at my hand and I follow her into our bedroom, shedding our clothes along the way. She stops me as I shut the door, hooking a finger around the band of my underwear.
  89. “I like roleplay,” she murmurs lowly, voice husky. “I’m in charge of this relationship now. You said so.”
  91. “I did?”’
  93. “Yes,” she nods, slowly undoing her bra, letting the garment drop, breasts bare to me. “I’m a badass warrior woman now, and you’ll do as I say.”
  95. “Right.” I reply, stepping out of my boxers and forwards, cupping her breasts. “I did. “For two weeks, until you’re Anna the badass human woman who complains about taco bell hot sauce being too spicy again.”
  97. She pushes me towards the bed with a hand, and I stumble back, landing on the comforter with a soft thud.
  99. “Silence. You don’t have permission to speak.” Her eyes sparkle, and I can tell she’s enjoying this.
  101. I adjust myself on the bed, lying down and watching her come around to the foot, crawling up and over as she covers her breasts to keep them from bouncing on the bed.
  103. “You will..”
  105. She huffs, shuddering. She takes a deep breath, shaking her head. “You will..”
  107. I sit up in concern as she starts to pant, taking big, deep breaths before you.She starts to pant, taking big, deep breaths, and I sit up in concern. “Anna? You okay?”
  109. She shakes her head, and I can see she’s starting to sweat. “I feel weird, like..”
  111. She lets out a moan, long and guttural, and I can see as she puts her hand to her stomach that something’s wrong with her fingers. The digits are bloating, the red paint on her nails cracking and flaking off as thick, yellowed keratin pushes through. I stare at them for a moment, watching dumbly as her pinky and ring finger somehow stick together, leaving her with a thick three-fingered meaty hand.
  113. The last cog in my head whirs, and I finally get it. “Holy shit, Anna, it’s doing it, it worked-”
  115. She grunts, the vertebrae in her back popping loud enough to stun me into silence. I watch as that thick, almost bestial hand moves down to her crotch, those rough, grey fingers exploring and skirting around the lips of her pussy before plunging down to the knuckle.
  117. She grunts, and I note with ever increasing horror that it’s a low grunt, her voice dropping an octave already.
  119. “Anna?” I ask, shakily. “We should really..”
  121. She throws her head back, moaning as she fingers herself. Her fingers work her pussy, the grey from her hands seeping into her crotch, the lips swelling, getting bigger. Everything about Anna is getting bigger. Her arms are thickening, thick cords of muscle growing underneath her skin. She flexes, with her other arm, and I watch as her pussy clenches in response.
  123. I sit up, closing the short gap between her and I as I slide on my knees down the bed. I reach out, grabbing her by her shoulder. “Anna! Listen, I didn’t know this would happen! I thought it was fake. They’re all supposed to be fake!”
  125. She brings her head up and looks at me, and I can only gasp. Her eyes are sparkling, still big and blue as ever, but the skin around them is all rough and grey, a thick… hide that’s slowly creeping ever and ever outward. I gently grab her chin, looking her in the eyes as she pants. “Please don’t be mad at me?”
  127. She lunges forwards, taking me by surprise. Her mouth meets mine in a kiss, and as we topple backwards I slide my hands down her back. Her ass is definitely bigger. I grope at it, feeling the cheeks wobble and swell. I slide my hand up, feeling at her tailbone, playing with the wriggling tail that’s growing there. Her weight presses against me, and my cock is sliding against her stomach. I can feel her tongue pressing at my lips, and I oblige, opening my mouth and pressing my tongue against hers.
  129. I moan, wrapping my arms around her neck. Her tongue is thicker, and as she wrestles with mine, I can feel it thickening, almost filling my mouth. I reach up, running my fingers through her hair, pressing deeper into the kiss as her hair comes away with my hand, brown locks falling onto the sheets.
  131. Wait.
  133. I break the kiss, gasping for air while she grabs me with her thick, rough hands. She shoves me down and pushes, my cock sliding down her growing belly until I can feel it press up against her thick, leathery cunt. “Anna, wait,” I say, looking up at her from below. I watch as her breasts shrink slightly, her chest pushing out with newfound muscle. I reach up and press a hand against her grey, leathery hide, hoping to snap her out of it.
  135. “No more waiting,” she responds, and my heart sinks as I hear her voice. It’s deep, with no trace of her old voice left in it at all. “I’m done waiting.” She looks down at me, bringing a thick three-fingered hand to her head and brushing the last of her hair off her thick scalp. I can see tusks starting to poke out of her mouth, the bridge of her nose oddly wide and flat.
  137. She lifts herself up as the bed protests, groaning under her weight. My cock springs back up and I stare in wonder at her massive, almost tree-trunk sized thighs before she lowers herself back down on my cock. I reach out, trying to wrap my arms around her growing waist.
  139. Her cunt is deep, deeper than I could’ve imagined. Her lips are thick and leathery as she grinds against my crotch, my face pressed against her stomach as she grows. The bed is groaning, protesting as she packs on weight and muscle, and all the while I’m in heaven as I feel her walls squeeze and clench at my cock, milking me for all I’m worth.
  141. I shove my face against her gut and lap at it, trying to wrap my arms around her midsection to no avail. I can hear her grunting, that deep voice still so strange in my ears, but now mixed in with a trumpeting noise that’s becoming more and more present. We grind and stroke, I kiss and suck, and soon I can feel my climax approaching.
  143. “Anna, I-I’m gonna-” I shoot deep in her and she clenches, shuddering as her deep cunt accepts my load. She rides me for a few more moments before I feel her walls shuddering. She lets out a trumpet, loud enough that I clap my hands over my ears as the bed snaps in half, sending us downwards as her cunt clamps down on my cock, wet warmth flooding down my hips and into the sheets.
  145. I gasp, ears ringing, head spinning, as she pulls off of me and rolls over. She fucked me, I think to myself, stunned. My girlfriend turned into an elephant and fucked me. Holy shit.
  147. I reach out, touching at her wide, grey back. The ridges of her muscles are solid and thick, and so I trace my fingers along the musculature, uncertain of how she’ll take being a hulking elephant for two weeks. I slide closer, dwarfed by her form, and slide an arm over her side, cradling at her gut. For now, it’s nice. She starts to snore, and I close my eyes, content.
  149. ----
  151. I’m awoken by the sound of crashing, splitting furniture. I shoot up, eyes wide, panicking. Looking around wildly, I survey the damage to the room, and the very tall, incredibly built african elephant that used to be my girlfriend flailing around wildly in the center of it.
  153. “Anna!”
  155. She turns, and for the first time, I get a good look at her.
  157. Hulking, her head almost brushes the ceiling of our house. Her hair is gone, the thick and leathery hide of an elephant taking the place of skin. Her trunk is thick, giving her face a smooth look, and I note with an almost detached rationality that the tusks that now protrude from her mouth could kill me in an instant. Her ears are now properly big and flappy, like any real elephant’s. Her arms are thick and wide, the envy of any bodybuilder, and her lats and triceps are so thick that her arms rest against them, unable to fully go down.
  159. My eyes travel down, taking in her thick lipped cunt one more time before staring at her legs. They’re bigger, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, they’re so developed that they almost look like parody. Her feet are big and wide, and the toenails on her three toes have that same thick yellowed look as the nails on her hands. She stares at me, and I stare back, speechless.
  161. “I’m a freak,” she states, her voice a low rumble. “Look at me.”
  163. “I’m looking,” I say, without thinking. I can see her tail hanging behind her rump, swishing back and forth. “I..this shouldn’t be possible.”
  165. “This is all your fault!” She accuses, stomping over to me. She picks up a piece of our bedframe and hucks it at the wall, where it sticks in the drywall. “If you weren’t so weird in bed, this never would have happened!”
  167. I swallow, trying to think of something to say. “Anna,” I reply, slowly. “This is insane. This should be impossible. “Maybe we can reverse it?”
  169. She sticks out a muscled arm, and it takes me a second to notice the tiny phone in her palm. “We’d better reverse it. Or I’ll use these… tusks.” She wails, her trunk giving it an odd trumpeting noise. “Oh god, I have tusks.”
  171. I quickly unlock her phone and navigate to the app. I feel my blood run cold as I tap around the simple menus...the only menu, really.
  173. “It won’t reverse until the fourteen days are up,” I say, looking up at her. “The reversal button is a paid app feature, but they haven’t released that yet.”’
  175. The elephant curses, shaking her head, big ears flapping. “NO! I can’t be stuck like this! I have work! How am I supposed to go out in public looking like this big, brutish..thing!”
  177. I take a deep breath.
  179. “Okay. it’s okay. Here’s the plan. You take a two week vacation, and I'll take care of you.” I set her phone down on the couch and stand up. “We’ll be fine. It’s only two weeks.”
  181. She glares at me. “We won’t be fine. You’ll be fine. This is…”
  183. “Look at it this way,” I bravely interrupt. “You’ll never do this again. There’s people out there who would pay anything to be you right now. It’s a once in a lifetime experience..”
  185. I trail off, looking at her expression.
  187. “A-nd when this is all over. I’ll take you on a real vacation. To europe.”
  189. She pauses, considering. Her trunk moves and curls, and I step closer, putting a hand on her arm.
  191. “You’ll always be beautiful to me, Anna.”
  193. I kiss her stomach, and she embraces me, my small human body dwarfed by her large elephantine one.
  195. “Fine.” she rumbles. “Europe and you do whatever I say until I decide we’re even.”
  196. I nod, quickly. “Of course. Anything.”
  198. She wraps her trunk around my neck, squeezing. “Then go get me new clothes.”
  200. I wheeze, and she quickly lets go, as if surprised by her strength. “New clothes. Got it.”
  202. ---
  204. When I return, she’s in the living room, watching tv. Her ears perk as I close the door, but she doesn’t take her eyes off the screen. “Hey.”
  206. “Hey,” I reply, setting the bags down on the table. “Clothes for you.”
  208. I pull out what I’d managed to find in her size. Workout clothes, sweatpants, a singular dress, and..
  210. She holds up the leather jacket, shooting me a look that I can still read is disbelief. “A leather jacket?”
  212. I nod. “So you can feel badass.” I didn’t mention the fact that that was the only jacket in the whole store that even had a chance of fitting her anymore.
  214. She snorts, her trunk reaching out and touching my face. “Alright. I’ll allow it.”
  216. She grabs the clothes and stomps over to the bedroom, and I can’t help but stare at her ass as she goes. I busy myself with tossing the bags and things, waiting for her to return.
  218. When she does, it’s stunning. A plain white t-shirt, stretched across her expansive chest, showing off both her tits *and* her chest muscles somehow, at the same time. The leather jacket, complementing the rough and weathered look at her hide, also strains across her figure, and I notice that she’s wearing leggings, the thin material showing off every curve of her leg muscles. I can’t do anything but swallow.
  220. “You’re hot.” I manage to say, dumbly.
  222. “I’d better be,” she responds, crossing to me and grabbing my head in her thick hand. She mushes my face against her gut, rubbing. “Cause you’re never gonna see this again.”
  224. The rest of the night, we spent time together. She lets me marvel over her form, touching and cuddling and even flexing a few times for me.
  226. That night, we have sex again, with Anna just as insistent on taking the lead. I end up bruised, battered, and loving it.
  228. It’s at the end of the first week that she asks me to go outside with her.
  230. “Outside, really? I ask, as she pulls on the leather jacket. “Are you sure?”
  232. She nods, ears flapping. “I want to do this. I’ve been feeling really confident lately.” she sideyes me again, with that poker face only elephants can pull off. “Besides, we’re out of peanuts.”
  234. I stammer, and she laughs, a good, belly shaking laugh before slapping me on the back. “Kidding, geez.” I follow her out the door, speechless.
  236. Once we’re in public, I almost expect her to call it quits and go home, but the opposite happens. She drinks in the attention, reveling in the stares she gets. I follow behind, blushing as I catch the snippets of conversation she leaves behind in her wake. I even catch her posing a little, subconciously flexing as the cameras come out.
  238. “What was that about?” I ask, bringing in the last load of groceries. Anna’s in the kitchen, tearing open a tub of baby spring leaves and stuffing her trunk inside. “Iunno,” she responds, chewing. “I just… feel really liberated. Like I’m free. I don’t have to worry about dumb things anymore.”
  239. She brings an arm up, flexing as her bicep swells. “Like, who’s going to attack this? I can go out at night and not worry!”
  241. I nod, conceding her point. “That’s true. But I’m just worried that you’re..”
  243. “I’m what? Having fun with this? God forbid.” She stuffs more leaves into her maw, hooking her fingers around her pants. “Cmere.”
  245. I make my way to the kitchen as she pulls down her pants. Grabbing my head with her trunk, she presses my face to her pussy as she chews. I steady myself, grabbing her legs with my hands, and give her cunt a lick. She rumbles, in approval, her trunk pressing down on the back of my head. I lick, more and more, eating her out as she eats. Her walls clench, pressing around my face as she flexes with both arms, snorting with pleasure. “Hell yeah,” she mutters, stepping forwards, trapping me in place against the counter. “I know what I’m doing the next two weeks.”
  247. ---
  248. On the fourteenth day, I emerge from our bedroom, looking forward to finally getting this over with. Over the past two weeks, Anna’s gotten more and more forceful, to the point where I almost can’t keep up anymore. She’s been talking about switching careers, going to the gym, hell, maybe even starting a gym, and each time I have to remind her that this isn’t permanent.
  250. I catch her, on the leather loveseat, slowly pushing the biggest rubber dildo I've ever seen into her pussy. She’s grunting, trunk digging into a bowl of peanuts off to the side.
  252. “Hey, check this out.” I slide down the armrest, head landing in her lap, interrupting her rhythm. “Time’s almost up.”
  254. I hold out my phone for her to see. She grumbles, pulling the giant dildo out with a wet sucking noise.
  256. “You really know how to kill the mood, dude.” she mutters, peering at the screen. There’s barely a minute left. She groans, putting a big meaty hand on her forehead.
  258. “You know, as much shit as I gave you, I’m really gonna miss this.” She brings her trunk over to me, caressing at my face. “Being in charge for once was fucking amazing.”
  260. “Yeah, well, all vacations have to end sometime,” I mutter, watching the clock tick down.
  262. “Hey,” she says, pulling me up. We switch positions on the couch, her laying under my and me propped up on top of her, like a small bird standing on a rock. “I love you.”
  264. I smile, and kiss her, her thick rubbery lips pressing against mine. I slowly caress a tusk, before she breaks it off. “How much time is left?
  266. I look at her phone, and frown. “It..none.”
  268. She glances at her body, raising her muscled arms. “You sure?”
  270. I nod, tapping at the app more and more frantically. “Yeah, I’m sure!”
  272. There’s nothing. The fields are still greyed out. The timer is gone, replaced with a link to a dead page promising the premium version, but… there’s nothing. No way to turn back.
  274. I look up at her, and she can tell something’s wrong.
  276. “What is it?” her voice is barely a whisper.
  278. “I… I can’t turn you back.”
  280. She chuckles, slowly at first, then louder and louder until her belly is shaking with laughter.
  282. “You’re telling me,” she snorts, a thick hand sliding along my back, keeping me on her chest. “That the chucklefucks who made this app didn’t include any reversal option?”
  284. I nod, heart in my throat.
  286. And then my eyes widen as she grins, flexing. “Then I’m gonna go kick their ass.”
  288. “What?” I yelp, attempting to push up and away from her.
  290. “You heard me. And as for you.” her eyes turn to me, trunk sliding against my face. “There’s gonna be some changes around here. I don’t have an app to use on you, but...”
  292. My heart sinks as she pulls out a bag of leather gear out from under the couch.
  294. “I’ve been thinking of ways to pay you back.”
  296. Before I can protest, she shoves me down her body, lifting her hips until my face is right against her cunt. Her rough, thick hands caress my body as she leans forward. Her eyes sparkle, and she gently pulls me forward. “My weird fetish for your weird fetish.”
  298. I lap at her folds as I hear her lean back against the couch. “Fuck yeah,” she rumbles. She flexes, and I hear the camera shutter on her phone snap. “Best vacation ever.”
  301. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  308. Thanks for reading! I’m a novice writer and love hearing feedback, so if you saw something you liked, please leave a comment!
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