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  1. KingDRoseBloodThorn has joined the chat
  2. MegeraFallen: Hello random person.
  3. MegeraFallen: Random who is parking.
  4. KingDRoseBloodThorn: im not parked or random
  5. KingDRoseBloodThorn: maharg is my brother
  6. MegeraFallen: 30min later xD
  7. KingDRoseBloodThorn: cooking
  8. KingDRoseBloodThorn: dont judge
  9. MegeraFallen: I'm not?
  10. KingDRoseBloodThorn: >.>
  11. TessaMaree has joined the chat
  12. MegeraFallen: Hey Tessa.
  13. TessaMaree: Hello hello !
  14. KingDRoseBloodThorn: >>
  15. KingDRoseBloodThorn: <<
  16. TessaMaree: vv
  17. TessaMaree: ^^
  18. MegeraFallen: xD
  19. MegeraFallen: Did llprincess4lifell join us o.o
  20. TessaMaree: How very gorean
  21. KingDRoseBloodThorn: >.
  22. KingDRoseBloodThorn: gorean?
  23. KingDRoseBloodThorn: im aggitated
  24. TessaMaree: Erm, I havn't hired her. Maybe steve?
  25. TessaMaree: Lol
  26. MegeraFallen: Lol
  27. MegeraFallen: King calm down.
  28. TessaMaree: :p
  29. KingDRoseBloodThorn: >>
  30. MegeraFallen: Want me to invite you to mine?
  31. TessaMaree: Me?
  32. MegeraFallen: Si :P
  33. KingDRoseBloodThorn: your lucky im in a good mood
  34. TessaMaree: I'm actually out and about looking for somewhere to play.
  35. TessaMaree: No offence intended, King.
  36. KingDRoseBloodThorn: >.>
  37. MegeraFallen: I'm lucky? Dude I'm the Madam, your brothers right hand here.
  38. MegeraFallen: As in piss me off I boot your ass ^-^
  39. KingDRoseBloodThorn: heh and you think i give five fucks less
  40. KingDRoseBloodThorn: boot me and u answer to him
  41. MegeraFallen: I'm talking to him right now so
  42. MahargtheWicked has joined the chat
  43. MegeraFallen: Want to keep being a rude prick?
  44. TessaMaree: Hello.
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