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  1. The Story of ED selling their space
  3. Before I start, let me introduce myself. My name is BigSako and I have been through a lot of different alliances, including Warped Aggression, Cascade Imminent, Soldiers of new EvE and last but not least: Ethereal Dawn. I've seen a lot and I have friends in different alliances, both hostile and friendly to us. My intel gathering goes far beyond of the drone coalition intel channel and our skype leadership channel. I'm also involved in the coalition leadership channel. I'm writeing this mail to you so you actually hear what is going on from somebody else, and you can choose which side you want to trust and believe.
  5. Zeuscommander and killercorp lead Ethereal Dawn through the last couple of months, However, Clerence Thomas was always the CEO of  Black Lotus Heavy Industries, who is the current executor of Ethereal Dawn.
  7. ED has fought very very hard for their space, together with their allies. I've only joined ED 4 Months ago and got involved into leadership stuff about 2 months ago, when we were attacked by Northern Coalition., Nulli Secunda and Pandemic Legion. So who the fuck am I, to judge things? I'm probably not even considered having done much. Truth is, I have FCed a lot of fleets for ED and the coalition, some good, others not so good. I've been in the Skype Leadership channel of this alliance for 2 months and I've seen  Clerence Thomas come online and talk occassionally, but never really involve much in any leadership questions.
  9. So when we had the high command meeting on Wednesday, and ZeusCommander told me, KillerCorp and Ramatak that he is stepping back as soon as all ED members are safe, and that ED is going to stand down (not disband!), we obviously took it as it is, with a heavy heart and preparing ourselfs for talking to the CEOs and directors.
  11. Truth be told: Half the alliance has evac'ed BEFORE that meeting already, several have left us. Was it because of our Allies? Was it because of our war? Was it because they think SOLAR didn't help us as much as they should/could have? Who knows, everybody gave a different excuse and to be honest, I don't care. As soon as things go bad, people leave and join somebody that is doing better or has more secure space. I'm not the one to resent anyone for doing that. You have to do what your corporations and your members want to do.
  13. Sure enough, when SOLAR and our coalition heard about ED standing down, they were concerned about the sov that was under ED control, and sure enough, a deal was made that the SOV stays within coalition control and doesn't go to our enemys WITHOUT A PROPER SOV GRIND (which takes five days for every system, just fyi...).
  14. Apparently when  Clerence Thomas heard about that deal, he didn't like it, and stripped the roles of  ZeusCommander and  KillerCorp in the executor corp. In addition, he kicked the BCA transfer corp  C-110 before any sov or stations got transferred.
  15. And all of a sudden, Ethereal Dawn has blue standings with Nulli Secunda and their Allies (except for NC. and PL). Here is what Mr.  Clerence Thomas wrote in the skype leadership chat at approx. 4 AM Eve Time on February 23rd:
  17. [23.02.2013 04:25:00] CT: Oki, sorted a deal with nulli - 72h blue to GTFO
  18. [23.02.2013 04:25:37] CT: I need someone with access to PIS exec to start dropping sov so they can be covered under this deal too.
  20. Some hours before that, he wrote this:
  21. [22.02.2013 20:27:55] CT: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Esoteria/0-O6XF
  22. [22.02.2013 20:28:56] CT: Thorn has offered us that system to rebuild in, and I am in the process of getting the transfer toon in place.
  24. When I poked the hornets nest in alliance chat today about why we are blue with Nulli etc..., he eventually replied:
  25. [15:43:02] Clerence Thomas > Yes, +2.5 standings for 72h buys us a way out.
  26. [15:43:18] Clerence Thomas > At the cost of the space, but we'll be back.
  28. Right. It takes roughly 5 (FIVE) days, but minimum 4 days (= 96 hours) to get a stationed system sov transferred and involves a lot of grinding aswell as jumping supers around.
  29. You should wonder how many billions of ISK he got out of the deal. Knowing similar deals in the past, I'm going to estimate roughly 50 billion ISK (not that he needed them) - but only he and one dude in Nulli will be able to tell us the truth about the amount.
  31. So why do I care? Because I consider KillerCorp and ZeusCommander as friends, and I've worked with them AND OTHERS in this alilance to make sure that Nulli and NC. don't get these systems easily. I liked ED, I liked what KC and Zeuscommander were doing, even if I couldn't agree with them all the time.
  33. Obviously, there will be a counter post that will say that all my words are lies, that I need to get my intel right, that I am a shit Fleetcommander, etc...
  34. Go ahead, bring it on. I can't wait for the mail spam. I can't wait for the convo spam. I can't wait for naked pictures about me posted on Kugu. DO IT.
  36. Oh and fyi: Ethereal Dawn will probably be Integrated into the Honey Badger Coalition pretty soon. For those that are staying with ED, have fun down there, and fly safe.
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