Alcafus Vol2 Ch11

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  1. Page 2
  2. Frame 1: This place is really nice, isn't it?
  3. Frame 2: It has been a long time since I had a bath.
  5. Page 3
  6. F2: Thank you, Tasuku.
  7. F4: Is there something wrong?
  8.     No, nothing.
  10. Page 4
  11. F1: It'll take a while for their hair and tails to dry, so...
  12.     Take this, it's the map of this mansion.[NOTE 1]
  13. F2: Please, come to my room later. [NOTE 2]
  14. F3: Do you get it? Convince her somehow and get her out of here.
  15. F4: It would be foolish to think she'll be happy staying here. [NOTE 3]
  16. F5: Suzu's owner Julius is an extremist, even among the cultists.
  17.     Tomorrow he'll take Suzu's life away for the sake of some worthless ritual.
  19. Page 5
  20. F1: The people see him as a former member of a charity organization protecting cafus, but he's actually a pervert who collects them.
  21.     He uses cacotoris poison to petrify their bodies and admire them every night. What a foul degenerate!
  22. F2: this true?
  23. F3: if that's true, then why did she...? [NOTE 4]
  24.     For this reason, I'm going to fight seriously.
  25. F4: Tasuku, for cafus their owner is the most important being...
  26. F5: Even if their master is cruel.
  27. F6: Tasuku-san, please listen to Suzu's story. [NOTE 5]
  29. Page 6
  30. F1: I see... I'm not sure if I'll be able to bring her back, but I'll try.
  31. F3: Suzu's room should be here.
  32. F4: It's a wedding, so it needs to be magnificent! [NOTE 6]
  33. F5: Wedding...
  35. Page 7, F3: He looks like a kind person, but...
  37. Page 8, F4: Although it is my wedding with Shiira...
  39. Page 9
  40. F1: I must admit I am excited the most with your ritual.[NOTE 7]
  41. F2: Suzu, are you aprehensive?
  42. F3: Your current body will turn into stone, but your soul will rest inside Shiira...
  43.     ...and eventually reincarnate as our child.
  44. F4: You will be reborn as a human...
  45.     ...and we will become an actual family.
  47. Page 10
  48. F1: reborn...?
  49.     the body turning into stone...
  50. F3: For the ritual, you must be pure. When you were separated from me...
  52. Page 13
  53. F1: Even if it's the first time I said your name... somehow it feels nostalgic for me.
  54.     Who are you...?
  55. F4: It seems they tried the ritual before, but the previous wife still couldn't become pregnant.
  57. Page 14
  58. F1: You're fine with the ritual, even if you don't know it'll succeed?
  59. F3: But I was a nuisance to Shiira-sama, so I was sold at the cafus auction...
  60.     They forced me to fight other cafus for the sake of amusement.
  61.     I couldn't bear with this, so I run. But people were looking at me like I was some kind of monster who can't understand words.
  63. Page 15
  64. F1: Among those people, you were the only one who...
  65. F3: Someone I can believe in... Julius-sama is that person for me.
  66. F5: Rebirth... you came back, even if you knew you'd be killed...?
  68. Page 16
  69. F1: Rather than live in the outside world, you'd rather believe and die... [NOTE 8]
  70.     Is this really the right thing to do?
  72. Page 17
  73. F2: We played a lot together when we were kids, but...
  74.     This girl reads a lot of books, you know, now she doesn't even look at me.
  75.     Even if there are times I feel lonely,
  76. F3: I like to be with her.
  77. F4: If someone threatened her devotion to reading, I'd... I would...
  78.     It would hurt me deeply, and I'd feel bad...
  79. F5: I want to protect her world.[NOTE 9]
  81. Page 18
  82. F1: And I want to do the same for you...
  83.     I want to make your world peaceful to live in... [NOTE 10]
  84. F2: If you stay here, you're going to be killed!
  85.     I can't allow that, let's run away together!
  86. F4: But what if I'll be actually...
  87.     ...reborn as a human being?
  89. Page 19
  90. F1: I'd fall in love with someone, get married...
  91. F2: To be honest, dying is scary...[NOTE 11]
  93. Page 20, F2: When he find out I had sex with you, there's a chance he'll stop the ritual...[NOTE 12]
  95. Page 21
  96. F3: No, wait...
  97. F4: As I thought, it's disgusting... isn't it?
  98.     To make such things with a cafus...
  99.     No... that's not the issue here.
  101. Page 22
  102. F1: Then... I'll do something Julius-sama always does to me, for his pleasure.
  103. F3: When Julius-sama does this...
  104.     Even him, a human, loses his senses, and it seems like he'll end up attacking...
  106. Page 23
  107. F1: H... he does this all the time?
  108.     When I do something wrong, this is how I'm forgiven.
  109. F2: Is there something...
  111. Page 25
  112. F3: No... n... n... your life is in danger,
  113.     You can't stay here, we should be running away!
  115. Page 26
  116. F1: Run away... I can't do it.
  117. F2: You said there's a person who looks just like me.
  118.     You love her, don't you?
  119.     Then, please think of me as if I was that person.
  120. F4: Me and that person, we aren't lovers...! [NOTE 13]
  122. Page 28, F2: There are people who'll love you the way you are right now, for sure.
  124. Page 32, F7: For a cafus, the owner is the absolute ruler
  127. Notes:
  128. 1. "Map" might be slightly incorrect depending on the original, but it sounds better (less technical) here.
  129. 2. Usually you'd avoid imperatives, but I think here it conveys importance/urgency.
  130. 3. "Betray the letter so you can be faithful to the spirit."
  131. 4. In general English uses less context to convey meaning than Japanese, so it's helpful to highlight Tasuku is recording what Suzu said.
  132. 5. At least for anime/manga it's fine to leave the honorifics as in Japanese, but for other media you might want to omit/replace them.
  133. 6. "Wedding" sounds better. Also, when in doubt if you should include an article or not, you probably want one.
  134. 7. This sounds a bit too formal, but I think it fits the character.
  135. 8. This part is quite hard to understand, and I'm not sure if some info wasn't lost. You might want to recheck the original.
  136. 9. It's slightly incoherent, but I think it's part of the speech, I get Tasuku isn't quite sure on what he wants to say?
  137. 10. I'm not sure if I'm being understandable here. This might require further revisions.
  138. 11. Both "to be honest" and "after all" work as connectors, so they kinda "fight" for the start of the sentence. It's better to leave one out.
  139. 12. "Copulate" sounds extremely technical.
  140. 13. Prescriptive grammar teaches "she and I", and it would be considered correct in a more formal setting. But here it sounds pedantic.
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