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  1. 1. At the start of the first game take a shot
  2. 2. Lowest kills at the end of the game takes a shot
  3. 3. If you win take a shot
  4. 4. If you friendly fire, take two shot
  5. 5. If you flip a vehicle take two drinks
  6. 6. If you jump out of the plane late, take a shot
  7. 7. Complaining that the game is not in your favor, take two drinks
  8. 8. If you get downed, take a drink
  9. 9. If you wipe a squad, everyone drinks
  10. 10. If you get a vehicle kill, everyone else drinks
  11. 11. If you die, take a shot
  12. 12. If you die to the zone, take a shot
  13. 13. If you perform a stunt with a vehicle, give a shot
  14. 14. If you fail a stunt, take a drink
  15. 15. Get a melee kill everyone takes shot
  16. 16. Fraiche can add rules whenever
  17. 17. Get melee killed take a shot
  18. 18. Talk about rules that are not actual rules, take a shot
  19. 19. Burping into the mic, take five shots
  20. 20. (After you die) When ever the circle close inn, take three drinks
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