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Clear DMMd re:connect Good Ends Translation

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  1. Clear Dramatical Murder Re:connect Good End(s):
  3. …I already thought that he wouldn’t be returning.
  4. That I wouldn’t be able to see him again.
  5. Therefore when I heard his song, I really thought that I had gone mad or something…
  6. As I stepped onto the veranda, I knew that I was wrong.
  7. More than being happy, I was surprised at first, so surprised that I was unable to do anything right away.
  8. I stood there with my mouth open like an idiot, watching as he jumped onto the veranda.
  9. Because of that I couldn’t welcome him and fell backwards.
  10. When I opened my eyes, Clear’s smiling face filled my whole line of vision…
  11. That’s when I thought
  12. Isn’t this a dream?
  13. Am I hallucinating?
  14. Maybe it’s the guy with the same face, alpha.
  15. They have the same outward appearance so maybe I’m being deceived…
  16. …Anyway, I can’t believe it.
  17. I can’t react to what’s happening right in front of my face.
  18. I stiffened, looking at him as his smile widened and he embraced me kindly.
  19. Then…
  20. I could finally accept it..
  21. Touching him, I finally understood.
  22. Aah he finally returned.
  23. Clear came back to me.
  24. Thinking that, my eyes got hot and my nose prickled with a slight pain…
  25. My tears fell.
  26. I hugged Clear’s back with shaking hands, and through tears and a dripping nose I finally speak one sloppy, hard to understand word.
  27. A: …Welcome home…
  28. C: …Yes. I have returned home. Aoba-san.
  30. …After Oval Tower collapsed and Platinum Jail was suspended.
  31. I took Clear’s unmoving body home and tried anything I could to repair him.
  32. I took an extended vacation from work with Haga-san and closed myself up in my room, hiding Clear from Grandma who didn’t know anything.
  33. I couldn’t understand anything that was going on when I looked inside of Clear, so with one glance I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fix him alone.
  34. But even so I became obsessive with trying to fix him.
  35. I wanted to fix Clear no matter what. Even though I knew it was impossible, I wanted to do it with my own hands.
  36. I became a mass of persistency and did nothing but continue to face Clear.
  37. I looked up a lot of methods, my tries ending in failures, and repeated the process even though I was becoming disheartened.
  38. I wanted to fix him on my own. With that determination, I even forgot to eat and sleep.
  39. But…
  40. I clung to only that desperately even though there were times when I felt like my concentration would snap like a thread.
  41. Times like that I didn’t even have the strength to move and felt that, after all, I couldn’t do anything; I was at a loss.
  42. Even so I would drag my heavy body in order to continue the repairs, and when I opened the closet what I saw was…
  43. In the end I could only stare stupidly at the Clear who was lying down.
  44. The me who can’t do anything.
  45. While tormenting myself with oppressive self-hatred, there were times when I just looked at Clear for minutes and hours.
  46. Thinking, he has a pretty sleeping face.
  47. Thinking, this is the first time I’ve seen his sleeping face, isn’t it.
  48. Thinking, this guy had such white skin.
  49. The things that I hadn’t realized up until now piled up, but even if I noticed those things Clear wouldn’t move…
  50. Even if I tried to touch his skin, it wasn’t any different from the time when Clear could move happily.
  51. If he was a human he would have become cold, but Clear won’t go through such changes.
  52. He was broken into pieces yet his torn and falling skin wouldn’t rot.
  53. The color of his skin and the feel of him too, nothing changed. Nothing.
  54. That’s because Clear is something that’s been made.
  55. I became sad with that reality thrust in my face… But.
  56. For that reason I felt that it was not a thing or another person, but just Clear laying down in front of me.
  57. When I think about it now, my mental state might have been somewhat confused.
  58. Even so…
  59. I felt relieved knowing that this was my Clear after all.
  60. While trying to fix Clear, I planned to act normal when I left my room or went outside.
  61. But surely my appearance was not so normal.
  62. One day after about a month had passed, I was pulled forcibly from my room by Grandma.
  63. Grandma bothered me over and over about what I was doing, and I confessed about Clear.
  64. I thought she would get mad, but Grandma didn’t.
  65. On the contrary, she proposed to me that she would ask a researcher she knew to try to fix him.
  66. Because I wanted to fix Clear by my own two hands, I was honestly confused at first.
  67. But in the end I ended up asking Grandma’s friend to help.
  68. More than trying to go through with this wish of my own, having Clear come back to me was the most important thing to me.
  69. If Clear came back to me, I wouldn’t care about anything.
  70. Thinking that, I handed over Clear to Grandma.
  71. Since then, a year had passed.
  72. Without receiving any information on how Clear was doing, my time passed slowly.
  73. I thought to ask Grandma multiple times about how Clear was doing.
  74. But for some reason I couldn’t ask.
  75. I didn’t hear anything from Grandma either, and the time where neither of us touched on the subject passed.
  76. I returned to my part-time job, and it was like I had returned to my previous lifestyle.
  77. However, in a corner of my mind I started to think that it might not be worth it anymore.
  78. Of course I didn’t want to think things like that, and I definitely thought that I was stronger than that but…
  79. Coming this far with no response meant to me that there was no use after all.
  80. As one would expect, I embraced the feeling of giving up.
  81. It had been a year since I had given Clear away.
  82. From the point of view of me who was waiting on edge for him to return, it was a time when it seemed that it really wouldn’t happen.
  83. Therefore…
  84. I told myself that I had to look forward.
  85. Really I just wanted to wait more, forever.
  86. But, I thought, after all, that wasn’t a good idea.
  87. Clear’s kind smile and his broken body appeared and disappeared in front of me over and over again…
  88. Honestly it was tough, it hurt.
  89. If it’s this painful I felt like it would be okay to put an end to those feelings, to waiting.
  90. I became confused about what to do, and I passed countless days like that.
  91. When I think of it now, it was like I had died.
  93. A: …Clear…
  94. Unable to believe it, I call his name as if in a daydream.
  95. My voice is hoarse.  
  96. Right now, Clear is certainly in front of me. Even so it’s like there is no feeling in my voice.
  97. Is it really Clear? I’m not looking at an illusion?
  98. I can’t believe it. …I can’t believe it.
  99. C: Yes, Aoba-san.
  100. He calls my name in that precious, kind voice.
  101. His unmistakable warmth is passing through me through our embrace.
  102. If this heat is also a dream, it’s too harsh.
  103. The arms around my back are so strong…
  104. A: Clear… Clear.
  105. C: Yes.
  106. A: It really… isn’t a dream, right?
  107. C: It’s not a dream. I’ve returned.
  108. C: I wanted to see Aoba-san, I couldn’t hold back, and I ended up coming.
  109. The smiling face as he says that is unmistakably Clear’s, and I end up smiling while I think that.
  110. A: I see… Clear.
  111. A: Clear… I’m glad…
  112. My tears have just stopped but I call out that precious name as heat grows behind my eyes afain.
  113. I hold the existence in my arms with all my strength.
  114. A: I’m glad… Really… Clear…
  115. C: Yes.
  116. I loosen the strength of my arms so that I can look more closely at that face and Clear smiles happily back at me.
  117. From the bottom of my heart, a true smile spreads across my lips.
  118. C: Aoba-san, your eyes are red.
  119. A: Whose fault do you think that is?
  120. C: I’m sorry. But, you’re cute, like a bunny.
  121. A: Really, you…
  122. The end of my words are mixed with a smile.
  123. I had thought that we wouldn’t be able to talk sillily like this anymore.
  124. To think that a day where I could talk to Clear like this would come…
  125. I’m really glad. Truly…
  126. While looking at Clear’s face I calm down a little and sniff as I stroke his skin.
  127. On the right of his face near his eyeball where it had been broken has a different skin color if I look closely.
  128. But, even though I’m gazing at him I don’t really care.
  129. A: Did Grandma fix you?
  130. C: Yes. Tae-san and a person Tae-san knows fixed me.
  131. A: I see. Is your memory and that of the like the same? Has anything changed…?
  132. C: Fundamentally speaking there are no problems. Remnants of the restoration still remain but
  133. C: While being restored, I went through a lot of tests to start up so I basically understand my whole situation.
  134. A: I see…
  135. I let out a small, relieved sigh.
  136. A: I didn’t know anything. I gave you over to Grandma and since then I hadn’t heard anything. For about a year.
  137. A: That’s why, I thought that it might have been useless already.
  138. C: I think that Tae-san probably didn’t want to say anything until she had absolute proof.
  139. A: Aa…
  140. If I think of Grandma’s personality, that certainly might be true.
  141. She understood how much I seriously wanted Clear to be fixed so she surely just didn’t want to give me any wrong expectations.
  142. C: Tae-san and her friend did tests one me and I think they planned to check on my status shortly after but
  143. C: Earlier, I heard Aoba-san’s voice. That’s why I came.
  144. A: E? You came? Rather, you heard my voice?
  145. C: Yes, I heard your voice, so before Tae-san and her friend started me up I opened my eyes.
  146. A: …
  147. I don’t really understand what’s what but…
  148. Anyway, Clear opened his eyes before Grandma and her friend woke him up and he came here.
  149. A: Then, Grandma and her friend still don’t know that you’re awake?
  150. C: That’s right. I think they don’t know. They might be surprised that I suddenly disappeared.
  151. A: They might be surprised….
  152. R: I’m sorry to interrupt this tearful reunion.. Aoba.
  153. A: …Wa!
  154. C: Ren-san!
  155. When I hear Ren’s voice from right beside me, I jump in shock and let go of Clear.
  156. For some reason I’m embarrassed that he was watching me hug Clear…
  157. When Clear sees Ren, he grips his hand in front of his chest with sparkly eyes.
  158. C: Ren-san~ It’s been a while! Have you been well!?
  159. C: You’re just as fluffy and puffy ever~
  160. R: It really has been a while, Clear. Above all I’m glad you returned safely.
  161. C: Yes, really!
  162. C: By the way, Ren-san, is it okay if I touch you a little?
  163. R: I don’t mind.
  164. C: Yay! Please let me enjoy Ren’s fluffiness to the fullest~!
  165. Clear embraces Ren with a burst of joy and begins to ruffle his fur with both hands.
  166. C: Fluffy fluffy, fluffy fluffy
  167. R: Clear.
  168. C: Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy, Fluffyyyy
  169. R: Clear, please stop. Clear.
  170. A: A-A…
  171. R: Aoba, please stop Clear.
  172. A: Even if you say that… Clear looks really happy.
  173. C: Yes!
  174. A: It’s been a while since we last met so isn’t a little bit okay?
  175. Clear was holding Ren so happily I just let out a happy smile and watched as Ren’s legs struggled as hard as they could against him.
  176. R: This is not the time to be doing such things. Tae has returned.
  177. A: E?
  178. C: Tae-san did?
  179. Clear suddenly stopped moving his hands.
  180. When I returned from work Grandma had left to go somewhere.
  181. Then I heard that Clear came here before Grandma woke him.
  182. That means that Grandma left to see Clear…?
  183. Ren, released from Clear, shook his rumpled fur.
  184. R: Tae returned a short while ago.
  185. A: I didn’t notice…
  186. R: It was a little after Clear entered the room, so I’m sure you didn’t notice.
  187. I see. When Grandma has returned I’d been completely wrapped up in meeting Clear again.
  188. Then I surely wouldn’t have realized it. Rather, I couldn’t notice.
  189. A: Clear, let’s go. We have to meet with Grandma.
  190. With Clear suddenly disappearing Grandma must be pretty flustered.
  191. It was only a little until she would have good news for me but just before she did it became impossible, probably making her upset.
  192. That’s why I have to tell her. That Clear is here.
  193. C: Yes, Aoba-san.
  194. I pick Ren up and leave the room together with Clear.
  195. We climb down the stairs to the first floor and stand in front of the living room.
  196. I look through the already slightly open door and see Grandma standing in the kitchen.
  197. Her face looks darker than usual.
  198. She must be upset after all…
  199. To calm myself I take a deep breath and open the door wide.
  200. A: Grandma, welcome home.
  201. T: Aa….!
  202. Grandma turns around to look at us, then looks so surprised that it’s like her heart has stopped.
  203. C: Welcome home, Tae-san.
  204. T: …You.
  206. After Grandma was scared out of her wits for seeing Clear, she scolded us.
  207. Like, why did you suddenly disappear, and how much do you think I worried, and a lot more.
  208. Clear hung his head in regret, but after Grandma was done talking smiled happily.
  209. C: It’s been a while since I’ve been scolded by Tae-san, too, huh.
  210. Hearing that Grandma had a stunned expression, then, like she was pouting, sighed and said bluntly,
  211. T: Don’t stand, sit!
  212. Grandma turned around to face the kitchen, and Clear and I, still holding Ren, who were waiting in the dining room began to smell a sweet scent.
  213. It was those sweets that I love.
  214. After a little bit, Grandma put her hand made dounts into a basket and placed them on the dining room table.
  215. Steam billowed from the freshly made treats.
  216. T: Eat.
  217. She said it bluntly as she came to the table to sit and sip her tea.
  218. I started to eat the donuts and Clear, too, took one in his hand, smiling after chewing it a little.
  219. C: it’s delicious, Tae-san.
  220. T: Is that right.
  221. C: Yes.
  222. C: …
  223. Clear stared at the donuts he was eating so happily, then looked at Grandma again and lowered his head slightly.
  224. C: Thank you so very much, truly.
  225. Those words were unusually polite, so I thought that they’re not only in response to the donuts.
  226. I also corrected my posture and lowered my head to Granma.
  227. A: Me too… Grandma, thank you.
  228. The dark face Grandma had just now.
  229. Just by looking at that, I understood just how seriously Grandma had intended to fix Clear.
  230. Surely her not updating me was also just her not wanting to give me false hope in case she let me down.
  231. Grandma breathed out her nose at Clear and I with our heads lowered.
  232. T: If you’re in that sate then it looks okay.
  233. T: Anyway you’re overreacting about the donuts. Even though you can eat them anytime.
  234. Clear and I exchange looks with each other, laughing softly, and everything might have been in vain but we tried our best to eat at least half of the donuts.
  236. After finishing Grandma’s donuts, we returned to the second floor.
  237. I let Ren down on the bed and both Clear and I also sit.
  238. C: Haa, Tae-san’s donuts were delicious, weren’t they! My stomach is full.
  239. A: Me too. More than my stomach being full, it might actually hurt.
  240. C: That’s because Aoba-san also ate a lot.
  241. Clear smiles with a laugh.
  242. Looking at that face, I think about how happy I am to see him smiling like that again.
  243. I’m happy to look at Clear’s forever changing expressions, and more than anything it’s fun.
  244. After entrusting Clear to Grandma and becoming alone, I thought about a lot of things.
  245. At that time, I realized that I didn’t know that much about Clear.
  246. I know about Clear’s true self but, that wasn’t it…
  247. Like where he had been before we met and like how he had been living before.
  248. I realized that I didn’t know anything about those things.
  249. A: …Uhm, I have something I want to ask you, but is it okay?
  250. C: Yes, what might it be?
  251. Clear places both of his hands primly on his knees and nods deeply while looking at me.
  252. A: Before meeting me, you lived in Kitachiku (the northern district), right?
  253. C: Yes, that’s right. In a place a little disconnected from Kitachiku, I lived in a house with Grandfather and before I met Aoba-san that was where I slept.
  254. A: You slept?
  255. C: Yes. Grandfather told me to so…
  256. Grandfather…
  257. The person who picked up the discarded Clear from Toue’s research center and escaped Kyuujuuminku (old citizen’s ward is the actual translation but…).
  258. A: …When you say you slept, what do you mean?
  259. C: When Grandfather did not wake up from his sleep, I recognized it as him dying.
  260. C: I had the information about the time from when a person was born to when he died, so I knew what to do with someone who had passed away.
  261. C: That’s why I had a burial for Grandfather.  Grandfather had always said that he wanted to take me out of the island so
  262. C: I thought that Grandfather would also be more happy away from the island, so I buried him atop a hill near the ocean.
  263. C: Even if I say that, it was just an ocean that was relatively close to Kitachiku, so it’s not much of a place with a hill but…
  264. C: But I thought it was better than a place where you couldn’t see anything.
  265. A: …
  266. C: After Grandfather’s burial, I did as Grandfather said and slept.
  267. A: As he said?
  268. C: Yes. A little before Grandfather passed away, he told me many times that if I were to become alone that I should continue to sleep in this house.
  269. C: Grandfather said that at all costs I must not be retrieved by Toue.
  270. C: Therefore, if I became alone, so that no one would find me. I think that’s why he told me to sleep.
  271. C: But, when I heard Aoba-san’s voice, I opened my eyes.
  272. C: I heard Mater’s voice so I came.
  273. …It was at that time, huh.
  274. C: For us, we will hear our master’s voice no matter what.
  275. C: Strictly speaking Aoba-san isn’t my master but Aoba-san’s voice has the power to manipulate people.
  276. C: It’s an artificial ability similar to Toue’s so I think that because of that both of your vocal frequencies sounded similar.
  277. C: It was because of that that I mistook Aoba-san for my master.
  278. C: …But.
  279. Clear stops talking and narrows his eyes warmly.
  280. C: Even if you say I’m broken or anything, I still think that I’m happy for mistaking Aoba-san for my master.
  281. C: I died once. It’s strange to say that a machine like me died but…
  282. C: It was the time that I lost all functionality. I was really satisfied.
  283. C: I was able to protect Aoba-san, and the fact that Aoba-san was able to use scrap on me made me believe that I, too, had a heart.
  284. C: But, I’m glad that I’m able to return.
  285. C: I get to see Aoba-san’s happy face, and also
  286. C: To me, I feel like that time I died… I came a little closer to becoming human.
  287. A: Clear…
  288. C: For humans, when they die, that’s the end of their existence, so it’s a little strange for me to think that.
  289. Clear lifts his face while smiling a little and squints as though he’s looking somewhere far away.
  290. C: I studied a lot of things related to death.
  291. C: I always thought that the reason humans feared death was because everything ended when they died.
  292. C: But that was wrong. Even if one dies, everything does not end.
  293. C: There are the remaining people, and there are plenty of things that they wanted to convey to the dead.
  294. C: There are a lot of memories remaining… Now that that happened to me, I understand it.
  295. C: I’m really glad that I was able to see Aoba-san again, and I don’t want to die a second time.
  296. C: Fundamentally speaking, we have a setting that lets us have expressions and on the surface, we can recognize that “humans think this way when this happens”.
  297. C: But I learned more than the fundamentals from Grandfather and Aoba-san.
  298. C: Warm feelings, deep sadness, and a feeling of so much love I can’t bear it.
  299. C: Therefore, I can’t really say that I was happy to die but…
  300. C: I… I’m happy that I can be who I am right now.
  301. Clear smiles warmly as he says that.
  302. I’m captivated by that expression.
  303. I thought it before but… Clear really is pretty.
  304. C: Aoba-san?
  305. A: …A
  306. I come to my senses when he calls my name, and drop my eyes to the floor.
  307. A: That’s right. I’m really happy that you returned, too. Rather…
  308. A: I want to express my thanks to your Grandfather. I want to tell him thank you for protecting you.
  309. C: Aoba-san…
  310. A: If he hadn’t, we might not have been able to meet each other.
  311. C: Yes, that’s true.
  312. Clear nods happily, but keeps his mouth shut like he’s turning something over in his mind.
  313. A: …Clear?
  314. When I call him, he turns his gaze towards me as though he’s decided something.
  315. C: …Aoba-san. Would you like to go and see?
  316. A: When you say go, where do you mean?
  317. C: To Grandfather’s and my house.
  318. A: …Eh?
  319. I get taken aback at his abrupt proposal.
  320. A: That is…
  321. Wondering what to say in response, I’m evasive with my words.
  322. I really do want to go.
  323. The place where Clear was that I don’t know.
  324. That’s also the place where Clear and his Grandfather have many memories together.
  325. It’s a part of his life that I’ve never touched on before and is surely a special place for Clear…
  326. But it can’t be such an easy place to walk to.
  327. I’m happy that he wants to take me there, but I feel sorry that he wants to take me away right now…
  328. Clear realizes how muddled I look and peers at me with a little bit of worry.
  329. C: Is something wrong?
  330. A: No…
  331. C: Do you not want to go to Grandfather’s and my house?  
  332. A: That’s not it. But…
  333. C: It’s the place I lived before I met Aoba-san…
  334. C: I want to show Aoba-san the place where I lived with Grandfather, who was just as important an existence to me as Aoba-san.
  335. C: Therefore, please. Come with me.
  336. Clear lowers his head, making me flustered.
  337. A: Stop that.
  338. C: But.
  339. A: I’ll go.
  340. I just decided my answer.
  341. Upon hearing my answer, a relieved smile blooms on Clear’s face.
  342. C: I’m so glad. Then, let’s go right away.
  343. A: Eh?
  344. Clear stands straight up from the bed and squats down in front of me.
  345. When I think that…
  346. C: Now, Aoba-san. Hop on.
  347. Clear turns his head away from me and thrusts both of his hands backwards as though he’s waiting for something.
  348. This is..
  349. A: P-piggyback?
  350. C: Yes, that’s right. Now, hop on!
  351. A: …
  352. C: What’s the matter?
  353. A: Is there no option for me to walk normally?
  354. C: This way is faster. We’re going to go by rooftop.
  355. A: …Ha? Rooftop?
  356. C: Yes!
  357. What the hell is this guy saying?
  358. C: Aoba-san, let’s go quickly!
  359. A: …
  360. C: Now, fast!
  361. I don’t understand a thing Clear is saying but…
  362. Trying to solve the mystery, I reluctantly lean my bodyweight against that back.
  363. C: I’m going.
  364. A: Uwawa…
  365. Clear stands up slowly. My body sways unstably, and I nervously grip Clear’s head.
  366. C: Then, from now on we will be going to my house.
  367. C: Ren-san, would you like to come as well?
  368. While holding me, Clear turns back to look at Ren.
  369. R: No, I will wait here. Tae will be surprised if everyone disappears.
  370. C: Now that you mention it, you’re right. Maybe we should tell Tae-san first…
  371. R: I will tell her.
  372. C: I apologize, and thank you very much.
  373. C: Is it okay to leave Ren-san behind, Aoba-san?
  374. I really do want to take him along but… if what Clear says is true, we’re going to walk across roofs like this?
  375. I’m sacred he might carelessly drop Ren.
  376. I mean in Clear’s case, his words may be different from what he actually does, so I’m worried about my decision.
  377. More than anything though… I’m embarrassed that Clear is carrying me.
  378. If we’re going to leave I want to quickly.
  379. A: …Ren, sorry. I’ll entrust it to you while I’m gone.
  380. R: I don’t mind.
  381. Ren nods in a response that sounds kind of tired.
  382. And what does he mean by going from roof to roof… I know what he’s saying but I can’t imagine it.
  383. What is he planning to do…
  384. C: Then, Ren-san. I’m off, okay?
  385. R: Aa. Take care.
  386. C: Yes.
  387. Clear gently fixes my position on his back and steps onto the veranda.
  388. The veranda isn’t really spacious at all, and the handrails aren’t really thick enough for people to stand on.
  389. Past the veranda is a continuous mountain of uneven roofs and buildings.
  390. A: I just want to make sure but… are we going like this?
  391. C: Yes.
  392. A: Isn’t it dangerous?
  393. C: No, Aoba-san jumping over the roofs on his own is much more dangerous.
  394. A: Then I think it should be more of a conversation about walking normally…
  395. C: If we do that it will take a long time so.
  396. But isn’t it safer then jumping off of the veranda!?
  397. In the first place, because he’s carrying me, both of his hands are clutched together, so how does he plan to walk on the roofs?
  398. Won’t it just turn into something impossible after all?
  399. Or we’ll both jump off the roof and suffer terrible wounds…
  400. if it’s Clear it’s possible.
  401. As bad thoughts about this and that swirl in my head, Clear bends his knees and leans forward a little.
  402. C: Well then, let’s get going. Please hold on tight, Aoba-san.
  403. A: Eh..!?
  404. C: One-two!
  405. A: Uwa!
  406. From his bent position, Clear kicks off of the floor and using the frame of the veranda as a step, jumps from that onto the next roof.
  407. He lands firmly on the next roof, his steps and landing beautiful.
  408. A: Eeeeeeh…?
  409. This guy, where they hell did he keep this kind of skill hidden…!?
  410. C: I think you’re shaking a little bit so please make sure to hold tight.
  411. A: Wa!!
  412. Clear jumps about the length of a pond from one thing to another, running from one roof to the next casually.
  413. Because Kyuujuuminku’s buildings are all really crowded together, the space between each is relatively small.
  414. I’ve certainly thought of being able to jump from my veranda to roofs before but…
  415. But this is…!
  416. A: C-Clear!
  417. C: We will be there in just a little while~!
  418. Every time Clear jumps I sway a little bit so I frantically cling to Clear.
  419. While being dumbfounded by the world changing continuously just below my feet, I start to enjoy this ridiculous situation.
  420. C: Thank you so much for waiting, Aoba-san. This is Grandfather’s and my house.
  421. Clear who had been jumping across the rooftops lands on the ground in front of a dilapidated house in the recess of Kitachiku.
  422. The surroundings are filled with piles of garbage and litter, and no matter how I look at it it doesn’t look like a place people would live.
  423. It’s a rotting, forgotten, sad place.
  424. I forget the feeling of being unsettled by my flying trip as I look at that building.
  425. A: …
  426. C: Are you surprised? It really doesn’t look like a place where people would live, does it.
  427. A: A… well… I guess not…
  428. C: But, that’s why Grandfather thought to live here, I think.
  429. C: If we lived here, there wasn’t much of a worry that people would find us.
  430. Certainly…
  431. A disposed Clear, a Clear who Grandfather couldn’t turn his back on and took him with him.
  432. So that Toue wouldn’t be able to find him is why he chose this place.
  433. Clear lowers me to the ground and looks at the building in front of his eyes with desire.
  434. That expression is very calm and I realized that my first impression of that building may have been wrong.
  435. This isn’t a forgotten place.
  436. Even now it’s a warm and kind place where Clear’s and Grandfather’s memories have accumulated.
  437. Thinking that, the house starts to look different than it did before.
  438. C: Then, let’s go inside.
  439. Clear takes a step towards the building and takes hold of the dusty, stained doorknob.
  440. The hinges creak and the door slowly opens.
  441. The inside of the building is filled with a dusty, grim atmosphere.
  442. But it’s cleaner than I thought it would be.
  443. There isn’t a space to take off my shoes, and suddenly in front of me a space of about 10 tatami mats appears.
  444. There is a plain shelf and a bed, a table and chair are placed in the middle, and further in is a mini kitchen.
  445. To my right are stairs to go upstairs, and Clear walks right to them.
  446. C: The first floor is Grandfather’s room and I live on the second floor.
  447. Clear climbs the steps.
  448. Though it’s a little bit of a delayed reaction, I follow him shortly.
  449. The second floor is a small room, like an attic.
  450. Compared to the empty first floor, this one is filled with confusion.
  451. Firstly, there are small items surrounding and filling the nooks and crannies.
  452. Also inside that room is a bed and a full length mirror with a black cloth hanging over it and though a cloudy window, a little bit of sunlight shines through.
  453. Due to the little items being so cramped together, the room seems a lot smaller.
  454. When I look closely at what’s placed everywhere, I notice that it’s bottles and glass sphere like things.
  455. Transparent, blue, yellow, and various colored glasses are lined up all over the place.
  456. C: It sure has been a while…
  457. Clear mutters the words earnestly.
  458. This is the room that Clear lived in before I met him.
  459. While feeling a strange emotion, I slowly enter Clear’s room.
  460. I lean down to touch one of the bottles that is sitting near my feet.
  461. A: Clear, this
  462. Even though I called out to him there wasn’t an answer, so I raise my head to see Clear looking around the room longingly.
  463. Since it’s his room which he returned to after such a long time, he may be filled with strong emotions, unable to hear me.
  464. A little bit worriedly, I call for him in a little bit louder voice.
  465. A: Clear.
  466. C: Yes
  467. Clear turns his head towards me.
  468. A: This is a large amount of bottles, but did you collect them all yourself?
  469. C: Rather than saying I gathered them, it’s more correct to say that before I knew it they had been collected.
  470. C: I couldn’t leave sparkling things alone, and just ended up picking them up.
  471. A: You like them?
  472. C: Hmm, I wonder. Rather than saying I like them, when I look at them I end up feeling a little pained.
  473. A: Pain, huh. But collecting shining things like that makes you seem a little bit like a crow, huh.
  474. C: Do crows collect shining things?
  475. A: Yeah. It’s their nature to collect shiny things and bring them back to their nests.
  476. C: That’s the same as me. I don’t have the same kind of freedom as they do but.
  477. Clear laughs thinly.
  478. A: But you have great legs, to be able to jump from roof to roof.
  479. C: Yes, we are programmed to be able to fight as well. We were programmed to act like a normal human being, so it’s just that we don’t use it.
  480. In Oval Tower, when Clear fought with Alpha, the thought had caught my mind.
  481. A: Anyway, what kind of person was your Grandfather? Do you have something like a photograph?
  482. C: Ah. I do.
  483. Clear spins around his room, and reaches down a hand to the scattered bottles.
  484. From between the bottles he takes out something flat.
  485. No matter how I look at it it seems to be a picture.
  486. He blows the gathered dust from the thin surface, and with his sleeve wipes off the excess dust before handing it to me.
  487. Inside of an old, wooden picture frame is a just as old picture.
  488. The person shot in the picture is a person a yet a little too young to be called Grandfather.
  489. His eyes are thins, his brows angled down, and he’s a little hunched over.
  490. A: He looks like a kind person.
  491. C: He told me that that is a picture from about 15 years before he and I met.
  492. A: You don’t have any other pictures.
  493. C: Right. That’s the only one.
  494. A: I see. Then, this is a treasure.
  495. C: A treasure…
  496. After repeating my words, Clear beams a smile.
  497. C: That’s certainly true. That picture is also shining inside of the glass. It’s my sparkling Grandfather’s treasure.
  498. A: Yeah.
  499. While Clear smiles wholeheartedly, I look at the man in the picture once more.
  500. So this guy is Clear’s Grandfather.
  501. I know that Grandfather picked Clear up when he was supposed to have been discarded but…
  502. I wonder what he was thinking when he saved Clear.
  503. I wonder what kind of days they were for Clear and Grandfather together in Kitachiku.
  504. Why did he name Clear “Clear”?
  505. Various thoughts run through my head.
  506. A: Your Grandfather gave you the name Clear right?
  507. C: Yes. Originally we didn’t have names.
  508. A: Why did he name you Clear?
  509. C: I wonder…
  510. Clear holds his chin in his hand and cocks his head a little.
  511. C: When we started living in this house, Grandfather said that I resembled a jellyfish.
  512. A: A jellyfish?
  513. C: Yes. He said it many times after that as well.
  514. C: Jellyfish are transparent, are light and airy, and drift along with the current right?
  515. C: This is my guess but so that no one would find out of my existence, so that I would be invisible to anyone else’s eyes.
  516. C: I think he gave me the name Clear for those reasons.
  517. A: I see…
  518. After his answer, I can’t help but think that he’s wrong.
  519. I’m sure he did it so that Clear wouldn’t be able to be found but…
  520. While listening to Clear talking I believed that Clear and his Grandfather had a very close relationship.
  521. But, he must have had to be on high alert so that Toue wouldn’t someday be able to find Clear.
  522. Even so, surely his time with Clear was calm.
  523. Therefore, to Grandfather Clear was probably a kind, unique, and pure existence…
  524. I think that that’s why he gave Clear his name. For some reason, I feel that way.
  525. C: Ah that’s right.
  526. Suddenly remembering something, Clear sticks his hand in his coat’s pocket and swiftly pulls out an umbrella.
  527. It looks like the same one as before, and no matter how I look at it I can’t believe that it’s the right size, vinyl umbrella to fit into a pocket.
  528. Seriously, what is going on inside that pocket…?
  529. C: I also like vinyl umbrellas. Doesn’t vinyl kind of resemble jellyfishes as well?
  530. A: Mm. Well, there are also parts that don’t look like them, I guess.
  531. C: That is to say, for Grandfather to  say that for me to resemble it is also for me to resemble jellyfish, right?
  532. C: That’s why I like them.
  533. A: …I see. The reason Clear likes sparkling things is because of Grandfather’s influence, huh.
  534. C: That certainly may be true. Transparent things reflect the light, right.
  535. C: Therefore, correctly speaking, it’s not sparkling things that I like necessarily, but transparent, reflective things like jellyfish.
  536. While folding his umbrella back into his pocket, Clear nods forcefully.
  537. I squat in front of the many items that are lined up against the wall and take a bottle with blue and yellow mixed together.
  538. I hold the bottle  up towards Clear and squint one eye to look through it, feeling like I am peeking into a glass world.
  539. A: You, just now, said that you were named Clear so that nobody would be able to find you but.
  540. A: I think that it means that you’re like transparent glass.
  541. C: Transparent glass? What do you mean?
  542. Clear’s face becomes more and more confused.
  543. I put the glass back where it was before, and turn towards Clear.
  544. I hold his face gently in both of my hands and Clear’s body stiffens slightly.
  545. The fear regarding his face still hasn’t disappeared all the way.
  546. Like he’s frightened, his eyes become a little hidden.
  547. A: That it’s like your heart.
  548. C: Heart…?
  549. A: You’re always earnest and work your hardest.
  550. A: You always think hard about what another person is feeling, and I have a feeling I helped you learn that.
  551. C: Aoba-san…
  552. This guy’s real master is Toue.
  553. But, Clear chose me despite those painful feelings.
  554. Even so, Clear stuck with his decision until the very end… he overcame many things and came back to me like this.
  555. A: The reason you were able to come back is, I think, because you have a heart after all.
  556. C: ….
  557. Clear lets out a long sigh and lowers his head.
  558. C: That’s… thanks to Tae-san and her friend’s help.
  559. A: Of course that’s part of it, but
  560. I trace the place where Clear’s heart would be if he had one.
  561. A: You’re the one who had the strong feelings of wanting to return.
  562. A: That can only be done by people who have a heart. The Alpha’s can’t do it.
  563. A: Surely, it was Grandfather who gave you that chance.
  564. Those kind days that Clear spent with Grandfather have piled up…
  565. forming the Clear who’s here today.
  566. That’s the reason his lifestyle is so different from Alpha’s.
  567. Therefore I feel like I have to be even more thankful towards Grandfather.
  568. Clear had listened to my talk with a kind of peaceful face but now he takes the hand that I have on his chest in his own.
  569. C: Yes. Grandfather taught me a lot of things. But it wasn’t only grandfather.
  570. C: The one who truly gave me a heart was Aoba-san.
  571. C: It was because Aoba-san was here that I wanted to return, and that I was actually able to.
  572. C: If not, there wouldn’t have been meaning to my returning, and I wouldn’t have thought of it.
  573. C: I’m a robot, a thing.
  574. A: …Don’t talk like that.
  575. C: No, I’m not saying it in a bad way.
  576. Clear lets go of my hand and stand in front of the full-length mirror with the black cloth on it.
  577. There is a lot of dust collected on the cloth.
  578. C: Grandfather put this cloth here so that I wouldn’t be able to look at my own face.
  579. C: Grandfather said that my face was not like other people’s so he told me that I was not allowed to show it to anyone.
  580. C: He also prohibited me from looking at myself and placed the cloth on the mirror like this.
  581. C: But Grandfather didn’t throw away this mirror.
  582. C: When I asked him why, he said this:
  583. C: It’s not good to throw away hope.
  584. C: Grandfather surely said this hoping that the say I wouldn’t have to hide my face would come.
  585. Clear hangs his head and closes his mouth.
  586. After pausing for a little while, he lifts his head again.
  587. C: …Aoba-san. The reason I brought you here was for this.
  588. A: For this…?
  589. C: I will take the cloth off. When I do, I want Aoba-san to be by my side.
  590. C: The Aoba-san who said that my face wasn’t strange.
  591. A: …
  592. Clear tells me that with words he’s thoroughly reflected on and takes the cloth in his hand.
  593. From where I’m standing I can’t see anything other than Clear’s back.
  594. But the atmosphere is making me unable to decide what kind of expression I should be showing.
  595. The mirror that has always been sealed up in Clear’s room.
  596. But that was also Grandfather’s wish.
  597. He must still be nervous to look at his own face.
  598. Even so… when he overcomes that anxiety he will be released from his Grandfather’s wish.
  599. To change his fate like was his real wish.
  600. C: …I’m… going to take off the cloth.
  601. A: …Yeah.
  602. Sharing Clear’s decision, I nod.
  603. Clear puts strength in the fingers that’s holding the cloth.
  604. …Then, all at once.
  605. He pulls off the cloth in a swish, spreading the white dust dancing all around the room.
  606. I become unable to see anything and press my mouth to my sleeve.
  607. A: Goho goho
  608. A: Uwa, that’s an amazing amount of dust… keho.
  609. With one hand Clear bats away the dust and sets the rolled up cloth next to the mirror.
  610. Then he stands slowly in front of the mirror.
  611. Because the cloth had covered the mirror for many years, the mirror is a little cloudy, but pretty.
  612. Clear is reflected in that surface.
  613. C: …
  614. Clear doesn’t act surprised and doesn’t smile, he stares into the mirror straight at himself.
  615. Of course, he doesn’t look scared.
  616. Taking a deep breath he looks at himself.
  617. C: …My face.
  618. C: It really is the same as Alpha’s.
  619. That voice is calm, but I can hear sadness deep down.
  620. I stand in Clear’s shadow and look into the mirror over his shoulder.
  621. I wonder what Clear is thinking.
  622. I wonder what Clear is feeling. Instead of asking those questions, I hold him.
  623. C: …Aoba-san.
  624. Clear looks at me through the mirror and hold my hand that is holding him in his own.
  625. C: I died once, but I was able to return like this.
  626. C: That’s because I am a machine.
  627. C: Aoba-san says that I came back because I have a heart, but…
  628. C: I can’t be with Aoba-san forever after all.
  629. C: Due to me being a machine, there will be a day where we have to separate. Like with Grandfather being in eternal sleep.
  630. C: Even if Aoba-san falls asleep, I will never be able to sleep in the true meaning of it.
  631. A: …
  632. I understand what Clear wants so say so much it hurts.
  633. Because while Clear wasn’t here I thought the same thing.
  634. Clear is a machine and won’t age.
  635. I’m a human and will gradually get older and older.
  636. Therefore no matter how you think about it, I will die and leave Clear behind.
  637. That’s the one thing I can’t escape, being human.
  638. When I thought of that I became really sad. I was scared.
  639. I, too, don’t want to die and leave Clear behind.
  640. But Clear can’t be as a human is.
  641. And I can’t be as a machine is.
  642. And from the beginning those were things that neither of us even wished for.
  643. Therefore we can’t do anything about this.
  644. In order to escape that sadness we can only part ways.
  645. But… there’s no way I can do something like that.
  646. Clear finally came back.
  647. I just want to be together for now.
  648. I can’t think of anything other than that. I don’t want to.
  649. I put more strength in my hold around Clear.
  650. C: When Aoba-san was asleep, I thought of many ways that you would be able to accept the broken me but…
  651. C: Today, when Aoba-san touches me, I can’t think of anything.
  652. C: Now none of those things matter. One minute, or for just one second longer I want to be together with Aoba-san.
  653. C: I want to cherish this time… is what I think.
  654. C: Because we were finally able to meet again…
  655. Clear’s words suddenly cut off and he lowers his head, gripping my hand hard.
  656. I can feel his shaking a little through my arms that hold him.
  657. C: …Aoba-san.
  658. C: I wanted to see you. I’m so glad that I was able to see you again. Truly.
  659. C: I wanted to see you, Aoba-san.
  660. C: …I love you, Aoba-san.
  661. Clear’s glove hand moves as if he’s scratching my arm.
  662. A: Clear…
  663. Dear feelings well up inside of me for Clear, whose voice wavers quietly.
  664. I hold Clear’s shoulders and turn him to me, sitting him on the bed.
  665. I sit beside him and touch his face.
  666. With a finger I touch his lips which have gone white from him chewing on them…
  667. Slowly, I press my lips to his.
  668. C: …
  669. A: …
  670. It’s a light kiss, separating as soon as our lips have touched.
  671. Clear breathes out a light breath.
  672. His eyebrows are knitted together like he’s going to cry, and eyes which can’t hide his trembling look at me.
  673. Clear closes his eyes like he’s thinking something over, then takes my hand and holds it to his chest.
  674. C: …Right now, there is certainly a heart right here.
  675. C: Not in reality, but I can clearly feel it here.
  676. C: There is where I feel happy, sad, and hurt while thinking about Aoba-san.
  677. I feel like the hand touching Clear’s hand gets hotter and I, too, close my eyes slowly.
  678. When we both open our eyes, I take my empty hand and touch it gently to Clear’s cheek.
  679. The place where Clear broke the Keylock… and went against his friends.
  680. A: It must have hurt that time… I’m sorry.
  681. C: It’s okay. I was able to protect Aoba-san after all.
  682. A: But, it was painful wasn’t it?
  683. C: No. If I think of what would have happened if I didn’t protect Aoba-san, it is not a big thing at all.
  684. C: I wasn’t afraid going against Toue or fighting the Alpha’s at all.
  685. A: …
  686. Unable to hold back, I place a kiss on the right side of Clear’s eye.
  687. I also place a kiss on his right ear and hug his head.
  688. I can feel Clear’s hot breath on my collar bone.
  689. C: …Aoba-san.
  690. A: Hm?
  691. C: Uhm, I know that saying this right now… may be very selfish of me but
  692. In my arms Clear becomes evasive with his words, and humbly puts his arms around my back.
  693. C: I… I’m really happy that I was able to meet Aoba-san, um….
  694. C: Basically…
  695. C: …I’ll say it Clearly. I… want Aoba-san.
  696. A: …
  697. C: I want to hold Aoba-san in these arms one more time.
  698. My heart races in my chest, my pulse speeding up.
  699. While feeling my temperature rise, I remember…
  700. That memory starts flashing in my mind.
  701. … No.
  702. What if Clear becomes like that again.
  703. I…
  704. C: Aoba-san?
  705. Clear looks worriedly at my face, though I turn it away quickly.
  706. C: What’s the matter?
  707. A: Clear, you… …Is your body okay?
  708. C: Eh?
  709. Even though my face is calm, my voice ends up shaking.
  710. C: My body… Aoba-san.
  711. C: Are you possibly, about that time…
  712. A: …
  713. A painful memory shows right before my eyes.
  714. Even now when I close my eyes I remember it clearly.
  715. A: …That time, your body was broken all over the place and I was sad, it was painful.
  716. A: But I wanted to grant your wish, that’s why…
  717. A deep, thick feeling rises in my chest, stopping my words.
  718. My breath is wavering, sounds bubbling in my throat like I’m sobbing.
  719. I don’t want to cry in front of Clear.  But…
  720. C: …Aoba-san.
  721. Clear fixes his position to hug me kindly and comforts me by patting my back.
  722. C: It’s already okay.
  723. C: Tae-san and her friend fixed me perfectly. Therefore, I’m not broken anymore.
  724. C: I’m so sorry for giving you scary moments from that time. I’m truly sorry.
  725. C: But, it’s already different from that time. I can hold Aoba-san like this.
  726. C: Therefore, please believe in me.
  727. Clear spins strong powerful words.
  728. C: I won’t give you any more scary memories, so please believe me.
  729. Somehow or other tears had started leaking from the corner of my eyes, and Clear kisses them away.
  730. A: …….
  731. My voice becomes stuck in my throat, and instead of speaking I nod as Clear gives a relieved smile and kisses me.
  732. Clear takes off my jacket politely and after taking off his own coat, holds me as he lays me down onto the bed.
  733. The smell of dust and warmth mix in my nose.
  734. A: N…
  735. C: Ha…
  736. Many times like this we repeat small kisses over and over again.
  737. It must be out of consideration so that he doesn’t startle me.
  738. Clear is as careful as possible, handling me like a broken thing, touching me gently.
  739. C: Haa…
  740. From my lips to my face. Nose to eyelids to my forehead, Clear kisses my face all over.
  741. It’s more like relief than desire and my previous anxiety disappears little by little.
  742. C: Aoba-san…
  743. A: N…
  744. After placing a kiss at the tip of my nose, Clear kisses me on the lips again.
  745. After kissing two time, tree times, Clear’s tongue hesitantly, diligently licks my lips.
  746. A: Fu…
  747. As if to usher him in, I also lick Clear’s lips.
  748. C: …
  749. Clear gives up all pretenses and fully enters my mouth.
  750. With just our tongues touching, a sweet numbness tingles in my lower hips.
  751. My skin prickles, and my fingertips feel like they are losing strength.
  752. A: A Ha…
  753. Laying on the bed, rather than saying we’re kissing, it’s more like we’re both licking each other’s tongues.
  754. Just flicking our tongues against each other my head become hazy with a relaxed and warm feeling.
  755. Still kissing me, Clear begins to pull my shirt from my body.
  756. He runs his fingers along the line of my body as he lifts the shirt over my head.
  757. A: U… N….
  758. His gloved hands stroking me are a little rough, and he traces my skin from my waist to my ribs.
  759. C: … Ha…
  760. A: Pu ha… haa…
  761. I don’t know who stopped it, but our kisses slow and Clear looks at me closely.
  762. After kissing my forehead Clear takes off his gloves and with bare hands once again begins to touch my skin.
  763. A feeling different from the cloth sticks to my skin.
  764. Clear’s hands are hot.
  765. A: A…
  766. Clear’s hands crawl along my slightly sweaty skin and they brush gently against my nipples.
  767. A: …
  768. C: Aoba-san…
  769. An itchy feeling send s shot of stimulus running through my body, making me squirm, and Clear calls my name in an excited voice.
  770. While catching my breath, I stroke Clear’s body, relishing in my ability to do as he does.
  771. But, in front of me Clear draws towards me as though he’s going to embrace me in both of his arms.
  772. A: Clear…? …
  773. Clear presses his face to my chest and lets out a hot breath.
  774. C: … I want to lick you, Aoba-san. Is it okay if I lick you?
  775. A: Don’t ask that kind of thing…!
  776. C: Yes…….
  777. As though he can’t hold back at all, Clear takes one of my nipples into his mouth.
  778. A: Ha ah… …
  779. C: Fu…
  780. Clear rolls and sucks the protruding nub in his mouth.
  781. At first it tickles a little… But clear is touching it with such fervor that I start to feel overcome by a strange, creeping feeling.
  782. C: …Haa… Aoba-san, you can feel it, right?
  783. A: …!
  784. C: Here, too …. N
  785. Clear takes the other nipple in his mouth.
  786. A: Clear…
  787. Thinking to stop that strange, wet feeling on me I take Clear’s hair in my hands and tug gently.
  788. But Clear is completely focused, like a child, and has no plans of stopping.
  789. A: A fu… a…
  790. The strange feeling starts in my chest and expands throughout my whole body, attacking my lower body with a wave of heat.
  791. C: … Aoba-san… Haa…
  792. While licking my nipple Clear lifts my hips with one of his hands.
  793. Clear rubs my slightly hardened cock with one finger through my clothes.
  794. A: …
  795. C: Aoba-san… may I touch you here, too?
  796. I become extremely embarrassed by his question.
  797. A: Like I said, you don’t have to ask about every little thing…!
  798. C: I apologize…
  799. Clear lifts his head from my chest and smiles a little shyly before loosening my belt.
  800. He takes my half-hard erection from my underwear.
  801. C: You’re already hot…
  802. A: Don’t say things like that…
  803. C: Yes. Then I will try my hardest not to say them.
  804. While saying that for some reason Clear moves his body down the bed.
  805. Clear’s head is in front of my hips …
  806. …this.
  807. A: …Eh!?
  808. C: …Ha… mu
  809. A: ! Clear…!
  810. By the time I rise up in shock I’m already too late.
  811. Clear really didn’t say anything and suddenly took my cock into his mouth.
  812. A: You… What are you doing!
  813. C: Fu…
  814. While wholeheartedly taking my cock into his mouth, Clear starts to take off my pants.
  815. As he does, the feeling in my tip starts to blur with pleasure.
  816. A: …
  817. I did tell him not to say everything but…
  818. I had no idea that Clear was thinking of doing this.
  819. And to suddenly take it into his mouth…!
  820. More than it feeling good, anyhow I feel surprised and perplexed.
  821. What should I do…
  823. CHOICE:
  824. 1)      Just a little bit more like this
  825. 2)      I don’t want it like this
  827. 1) Just a little bit more like this
  828. C: Ha…. A…
  829. A: Ah, Clear, Wai…t a li-ttle…!
  830. While trying to figure out what to do, Clear continues to come down on me.
  831. Even though I wrap my hands in his hair in order to stop him, no strength enters them.
  832. The shock of Clear licking me and the warmth and pleasure that his mouth gives me…
  833. Pleasure and confusion mix together, and I end up not knowing what’s what anymore.
  834. C: Fu… Ku…
  835. My hands have only become a kind of support on Clear’s head as he loosely moves it up and down.
  836. The softness of Clear’s mouth strokes my cock, and from time to time he’ll suck on the tip, lapping at it with his tongue.
  837. One of Clear’s hands crawls up the crevice of my thigh, and the ticklish feeling once again changes to pleasure.
  838. A: Ah ah….
  839. I put a little pressure on Clear in bewilderment.
  840. Where did he learn to do something like this… Is it knowledge that he’s had since before…?
  841. Amazed, the feeling of pleasure starts to rise from my hips threatening to take over.
  842. C: N….
  843. I want to escape but it’s also like I don’t…
  844. I twist my body in a state of uncertainty, and suddenly I feel coldness on my lower hips.
  845. A: …!
  846. While sucking me, Clear has started to knead at my ass.
  847. Mixed with pre-cum dripping from me, wetness pools around my opening and Clear starts to slowly enter.
  848. Incredibly surprised, I pull on Clear’s head a little forcefully.
  849. A: Clear, really, wait a second…!
  850. Clear finally releases me from his mouth and raises his head.
  851. C: …I apologize. Did you not like it?
  852. A: That’s… not it but… What are you doing there…
  853. C: I have fundamental knowledge of it. Above that, I’ve analyzed where Aoba-san feels good and am putting it into practice.
  854. C: Also, here
  855. Clear moves his finger inside of me.
  856. A: …
  857. C: I don’t really want to put too much of a burden on Aoba-san, I thought that I would try to prepare you as much as I can first
  858. C: …Would it be better if I stopped?
  859. A: ….
  860. Clear knits his brows in an apologetic face and I end up not being able to say anything.
  861. If he asks me if it’s better to stop…
  862. He did say that he doesn’t want to make it hard on me, so rather than telling him to stop it’s better if he does it quickly…
  863. I was surprised by Clear’s actions but, but he’s doing it out of care for me, and I know he’s doing his best…
  864. And I don’t really dislike it…
  865. But I don’t know how to answer, and in the end to hide my embarrassment I ruffle Clear’s hair.
  866. Clear squints at me with a strange look.
  867. A: … Um, You don’t have to stop. It’s just you startled me doing it so suddenly… Your feelings make me happy
  868. A: But you don’t really have to be so careful….
  869. C: No, I don’t want to give Aoba-san any bad memories.
  870. C: Aoba-san was worrying about me being broken before.
  871. C: Therefore I want to make Aoba-san feel relieved from the bottom of your heart.
  872. A: …
  873. C: Last time was… the act of Aoba-san answering my last wish.
  874. C: But today with these hands, I want to hold Aoba-san properly.
  875. C: Can you leave it to me?
  876. A: …
  877. I end not being able to say anything when I realize just how serious Clear is.
  878. I’m embarrassed and shy but… it’s a very treasured thing.
  879. I have to respond to Clear clearly.
  880. I want to embrace Clear properly as I get over the sad memories that have been engraved behind my eyes.
  881. Then, I want to comfort Clear and let him know that I’m not afraid anymore.
  882. A: … I understand. I’ll leave everything to you.
  883. C: …yes
  884. Clear nods happily and returns to what he was doing.
  885. C: N… fu…
  886. He holds me in his mouth, caressing me lovingly and once again starts to spread me open with a finger.
  887. A: Ha… ….. Ah…
  888. I breath out a small breath of air when he enters me, and I surrender myself to Clear as I start to lose strength.
  889. I ignore the sad memory that floats in my mind and succumb to the feelings of pleasure.
  890. A: Ua ah…. Ha….
  891. C: … fu….
  892. At first I was uncomfortable, but little by little, pleasure started to cover that discomfort.
  893. As he adds a finger, the pleasure from his mouth gets stronger.
  894. A: Fu u…
  895. There is a tight feeling inside when Clear starts to move his fingers, and before I know it there is a hot, burning pleasure growing inside of me.
  896. My cock is straining under the pleasure of Clear sucking it, and with his fingers moving inside of me I start to feel like I might come.
  897. A: Ah, Clear… I… might come…
  898. C: N… Gu….
  899. If it keeps going like this it will just come out…
  900. I pull on his hair trying to get him to stop.
  901. But Clear doesn’t stop.
  902. A: Clear…! It’s enough already, let go…
  903. C: Ha… fu…
  904. A: Clear…
  905. I press my hips down, trying to get him to lift his head, but he just starts sucking me with more fervor.
  906. This is bad. Shit.
  907. My hips jerk and my breath catches as I feel the sensation of rising.
  908. A: I- said- it- was bad…!
  909. I have to somehow run… but it’s already impossible.
  910. Like he’s rushing, he sucks faster and pleasure overcomes me in waves.
  911. A: Ah- it’s bad…. Gu Aaa…!
  912. I reach my peak, and push at Clear’s head a little forcefully.
  913. C: …!
  914. Finally I get Clear to release me.
  915. But it’s already too late… and I end up coming all over Clear’s face.
  916. A: !Wa… Sorry…!
  917. I feel guilty in the aftermath of coming, and, flustered, I move to wipe Clear’s face.
  918. But Clear just stares at my cock that has just released…
  919. C: …Ah, still
  920. He mutters, and of all things to do he takes me in his mouth again.
  921. A: !? Ah, idiot, sto… Clear…!
  922. He sucks it forcefully, as if to get more out of it, and it’s sensitive, and hurts.
  923. A: Ua… ah, Clear, it hurts…!
  924. C: …I’m sorry.
  925. Clear lifts his head and casts his head down in apology as he licks his lips.
  926. I watch his throat bob as he swallows and suddenly my whole body heats up in embarrassment.
  927. He licked me and he’s so calm with cum on his face…!
  928. Well, I’m the one who came on him…
  929. A: No, I’m the one who should apologize. I’m sorry.
  930. I move to wipe the fluid from Clear’s face, but he grabs my hand and pops it into his mouth.
  931. A: ….You….
  932. C: I’m sorry. But since it’s Aoba-san’s it would be a waste not to.
  933. A: Don’t say something weird like it’s a waste! It’s not a waste at all…
  934. I can feel my face heat up, and suddenly thinking of something I place a hand on Clear’s thigh.
  935. A: …This time is my turn.
  936. C: …Eh? Pl-please wait, Aoba-san…!
  937. I push aside Clear’s flustered hand and undo his belt and pull his pants down.
  938. C: …
  939. After taking out Clear’s hard cock, I look at it with fixation.
  940. This really looks exactly like a human’s…
  941. C: Aoba-san, uh, really… Even if you don’t do something like this I’m…
  942. When I raise my gaze I see that Clear has become bright red.
  943. He was just calm and assertive towards me, but this change is really quite cute.
  944. A: Do you not like me doing it?
  945. C: No, nothing like that! But…
  946. A: Then be quiet and sit still.
  947. Wrapping my hand around his cock, I stroke it loosely, then push my lips against the base.
  948. A: N……. Fu…
  949. I lick slowly from the bottom to the top and then take the tip into my mouth.
  950. C: Ah….
  951. Clear lets out a long breath mixed with a sigh.
  952. Because he just did this to me as well, I can’t really help but want to do it to Clear.
  953. I want Clear to feel it just as much as I did.
  954. A: …ha……nn
  955. C: …
  956. But when it comes to actually doing it, I don’t really know what I should do.
  957. How was it done before….
  958. For the time being I loosely move my head up and down and while stroking the base I peek up at Clear’s reaction.
  959. C: …ah… haa…
  960. Clear’s eyes are closed in a look of ecstasy and he runs his fingers through my hair from the roots to the tips.
  961. That face full of pleasure stirs me up and in more fervor than before I suck Clear’s cock.
  962. A: Ku fu… ah… mu
  963. I slurp the precum that drips from his tip, and while stroking him I lightly suck on the sack.
  964. A: N….
  965. C: Ah…. Aoba-sa….
  966. Clear’s breathing speeds up, pausing painfully when he calls my name.
  967. Anyway, I only did this because I thought that he might feel good if I did.
  968. Clear’s erection in my mouth, leaking precum, swells the more I lick it.
  969. C: It’s bad, Aoba-san, wait…
  970. Clear presses on my head softly as though he’s going to come.
  971. C: It’s really, bad… I’m begging you so…!
  972. That voice is resonating with such a restrained sound so I stop my moving and look at Clear.
  973. His eyes twinkle as he frowns apologetically, gasping.
  974. C: I’m sorry, even after, all this… But I, inside of Aoba-san…
  975. A: …
  976. While getting the gist of Clear’s stuttered words, I pull my mouth from Clear’s cock.
  977. While holding my head gently, Clear whispers into my ears.
  978. C: …Aoba-san. I want to hurry and be inside of you…
  980. 2) I don’t want it like this
  981. A: U… ah….
  982. While I’m unsure of what to do, Clear stops moving and looks at me.
  983. Even in this state if someone you loved were to do that to you you would have a response.
  984. Strictly speaking, it feels good. But…
  985. If that’s the case I want to do something to Clear, too.
  986. I want Clear to feel me too, I don’t want me to be the only one feeling good.
  987. A: …
  988. While bearing the pleasure running through my body, I start to move slightly using my elbows as leverage.
  989. C: …Aoba-san?
  990. Clear looks at me, confused, and stops what he’s doing.
  991. Now.
  992. I climb over Clear and start to remove his belt.
  993. C: ! Please, stop that…!
  994. A: Hey, don’t run.
  995. When Clear realizes what I’m going to do, he tries to escape.
  996. But when I grab his hips and continue to take off his belt he relaxes a little.
  997. I take Clear’s quite hard cock out of his underwear and stare at it.
  998. This really looks exactly like a human’s, huh…
  999. C: A-Aoba-san? I’m okay even if Aoba-san doesn’t do anything…! Therefore…!
  1000. Clear becomes flustered and tries to stand up so I take him into my mouth on the spot.
  1001. C: Ah…!
  1002. A: N…
  1003. I pull his hips towards me with both hands and open my mouth wide to take him in all the way to the base.
  1004. C: Aoba-san…
  1005. A: N… Gu…
  1006. It hurts a little, Clear’s hard cock threatening to hit the back of my throat.
  1007. To stop my gag reflex, I pull him out of my mouth.
  1008. A: …Ha coho…
  1009. C: Aoba-san, are you okay? I’m really okay….
  1010. I glare at the hast Clear and wipe spit off my mouth with the back of my hand.
  1011. A: …Listen here, I’m doing it because I want to.
  1012. A: I don’t like it if it’s only me… And it’s better if we do it together, anyway.
  1013. A: I’m… also happier that way
  1014. C: …
  1015. C: But I want to let Aoba-san relax.
  1016. A: Relax?
  1017. C: Yes. Aoba-san was worrying over whether I was broken or not, right?
  1018. C: Therefore, I want you to relax and let you know everything is okay, Aoba-san.
  1019. A: …
  1020. C: Because I’m not broken anymore. Furthermore, last time was Aoba-san listening to my wish.
  1021. C: Today I want to embrace Aoba-san.
  1022. Clear’s quiet words are filled with his strength.
  1023. That sincerity surprises me and makes me realize just how much meaning today holds.
  1024. Clear is trying to pull me out of the past that I’m still wrapped up in.
  1025. He wants to prove to me that he’s not broken anymore, so that I can relax.
  1026. That makes me really, really happy.
  1027. But at the same time, sorry.
  1028. A: … I’m sorry. I know in my head that you’re not broken anymore but.
  1029. C: Aoba-san…
  1030. A: You thinking that way makes me really happy. But that doesn’t change anything. I still want to make you happy.
  1031. A: I want to make you feel good. Therefore…
  1032. I lift my body, hiding my embarrassment as I look at Clear.
  1033. A: You… can also do anything you like to me.
  1034. C: …
  1035. C: ….okay.
  1036. Clear’s face heats up with an absentminded look and only mutters that.
  1037. I return to my former position, full of embarrassment, and once again take Clear into my mouth.
  1038. C: Aoba-san.
  1039. C: Um… Isn’t it a little uncomfortable from that position?
  1040. A: Eh?
  1041. C: Take off your close and straddle me, please.
  1042. A: …He?
  1043. C: That way will… Probably be easier for both me and Aoba-san.
  1044. Me and Aoba-san…?
  1045. Easier to do…
  1046. …Eh!?
  1047. Clear bashfully says those words and now it’s my turn to turn into a boiled octopus. (Meaning turn steaming red).
  1048. To straddle Clear would mean for Clear’s head to be near my ass….
  1049. A: …
  1050. Clear looks at me, begging like an idiot.
  1051. He looks like a dog holding himself back from a meal, making it hard for me to say no…
  1052. I swallow, decide to take off my clothes, and then I step over Clear.
  1053. When I open my legs to straddle him I become incredibly embarrassed, my temperature rising so much I feel like I’m going to explode.
  1054. C: …Ha
  1055. When I get on top of him I can hear Clear’s sensual sigh and the feeling of exploding becomes stronger.
  1056. Don’t sigh like that at a time like this…!
  1057. When I’m settled above Clear, he grabs my hips and pulls.
  1058. A: …
  1059. C: Aoba-san… more, this way
  1060. C: If you don’t I can’t lick y….
  1061. A: I understand, I understand so…!
  1062. I interrupt Clear’s embarrassing words and move my knees a little closer to Clear’s head.
  1063. He holds my hips in his hands and pulls again…
  1064. and I can fill his tongue licking the tip of my cock.
  1065. A: Ah…!
  1066. C: Fu…
  1067. Clear draws his mouth over my cock, the lukewarm feeling of pleasure starting to spread through me.
  1068. I can’t see what he’s doing and my whole concentration ends up going into what my body is feeling.
  1069. This…
  1070. is bad…
  1071. A: Ah… ah!
  1072. The feeling of being licked from behind sends a trembling sensation through my thighs.
  1073. I hold back my voice which could get very loud and take Clear’s cock that’s in front of my eyes into my mouth.
  1074. A: … Ku…
  1075. Clear’s hips buck slightly and I can hear a stifled gasp.
  1076. I place my hands at the joints of his thighs and stuff myself with his cock.
  1077. A: Ah mu… n gu….
  1078. I stroke Clear’s cock lovingly with my tongue inside my mouth and gasp deep in my throat from the pleasure that Clear is giving me.
  1079. Somehow…
  1080. It’s like we’re both doing the same thing, our movements becoming locked and making me strangely excited…
  1081. C: Ha… Fu… n
  1082. While licking Clear’s cock, I also make a sound as I suck on the precum dripping from the tip.
  1083. Clear’s legs sometimes jerk, and I wonder if he’s feeling it.
  1084. But, I’m sure I’m doing the same exact thing.
  1085. A: Haa… ah… fu
  1086. C: … …
  1087. The lower half of my body is warm, like it’s soaking in lukewarm water, and with the intention of making Clear come, strengthen my loving gestures on his cock.
  1088. I have to be careful because if I move too much Clear’s cock will pop out of my mouth, but either way I move my head up and down.
  1089. C: Haa… ha…
  1090. Clear’s gasps have gotten rather rough and I think it’s about time…
  1091. A: Ah…!
  1092. Suddenly, there is a weird feeling from behind and I stop moving.
  1093. While licking my cock, Clear has started pressing a finger against the opening in my ass.
  1094. A: Clear…
  1095. C: N…
  1096. Clear’s finger enters me little by little.
  1097. A: U ah…
  1098. I feel a shocking sensation as his finger presses up against the muscles inside, and I let out a hot breath of air.
  1099. While sucking on me, Clear adds another finger.
  1100. A: Ah… Faa…
  1101. A plopping sound of him entering me echoes around the room and a feeling so strong runs through me, making me speechless, and without realizing it, I’m clinging to Clear’s thighs.
  1102. My face brushes against Clear’s erection and I think, I have to keep going but… the finger’s movements are distracting me.
  1103. C: Ha…
  1104. Clear releases my cock from his mouth.
  1105. The pleasure lessens for a moment and I let out a breath…
  1106. But this time where his fingers are comes a wet feeling as well.
  1107. A: !? … Eh, wait…!
  1108. A shock like being doused with cold water rushes over me and my hips jolt up.
  1109. Whatever the circumstances may be that is…!
  1110. But, Clear holds my hips tightly and pulls them back towards him, holding it close enough to spread my entrance with his tongue.
  1111. A: Uwa… Wa- Clear… That place…!
  1112. C: Fu……
  1113. Wa…!
  1114. The wet tongue moves and feels like a living thing against me and wriggles, pressing into me…
  1115. A: A ua…. Ha…
  1116. It’s like his finger is entering me again but it strokes the inside of me in a different way than his fingers.
  1117. I’ve already forgotten what I’m doing, and what I’m supposed to be doing, and endure the strange feeling while clinging to Clear’s thighs.
  1118. A: Fu u… ah ah…
  1119. The sound of water echoes and I can feel my body becoming hotter.
  1120. A strange feeling attacks me, making me feel light inside, and while shaking I lower my head to Clear’s cock again.
  1121. Basically unconsciously, I lick the precum dripping from Clear’s cock.
  1122. I really don’t know what I’m doing anymore… and like that I start playing with Clear.
  1123. C: Haa….. Aoba-san, does it feel good…?
  1124. A: U….
  1125. I don’t answer, I just loosely suck on Clear’s cock.
  1126. A: Ku… n…
  1127. While licking him, a sweet, nasally voice spills out from me.
  1128. But that’s not as embarrassing as the wave of pleasure that’s growing from deep inside my hips.
  1129. If he keeps going like this I think I might come, and I feel like I have to caress Clear’s cock more.
  1130. C: …Aoba-san
  1131. A: …?
  1132. C: It’s hanging down amazingly.
  1133. A: !
  1134. Clear licks at my tip with the tip of his tongue.
  1135. That in and of itself is embarrassing…
  1136. C: And here to… I can add two fingers
  1137. A: …
  1138. I can hear his fingers moving inside of me, but I hold back letting my voice out.
  1139. Now that he says it, I know that it’s gotten so loose inside of me that he can enter two fingers.
  1140. But he doesn’t have to announce every little thing…!
  1141. While I become so embarrassed I feel like I could die, Clear grabs my cock with a dripping hand and begins to stroke it wetly.
  1142. A: Ah haa… ah….!
  1143. Both of us are moving at the front and the back, and I have to hold back the urge to come while I suck on Clear’s cock.
  1144. I try to move my head but honestly I’m near the edge, shit.
  1145. A: Ah, Clear… I’m already going to…
  1146. C: …
  1147. I mutter the words, letting Clear’s cock out of my mouth.
  1148. But even though Clear should have heard my voice, he doesn’t stop moving.
  1149. On the contrary, he takes me into his mouth again and caresses my cock with his tongue.
  1150. A: I said let-go… Clear…
  1151. I feel my head going numb and white, and I can’t think.
  1152. A: I- said- e-nough……
  1153. I feel like I have to stop Clear, but he sucks hard on my tip.
  1154. A: Fu aa…! U… ah…
  1155. And like that I end up coming.
  1156. C: N… … U
  1157. While feeling wrapped up in a warm feeling, my insides pulse.
  1158. I come while clinging to Clear’s thighs and me head falls, brushing that skin.
  1159. A: Haa… a… … !?
  1160. While being captivated with the feeling of coming, I notice something and raise my head sharply.
  1161. I, possible did I, inside of Clear’s mouth…
  1162. I lift my body strangely to look at Clear.
  1163. Clear lets my cock out of his mouth and swallows with a gulp.
  1164. Between my tip and Clear’s lips is a strand of white fluid, and his tongue flicks out to lick it up.
  1165. I’m at a loss of words at that shameless, shocking scene.
  1166. A: … You…
  1167. The feelings of pleasure from my release are replaced with feelings of guilt.
  1168. What are you drinking, idiot…!
  1169. While in a fit of anger I once again take Clear into my mouth.
  1170. C: Ah… Aoba-san…
  1171. Clear tries to hold me back, pulling his fingers out from inside of me and lifting his body.
  1172. But I take Clear’s cock into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, as far as I can take it, pull out, and repeat.
  1173. C: …
  1174. Clear gasps, losing strength as he tries to get up.
  1175. I want to suck Clear, too. Not that, I want to make him come.
  1176. Like I’m competing against him, I draw Clear’s cock through my mouth.
  1177. I stroke his base with one hand and also rub his sack in my hand.
  1178. C: Ha… Aoba-san…
  1179. Clear is already completely hard.
  1180. As I continue my attack on him, his breath quickens and his hips stiffen.
  1181. C: Ah... Aoba-san, if you do that… it’ll be bad…
  1182. I can hear his voice mixed between gasps of air as Clear’s body shivers.
  1183. A: …pu ha….
  1184. At that time, thinking I want to make him come, I move my head a little too much and his cock pops out of my mouth.
  1185. My face is showered with hotness.
  1186. A: …
  1187. Clear’s cock twitches and my face becomes covered in his white semen.
  1188. I had closed my eyes without realizing it and now I open them again.
  1189. I look at Clear’s still twitching cock.
  1190. C: ! I-I’m sorry…!
  1191. Clear jumps up, flustered, and grabs my face in both of his hands.
  1192. While I look at Clear’s face in a daze, he wipes it off my eyelids, cheeks, and nose with a finger.
  1193. Clear’s is on my face.
  1194. …but I’m strangely calm, feeling only a little bit like, ah, he came on me.
  1195. Well, I didn’t necessarily think that the day would come where I would let my partner come on my face but….
  1196. But since it’s Clear’s I don’t really dislike it.
  1197. A: N…
  1198. When I lick my finger covered in his semen, Clear becomes more flustered than ever.
  1199. C: Waa, Aoba-san…!
  1200. Even though he also licked mine, Clear wipes my face with the sleeve of his shirt, looking like he’s about to cry.
  1201. A: Oh hush. You also licked it, too.
  1202. C: But…!
  1203. A: It’s okay. I was only a little surprised.
  1204. C: …
  1205. Clear blushes and hangs his head like he’s troubled.
  1206. I feel a little satisfied looking at that expression, but also feel a little bad.
  1207. Clear’s semen… Doesn’t have a taste.  It’s just a little wet.
  1208. Because it’s something artificial…?
  1209. Thinking that, I become a little sad.
  1210. C: …Uhm, Aoba-san.
  1211. Clear opens his mouth, as though forcing the words out, and hugs me shyly.
  1212. He whispers hotly into my ear.
  1213. C: I want to enter Aoba-san soon.
  1214. Those words turn my gaze down, and I look down to see Clear’s still hard cock.
  1215. A: …You’re energetic, huh.
  1216. C: Yes. I can recover fast after coming without even feeling tired so…
  1217. C: I wasn’t yet inside of Aoba-san, feeling his hotness yet, so my body hasn’t processed it yet.
  1218. A: …
  1220. END:
  1221. C: …Is it okay?
  1222. My cock has calmed down after coming once, but strictly speaking I still feel the hotness of wanting to accept Clear.
  1223. Therefore I wrap both arms around Clear’s head and hold him.
  1224. A: …It is.
  1225. I tell him quietly, my lips against his ear.
  1226. C: …
  1227. Clear gulps, and with impulsive strength pushes me back onto the bed.
  1228. I stop his impatient hands and take my shirt off on my own.
  1229. Clear swiftly takes off his own clothes and both of us are naked in front of each other.
  1230. A: …
  1231. Looking at Clear’s body before me, I lose all my words.
  1232. The white skin isn’t only on his face, on his stomach and chest is uneven skin colors, a large birthmark like section of skin spreading over it.
  1233. I can’t forget that, either… I looked at it many times when I was trying to fix him, the part of his body that collapsed.
  1234. I wonder if I should act as if I don’t notice it, and the seam connecting the two different colors is so thin I can barely see it anyway.
  1235. But it’s obvious that there are a lot of different skin colors on his body.
  1236. As I stare at his body, captivated, Clear lets out a bitter laugh.
  1237. C: …If you look at it so much, it’s embarrassing.
  1238. A: …Ah, sorry.
  1239. C: No, it’s okay. It would be even more impossible for you to not look at this body.
  1240. Clear places a hand over his chest in embarrassment.
  1241. C: My body is made up of re-used parts from Alpha.
  1242. A: Alpha’s?
  1243. C: Yes. It seems that a lot of unused Alpha frames were found underneath Oval Tower when it collapsed.
  1244. C: Alpha’s body had compatibility towards mine. So, my broken parts were exchanged with Alpha’s.
  1245. C: The skin was also attached.
  1246. Clear drops his gaze to his chest and moves his hand slowly across his skin.
  1247. C: Because of that, I was able to be almost fully restored; the vision in my right eye and hearing in my right ear is a little difficult though….
  1248. A: …Eh?
  1249. His right ear and right eye…
  1250. Indeed.
  1251. As if he can read it from my expression, Clear nods weakly.
  1252. C: Yes. It’s the effect of breaking the keylock.
  1253. A: Is it completely useless?
  1254. C: …Yes. The damage to just the right side of my head was too much, and there were a lot of places inside that were unable to be repaired.
  1255. C: Therefore, there are times when I can’t really hear people talking from the right side.
  1256. A: …
  1257. Speaking of which, before.
  1258. There was the time when I called out for Clear but he didn’t respond.
  1259. I thought he was just lost in his memories of the room but…
  1260. Maybe he didn’t hear me…
  1261. C: Actually, I thought the inside of my head would be replaced with Apha’s parts.
  1262. C: If I did that, there would be no problem with my right ear and right eye.
  1263. C: But Tae-san didn’t do that.
  1264. C: She left my body like this.
  1265. C: I think that that has a very profound meaning.
  1266. C: Therefore, I may have become a little uncool… I apologize.
  1267. C: I ended up giving Aoba-san unhappy memories, I’m sorry.
  1268. Clear says it, smiling an apology from the bottom of his heart.
  1269. That is….
  1270. Clear is apologizing because I got scared?
  1271. Because I got frightened remembering the broken Clear?
  1272. Is that why he’s apologizing?
  1273. That’s…
  1274. That’s no Clear’s fault. It’s my problem.
  1275. I’m still wrapped up in the past and just get frightened on my own.
  1276. It’s just me thinking that Clear is like how he was from that time.
  1277. Clear said it to me before.
  1278. It’s different from that time. Please believe me.
  1279. Clear tried incredibly hard to return to my side.
  1280. Yet I’m…
  1281. What am I afraid of?
  1282. A: ….
  1283. A hot lump of emotion rises up in my throat, and while gritting my teeth I pull Clear close to me.
  1284. C: …!
  1285. A little surprised, Clear places his hands on the bed to keep himself up.
  1286. Our chests are pressed together from me pulling him close.
  1287. C: …
  1288. Clear holds his breath and tries to separate our bodies… And like it’s given up, strength leaves my arms.
  1289. Heat is being transferred from the place that our bodies are touching.
  1290. This body heat is dear.
  1291. It returned to my side.
  1292. This scar too…
  1293. Is not something to be shy about. It’s a medal.
  1294. A: Don’t apologize again. …No, the one who needs to apologize is me.
  1295. A: I’m sorry. I won’t be surprised or scared any more. You did fully return to me.
  1296. A: Your scars aren’t uncool. Your right eye and right ear, this whole body.
  1297. A: It’s a precious part of your whole body. It’s proof of you trying your best. All of it…
  1298. A: Is a precious thing to me.
  1299. C: Aoba-san…
  1300. Clear’s voice trembles slightly.
  1301. A: …But.
  1302. I loosen my grip on Clear’s body a little and look into his face.
  1303. I touch my hand to his face and smile softly.
  1304. A: Truthfully, I wanted to be the one to fix you.
  1305. C: …!
  1306. Clear knits his brows, closes his lips tight, and grips my hand hard as he closes his eyes.
  1307. C: Thank you very much, Aoba-san.
  1308. C: I’m happy. That Aoba-san said that for me…
  1309. C: Just those feelings of Aoba-san’s…
  1310. C: No, because Aoba-san also thinks that way I think I can be here right now.
  1311. C: …I love you, Aoba-san. Truly.
  1312. With his eyes sparkling affectionately, Clear kisses me kindly.
  1313. A: I …. Love you too. Clear.
  1314. I answer in a whisper, and Clear moves closer to me with a face like he’s enduring something and hugs me tight.
  1315. C: Aoba-san, I, already…
  1316. A: …
  1317. A: …Yeah.
  1318. A: …me too.
  1319. Clear releases a hot breath of air and slowly spreads my thighs.
  1320. Clear lifts one leg with his arm under my knee and touches the spot he had just prepared to make sure it’s ready.
  1321. C: Then… I’m going to enter.
  1322. Clear pushes his hotness against me.
  1323. A: …Ku… ah….
  1324. I feel a rush of strength, and the feeling of my entrance expanding.
  1325. Clear enters me slowly.
  1326. C: …
  1327. A: U…… Ah ha…
  1328. He takes his time out of courtesy for me and my still small entrance swallows Clear up.
  1329. I feel a little bit of discomfort at the feeling of the opening widening.
  1330. A: Ha… haa… uu…
  1331. Clear stops halfway through entering me to peek at my condition and then resumes what he was doing…
  1332. Clear fills me up all the way.
  1333. C: …ah….
  1334. A: …
  1335. Clear looks at me with lidded eyes.
  1336. When I look at those eyes, I feel like Clear is inside all of me, even my head.
  1337. Clear breathes a hot breath onto my skin and because of his temperature rising his skin shines, so pretty that I want to touch it.
  1338. C: Aoba-san… It’s warm inside of you…
  1339. After Clear kisses me slowly, he starts to move.
  1340. A: Haa ah… n…
  1341. Clear’s movements are really gentle, as if he doesn’t want to hurt me, and the pain and discomfort gradually weaken.
  1342. I start to gradually get familiar with the feel of Clear inside of me.
  1343. A: …ku fu… ah…
  1344. C: Fu… haa….
  1345. Clear closes his eyes in concentration, and sometimes gasps fall from his lips.
  1346. I keep my eyes open to look at that frowning, erotic face in front of me.
  1347. A: Ha…ah…
  1348. My soft cock gradually gets harder with each of Clear’s movements.
  1349. Clear opens his eyes and smiles at me hotly.
  1350. C: It feels good, Aoba-san… How about you…?
  1351. A: …. … It does….
  1352. C: …
  1353. Clear closes his eyes again and slouching a little he thrusts into me harder than before.
  1354. A: ah… fu… a…
  1355. A burst of sweet pleasure shoots through me as Clear’s tip hits deep inside of me.
  1356. I give myself up to the movements and reach out a hand to touch Clear’s body.
  1357. I stroke from his chest to his side, touch around his eyes, and slide my hands around his head.
  1358. A: Aah ah… ku…
  1359. I gasp, closing my eyes as he hits deep inside of me once again.
  1360. It feels good. No other words but that will come out.
  1361. I lose myself, feeling like I’m melting, when suddenly Clear stops moving.
  1362. A: …?
  1363. I open my eyes to look at Clear.
  1364. Clear’s breaths are disheveled and he pulls his cock out from inside of me.
  1365. C: Aoba-san, excuse me… uhm…
  1366. C: Is it okay if I have you turn around?
  1367. A: …
  1368. He wants me to change positions…?
  1369. I think it’s a little embarrassing, but I do as he says.
  1370. I want to respond as much as I can to what Clear wants to do.
  1371. When I turn around, Clear takes my ass and once again thrusts into me.
  1372. A: … ah…
  1373. The second time Clear enters me doesn’t hurt as much.
  1374. I thought that he was going to move like that, but he grabs my hips and raises me onto his lap.
  1375. A: …!? Ahh…
  1376. I’m in a position where my back is to Clear and I’m sitting on him and due to my bodyweight now on him, Clear’s hot cock enters deep inside of me.
  1377. My voice leaks out with the feeling of Clear’s cock almost punching through my insides, and from behind he lifts both of my thighs.
  1378. A: …!?
  1379. C: …Aoba-san
  1380. When he calls my name I automatically lift my head in response…
  1381. I feel like my heart is going to burst.
  1382. Because in the mirror that is across from the bed I can see Clear and I reflected in it.
  1383. A: Ah…
  1384. Now, I my whole body feels so hot, like my blood is boiling inside my veins, and I twist my body trying to escape.
  1385. But Clear has my thighs in a tight grip and I can’t move.
  1386. A: Let go..! What the hell are you doing, Clear…!
  1387. C: I’m sorry… but
  1388. C: I want to see how Aoba-san and I look no matter what…
  1389. A: Even so…
  1390. C: Me who is so fully inside of Aoba-san…
  1391. Clear looks at me apologetically through the mirror and meets my eyes and strokes my the place where he’s inside of me with a finger
  1392. C: Aoba-san has gotten a little hotter around here, it’s lewd… and pretty.
  1393. A: …!!
  1394. I become dizzy with him whispering such things into my ears.
  1395. Thinking to escape this situation, I grab Clear’s hand that’s touching my entrance.
  1396. His palm is sweaty and hot.
  1397. A: Clear, enough, really, let g….
  1398. C: …I’m sorry.
  1399. A: !
  1400. Clear thrusts up strongly once.
  1401. After letting out a shocked gasp, I close my lips tight.
  1402. Clear has no plans to relax and starts moving his hips like that.
  1403. A: Fu ah aaah ha…!
  1404. He thrusts into me over and over again, making me shake with the pressure, sweet sounds of pleasure coming from my mouth.
  1405. Looking at my figure that is drowning in pleasure, I turn my face away from the absurdity and silliness of it.
  1406. I don’t want it. It’s embarrassing. I don’t want to see it.
  1407. I bite my lips and close my eyes to block off the reality shown through the mirror.
  1408. But Clear keeps thrusting into me.
  1409. A: U ku… ah uu ah…
  1410. C: Aoba-san, please… look properly.
  1411. C: I want to see it… together with Aoba-san…
  1412. A: …
  1413. Even so I stubbornly keep my eyes closed, and Clear grabs my cock in his hand.
  1414. A: Faa…
  1415. A pleasant feeling of shock runs through me and without thinking I end up opening my eyes.
  1416. Once again my figure, unable to do anything, is reflected before me in the mirror.
  1417. I try to avert my gaze right away but Clear takes my chin gently in his hand.
  1418. C: Please don’t avert your eyes…
  1419. C: This is mine and Aoba-san’s…
  1420. A: Fu…
  1421. When I opened my eyes, my gaze caught on the part of Clear that was thrusting in and out of me.
  1422. My thighs are open wider then I thought they were and are a little wet from engulfing Clear, the sound of wetness echoing…
  1423. Clear holds my cock so that I don’t escape and precum drips down the sides.
  1424. When Clear moves, pleasure shocks deep inside of me.
  1425. What’s reflected in the mirror reverberates throughout my body.
  1426. The impact that I can see with my own eyes piles up as pleasure.
  1427. Clear and I look like this when we are together…
  1428. A: Ah… n ah… ku ha…
  1429. When I can finally pull my eyes away from the mirror, I gasp as I look to where Clear is pounding into me.
  1430. The me succumbing to the pleasure is so funny I can’t take it but I can see how much I’m feeling it…
  1431. And I end up feeling more turned on than before.
  1432. C: Aoba-san… You’re cute…
  1433. Clear takes my hand and guides it to touch the place where we’re connected.
  1434. Matching Clear’s movements, I can feel where a lot of heat is balled up at the base of my entrance through my fingertips.
  1435. That feeling is incredibly lewd and it trembles as though it’s its own being.
  1436. A: A aaah… Clear…
  1437. C: Haa… a…
  1438. Before I know it I forget my feeling of shyness and discomfort, and I become drowned in a pleasant excitement that boils up when I look at Clear and me in the mirror.
  1439. Clear bites my shoulder and thrusts up into me as he strokes the tip of my cock.
  1440. The bed creaks with the weight of both of us moving on top of it together with the sound of water and our bodies slapping together.
  1441. A: … ku u… ah
  1442. Pleasure shocks my fingertips and toes and travels throughout my whole body.
  1443. Listening to Clear’s disheveled breaths, I can feel myself slowly nearing my limit.
  1444. The mirror reflects the me who continues to call out in pleasure and Clear who thrusts into me while looking at me.
  1445. Clear’s face…
  1446. looks flushed, hot, and his eyes are large, round, wet, and full of unbearable desire and pleasure.
  1447. The arms that embrace me from behind are filled with strength, and through my pleasure I feel a little reassured.
  1448. C: Ah… Aoba-san…
  1449. A: U ah… ah… haa…
  1450. Little by little I lose my composure, and with one hand I dig my nails into Clear’s arm.
  1451. As if Clear feels the same, he speeds up his movements and places a kiss on my chin.
  1452. C: N… u…
  1453. A: Fu ha… aa Aah…
  1454. As if to speed up the stimulus I feel inside of me, Clear stroked my cock.
  1455. A: Ah Clear, ah… If you, do that…
  1456. C: Aoba-san…
  1457. A: I can’t… ah…!
  1458. Clear speeds up his strokes and at the same time thrusts into me hard.
  1459. I pass over the edge I was barely standing on and become overcome by a wave of pleasure.
  1460. A: …ku ah… uahh…!!
  1461. My body arches like a bow and I come.
  1462. A: Ha… aah… ah….
  1463. My body trembles and left over cum dribbles from my tip.
  1464. C: Aoba-san… ha ah…
  1465. At almost the same time Clear shakes strongly and hugs me tightly from behind.
  1466. C: U… ah….
  1467. Clear expands inside of me, gasping for breath, and hotness fills me inside.
  1468. A: Ha… …
  1469. C: Haa….
  1470. After coming, Clear takes big breaths of air and fixes his hold on me.
  1471. Clear presses his head against my shoulder.
  1472. Lost in the hot atmosphere, I turn my head to kiss Clear over my shoulder.
  1473. A: N…
  1474. After kissing him, I press my lips against those two moles on his chin.
  1475. C: Aoba-san…
  1476. Clear brushes my hand against my body as he says my name in an entranced voice.
  1477. Our bodies resting exhausted against each other are reflected in the mirror.
  1478. My abdomen as well as Clear’s hand is dripping with my own semen.
  1479. It’s a shameful figure. But…
  1480. Inside that mirror both of us look happy.
  1481. Clear slowly lays me back onto the bed and pulls himself out from inside of me.
  1482. A: N…
  1483. I feel Clear leave me and all that’s left inside of me is fluid.
  1484. Clear lays down next to me and smiles with a slightly red face.
  1485. C: I’m incredibly happy. I was finally able to hold Aoba-san with these two hands.
  1486. A: …
  1487. With a really happy face, Clear loosely strokes my cheek.
  1488. …But.
  1489. I glare lightly at Clear and grab his nose between my fingers.
  1490. C: Wa.
  1491. A: It’s okay for you to be happy but… You, you did something really unthinkable. You understand, right?
  1492. C: Au, I’m sorry, I apologize, I understand~~~~
  1493. Compared to before in front of his precious mirror….
  1494. Clear flairs around with his nose in my hand and then lowers his head, wrinkles his brow, and looks up at me from below his eyelids.
  1495. C: I’m sorry… I got a little ahead of myself.
  1496. C: I was so happy to be able to touch Aoba-san and I thought that I wanted to be able to see more of Aoba-san, then…
  1497. C: For doing something that Aoba-san didn’t like, I’m really, really sorry…
  1498. C: I will be careful to make sure I won’t do it again…
  1499. Because Clear looks so depressed I laugh and ruffle his hair.
  1500. A: It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize that much.
  1501. C: But…
  1502. A: I just said it on purpose. I thought of making you reflect upon it a little.
  1503. C: I’m sorry…
  1504. A: If I had really disliked it, I would have hit you and run. Furthermore… What is it? That…
  1505. A: It’s not like I really disliked it…
  1506. C: The mirror!?
  1507. A: Wrong!
  1508. C: Ouch!
  1509. I reflexively hit Clear’s head when he lifts it.
  1510. A: You know, it’s not about the mirror.
  1511. A: And it’s not like I have a limit on using some kind of tool… but
  1512. A: …that I don’t dislike the things that you do to me.
  1513. I end up getting embarrassed in the middle of speaking and become a little belligerent.
  1514. But when I sneak a look at Clear his eyes are so wet it’s like he’s watching a movie he’s deeply moved by.
  1515. C: Aoba-san…
  1516. A: Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that anything goes okay?
  1517. C: Yes!
  1518. C: That means it would be best to ask Aoba-san before I do any of the things I want to, right?
  1519. A: …I feel that that’s a little different than what I mean. Well, whatever.
  1520. C: Yes!
  1521. He looks like a dog happily wagging his tail as he nods at me.
  1522. This guys is as off-point as always…
  1523. What kinds of other things will he ask me to do next… No, everything he throws at me is a little unnerving but…
  1524. Well, he won’t do anything that I really dislike so it should be okay.
  1525. As if giving my consent I sigh and flip over in the bed.
  1526. Clear also turns so that he’s facing me.
  1527. A: …You know.
  1528. C: Yes
  1529. I reach out my hand and take Clear’s in mine, not to hold, just to brush my fingertips along.
  1530. A: It’s about what we were talking about before… how I’m a human and you’re a machine and we can’t always be together.
  1531. C: …Yes
  1532. Clear’s tone dips a little.
  1533. A: It’s not like I haven’t thought about it before…
  1534. A: After I die, you have to keep on living forever. To stop it you have to sleep or break yourself..
  1535. C: Yes.
  1536. A: But, you said this before, when I die I don’t want you to break.
  1537. A: Even if you sleep, there may be a time when you open your eyes again
  1538. A: For me I would be happy if you opened your eyes and kept living, but Grandfather and I will still be gone when you do.
  1539. A: You might find another partner as well…
  1540. C: I won’t find one!
  1541. Clear interrupts me with a strong tone.
  1542. C: No, I can’t find one. I don’t have the intent to find one.
  1543. My lips slacken at his angry way of talking.
  1544. A: That’s way when you become alone thinking of me will become difficult.
  1545. C: …
  1546. A: That’s why I thought that it may be better if we don’t meet again when I sent you away to be repaired.
  1547. A: It’s strange for me to say this as well but… I mean, I wanted to see you so badly.
  1548. C: …Yes.
  1549. Clear clasps my hand tightly.
  1550. A: When I saw you again, after all… no, I was so happy I couldn’t contain it.
  1551. A: I thought it would be impossible to ever stop meeting with you…
  1552. A: With that, an answer came up.
  1553. C: Answer?
  1554. A: Yeah.
  1555. A: I will die first, so it will be very painful for me to make you sad, and you can’t die so you will make yourself sad. But
  1556. A: Even if we both understand how much we’re going to hurt each other, and we still want to be together, it’s as if we’re being incredibly selfish.
  1557. A: It’s embracing that feeling in itself… how should I say it
  1558. A: …It may be one form of love or something
  1559. C: …Love?
  1560. A: …Yeah. It can also be passion but
  1561. I end up talking fast in embarrassment when I answer his question.
  1562. We still haven’t really reached to point to call this “love” and truthfully we’re not there yet.
  1563. It’s like a floating word.
  1564. But if you put these feelings in a wide definition, it may be okay to call them some kind of love.
  1565. Because we both feel that it can only be each other.
  1566. A: I mean, rather than not seeing you and having to die, I would be so much happier to be with you when I die.
  1567. C: Aoba-san…
  1568. A: If we become sad thinking only about things we can’t change, and in the first place we knew that things were like this.
  1569. A: If we’re able to happily accept these feelings we have for each other and cherish them
  1570. A: Because of these feelings a beautiful important thing will be born between us.
  1571. C: ….
  1572. Clear looks at me as though he’s overcome with emotion and then nods while pressing his lips together.
  1573. C: Yes. I’m happy with just being together with Aoba-san. I’m happy.
  1574. C: From now on, forever. I’ll be happy.
  1575. With those words he holds my hand tightly in his.
  1576. Clear smiles and closes his eyes…
  1577. and starts to hum.
  1578. That is…
  1579. The song of our meeting. The jellyfish song.
  1580. But, it’s a little different than before.
  1581. I feel like his voice is a little more fragile than from when I heard it before.
  1582. Perhaps… it might be because he can’t hear out of his right ear anymore.
  1583. Maybe he can’t sing well because of it.
  1584. I feel anxious and guilty… I immediately banish those thoughts.
  1585. It doesn’t matter if he can’t sing as well as he could before.
  1586. His singing voice is already kinder than it has been, and incredibly soft.
  1587. This transparent tune is just like Clear’s heart.
  1588. Someday there will be separation between the two of us.
  1589. But that would happen whether Clear was a human or a machine.
  1590. Therefore, we don’t have to do anything specific from now on.
  1591. We just have to cherish the time we have together.
  1592. So that we don’t regret it.
  1593. So that we don’t forget anything that happens between us.
  1594. With our hands firmly holding each other’s, we can take one step forward.
  1595. From here, continuing until tomorrow.
  1596. Together with Clear.
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