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Dec 7th, 2019
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  1. [23:35] Sofia gratefully accepts what Yuumi provides, nodding her head deeply towards her maid. "It's quite alright, Yuumi. I was simply wrapped up in some business that I could... not step away from until recently. It is settled now." She exhales lightly. It was a lie so blatant that Yuumi would be forced to see that she absolutely did not want to talk about it.
  3. "In any case, you've done well. If you need anything from me in return, do let me know. I can still teach you some things when you're able." It's only at this point that she turns toward Claude, arching a brow. "I possess only three orichalcum - though I would be willing to offer you more than four mithril if you have one of your own to complete the stave."
  4. (Sofia ven Pelleaux)
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. [23:35] Claude vey Pelleaux says, "Sadly, I have no minerals."
  8. [23:36] Claude vey Pelleaux says, "I can, enchant it at a later date if needed."
  9. [23:37] Sofia ven Pelleaux says, "Very well."
  10. [23:41] Nodding along, he.. already had some knowledge on what it truly was, and instead opted to say nothing about it. He pockets the money, putting it into one of the large pockets in his coat.
  12. "Ah, I would like to learn. I find.."
  14. He pauses, thinking on it. "My connection with the stars, is weak. I want to learn your other magic sometime," he spoke simply.
  15. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
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  18. [23:42] Sofia ven Pelleaux says, "I see."
  19. [23:47] Without warning, Sofia's hand leaps out, snatching a tuft of Yuumi's hair and pulling sharply. It'd rip from his scalp, tearing follicles root and stem from the young Felinae's scalp without warning.
  21. "You have learned to let yourself be a conduit to another entity's will, Yuumi. You are a gate for your star's power, and direct it like an oncoming stream. But that's simply one force that makes up creation."
  23. Snap!
  25. Her fingers click together, and Yuumi's hair vanishes from her hand. The pain he felt disappears as well, as the action she took is clipped from their timeline and thrown away.
  27. "Sense the flow of seconds and minutes around you. It is constant, but not immutable. A skilled magi can stretch seconds into hours, and then cut away those moments that they do not wish for. Attempt to control the flow yourself."
  28. (Sofia ven Pelleaux)
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. [23:48] Claude vey Pelleaux says, "While you two discuss the timestream. I will be away for a moment."
  32. [23:59] As his hair is ripped out, he immediately moves to cover his hair in response! Ow! That hurt so badly.
  34. Cosmic magic.. It simply didn't interest him as much as he wished it would. It was difficult, and yet, it was likely just an internal issue with him- he refused to become the conduit, and he liked being in control with his magic..
  36. .. and so, she instead opts to try and teach him more. As the pain begins to subside, he shuts his eyes and tries to imagine these seconds being.. slower, rather than faster.
  38. "..Okay, okay." He said, turning to the Pelleaux woman as he shut his eyes.
  40. "..I feel like.. I need a moment- where I can try that. Something needs to.. happen!" He declared.
  42. It was hard to do it in a boring setting, where nothing happened.
  43. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  44. [00:02] "I see. You need something to challenge you, then?"
  46. Her hand glows with a deep indigo light, pulsing in time with the flow of her circuits as she closes it into a first. Yuumi would have a bare handful of seconds to react before a peppering of nonlethal - still painful - blasts of cosmic magic. They'd continue to slam into him until he could suitably avoid them.
  48. Of course, at this range, they were moving much too quickly.
  49. (Sofia ven Pelleaux)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [00:11] Sofia ven Pelleaux says, "is it ready"
  53. [00:11] A challenge? An interesting way to see it, an interesting thing to request.
  55. As blue- non-lethal blasts of magic begin to fire at him, the Felinae grows frantic as he tries to stretch the seconds farther, to slow them down..
  57. .. and he breathes mana into the idea. The mark on his hand begins to glow, funneling with his cosmic magic to try and empower the spell.
  59. It works, somewhat. Some of the blasts are slowed down before they visibly hit a mark that wasn't there, as he barely manages to make a few of them 'hit the wall' whilst mid-air. Removed from the equation early, it gives him a few moments to move his head to avoid the last sphere of the stars.
  61. The other ones, removed, would have hit him where he destroyed them.
  62. (Yuumi Ivaniss)
  63. [00:23] as above
  64. (Sofia ven Pelleaux mentoring Yuumi Ivaniss)
  66. [00:23] {MENTOR} You learned Blast of Decay from Sofia ven Pelleaux
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