VT Melee Statement

Jul 9th, 2020
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  1. Hey Vermont Melee.
  3. We were recently made aware of some accusations against an unnamed member of our community. For those who have not seen that statement yet, please read here.
  7. Incidents of this type are not exclusive to Vermont; for those who are not aware of the current situation unfolding in the wider scene as a whole, there have been many allegations made against many high profile members of the Melee and Ultimate scenes across the country. This has brought about much discussion on ways to properly run tournaments in a way which can keep everyone safe.
  9. After heavy discussion between myself, Hawkim, and Louis, as well as receiving input from several members of the community, we would like to address both the points that impact our community specifically in regards to the incident that happened in VT, as well as the more wide-reaching effects of the Smash Bros community as a whole, and what we plan to do.
  11. First and foremost, we would like to extend our apologies to Pearl for the experience she had to go through. This behavior is not acceptable, and is not representative of the VT Melee community as a whole. The name of the offender is going to remain anonymous. We will also not be issuing a ban for the individual; for those who have expressed concerns about safety, the person in question has not been to any Vermont Melee events in recent times, and is not likely to be returning to the Vermont Melee scene in the foreseeable future. If the individual does decide to attend an event in the future, we as community leaders do not believe there to be any threat to the members of the community. If we receive any additional information that makes us feel like there is a threat to the community, however minor, we will immediately take action. Our decisions to not publicly name, and not ban this individual are based on conversations we had directly with Pearl. Outside of these statements, the matter is being handled privately, and Pearl has expressed interest in not having others message her on the matter, as her main focus is moving on from the incident.
  13. In regards to how we are going to respond to other things that have happened outside of Vermont, but to the community as a whole, we'd like to address the following points that need to be reinforced or changed:
  15. -Taking action when you witness any kind of bad/dangerous behavior. It's important to remember that it's our responsibility collectively to look out for each other, especially the more vulnerable members of our scene. We can't be bystanders anymore. If you don't feel comfortable involving yourself in a situation, be sure to inform one of the TOs so that something can be done. I think VT Melee is a very supportive and caring community, and most members would do this without being asked, but it's an important thing to think actively about.
  17. -No alcohol at public VT Melee events. Due to our tight-knit community we have occasionally turned the blind eye at someone bringing a drink here and there. We have never had any problematic incidents with alcohol at any events to my knowledge, but this has shown to be a recurring problem in tournaments across the country. Obviously, private invite-only Smash parties can still have drinks with your friends.
  19. -Any attendants under 14 will require an adult chaperone at the event with them. Any attendants under the age of 16 will be required to give the TOs an emergency contact number.
  21. We hope to continue doing our best to serve the community, and keep everyone safe. If anyone ever feels at danger or sees a situation that they think we should be aware about, anyone is welcome to reach out to myself, Hawkim, or Louis. This goes for in-tournament or out-of-tournament. We care about you even if you're doing something unrelated to Smash at the time.
  23. If anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to either voice them publicly here, or reach out privately to myself, Hawkim, or Louis.
  25. Thanks everyone. Hope to see you all at the next tournament!
  27. -Stickman, Hawkim, and Louis
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