Serial twiggy (YandereTwixAnon, short, lewd) To do

Jul 11th, 2017
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  1. >>Twilight will never ride you while holding a knife against your throat.
  2. >>She will never kiss your forehead afterwards.
  4. >You'll never accidentally find out about her 'condition' when going on a date with her
  5. >The trigger being trying to take hold of her hand while walking down the hallway of some shitty theater
  6. >She'll never pin you down against a wall, pressing a small knife against your throat, telling you that 'You shouldn't have done that,'
  7. >You'll never freeze in fear and confusion, wondering how and why does this meek and shy girl is threatening your life
  8. >"We're all alone now,"
  9. "Please don't,"
  10. >Your begging sends a shiver down her back
  11. >"Why shouldn't I?"
  12. >She closes the distance between your faces, your vision now filled with her beautiful, terrorizing eyes, her mouth close enough for you to smell her breath
  13. "I-I'll do anything, please Twilight--"
  14. >"Oh~, that's right, I could do anything to you right now~,"
  15. >Her free hand shoot up and you flinch in fear, readying yourself for the incoming hit, but nothing comes
  16. >And you gasp and open your eyes wide when you feel her palm cupping your cheek, her nails lightly scraping the side of your face on their way up, and when there, she grabs a handful of your scalp
  17. >"I could kill you,"
  18. >You shake your head and whimper some more
  19. >"I could kiss you,"
  20. >You don't have the time to react, her lips are already on yours, her movements pushing the blade further into your skin
  21. >And she breaks the contact and lean back, just an inch
  22. >"Or I could even do this,"
  23. >She lifts her knee and pushes it between yours, parting them, her tender flesh rubbing their way up and up, and up
  24. >Until it finally can't anymore, lifting your balls and pressing against your crotch, the force not enough to hurt but more than enough to send junior the wake up call, waves of pleasure shooting up your spine and joining the confusion and dread inside of your mind
  25. >"I can do whatever I want to you right now, and nothing could stop me,"
  27. "A-anything but the first option, please,"
  28. >She bites her lip to stifle a moan
  29. >"If you could see your face right now, you're just so cute!"
  30. >And she kisses you once again, this one more eager and lasting longer than the last
  31. >Then she leans forward some more, her lips stopping an inch away from your ear
  32. >"Tell me you'll do anything~,"
  33. >You shiver, you're not sure if it's from the need dripping from her sweet whispering voice, the warm air washing against your sensitive skin or the fear of it all
  34. "I-I-I'll do anything!"
  35. >Her teeth finds your ear, biting it harder than you would've liked, and her hips shifts slightly, her thigh pressing deeper into your crotch and pinning your hardening member against it
  36. >You stifle a groan, unsure of how she wants you to react, or if she wants you to react at all
  37. >"You can't believe how wet I am right now~,"
  38. >And her contact break
  39. >She lowers her knee and pushes herself away from you
  40. >But not without giving you one last peck, her hand drifting its way down your scalp and caressing your cheek, before giving your neck a light grope, her nails scratching against your nape
  41. >"I'm going to have so much fun with you,"
  42. >She takes hold of your hand and pulls you away from the wall
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